MobiAD Review: Can it Really Monetize Mobile Traffic?

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The Smartphone has taken the world by storm; they have become a necessity in our life. A person can live without eating, but can’t stay a minute without his phone. The majority of people are using their smartphone to browse through internet now.  You can say that mobile internet is at a peak as e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart are pushing it hard so customers download their shopping apps. When everyone is capitalizing on mobile traffic, then why should you stay back?

A lot of website and app owners are making money through MobiAD. It has a WordPress programmatic plugin using which publishers from all around the globe can access thousands of advertisers within seconds and choose ads from it to publish on their website.

MobiAD review homepage

MobiAD supports banner ads, native ads and interstitials; they are connected to over 100+ demand side platforms also known as (DSP) which bids on your ad inventory. It is very easy to sign up with MobiAD, you can sign up in minutes and start making money in a few hours.

Though just like other standard ad network companies, MobiAD also has criteria and guidelines which you need to fulfil and follow. Your website needs to have quality organic traffic, mix bag of traffic from SEO and SEM and your website’s content needs to be updated frequently. Website’s containing promotes or link directory to certain types of content will be rejected.

MobiAD does not tolerate violent, racial, threatening, libellous, pornographic, illegal drugs, weapons related content. If your website is related to any of these terms, then it will be blocked immediately. I have been using MobiAD for a while now; I signed up in minutes, and got access to thousands of ad network.

What kind of ad formats MobiAd supports?

MobiAd review Interstitials ads

Full Screen Interstitials- As the name suggests, these ads appear on full screen. You might have come across this ad while browsing through internet on your phone suddenly an ad pops up covering the full screen of your phone. These ads have 7 times more conversion rate than banner ads and 9 times higher eCPMs.

MobiAd review native ads

Native Ads: Lot of advertisers are advertising their products through native advertising, it has become one of the most popular and successful way of advertising. A native ad has a relevant image, content and very catchy headline. Its eCPM rate is 3-5 times more than banner ads.

MobiAD review banner ads

Banner Ads:  It is one of the oldest ways of advertising online. Though there are other kinds of advertisement, lot of publishers still stick to banner ads, they account for the majority of mobile revenue ads.


How do I make money?

MobiAd review Rate Structure
Making money through MobiAD is very easy and simple, they transfer money through PayPal, and if you don’t have PayPal then you can contact them for alternatives. Their minimum payout is $5, which I think is the lowest in the market. As soon as you make $5, you can ask them to transfer your money. If your earning is less than the minimum payout then it is carried forward to next month.

Though there are few differences on the basis of volume of Ads you request for, if it is less than 1 million, then you will get 70% of revenue share and if the volume is more than 1 million, then you get 80% of the revenue and an account manager is assigned to you for your help.

How can I get started?

MobiAD review sign up form

If you are thinking that you will have to send those emails, fill up forms and wait desperately for days or weeks for their approval, then you are wrong. Getting started with MobiAD is very easy and simple, all you need to do is sign up and within 10 minutes ads will start displaying on your mobile site.

Follow these steps to get started with MobiAD

First download their plugin from here:

MobiAd review settings

  1. Fill up their publishers registration form to get your site ID.
  2. After registering, go to your WordPress admin area and click on the ‘ADD NEW’ plugins option, search for ‘MOBIAD’ and click on install and activate the plugin.
  3. After that, go to settings, then click on ‘MobiAD’ settings and add your site ID.

Why I prefer MobiAd over other ad networks?


MobiAD review programmatic infography

One of the best features of MobiAD is that it is Programmatic, i.e, its buying and selling process is fully automated, the media are fully optimized through algorithms using data like geography, audience, time, category, etc. This makes most of the things automated and there is a very little need for human intervention.

Reporting of your Earning
This feature allows you to track your earnings; also it helps you to see the number of your ad impressions.

Quality Ad Inventory

MobiAD review ads inventory

It gives you access to thousands of quality ads from all around the globe, which maximizes your mobile advertising fill rates and eCPMs

Easy to use

MobiAD review easy to use
MobiAD is very easy to use; you don’t need to be a tech savvy person to operate it. Their developers have done a good job in keeping it simple. You can easily and quickly monetize your mobile traffic through MobiAD.


If you are looking for a reliable ad network with a low minimum payout and money transfer on time then MobiAD is the one for you. It not only gives you access to advertisers from all over the world, but you also get a chance to grow your business network. I strongly recommend to all you website owners to try MobiAD, It is free to sign up, though I would recommend you to check out their criteria list and guidelines before applying. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your mobile traffic go to waste; make money through it by signing up with Mobiads.

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