MGcash Review 2023: Is It Highest Paying CPA Network ?

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Isn’t it interesting that you can type almost anything on the Internet and it fetches you with quite a lot of results? It is simply due to the urge of money making that there are so many answers waiting to be questioned across search engines.

What is your strategy for this online wheel of fortune? It doesn’t matter if you are a site owner, publisher or advertiser; nothing makes money like a targeted audience. Once you get hold of that, you can have almost every virtual property to pay you through the MGcash monetization solutions. In this post, we have featured MGCash Review that includes detailed insights of thgis CPA Platforms. So let’s get started here.


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What does MGcash do?

It presents to you with its expertise in monetization solution and is capable of generating additional pay from content, display ads, searches, and the web & mobile traffic. Being a big time success in the online market, MGCash receives impressions from diverse sectors of the Industry, which should most probably cover your kind of business as well.

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Small to mid-sized web publishers and advertisers can reap true benefit out of MGCash by applying these catalysts to their stagnant condition. Follow this link to MGCash to create your login account and experience seamless browsing through its simplistic interface. Let’s find the various features that empower MGcash of making such fascinating claims.

Pre-hosted landing page

This is a very less known form of money-making, where a pre-hosted landing page encloses an MGCashlocker inside of itself. Since the application makes your page a pre-hosted one so you immediately begin to make money, without any hassle of paying for hosting cost or designing a completely new landing page.

The pre-host feature is probably the simplest way to generate revenue while the technology is claimed to be limited to MGcash only.

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Content Locker

If your marketing strategy is based on developing content, then you can apply MGCash content locker for those materials which you find to be of premium quality. Once locked, the content generates income whenever a visitor pays to go through it.

I found the idea to be of great potential since these locks are customizable and can be operated as per one’s demand.

mgcash mobile content locker

File/Link locker

If the previewing of premium content is something to be paid for, then probably its downloading value should be more worthwhile. Using the MGcash file/ link locker adds a password protection to your content before making it available for download. Set a price against the link and get paid on every download.

mgcash url shrinker

Mobile Content Locker

Today, smartphone users form a huge chunk of the total audience for online advertisement, and so they must form a part of your business strategy as well. Use professional tools from MGcash and exploit its universal solution in the mobile affiliate network.

Whether you are selling applications, running a website or managing any other crucial sources, these tools can generate some promising revenues from the incoming traffic. The smart device and country detection technology from MGCash makes it feasible to triangulate the position of a mobile user and display content relevant ads.

MGcash displays some top performing mobile offers on your page for achieving the right kind of CPM. These monetary movements can be observed clearly in the statistical analysis provided within the account. Also, a dashboard has been provided to get you a direct access to the significant options.

These monetization tools are mobile phone optimized for an instant access across all major platforms including android, windows and iOs. Watch your money grow and have it encashed through a friendly payment system.

Mobile popup

Its mobile pop-up ads can get you pooled with some premium advertisers for a more efficient advertising format. The MGcash mobile popup is both technologically optimised and audience-optimized, for displaying only relevant ad campaigns.

Pages are consistently displayed with some attractive mobile offers in order to score the right kind of CPM for you.

mgcash mobile popup

URL Shrinker

Monetize your links to be shared and have them condensed into a shorter version with the MGCash Url shrinker. Use it to abbreviate your links to fit into a word(s), and then distribute them strategically across your page for receiving greater clicks on the monetized link.

With over 15k satisfied customer, MGCash has served the various sectors of the online market with its Url shrinker. There are blog owners who use it for monetizing external/internal links while social media members use it for concealing links to their posts. It’s just a matter of application and you can earn from the traffic coming from any source whether apps, websites, social profiles, emails or even SMS.

Overlay API

The Overlay API is capable of getting money out of sophisticated online games, applications, and software. No matter where you place this feature on the web, the advertisements will make money for you.

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SoundCloud Locker

I only knew that SoundCloud is the best spot for listening music in great digital audio quality, but my thinking changed with the SoundCloud locker. Amazingly, it lets you sell your digital music directly to the buyer, without having to deal with large commission figures.

mgcash soundcloud process

Unlike other retailers, with MGcash, you get to have 90% of the sale’s value. Just integrate the tool with your SoundCloud locker and earn through sale or advertisements. These sponsored ads can be set to display across any country in the world and you will have the profits flowing in the form of different currencies.

Another great strategy that MGCash presents is it’s ‘follow to download feature’. In return for a free download, your fans will have to follow you on your other account with SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, or Spotify. The idea further multiplies the traffic across your accounts, for reaping higher benefits.

These earnings can be easily observed in the analytically distributed form of your earnings, plays, visits, and downloads. Once you have reached the threshold value, the balance payment can be requested through one of your accounts with Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney or through wire transfer.

mgcash soundcloud

Display Ads

The current generation of Internet users are more into the idea of ‘Skip Ad’, so it will take you more than just an ad to pitch great income. Try the CPA-oriented formats by MGCash, and get a chance to obtain impressions from premium brands and top advertisers. These formats own to a great fill rate and are consistently displayed with exclusive offers for attracting users.

You can choose to deploy pop-up ads, footer ads, rotate banner ads with banner rotator, interstitial ads for a mobile optimised viewership, side ads for utilising the vacant side spots, or cover the entire thing with an Overlay ad. If you are unaware with these various ad forms, then please follow this link to view a live demo on MGCash .

However, every aspect to the ad campaign can be controlled from your login account. You can channelize the options for making additional revenue by setting the type of ad, personalising the custom fit, and specifying tags for your inventory. Once you are through making requisite adjustments, look into the report for accounting the net income and making an ideal forecast.

mgcash ad demo

Youtube Monetizer

Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine, and that puts your content at a great probability of being searched. But, you cannot always wait to meet the magic number and then start earning. Take business in your command with the MGCash YouTube monetizer.

Apply any ad format with high ROI on your page, and then get its description link shortened with the Url shrinker. Place this mini link in the description or comment box, and every consecutive click on the shortened link will make you richer.

Due to its portability, the Url shrinker can condense any description link into a short form and set it to generate additional revenue. The entire monetization campaign on YouTube can be controlled from a single dashboard, where you get to choose which video is to be monetized, and what ad format to run?

mgcash youtube


The payments against the net revenue generated by these monetization solutions are processed bi-weekly and released by various payment methods. You can use your account with Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney or simply use wire transfer. However, the minimum balance amount for requesting the payment is $50.

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Pros & Cons Of MGCash


  1. A variety of monetization solutions to match the demands of direct-response and e-commerce marketers.
  2. Its tools are unique and advanced, which master some great involuntary ways of making money.
  3. A Large number of HQ impressions are available with flexible CPA models.
  4. MGcash offers a lifetime 5% referral commission under its referral program.
  5. Mobile optimized platform for seamless functionality.
  6. 24/7 customer support for answering your business relevant queries.
  7. It can locate the user to display relevant ads, for gaining you a higher conversion ratio.
  8. The top exclusive offer from direct advertisers and International campaigns.


  1. Requires a good Internet connectivity for swift action.
  2. Lacks search bar option in the user account.

Conclusion: MGCash Review 2023 | Should You Go For It??

So far I have found the business tactics to be realistic, especially because of their technological advancements. From placing a pre-hosted landing page to selling music on SoundCloud, every strategy is out-of-the-box, and I think it may be able to produce some real-time impacts for you as well. Follow this link and get to explore deeper with a login account.

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