Silva Ultramind System Review 2022: What Is The Silva Method Used For? (Pros & Cons)

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  • Study Materials like PDFs doesn't get updated frequently

The Ultramind is the latest version of the Silva system, which is only available. It is hard to access the old versions because Mindvalley does not offer these courses anymore. The new program comes with new techniques, curriculum, and methodology. If you are interested in Mindvalley’s quest, it is necessary to access the Quest All Pass. 

Price:$ 349

Looking For Unbiased Silva Ultramind System Review. I’ve Got You Covered.

If you’ve ever suffered from stress, anxiety, or depression, then you know how it can affect your life.

Sleep deprivation and poor diet can make you more susceptible to a variety of ills, including heart disease, diabetes, and even depression.

The Silva Ultramind System is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential. The course will show you how to use your mind to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Silva Method by Mindvalley is an exciting course that supports your life system and trains your mind. This Ultramind System course by Vishen Lakhiani allows you to create a positive presence. If you want to train your mind and think intuitively, then reach out to this program. 

In the following write-up, go through this fantastic tool to prepare yourself to become the person that you are. It activates the peace of your mind and starts programming your life positively. Overall, it makes your mind think positive thoughts and beliefs. Follow the techniques in the Silva program and improve the quality of your life. 

How Is The Silva Ultramind System Helpful For You? Is Silva Ultramind Real?

There are many techniques in this program that heal your mind and solve your doubts and become more intuitive. Let us discuss this in detail.

Silva Method How Helpful: Silva Ultramind System Review

  1. There are daily techniques to keep your mind well-centered, remove negative thoughts, solve problems, and healing your mind by meditation. 
  2. You can practice various things to relax and control your emotions and mind. 
  3. There is a 28-day quest with formula-driven techniques, which needs to be done at least five times. 
  4. In this program, a method of 3, 2, 1 still exists. There is a picture of three mountains, which represents the technique. It is easy to visualize all the numbers for practicing the technique. 
  5. Special beats, known as the Theda beats, are used to relax and center your mind. 

You might have questions like this for the silva ultramind Mindvalley review Review, I’ve covered it all:

Does the Silva Ultramind method work?

How do you use Silva Method?

Is the Silva Mind Control Method Effective?

What is Silva’s Ultramind method?

Who has used the Silva Method?

Is the Silva Ultramind system worth it?

Do I Recommend The Silva Ultramind System?

How Is “The Silva Ultramind System” Better than “The Old Healing System”?

The Ultramind is the latest version of the Silva system, which is only available. It is hard to access the old versions because Mindvalley does not offer these courses anymore. The new program comes with new techniques, curriculum, and methodology. If you are interested in Mindvalley’s quest, it is necessary to access the Quest All Pass. 

The significant difference between the latest and old versions is the format. The course helps to set up a clock in the user’s mind that counsels and heals the past.

It will help you to think intuitively about a particular dimension, place, and time. In the Ultramind, you will get one session every day in a quest style. It limits the content and helps you to learn every day.

What is the Best Part of The Sliva Ultramind System?

The psychic investigation is the most fantastic part of this program. It provides an opportunity to go through people’s ailments and read their minds intuitively. It sounds interesting because many people like to know what other individuals are experiencing and thinking. Three last days are crucial because it activates your physical ability and excels your casework.

The Sliva Ultramind Method

Many people do not like this feature because they feel that they can get upset if they know bad things about them that other people think. A dangerous situation arises when you diagnose someone intuitively and then put effort into your energy. In the end, you will get used to this program. If you want to remove obstacles from your daily life, then these techniques are quite helpful to guide your life in the right direction. 

My Experience with The Silva Ultramind System

I have to say that the Silva Ultramind System was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It really changed my life in a lot of ways and I’m extremely grateful for that.

I remember when I first started using the system, I was really skeptical about it. I wasn’t sure if it would work for me or not, but I decided to give it a try anyway. I’m so glad I did! After just a few days of using the system, I could already feel a difference in my life. My mind felt more focused and clear, and I had more energy than ever before.

Since then, my life has only gotten better and better. The Silva Ultramind System has helped me to achieve so many great things that I never thought possible. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to improve their life. Thank you, Silva Ultramind!

How Does This Platform Work?

The 28-day online program that is hosted by the Mindvalley founder and Silva instructor Vishen Lakhiani is known as The Silva Ultramind System, it is also known as Mindvalley The Silva Method.

There are two tabs in this program for discussions and lessons. You can go to the Community link on the platform to get all the information regarding the group, conversation, and other things. There are chances of getting rude if the program works negatively on any individual. During the course, there are specific side effects that one has to avoid. 

This program is a wonderful teacher that flushes out all the negative thoughts from your mind. If you are looking for a wisdom tool, then it is necessary to try out such a program. The Ultramind Silva system controls and empowers your mind with unusual techniques. You must need perfect visualization and imagination to get enough awareness of various people, animals, and objects. 

Is The Silva Ultramind System Worth It?

The Silva Ultramind System is a comprehensive program that promises to help people improve their lives by harnessing the power of their minds. The system includes an online course, as well as access to a supportive community and resources.

So far, the reviews for the Silva Ultramind System have been largely positive, with many people finding it helpful in improving their overall well-being. However, some reviewers have noted that the program is not always easy to follow and that it requires a significant amount of time and dedication to see results.

Overall, though, the majority of people who have tried the Silva Ultramind System seem to find it beneficial and worth the investment.

Benefits of The Silva Ultramind Program?

When you enroll in this program, it offers various benefits that help create perfect visualization with complete guidance. The program trains your mind via meditations that boost your reduced positive thoughts. If you want to leave all your fears and start an adventurous and successful life, this program will be the best. 

 Silva Ultramind System Review: Silva Ultramind Method Impact


If you want to have an ideal life, start improving your thoughts and creating a perfect mindset. You can discuss your problems with counselors to get better solutions. Then you need to focus on your mind’s power and your senses. You will surely take an interest in the quest for tuning up things in your mind. The program brings you to the alpha state, which makes you completely healed and relaxed. 

This course will open your thoughts and boosts your intuition power to think differently for everything. After getting enough guidance, you can enjoy your life with positive thoughts, fast healing capabilities, and other factors. If you are also looking for a significant change in the way you see the world, it is necessary to prefer this course. It is one of the best ways to increase your mind’s creativity and live a wonderful life. 

Get Mindvalley All Access Pass For $595 Now

Pro & Cons: Silva Ultramind System Review 


  • Easy to follow and understand the system
  • Improve your focus, concentration, and memory power
  • Develop a powerful “sixth sense”
  • Achieve greater success and satisfaction in life
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Boost your confidence
  • Free your mind from worry, stress, and anxiety
  • Create better health and well-being
  • Connect with your higher self for guidance and answers
  • Achieve peace of mind


  • Some people may not be able to follow the system properly
  • It May does not work for everyone
  • It May take some time to see results
  • Requires dedication and commitment
  • Can be expensive for some people

Other Mindvalley Courses:

1. Super Reading

First and foremost: Super Reading is a program that teaches you how to read quickly. That’s ok; in fact, I found it incredibly instructive, but I just wanted to be explicit about what you’ll learn here.

The great part about Super Reading is that it offers you the tools you need to keep up with today’s nonstop flood of information and communication.

Super Reading Mindvalley Course

Jim Kwik teaches the course, and he teaches a new technique of reading that will improve your speed and understanding, which is a win-win situation. In just a week or two, you’ll see actual benefits from 10-20 minute daily activities.

This training is extremely useful if you want – or need – to read quickly and remember information. I thought it was one of the best Mindvalley courses, and certainly one of the top courses included in the All-Access Pass.

Teacher Jim Kwik re-teaches you how to read over the period of three weeks, utilizing 10-20 minute daily exercises to improve your reading comprehension and rate of information processing.

2. The Money EQ Quest 

Ken Honda takes you on a trip to discover your financial connection. All I have to say is that it’s a fascinating and excellent read.

Mindvalley Ken Honda About

Money EQ claims that “money doesn’t have to control your life,” and it delivers on that promise by training you how to think about money in a more positive and cooperative manner.

Honda demonstrates how to develop better financial habits and decisions, as well as how to keep money moving so that it does not lose value. The training is 21 days long and has greatly aided me in better managing my funds and making financial decisions.

3.  Awaken The Species

Awaken the Species is a Mindvalley mission in which you must learn how to evolve into a highly advanced entity. It’s not about becoming “better” or “advanced,” but rather about making good use of your time and contributing to our world in useful and caring ways.

The following is an explanation of what it means to be evolved. It refers to someone who:

  • Rises above our times’ social, spiritual, and political chaos
  • Accepts a higher level of spiritual consciousness.
  • Uplifts people to assist them in their spiritual progress by expressing heavenly joy, contrition, and purpose in their lives.
  • A highly evolved being is one who can act as a divine change agent.

It’s intense stuff, but it’s also amazing!

There are 16 main steps the course goes through to help you on your spiritual and life journey into becoming a kinder and more liberated being.

4.  Unlocking Transcendence

Unlocking Transcendence could be the appropriate course for you if your life has been lacking something and you’ve been feeling confined. This 60-day adventure will take you on a voyage of self-discovery, with a cool destination.

It’s a destination with increased:

  • Self-awareness
  • Physical Awareness
  • Mental Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Impact Awareness

This fun and the easy program won’t take up much of your time, but it will significantly improve your awareness and capacity to connect with the people and events in your life. I also appreciate the fact that this course did not focus on using spirituality to “get” what you desired.

It was more on how becoming a spiritual and compassionate person is worthwhile in and of itself and can help you grow as a person.

I enjoyed the class’s “pay it forward” teaching method and would strongly suggest it.

5. The New Psychology of Winning

It’s all about winning in this epic 85-day adventure. It’s also about achieving happiness and success in the areas that matter most to us so that our victories are meaningful and long-lasting.

The New Psychology of Winning has extremely useful lessons on:

  • Overcoming setbacks and using them to fuel your dreams
  • Becoming more proactive and productive 
  • Learning how to attract super performers to your life vision
  • Getting paid fairly at a level you deserve for your talent

The New Psychology of Winning Mindvalley Course

This was a fantastic class. Denis Waitley, the teacher, didn’t waste any time and got right to work. He was straightforward and down-to-earth, without a lot of corporate jargon or overly abstract phrases.

He just gives you the good stuff and advises you on how to win in life. Waitley never downplays the importance of the class: this is for individuals who want to be the best at what they do.

6. Superbrain

Superbrain will attract fans of Super Reading. This 30-day program focuses on strengthening your brain’s performance by enhancing memory, cognition, and comprehension.

In other words, by transforming you into a super-intelligent individual.

Superbrain Mindvalley Course

It simply takes a technique similar to Super Reading and applies it to everything, including grasping concepts, improving vocabulary, and memorizing and recalling vital information quickly.

When Jim Kwik was healing from a catastrophic brain injury, he explored and polished a lot of stuff, and what he teaches is really important, especially in terms of memory enhancement.

7. Duality

Duality is a Mindvalley course that teaches you how to recognize and use energy both within and outside your body.

Let me break it down for you before you assume this is Jedi knight training.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Open your intuition
  • Enjoy a life filled with love and intimacy
  • Tap into your hidden energy and use it productively

There’s no magic involved here; instead, there are secrets and tactics that many of us never learn that might help us improve our energy and decision-making.

The concept is sound, and it piqued my curiosity, but I found the emphasis on manifesting (imagining your goals and wishes and then directing your energy and focus to attain them) to be redundant. Manifesting is previously taught in other Mindvalley courses, and the Duality course seems to see it more as a technique to benefit yourself, which is not a healthy perspective or application of spirituality in my opinion.

Nonetheless, there is some intriguing information here that kids may find useful.

What Is ESP In The Silva Ultramind System?

ESP is your “extra sensory perception.” It’s your ability to perceive things beyond the five senses. According to The Silva Ultramind System, we all have ESP and can develop it further through meditation and other techniques. Once developed, ESP can be used to improve our lives in a number of ways, including:

  • gaining insights into problems
  • making better decisions
  • improving our relationships
  • increasing our creativity
  • becoming more successful in our endeavors.

The Silva Ultramind System offers a number of exercises and techniques to help develop ESP, which is also sometimes called “sixth sense” or “third eye.” With practice, anyone can improve their ESP and use it to improve their life.

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FAQs On Silva Ultramind System Review:

What is Silva Ultramind Method?

Silva Ultramind Method is the technique that is discovered by the founder of the Mindvalley and Silva instructor Vishen Lakhiani. In this 28-day online program is hosted, which is 15-20 minutes an easy day.

How Silva Ultramind Method Works?

In The Silva Ultramind Method, which is a 28-day online program, every 15-20 minutes easy day guided by the Silva Method to heal you altered the state of consciousness

Can I take Mindvalley programs individually, without a Mindvalley Membership?

Yes, you can enrol in Mindvalley programmes one at a time for $199 to $499 each programme. For as little as $1.36 each day, you can join Mindvalley and gain access to everything Even if you simply participate in a portion of the activities offered, Mindvalley Membership saves you a significant amount of money. We recommend Mindvalley Membership not only for the discounts, but also for the regularity it provides. Putting yourself in a steady rhythm of growth, where you're continually linked to the people and ideas that make you better every day, in every aspect, is what it takes to achieve profound personal transformation.

How do I cancel or get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

With both Mindvalley Membership and a single quest, you have a 15-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you decide it's not for you during this time, simply submit a refund request at You will lose access to your programmes acquired through your Membership if you request a refund (but you will still have access to any Quests previously purchased & not refunded, since you invested in them separately).

Who should use the Silva Ultramind System?

A mastery of altered states of consciousness can help each and everyone. This application, on the other hand, will come in handy if you want to: Attain a goal or desire that you've been unable to achieve in the past. Be more productive and perform better at work. Even when faced with ambiguity, make the best decisions with confidence and accuracy. Solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Connect with your loved ones and the people around you in a more genuine and meaningful way. Develop an unbreakable sense of inner serenity that you can access at any time. Understand your genuine calling in life and live in complete harmony with it.

How is The Silva Method different from other mind empowerment systems out there?

Many people consider the Silva Method to be the origin of the modern mind empowerment movement. In reality, The Silva Method and Jose Silva have had a direct influence on many of today's teachers and programmes. The Silva Method is distinguished by its decades of rigorous scientific research and a global student population of over 6 million people. This unique blend of theoretical and practical credibility has resulted in a teaching methodology that is considerably more optimised, believable, and life-changing than anything else now accessible. When you study The Silva Ultramind System for yourself, you'll notice the difference. Every lesson is both smart and beautifully simple to comprehend. Every tool and workout is immediately and visibly beneficial. And at the end of the programme, you'll have been transformed maybe more profoundly than at any other moment in your life.

Do I need any specific knowledge or skills to study this program?

Not at all. The Silva Method employs a number of mind-empowering techniques, such as meditation and visualisation, but no prior knowledge or experience is required to follow along and reap the advantages. Each instrument and exercise comes with simple and straightforward instructions. All of the hard work has already been done for you; all you have to do now is follow along and keep the process consistent.

Can I complete the program at my own pace?

A Quest is meant to be experienced as a community and through daily micro-learning, but it's also great to study the curriculum at your own leisure. Yes, it's fine to start up where you left off if you get busy on some days. What matters most is your dedication and consistency in completing the process. When you participate in any programme, you get access to the lessons for the rest of your life.

How would I choose the Quests I would want to take?

You'll get immediate access to our whole collection of Quests in your Mindvalley account once you confirm your membership on this page. At, they've built an intelligent suggestion engine to help you.

Can I pay Mindvalley Membership in installments?

They are unable to make this offer available in installments. Because this is a subscription, you will have access to practically all of their programmes as well as any new programmes that are added in the future. They do, however, provide a 15-day money-back guarantee. If you contact them 15 days after your purchase and are not completely happy, they will refund you without question.

Do I have to do the lessons at the same time every day?

While many feel that practising anything at the same time every day helps create a habit, especially when learning a new skill. As a result, it's totally acceptable if you need to complete the classes at different times or even miss some days and make up the time later. What matters is that you maintain as much consistency as possible and complete the full process at your own time.

How is Mindvalley Membership better than just enrolling in this Quest separately?

To start with, you are saving a significant amount of money. For only $499 a year, Mindvalley Membership gives you unrestricted access to all existing Quests as well as all planned new Quests. That means you might save up to $12,364 on your enrollment expenses. It's a fantastic way to see incredible changes in every aspect of your life while also saving a lot of money. You'll also get to participate in all of our most popular quests. You're putting yourself in a condition of constant growth by locking in your education, regardless of the cost. You'll also be joining a community of the most dedicated and passionate Mindvalley students, who will encourage and support you during each Quest.

What is Mindvalley Quests, and how is it different from other online training programs?

Mindvalley Quests is an online learning platform that we created to modernise and maximise the online learning experience, and Quests are the programmes we release on it. Mindvalley Quests combines the most cutting-edge neuroscience, speed learning, and peak performance strategies to quickly improve your brain and mentality. The daily lessons take only 10 to 20 minutes per day to complete. On the same day, everyone begins. If you forget something, you can go back and review the lessons. Take everything at your own pace. The classes are intended to be enjoyable, engaging, and simple. However, due of the transformative philosophy and science that goes into the construction of each programme, the outcomes you get are actually significant and long-lasting.

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Conclusion: Silva Ultramind System Review 2022: Is It Legit?

There are many interesting, mind-changing, and intuitive courses by Mindvalley, i.e. The Silva Method. Ultramind is the latest version that is available on the platform. Mental peace and stability are necessary things to stay motivated and happy. This program is essential to make your mind more focused and intuitive. 

The Silva method program reduces negative thoughts from your mind and expands your thinking capabilities. It helps in broadening the spectrum to understand different people, animals, and objects near you. Anyone can enroll in this course whenever they need it. This program is necessary to comprehend ongoing things in your mind and win the battle of negativity related to your life. 

Many people prefer such courses to relax their minds and understand the aspects of life differently. It provides enough guidance to help you in making your life decisions with complete care and attention. 

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