4 Essential Factors For Best Mobile SEO Practices

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The evolution of mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets and others has increased the involvement of internet users, while making these devices a first priority of many users. Out of the total search volume of the market, the number of mobile users is increasing and is likely to overshoot the number of desktop users by a huge difference.

Thus, mobile SEO has become one of the essential tools for a better optimization of a website and thus gaining a better ranking for it. With a strong hold in the SEO world, the potential of mobile devices is being exploited and thus, more and more companies are now turning to mobile optimization to gain an upper edge.

Unlike desktop SEO, different requirements laid down for a different user behavior regarding the mobile platform need a distinct strategy focussed towards mobile users. For an effective optimization of a website for mobile devices, a few points are provided below.

Use a different version:

As mobile and desktop platforms differ from each other in various manners like the screen size, processing capabilities, software support and many other factors, so a demand for a different version of a desktop website is necessary. With this approach, mobile users are redirected to a different version of the website, when they access it from a mobile device.

This adds to the flexibility of the users improving the experience of users, thus allows a developer to create a mobile version of a complex site as well.

There is a possibility that the search engine might mix up both the variations in the search engine results, which can be prevented by using Googlebot. Hiring a link building company can help you get a perfect link to your website’s mobile version of the desktop version.

Mobile SEO best practices

Avoid Transconding:

Transconding is a technique used by search engines to display a modified desktop based web page on mobile devices. With this approach, various features, incompatible with the mobile browser, are disabled by the search engine, thus causing a poor display of the website to the mobile users. So, you need to use the ‘no-transform’ cache control within the headers to prevent search engines from modifying the user experience of your website.

Location Specific Keywords:

Most of the queries from mobile users are particularly based on search for a location based result. Surveys have reported than more than half of the mobile users intend to search for local results.

Since, users access mobile internet service to find local based specific results, so it demands for the use of location specific keywords to provide a better ranking to your site for local search queries.

Site Speed Optimization:

As we all know that mobile browsers are comparatively slower than desktop browsers, so having a faster loading mobile version of your website will provide you an upper edge. Also, the speed of loading of a website is one of the factors used by Google for providing ranking results, so using well optimized quick and small web pages for mobile users will contribute to a better ranking.

Thus, by following above mentioned tips successfully, you can achieve great success in mobile SEO and create a room for a better and a healthy traffic leading to higher ranking.

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  1. Thank you this informative post.

    Mobile SEO is a popular topic, because more than 30 percent of all searches come from mobile devices. Some extra tips for Mobile SEO
    • Searching by entering keyword quires in mobile devices differ from desktop applications. Because mobile devices use small tail phrases. Please select short tail keywords for mobile devices.
    • When optimizing webpages for mobile, ensure that the user agent for both searchers and for the search engine bots are going to the same version of the webpage.

  2. It’s an informative post about how mobile SEO can influence the market. Thanks for sharing and keep posing more!

  3. I appreciate the mobile side of things more these days Jitendra. All is well on my blog; now to fixing my newsletter. I send it out through my Peoples Program cash gifting club; need to fix it with the club’s developers.

    Thanks for sharing.


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