Mobile eCommerce Statistics 2023: Emerging Online Shopping Trends

In this post, we discuss Mobile eCommerce Statistics 2023

Mobile traffic has become just as prominent as desktop traffic, as projected (based on multiple research and mobile eCommerce figures) 

With more than 50% of all web traffic now buying on a mobile device, it’s more crucial than ever to ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

Let’s have a glimpse at some trends that are still evolving in 2022.

To be clear, if you want to run a thriving eCommerce site, or any other website, then you must appeal to mobile consumers and think about mobile buying. It needs to be a big aspect of your digital marketing plan.

If you don’t, you’re ignoring the vast proportion of your potential clients. This has ramifications for how you design your eCommerce site, how you think about eCommerce SEO, and how important it is to optimize your website for smartphone search results.

Not only are more people accessing the internet from a smartphone or tablet than from a desktop, but they’re also doing so with greater economic intent than it has ever been. Smartphone users accounted for a third of all online sales during last year’s bustling holiday shopping season.

Even Black Friday (Nine billion dollars in internet sales in 2021) was not spared from mobile fever, with roughly 40% of sales made through a mobile device on the typically physical store shopping day.

During Cyber Monday ( Generating $10.7 billion in online sales in 2021), 54 percent of visits arrived from mobile devices, with roughly 33 percent making purchases on their smartphone, an increase of more than 40% over the previous few years.

In reality, eCommerce clients are now statistically far more likely to interact from a tablet or smartphone with your site than from a desktop. With this knowledge, it’s up to you to build a buying experience that your clients will enjoy.

Customers who shop on their phones are picky, and deservedly so. Because of the intensely competitive environment of the eCommerce sector, your clients will not think twice about buying from one of your competitors if they have even the tiniest problem.

According to statistics, 40% of customers will switch to a rival after a poor smartphone experience, yet an astounding 84 percent have had trouble finishing a mobile transaction.

That’s a huge amount, and it demonstrates how easy it is for businesses to increase consumer conversion simply by designing mobile-responsive and user-friendly websites.

It’s one of the reasons Amazon focused on creating a simple buying experience & was able to build and reach a large audience.

Advantages of Using M-Commerce

The following are the main advantages of employing m-commerce for e-commerce businesses:

Increased Revenue

  • Mobile commerce revenues are expected to reach $3.56 billion towards the end of the year, indicating that this buying channel would certainly survive the epidemic.
  • Customers are more likely to buy the product via their mobile devices due to a more clear checkout experience, tailored push notifications & seamless online transactions.
  • Developing an app for your retail company is a must-have to stay in business in such a saturated industry if you want to satisfy client needs and create more money.

Improved Customer Service

  • Customers are more likely to return to apps with intuitive navigation, social network integration for sharing feedback, and personalized push alerts.
  • It’s much easier to capture your clients’ attention with a customer-friendly app by offering them a personalized buying experience and a streamlined user journey.

Additional Promotional Opportunities

  • You may reach out to your direct customers and incorporate your offering with social media sites using an e-commerce app. You can get your audience to give feedback, engage with one another, and spread the news about your firm by encouraging them to do so.
  • When your app gains momentum with your audience and goes viral, you may monetize it by inserting in-app advertisements to generate extra revenue.

Data that is helpful

  • Mobile analytics may give you a lot of information about your customers’ browsing habits, behaviors, and behavior.
  • This information may be utilized to increase client retention and give more unique and targeted offerings, such as targeted promotions and recommended products, to your audience.
  • You’ll be able to target your customers using suitable incentives which are more likely to be converted thanks to this advanced mobile analytics.

Still not persuaded? Let the numbers speak for themselves:

Following Are The Most Significant Mobile eCommerce Statistics:

  • Seventy-seven percent of Americans own a smartphone.
  • Smartphones are owned by over 230 million people in the United States.
  • Tablets are owned by approximately 100 million people in the United States.
  • In the last six months, 79 percent of mobile users have completed an online transaction using their device.
  • During the 2018 festive season, nearly forty percent of total eCommerce purchases were completed on a smartphone.
  • eCommerce revenue currently accounts for about 10% of total retail revenue.
  • Inside a physical store, 80 percent of customers used their phones to check product reviews, compare pricing, or find alternate store locations.
  • There are currently 10 billion mobile-linked devices in use.
  • By the end of 2021, the M-commerce market is expected to be worth $3.6 billion.
  • When visiting physical establishments, almost 89 percent of grocery buyers utilize their mobile devices.
  • In Q2 2021, smartphones accounted for 68 percent of sponsored search clicks.
  • E-commerce revenue in the United States is expected to reach $339 billion by 2020.
  • Within the last six months, nearly 80% of people had purchased something on the internet using their smartphones.
  • By 2022, m-commerce sales are expected to reach $432.2 billion.
  • In comparison to other shopping channels, mobile web apps are preferred by more than 51% of consumers. Customers said web apps are easy to use and offer a consistent user interface.
  • By 2022, sales of voice commerce are estimated to reach $40 billion.
  • Mobile eCommerce Statistics


Ignoring the evolving trends in mobile eCommerce (also known as m-Commerce in the market) could result in you losing out on more and more earnings as time goes on.

Let’s hope that smartphone optimization & conversion optimization are included in your web firm’s SEO offerings. 

Quick Links:

Here are some ideas to help your site mobile friendly if you’re trying to make changes on your own:

  • In order to give the best user-friendly experience, your site must be programmed to naturally adapt to whatever gadget is visiting it.
  • To avoid mistakes, make sure that all buttons, links, & calls to action are of the right size and margin.
  • Ensure all contact numbers are text rather than pictures so consumers can tap to call or can copy-paste the number to exchange with a friend.
  • Because mobile websites are typically browsed on the go & on relatively smaller screens, visual information like graphics and videos would be favored over reading long text.
  • Increase the padding surrounding menu items to make it easier for the customers to read & click on them.
  • Increase the number of form input fields to make it easier for users to fill in the form.

In 2022, the boom of mobile commerce shows no indications of slowing. As a result, it’s critical to adjust your company to shifting customer demands. I hope the above statistics will help you in making more informed decisions regarding the same.

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