MLM Soft Review (2021): Is it the Best First-Ever Cloud-Based Platform ? (Top Features & Pricing)

MLM Soft


  • ERP-class software
  • Infinite customizable
  • Out-of-the-box configurations
  • Payment integration
  • Online office and frontend
  • Powerful cloud platform


  • Pricing are bit on the higher side


Price: $ 499

When it comes to Multi-Level Marketing, it’s critical to have flexibility as well as attention to detail. In the event of cloud operations, you can determine the appropriate resource amount, which is set at their own specified levels. You can, for example, distribute bandwidth, computing power, and even storage as you go based on your own needs.

Looking for dependable MLM Software?

Whether you’re building a robust marketplace on Drupal CMS with the distributor’s back office connected within, or integrating order flow with Zoho Inventory to manage stocks, the MLM Soft cloud platform can handle it all.

In today’s post, we’ll walk you through a complete evaluation of MLM Soft, an MLM Software platform so you can have a better understanding of what MLM Soft is all about. We’ll also go over its features, benefits, and downsides before wrapping up the piece with a brief conclusion.

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MLM Soft Review

What is MLM Soft?

MLM-Soft Review

MLM Soft is an MLM Software platform that can clearly meet your needs in a much more dependable manner, allowing you to compute everything, monitor network relationships, and keep an eye on everything through real-time analytics. It’s a fully-featured cloud-based ERP software developed to help MLM businesses run more smoothly. It has clients all around the world because of its modules that cater to various company demands.

What does MLM Soft offer?


MLM Soft is a highly customizable cloud platform for MLM businesses that emphasize open design. Any compensation plan calculation, e-payments, fully customized online office, e-commerce, reporting and analytics, and 3rd party interfaces are all available. Let’s dig deeper into some of the key features of the software.

Commission Calculation

With their patent-pending compensation plan engine, you’ll have complete flexibility. Calculate commissions for your network the way you wish, even if you haven’t thought of a compensation scheme yet:

  • On-demand, real-time, or planned operations
  • Genealogy, binar, trinar, and matrix trees are examples of different tree types.
  • You can have as many bonus types as you like.
  • Any regularity: Bonuses can be paid on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.
  • They include ready-to-use compensation plans such as unilevel, stair-step, combination, binary, ternary, and revolver matrix in their collection.

Network Management

Staying in touch with your network live and in real-time is a simple and effective approach to manage network interactions.

  • All of your data can be viewed in a grid, hierarchical, or graphical manner.
  • Organize your custom filters and pages so you can get to the information you need quickly.
  • Navigate between current and previous periods.
  • Analyze and compare metrics
  • View complete volume and rank histories.
  • Send out messages and alerts
  • For each account, get detailed details and history.
  • Through our APIs, you can export data or link with third parties to undertake real-time data exchanges, such as e-mail distribution.

Fully Customisable Onlineoffice for Distributors

The platform is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create your own Onlineoffice for end-users.

  • You may quickly construct your own web application by configuring pages, menus, modules, and template designs to meet your individual needs and rules.
  • You can also start using Onlineoffice right away by selecting one of our pre-configured templates.
  • For a custom-branded solution, you may use your own domain name and add your own company logo into Onlineoffice.
  • Onlineoffice, like their primary program, may be readily integrated with third-party applications and websites. Our referral link script, for example, can be used on any bespoke website.

Reports & Analytics

You can use platform reporting tools to have a better understanding of all of your network’s key KPIs. Pre-configured reports for network development, financial operations, commission computation, and sales are included in the platform. You may also use custom filters to quickly develop your own web forms and pages for quick access to your most often used data.

You can use the reports that come with the package, or we can create whatever report you need to help you with your business-specific duties using our fixed-price package services.

Warehouses and Points-of-sale (POS)

  • These stock and sales management system functions are included in even the most basic configuration of the MLM Soft platform:
  • Multiple pricing lists and inventory management
  • There are several warehouses and sales locations.
  • Specific costs based on distributor positions
  • Order and other operations workflow can be customized.
  • Configuration of user roles and access
  • Storekeeper rewards can be established in a variety of ways, and linkages to distributor accounts can be made.

Financial Management

Accounts and wallets are used to arrange financial management. You can set up as many account types as you need and create unique rules for each sort of activity, such as allowing or disallowing internal transfers between wallets or collecting commission fees for a fill-up and payout activities.

In the Onlineoffice app, a distributor can create payout orders, or your administrative staff can do so in bulk in the main app. All fill-ups and payouts are processed automatically by the payment gateway. The platform is already connected to a number of payment gateways, and if yours isn’t one of them, we can integrate it with the platform.

Why should you use MLM Soft?


MLM Soft has a range of features and capabilities that none of its competitors have. MLM Soft may assist you in taking the E-commerce road, where distributors earn sales and accept new members, ranging from the business model provided by the Platform to the cloud that allows you to manage your business with simplicity. The following are the main advantages of utilizing MLM Soft:

Ease of use

The platform is very adaptable and will allow you to easily add a lot of new features to your worldwide marketplace without having to change the main system. The software is simple to use, and the personalization options for OnlineOffice are worth appreciating. 

Easy integration options

MLM Soft is appropriate for Mid Size businesses, Small businesses, and Enterprises, and interfaces effortlessly with Authorize.Net, Drupal Commerce, Drupal, Stripe, WooCommerce, WordPress, and Zoho Books. The software can also be coupled with your system via API, which is a simple process that allows for a smooth data flow. It enables our distributors to maintain track of their day-to-day company operations.


The MLM Soft platform is the world’s first cloud-based Multi-Level Marketing software, allowing you to access all of the services you need over the internet, including databases, servers, networking, storage, analytics, and much more. Because of these resources, you have a lot of flexibility and scalability.

Excellent support

MLM SOFT is a fantastic firm to work with, and the personnel is always willing to help with inquiries and suggestions. The software performs as expected. We expected bugs like with any new project, but the crew was quick to fix them.

Data Centre

MLM Soft uses the world’s greatest data center to power its cloud platform. This means that while dealing with unusual connections and other things in the cloud, there are no security concerns.

Micro Service Architecture

Moving on to the safety side, the entire platform employs microservice designs, which means that the network’s services are self-contained and not dependent. So, in terms of a security breach or any information being sent out, only a tiny piece, not all, is vulnerable. This improves the platform’s overall security and dependability.

Latest SSL Encryption

You can back up your data in real-time using MLM Soft. In the event that data is lost, the user can easily restore it at any time. There is the most up-to-date SSL encryption technology available, which allows you to store data and restore it afterward.

How much does MLM Soft cost?


MLM Soft currently offers users to choose from 3 subscription plans, with prices ranging from $499 for the Community plan to $1,999 for the Enterprise plan. You will have to pay less for each one as the payout increases, and the account that provides you with income will be considered. Cloud platform subscription, data & connection security, data backup, free Software upgrades, and support team access are all included in all subscription options.

Here is a quick overview of the plans offered by MLM Soft.


Price: $499 per month

Income centers: Up to 1,000 


  • NRM application for staff and founders
  • Online office application for networkers
  • Knowledge base and tutorials
  • Helpdesk support
  • Staff trainings
  • Integration API
  • Built-in 3rd party integrations
  • Multi language interface
  • Compensation plan library
  • Reports and analytics


Price: $999 per month

Income centers: Up to 3,000 


  • All features in the Community plan
  • Setup of 2 custom reports for your business
  • 2 wallets in different currencies
  • Up to 10 administrative users
  • Up to 2 warehouses in POS application
  • 5 hours/mo extra customization included
  • Dedicated support


Price: $1,999 per month

Income centers: Up to 10,000 


All features in the Network plan

  • Setup of 6 custom reports for your business
  • Up to 10 wallets and currencies
  • Up to 50 administrative users
  • Up to 10 warehouses in POS application
  • 10 hours/mo extra customization included
  • Dedicated support
  • Programming of your custom compensation plan (for annual payment)

For more details of the subscription plans, visit the MLM Soft pricing page right away!

Customized package setup fees

MLM Soft provides customization services to clients looking for a full-featured enterprise solution and who value time as their most valuable commodity. Their team of business analysts and software architects will review your business operations and compensation plan before customizing our platform to meet your demands. They will complete it promptly, for a set cost, and with assured outcomes. Simply pay once and the platform will be fully adapted to your company’s needs.

The Enterprise customized solution setup fee with MLM Soft are as follows:

  • Basic: $2,900
  • Customized: $6,900
  • Integrated: $12,900+

For more information regarding the setup fee of the custom package, visit the MLM Soft setup fee page right away!

5 reasons why we recommend MLM Soft

MLM Soft is a solid piece of software that may help you support your existing MLM business or even create one from the ground up. Surprisingly, unlike other MLM systems, this one allows you to get your business up and running in a matter of days for a very minimal initial cost. Here are the top five reasons why we think MLM Soft is a good idea:

  • Easily Scalable & Configurable

MLM Soft gives you the freedom to customize everything to your specific needs and preferences. If things start to go bizarre or out of your control, you may always use this platform’s AI to restore order. In all ways, MLM Soft is a truly scalable and adaptable platform.

  • Infinite Customizations

MLM Soft is known for its customizability, which means you have complete control over the platform. With the growing variety of activities you can do online, it’s more important than ever to have a platform that keeps up with the times. As a result, the MLM Soft includes a platform that is entirely configurable and changeable to fit your business needs.

  • Frontend and Online Office

There are integrations for everything here, from design to content to the frontend. You can easily copy websites or create integrations that function with referral links.

  • Integrations for Payments

You also have a very safe and up-to-date payout integration/payment gateway thanks to the open architectural design. Because of their open architecture, you can also leverage the other third-party integrations.

  • Calculation of Compensation Plan

Because MLM Soft focuses on Compensation Plan Calculation, you can get a much more accurate calculation of your plans, such as binary and uni-level, breakaway, and so on. All of this is available in real-time, ensuring that you get the most up-to-date support for your company.

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As a marketer, you must have a very effective system in place to assist you in achieving your objectives. These same goals are developing daily in an MLM firm, also known as a Multi-Level Marketing company, as the company grows. As a result, it is critical to continue to improve the company’s operations.

MLM Soft provides ERP software that allows them to calculate commissions, monitor network contacts, and provide real-time financing. Platform as a service, or PaaS, is feasible with the MLM Soft platform, providing you the freedom to build your own Information Technology landscape based on your business needs.

This isn’t all; you can also integrate third-party apps to make the software platform more efficient and tailored to your specific requirements. A few minor configurations are required to expand the business, but you will not be required to code or re-design the architecture.

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