Top 10 Mobile Marketing Facts for 2015 That Will Blow You

The fact that mobile marketing is not at all a fad has been proven with the success of various business houses that have employed it. Be it a small or medium business house content writing website or even a blogging site, the main concern for all of them rests on their budget. There is no denying that marketing is an important part of business but when money is a constraint, no one can do anything.

Nonetheless modern technology has made it possible for business houses of all sizes to experiment with marketing, especially mobile marketing!

Think about it these days everyone has a smartphone staring from a honcho, business man, student, to a kid on the next block! Many a time it may even seem that these people are glued to their cell phones with the amount of checking their phones goes around! In fact research states that about 67% of mobile phone users check their phones for mail and messages even if it is not ringing!

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This is more than enough to say that mobile marketing is a must for all sorts of business houses.

 Top 10 Mobile Marketing Facts

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The Mobile Marketing Facts in real sense

In order to clarify the stand that this kind of marketing is good to invest in, here is a series of reasons that can substantiate as the top 10 mobile marketing facts in details:

  1. To start with in a planet of 6.8 billion, 4 billion use mobile phones! Now that is quite a figure.
  1. About 91% of adults keep the phone in their arm’s distance. No they are not lazy, they want to remain updated all the time.
  1. We all may be wary of the marketing messages but when asked about 92% of shoppers (who shop through mobile apps) have agreed to the fact that they want to know about various lucrative offers by retailers.
  1. People want more push messages as push any day can beat email marketing by 5 times with proper designing and personalization. This personalized push messages can increase 36% of movement inside the apps.
  1. Personalization wins big time any time and push messages can actually drive more traffic by 500% if done in the right way over spam and generic mails.
  1. It has been observed that about 50% of consumers shop around using mobile phones and they do this for more than 30 minutes a day.
  1. The truth is digital marketers around the globe expect push messages to become an integral part of relationship management and not to mention even generate more revenue.
  1. It is quite astounding to know that about 81% of smartphone users use their phones to read through reviews of products and services.
  1. This has got to surprise you more that 30 million mobile phone users watch television content through their phones.
  1. Okay now this one really takes the cake away that 16% of shoppers have bought products after coming across messages in their mobile phones! Phew that is something really assuring to know. Alright yes even I have done the same thing!

So if you can actually relate to most of these facts then you must verily understand the need for mobile marketing by this time. There is nothing more that I have to say as these are real facts and figures brought out by trusted sites. Besides this we need to discuss about the great pros and cons of mobile marketing in details.

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Advantages of mobile marketing

Like any other concept, mobile marketing is also not free from keeps and lows. Let us focus on the keeps first.

  • The first thing that needs to be explained is that users are always online. Yes they never sleep and there is no point in missing this one for sure.
  • Advertisement placed through mobile apps can reach audiences faster.
  • Not to forget that it can be used to contact a broader audience at the same time.
  • Movement inside the apps is generally very quick which is certainly in pitching.
  • Mobile payment is another gateway that has made it easier for consumers on the go. They do not have to shell out physical money and can buy things on the go effortlessly.
  • Mobile marketing is ideal for the user on the go as they can make purchases at any time of the day from round the world.
  • Overall it is easy to use which means it gives convenience to your audiences.

Disadvantages of mobile marketing

That is true mobile marketing is not free of flaw like any other entity.

  • The very first thing that comes up in mind is that of privacy issue as at times it seems marketers misuse their leverage. They constantly ping users as they can be found online easily all through.
  • The platform are too diverse which means it becomes difficult to design one kind of an application that will fit into varied screens.
  • Navigation may be little problematic owing to the same issue.

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Nonetheless mobile marketing is a great concept that is going to be around for sometime in the coming years as well. With viral marketing, massive communication scopes and microblogging facilities it is surely going to develop and will lead from the front one day. Majority of 24 to 34 olds who are termed as consumers generally possess a smartphone, can you think of the reach of mobile marketing then?

There is no point denying the fact that mobile marketing strategy is also developing that can keep consumers engaged as well as can retain customers in the long run.

Personal Note: Trust me I am not bluffing, my 1 year old daughter prefers watching advertisements on the mobile phone instead of the television! Yes it is true that I get to (or rather have to) sit through the various in between advertisements that publishers post regularly on the web against videos.

This helps me keep myself updated with the various products doing the rounds in the market as well as get a glimpse how people use mobile technology to market their products.

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