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All android smartphones come with Google PlayStore already installed in it, this is why the majority of people rely on PlayStore to download the apps and games they want, but sometimes downloading apps from there can prove to be a hassle as not every app is available on Google PlayStore.


A lot of users are reluctant when it comes to using an alternative to Google PlayStore because of security issues. If you are looking for a safe and reliable alternative to PlayStore then I suggest you to check out MoboMarket, it is a third party android app store from where you can download apps and games on your Android smartphone, it gives you access to over 500,000 high quality applications and games for free.

MoboMarket was established in 2012, and within 3 years they have become one of the leading android app store in the world, MoboMarket launched a new version recently in which they added new features and content.

Let’s take a look at the new features of MoboMarket

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Account System and Point Mall

MoboMarket Package Manager MoboMarket Games Screen

MoboMarket has introduced a built-in user account, this feature lets you create a personal account, the main purpose of this feature is to give its user a convenient and friendly environment. It will make the log-in process easy and quick, you can also redeem your points easily and win prizes.

Localized Content

Content is a very important thing for any business, especially for an app market, MoboMarket has a vast collection of free games, apps and wallpapers. New content from top and reputed developers are updated every day, its Geo location feature recommends apps and games according to your location.

MoboMarket introduces this feature based on the fact that content has become king in the mobile space. With complete internet access, consumers demand more information, more data and a wide range of options. Therefore, one can easily find valuable content across the app platform.

New User Interface

MoboMarket has redesigned their interface in the new version, there new interface is very simple which makes it easy to use. The new look is very elegant, applications and games are categorized according to rank, popularity and nature of the app.

Add On Features

MoboMarket Update Manager

MoboMarket has an inbuilt phone cleaner app which will let you delete all the junk files that get downloaded automatically this will save a lot of space from getting wasted, the phone optimizer option stops the apps running in the background.

Difference between MoboMarket and Google PlayStore

  • You can easily move the apps from your phone memory to SD card
  • Content is updated every day with new and trending apps
  • Built in cleaner keeps your phone free from junk files
  • Phone booster feature stops programs running in background, and improves phone’s performance
  • Has a great suggestion and recommendation system based on your location


MoboMarket Version and Info Details

MoboMarket is a great app store to find new and trending apps or games, there new version is packed with useful features and tools. Its content is updated every day with high quality games and apps by top and reputed developers. MoboMarket gives you an option to surpass the restrictions implied on your location, it gives you access to applications which are blocked in your region.  So, if you are looking for a reliable and safe app store with built in phone cleaner and optimizer then MoboMarket is an ideal choice for you.

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