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Mind Movies Matrix


  • There is no study material or lengthy hours that you have to dedicate to this program. Just 6 minutes of your day and that is it!!!
  • It is done for you program with proven technology provided by the certified professionals in this field for effective results. Currently one of its kind available online.
  • It is quite easy to use. Once you log in to their website you just have to select the program and the audio you want to hear.
  • Triggers Instant, Deep and Lasting Subconscious
  • Transformation. It reprograms your subconscious mind naturally to keep you in unison with your dreams and desires.
  • Takes Only 3 Minutes A Day


  • Even though it will have a profoundly positive effect in your life it will still not solve all your problems and you will need to take required action in your life to fulfil your dreams.


Price: $ 178.99

In this Mind Movies Matrix Review, I look at one of the most self improvement courses available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Let’s find out.

Owning a home was something I’d always hoped for. I’d been collecting periodicals and pictures of the styles of homes and decor elements I adored for years.

When I originally bought my property, I started picturing how it would look after a complete renovation. I took my design file out and started going through the pictures I had amassed over the years. I pinned the photographs to a painted canvas I had laying around once I had reduced the amount.

The staircase I adored, as well as wall finishes, paint colors, kitchen countertops, cabinet doors, shelving units, taps and tap handles, a rug on the floor, skylights, light fixtures, etc., were all shown on the canvas.

By doing this, I was able to better express my thoughts and the aesthetic I had in mind. Working with my architect and craftsmen was a lot simpler after I became seriously interested in remodeling thanks to this new resource that captured the visual nuances.

I had unknowingly made my first vision board.

Years later, when I learned about the effectiveness of vision boards, I started making one for the kind of life and person I wanted to lead. This time, I covered it with handwritten affirmations on Post-it notes and pictures of the kind of life I envisioned for myself.

The final product was a disorganized collage that gradually accumulated dust. I kept it hidden whenever I had visitors since it was scarcely motivating.

Let’s go to 2014 now. I was speaking with a buddy whom I had recently met while on a tour with Michael about my desire to construct a wellness retreat center.

She showed me how to use Mind Movies, an online tool that lets you construct a movie of the life you want to live. The 21st century’s vision board.

Glen and Natalie Ledwell created this powerful visualization program. They created Mind Movies so that people may take use of the technology and get the same outcomes as they did when they made a film that embodied the life they desired to live.

Mind Movies reviews

Bottom Line Upfront:

I am touched by the simplicity of this ‘turn key solution’. All you need to do is watch a 3 minute movie in the morning and another 3 minute movie at night to attract and manifest your vision. It’s amazing how such a small action can have such a big impact on your life.

I am so happy to share that I have experienced amazing results with Mind Movies and Brain Entrainment technology. Thanks to the incredible work of Morrie Zelcovitch, I have noticed a significant difference in just one week of daily viewing.

The power of these tools is truly remarkable and I am grateful for the positive impact they have had on my life.

I truly believe that Matrix can make a difference in your life, just like it did for me and many others. It may not happen overnight, but don’t lose hope. Keep trying and have faith that it will work for you too.

I hope that you will experience results that are even quicker than what I experienced, or maybe it will take a little longer. Just remember to be patient and keep going.

I understand that we all have unique dreams, visions, and levels of commitment.

Try Mind Movies Matrix now.

I have included Mind Movies Matrix Review in this post, which provides information about Mind Movies Matrix.

The amazing strength of the subconscious mind is essential to this process. This is a professionally designed program that will train your brain to attract the things you desire.

As a result, goals that looked unreachable at first begin to fall into your lap with ease.

Mind Movies Matrix Review

What is Mind Movies Matrix?

This program is specifically designed to transform your mind to achieve happiness in the following areas of life: 

  1. Money/Wealth & Finances
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Relationships
  4. Finding and Keeping the Perfect Partner

Sounds interesting right? But does it work? Read more to find out.

Mind Movies Matrix Review: In A Nutshell Mind Movies 4.0

Mind Movies Founder CEO

Mind Movies Matrix is based on the Law of Attraction. If you’ve never heard of The Law of Attraction, it’s the notion that we can select what we want to attract into our lives, or “manifest,” by altering what we focus on. This is an old belief that is founded on the idea that individuals and our ideas are formed of “pure energy”.

Therefore, by utilizing the idea of “like energy attracting like energy,” you may achieve financial success, enhance your health, and attract the people and relationships you seek.

Mind-Movies- Overview

If you’ve seen the movie The Secret, you’ll know that one of the key principles covered is that ‘like attracts like,’ also known as The Law of Attraction.

In other words, anytime you think about anything (consciously or unconsciously), you are sending out a vibration to the Universe, which responds by matching it with something similar and returning it to you, whether it be a happy or bad idea. The Law of Attraction will attract and return something of a similar frequency to you.

Unfortunately, in our daily lives, we tend to form a set of limiting ideas about what we can and cannot do, which obstructs us from creating the reality we want no matter how hard we try to stay optimistic.

As a result, we must access our subconscious mind in order to reprogram it and eliminate the constraints that we have placed on ourselves, allowing us to ultimately create our desires easily through the Law of Attraction.

To re-program your subconscious mind and make the Law of Attraction work for you, you could either write down your dreams in a diary or establish a Vision Board with photos of lifestyle or items you want to materialize in your life.

The concept was to kick start your subconscious mind to believe and visualize those dreams vividly by reading your journal or gazing at the Vision Board that you had constructed. And by releasing that vibration to the Universe, the Universe would respond by bringing those things to you.

The Mind Movies Matrix has a similar principle but operates digitally. It’s similar to a digital vision board in that it helps you retrain your subconscious mind by displaying subliminal messages through the brain entrainment process.

Who is the Mind behind Mind Movies Matrix and Why Should You Trust Them?

Mind Movies founder

Glen and Natalie Ledwell, the developers of Mind Movies Matrix, are well-known in the realm of personal development.

All of the other prominent personal development experts have supported them, including Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Bob Doyle, and Joe Vitale, and several of them have been featured in the film The Secret.

They came from humble origins and faced big business issues before being attracted by the notion of Law of Attraction and ultimately turning their life around and doing great things.

They have become well-known specialists in this subject over the years, assisting individuals from all over the world to effectively use the Law of Attraction and actualize their own aspirations.

Natalie has her own online show called the Inspiration Show and has participated in several seminars throughout the world.

Mind-Movies- App

In fact, she recently launched “PD for Kids,” a program for Colombia’s most poor children that teaches them positive personal development to help them improve their lives.

Glen and Natalie, on the other hand, are the forefathers of the video vision board concept.

To date, over 2 million individuals from all over the world have experienced the power of Mind Movies, which has transformed lives and helped visions become reality quickly and painlessly.

The Mind Movies Matrix version was a project that took two years to complete, with the purpose of expanding on something that was already operating well (Mind Movies).

This was accomplished by combining new technologies that would make it more powerful than anything else available for engaging the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

Natalie and Glen began chatting with a Brain Entrainment expert, Morrie Zelcovitch, and their two-year collaboration resulted in the invention of the Mind Movies Matrix product.

Who is Morrie Zelcovitch and What is Brain Entrainment Technology?

Morrie Zelcovitch is the first Brainwave Entrainment Engineer and Mind Science Specialist in the world.

Unlike other subliminal and program audios available, Morrie’s subliminal audio is a one-of-a-kind process built on years of research and testing.

Mind-Movies - Stats

Morrie’s methods are so powerful that once others witnessed the results, knowledge about his work traveled quickly, resulting in a significant independent study by a Brazilian university that recognized his methods as ground-breaking.

He has previously worked with the Brazilian military, transforming officers into peak performers in a very short amount of time by utilizing brainpower and mental attention.

So, what is Brain Entrainment Technology and How Does It Work?

The scientific recognition of brain entrainment is not new. In reality, it has been detected and has been there for over fifty years.

However, it wasn’t until the 1970s, and even more so in the 1980s, that studies discovered a more important link between brain entrainment at 10Hz and the effect of creating endorphin, serotonin, and norepinephrine during the day (the chemicals that make you feel great), as well as melatonin production during the evenings to help you sleep better.

Experiments at varied hertz were discovered to impact numerous brain reactions over time.

In fact, 5 distinct wavelengths of the human brain were detected.

So, how does it work?

Mind Movies Courses review

Electroencephalography (EEG) technology can monitor the electrical vibration of the brain, which is where you will locate your most prominent wavelength right now.

The brain may be put into a predictive condition by exposing it to particular audio frequencies.

The brain is considerably more susceptible to suggestion at this time, and when paired with other autosuggestion, you are in an ideal strong position to embrace your dreams and visions.

By releasing this new frequency into the Universe, you may begin to use the Law of Attraction to effortlessly attract and materialize whatever it is you desire.

Morrie’s Brain Entrainment sound technologies put you in a ‘Alpha level state,’ where you are open to ideas of visuals in the Mind Cinema, absorbing them deep into your subconscious without interference from the conscious mind.

Morrie has encoded over 1 million positive messages into each Mind Movie as part of the Matrix program, guaranteeing that each watch and instruction session is incredibly beneficial.

Mind Movies vs Mind Movies Matrix

Mind Movies is a piece of software that allows you to construct your own version of a digital vision board loaded with your own images, music, and affirmations.

With this program, you may make as many customised digital vision boards as you desire. Mind Movies Matrix, on the other hand, is a more “done for you” option in which you don’t have to generate anything after purchase except for a few minutes of your time.

It was created by specialists and features a plethora of positive subliminal messages as well as brain entrainment technology that has been shown to be more potent and effective.

What to Expect from Mind Movies Matrix?

Mind Movies Matrix key areas of life

The tools provided in Mind Movies Matrix are guaranteed to work for you, but you must commit to spending at least 6 minutes every day on this. T

he primary element of the program consists of watching a 3-minute video in the morning; it is critical that you utilize headphones for this video so that it may sink deeply into your subconscious mind; and another 3-minute video at night.

This video may be listened to over your phone or computer speakers, but do not use headphones.

The first movie you should view every morning is a Mind Cinema with Brainwave Entrainment audio technology. You will concentrate on pictures and affirmations in this 3-minute Mind Cinema.

The second video, Subliminal Matrix Mind Cinema, is interwoven with subliminal audio embedded within the music. This film should be watched every evening before going to bed.

Throughout those few minutes of watching, the evening movie contains about 1 million positive subliminal signals.

Because of the speed of the higher frequencies, these subliminal instructions remain unnoticed by the conscious mind during the 3-minute film.

Furthermore, they have provided extra booster audios that you may listen to while doing other things throughout the day, except while driving or using heavy machinery.

You may begin by working on any of the four areas of your choosing, but if you have enough time, you can focus on multiple categories at once and still obtain 100% of the advantages Natalie outlines in her introductory video.

Mind-Movies - Product

It is critical that you imagine yourself living the life you want down to the tiniest details, and the images from My Movies will assist you in staying focused and interested.

The noise in the morning video is likely to seem strange at first. This is because the sound was designed to play at a certain frequency, which enables your brain to work in a happier, healthier manner and makes you more susceptible to good thoughts and visuals on Matrix Mind Movies. It’s natural to be reluctant to this sound at first because you’re not used to it.

Nevertheless, when you listen to these brainwave entrainment movies on a daily basis, you will improve your ability to reach this receptive state, and the sound of the mind movies will fade from your consciousness.

The more you watch and listen to your morning video, the bigger and faster the beneficial improvements in your life will be.

There’s also a 30-minute sleep meditation tape that you may listen to before going to bed. Depending on your preferences, there are guided and unguided versions.

Mind Master World Summit also has a part (Members Area) with speeches from people like Bob Proctor, Bob Doyle, and John Assaraf, to mention a few.

They also offer a FAQ area where you may find answers to all of your Mind Movies Matrix-related queries.

Mind Movies Matrix Pricing | How Much Does Mind Movies Matrix Cost?

Mind-Movies - Pricing


Mind Movie Matrix: Pros and Cons

Mind Movies Matrix Pros 

  1. There is no study material or extensive hours required for this program. That just takes 6 minutes of your day!!!
  2. The program is done for you with proven technologies given by trained specialists in this industry for excellent outcomes. One of its sort is now available online.
  3. It is quite simple to use. When you log up to their website, all you have to do is choose the program and audio you want to listen to.

Mind Movies Matrix Cons

  1. Even if it has a profoundly good impact on your life, it will not fix all of your issues, and you will need to take the necessary action in your life to realize your aspirations.


Mind Movies Matrix Review Testimonials

I made my movie and absolutely love it!
“Thank you so much!!! I made my movie and absolutely love it! You have done an amazing website to work with. It is so much fun to create my own movie with all the possibilities you’ve offered!”

Nina Moshkovich

I am so grateful for Mind Movies coming into my life…
“I am so grateful for Mind Movies coming into my life…Thank you for being there when I needed it most, thank you Natalie for your abundant invite, I really needed to get into my mind!! And now I am and have and always will from now on!!!“

Catherine Goodwill

Mind Movies really really is one of those things I say…MAN, I wish I had thought of that one!
“Such a long time fan of your product! You know Mind Movies really really is one of those things I say…MAN, I wish I had thought of that one! It has been a pleasure to use your products and watch your phenomenal growth over these years. Well done by all accounts!”

Lisa Marie


Mind-Movies - Testimonials


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Mind Movies Matrix Review FAQ’s

Is the Mind Movies Matrix a physical product? Will CDs Be Shipped?

The Mind Movies Matrix is an application that may be accessed via the internet. All Matrix videos and subliminal audios can be downloaded instantly to your PC. Make a hard copy of the Matrix videos or subliminal audios once they've been downloaded to your computer. You will not receive a physical product.

What is the Mind Movies Matrix?

Morry Zelcovitch, a reputable brain entrainment engineer, added his brainwave entrainment technology and subliminal audios to premade Mind Movies on four specific areas (Wealth, Health, Perfect Partner, and Relationships) to help make changes to the brain and change limiting beliefs that may be holding anyone back. They are extremely effective in rapidly forming new neural pathways in your brain and programming your subconscious thinking for success. Children can benefit from the Mind Movies Matrix system. The typical guideline is that children must be at least eight years old. They don't encourage children under the age of eight because their brains aren't fully formed. Enterainment of the brainwaves is for a more mature brain. As always, keep a close eye on their reactions.

Is it available in other languages? What if I'm not fluent in English?

The Mind Movies Matrix is built on visual stimulation and brainwave entrainment, neither of which necessitates any knowledge of the English language. Anyone, regardless of their ability to speak or read the language, can benefit from the system.

Should I Hear Music, Voices or Noise When Listening to Subliminal Audios?

Q. Should I Hear Music, Voices or Noise When Listening to Subliminal Audios? In the Mind Movie Matrix, the sounds of nature or even noise are frequently used in subliminal audios. Traditional songs and lyrics that your conscious mind can relate to and understand will not be heard. However, there are subliminal messages placed throughout the programme that your subconscious mind will grasp and absorb on a deep level. The noise and other effects were created with the intention of drowning out other ambient sounds so that your brain can take up the subliminal signals correctly.

s Mind Movie Matrix a scam?

No, Mind Movie Matrix is not a scam. They would not have spent over two years producing this programme if it was a scam. They would not have employed Morry Zelcovitch. Morry has earned his certification as a Brainwave Entrainment Engineer. In fact, the Brazilian government even recruited him to teach their military police.

How does Mind Movies Matrix work?

It uses Brain Entrainment to re-balance your brain physiologically. Mind Movie Matrix mixes sights and subconscious ideas with brainwave entertainment sounds. It trains your mind to perceive a wide range of opportunities for achievement in all aspects of your life. It also aids in attracting the things that you see and think about. Moreover, it keeps you focused and motivated.

What Are the Advantages Of Using The Mind Movies Matrix?

Brainwave Entertainment is a part of this Matrix film. Subliminal messages can be found throughout the film. Your subconscious is imprinted with these noises and images. Because it bypasses your conscious mind, this strategy is more effective. Your Conscious mind is the one who makes all of the justifications for why you can't do something. Excuses such as I don't have time are common. At night, you watch one of the Subliminal Matrix movies. It's also only for three minutes. This film is not the same as the one you saw in the morning. Upbeat music replaces the Brainwave Entrainment sounds. There are also millions of powerful affirmations embedded in the movie to help speed up your success.

What Are The Advantages Of Listening To Sleep Meditation Audios?

The Sleep Audios assist you in mentally preparing for a restful night's sleep. They provide you with the motivation you require to achieve. They also boost your energy and motivation to reach your desired outcome. All of this happens as you sleep. It doesn't get much more simple than that.

Are Mind Movies Matrix effective?

The Mind Movies Matrix is a simple-to-use tool that uses brainwave entrainment and subliminal messaging to help us get into the correct mental state to create, attract, and manifest our goals and aspirations.

How much does Mind Movies Matrix cost?

Mind Movies Matrix has 3 different price ranges. A monthly subscription of $19.99 a month. You can cancel at any time. A payment of $97.99. That's for a yearly subscription. It's the same as paying $8.16 a month. There's a 60-day money back guarantee. A Payment of $149.99. This is for a 2-year subscription. That works out to be $6.24 a month. The money back guarantee is 60 days.

Any Mind Movies Alternatives ? Yes Mindvalley

Mindvalley all access pass

Mindvalley is a well-known online learning platform that provides a wide variety of courses focused on individual growth and development in a variety of areas. Mindvalley’s dedication to providing life-altering knowledge makes them a top pick among providers of law of attraction courses.

Mindvalley offers a hand-picked collection of courses on the law of attraction developed by reputable experts in the subject. These programs teach students how to use the power of their own thoughts and feelings to attract the things they want in life and make their dreams a reality.

The holistic approach to education that Mindvalley promotes is what sets it distinct. Modern strategies, scientifically supported lessons, spiritual wisdom, and hands-on activities all come together on one platform to help you fully grasp the law of attraction. This holistic method assures that students not only have an intellectual understanding of the material, but also undergo significant behavioral changes as a result of their exposure to it.

The community feature of Mindvalley is another reason why it is so effective for law of attraction training. Students are able to form communities of study where they may help and be helped by one another.

The learning experience is improved as a result of the increased motivation, inspiration, and responsibility that result from this shared environment.

Furthermore, Mindvalley is accessible to people of varying degrees of experience with the law of attraction due to its user-friendly platform and straightforward layout. Mindvalley provides training for people of various experience levels, from those just starting out who want the basics to those at the top of their field who want to learn more sophisticated techniques.

Check out Mindvalley Now.

Conclusion: Mind Movies Matrix Review 2024

Your enthusiasm for Mind Movies Matrix has truly humbled me. Mind Movies, Brain Entrainment, and subliminal messaging all work together to provide a powerful tool for bringing your goals into reality.

I can attest to the efficacy of this one-stop-shop remedy from firsthand experience, and I can’t wait for you to give it a try.

Watching a 3-minute video in the morning and another 3-minute film at night is all it takes to attract and actualize your vision. Because of this, implementing the “turn-key solution” is a breeze.

Like it did for myself and many others, I think Matrix may bring about significant improvements in your life. I am not able to promise instant success, but I am confident that you will reap the rewards of this potent instrument if you give it the time and effort it deserves.

It may take you a little longer than it did for me to see positive effects, but I hope that your experience is just as good. Everyone has different hopes, ambitions, and dedication levels; I get it. It’s part of what makes us unique, and I like that about us.

I’d want to stress something that’s probably already on your mind, but bear with me. If you want to see results from this program, you need to commit just six minutes a day to it. If you do this, the software will have a chance to do its thing and bring about the changes you want.

I do not think you will benefit from this program if you are hesitant to do so.

Regarding the Mind Movies system and the Mind Movies Matrix, I can totally empathize with how you feel. It’s incredible how the Matrix has accelerated your progress and reduced your workload. It’s an amazing device that has changed your life for the better.

As a close friend, There are no words to describe how big of a difference the Mind Movies Matrix program has made in my life. It could be the answer you’ve been looking for all along.

It’s something you should seriously consider and give some attention to.


Mind Movies Morry Zelcovitch reviews


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