Mindvalley The Silva Method Review 2021: Is Worth Trying? (TRUTH)

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The Silva Method by Mindvalley is an exciting course that supports your life system and trains your mind. This Ultramind System course by Vishen Lakhiani allows you to create a positive presence. If you want to train your mind and think intuitively, then reach out to this program. 

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In the following write-up, go through this fantastic tool to prepare yourself to become the person that you. It activates the peace of your mind and starts programming your life positively. Overall, it makes your mind think positive thoughts and beliefs. Follow the techniques in the Silva program and improve the quality of your life. 

How is The Silva Program Helpful for You?

There are many techniques in this program that heal your mind and solve your doubts and become more intuitive. Let us discuss this in detail.

Silva Method How Helpful


  1. There are daily techniques to keep your mind well-centered, removing negative thoughts, solving problems, and healing your mind by meditation. 
  2. You can practice various things to relax and control your emotions and mind. 
  3. There is a 28-day quest with formula-driven techniques, which needs to be done at least five times. 
  4. In this program, a method of 3, 2, 1 still exists. There is a picture of three mountains, which represents the technique. It is easy to visualize all the numbers for practicing the technique. 
  5. Special beats, known as the Theda beats, are used to relax and center your mind. 

How “The Silva Ultramind System” Better than “The Old Healing System”?

The Ultramind is the latest version of the Silva system, which is only available. It is hard to access the old versions because Mindvalley does not offer these courses anymore. The new program comes with new techniques, curriculum, and methodology. If you are interested in Mindvalley’s quest, it is necessary to access the Quest All Pass. 

The significant difference between the latest and old versions is the format. The course helps to set up a clock in the user’s mind that counsels and heals the past.

It will help you to think intuitively to a particular dimension, place, and time. In the Ultramind, you will get the one session every day in a quest style. It limits the content and helps you to learn every day.

What is the Best Part of The Sliva Ultramind System?

The psychic investigation is the most fantastic part of this program. It provides an opportunity to go through people’s ailments and read their minds intuitively. It sounds interesting because many people like to know what other individuals are experiencing and thinking. Three last days are crucial because it activates your physic ability and excels your casework.

The Sliva Ultramind Method

Many people do not like this feature because they feel that they can get upset if they know bad things about them that other people think. The dangerous situation arises when you diagnose someone intuitively and then put effort into your energy. In the end, you will get used to this program. If you want to remove obstacles from your daily life, then these techniques are quite helpful to guide your life in the right direction. 

How This Platform Works?

The 28-day online program that is hosted by the Mindvalley founder and Silva instructor Vishen Lakhiani is known as The Silva Ultramind System, it is also known as Mindvalley The Silva Method.

There are two tabs in this program for discussions and lessons. You can go to the Community link on the platform to get all the information regarding the group, conversation, and other things. There are chances of getting rude if the program works negatively on any individual. During the course, there are specific side effects that one has to avoid. 

This program is a wonderful teacher that flushes out all the negative thoughts from your mind. If you are looking for a wisdom tool, then it is necessary to try out such a program. The Ultramind Silva system controls and empowers your mind with unusual techniques. You must need perfect visualization and imagination to get enough awareness for various people, animals, and objects. 

What are the Benefits of The Silva Ultramind Program?

When you enroll in this program, it offers various benefits that help create perfect visualization with complete guidance. The program trains your mind via meditations that boosts your reduced positive thoughts. If you want to leave all your fears and start an adventurous and successful life, this program will be the best. 

Silva Ultramind Method Impact


If you want to have an ideal life, start improving your thoughts and creating a perfect mindset. You can discuss your problems with counselors to get better solutions. Then you need to focus on your mind’s power and your senses. You will surely take an interest in the quest for tuning up things in your mind. The program brings you to the alpha state, which makes you completely healed and relaxed. 

This course will open your thoughts and boosts your intuition power to think differently for everything. After getting enough guidance, you can enjoy your life with positive thoughts, fast healing capabilities, and other factors. If you are also looking for a significant change in the way you see the world, it is necessary to prefer this course. It is one of the best ways to increase your mind’s creativity and live a wonderful life. 

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What is Silva Ultramind Method?

Silva Ultramind Method is the technique that is discovered by the founder of the Mindvalley and Silva instructor Vishen Lakhiani. In this 28-day online program is hosted, which is 15-20 minutes an easy day.

How Silva Ultramind Method Works?

In The Silva Ultramind Method, which is a 28-day online program, every 15-20 minutes easy day guided by the Silva Method to heal you altered the state of consciousness

The Bottom Line: Mindvalley The Silva Method Review 2021

There are many interesting, mind-changing, and intuitive courses by Mindvalley, i.e. The Silva Method. The Ultramind is the latest version that is available on the platform. Mental peace and stability are necessary things to stay motivated and happy. This program is essential to make your mind more focused and intuitive. 

The Silva method program reduces negative thoughts from your mind and expands thinking capabilities. It helps in broadening the spectrum to understand different people, animals, and objects near you. Anyone can enroll in this course whenever they need it. This program is necessary to comprehend on-going things in your mind and winning the battle of negativity related to your life. 

Many people prefer such courses to relax their minds and understand the aspects of life differently. It provides enough guidance to help you in making your life decisions with complete care and attention. 

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