Modern Master Review 2023: Is This Course Worth It? What I Think of Deborah King’s Course?

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  • The course is comprehensive.
  • The course includes in-depth lectures.
  • It connects users with a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Group coaching calls are pre-recorded.


  • Offline access is not available.

You will learn how to activate your superpowers spiritually in the course Be A Modern Master. In order to help you achieve a greater level of spiritual awareness and expression, it combines modern knowledge with ancient techniques.

Price:$ 59

Today I will be reviewing Deborah King’s ‘Be A Modern Master Review ‘ meditation program created by Mindvalley.

During the course, I will review the costs, the time commitment that is required to maximize results, who the course is best for, and who it is NOT for, as well as the bonus material you receive upon enrolling in the course.

As we begin, we’ll cover Deborah King’s ‘Be A Modern Master’ online course, and why it can benefit students to learn this form of meditation and sutra practice. So, let’s start with the detailed review of the course by Deborah King.

What Is Modern Master Program?

You will learn how to activate your superpowers spiritually in the course Be A Modern Master. In order to help you achieve a greater level of spiritual awareness and expression, it combines modern knowledge with ancient techniques.

In just six weeks, you will be able to restore your energy and naturally heal yourself. Even those around you can benefit from it.

The highest understanding of Deborah King is reflected in Be A Modern Master. It shows a most current understanding of how to deal with life’s traumas and access your inner power.

Modern Master Review Modern Master Program

The claimed benefits of taking this course are to help you:

  • Your life force is being held hostage by buried emotions and past traumas, so clear them out so you can free yourself – mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Expand your spiritual potential by activating certain centers in your body.
  • The spiritual gifts that begin to manifest can be discovered and used responsibly.
  • You are guided and protected by the high spiritual beings.
  • Get initiated into higher spiritual realms.
  • Get in touch with the 7 spiritual rays.

As you can see immediately, this course is quite esoteric, and you may not fully appreciate it until you’re ready for it. You may be confronted with concepts that challenge your belief systems, and I have already encountered such challenges since enrolling in this course.

Yet, I feel I am ready to take this course since I have learned a variety of things over the last year from various sources.

Be A Modern Master caught my attention more than a year ago, and I actually signed up for the free masterclass at the time, but I didn’t find the ideas to be very appealing.

It used to make me feel pretty dubious whenever someone mentioned something like ‘spirit guides’. My worldview has shifted since then, and I am now open to esoteric ideas and concepts, which is why I decided to take this course again this time.

I am more open to exploring these ideas now that I have changed.

Who Designed The Be a Modern Master Program?

That’s Deborah King.

Her name is commonly associated with “self-healing” due to her numerous appearances on ABC, NBC, CNN, and FoxTV channels. The W magazine calls her work “electrifying” as well as a New York Times best-seller for her book “Be Your Own Shamans and Truth Heals.”.

However, she did not get to where she is right now easily. Despite being sexually abused as a child and having a turbulent upbringing, Deborah King eventually made it to become a highly successful lawyer.

After her diagnosis, everything changed, and that moment led her to leave the corporation to fully embrace the world of energy healing through a series of retreats.

Modern Master Review Deborah King

Her frequent travels to India gave her the opportunity to learn from Shamans and get an in-depth spiritual journey.

In summary, Deborah has recovered from cancer, and she explained that western practices allowed her to explore her mind and emotions.

As someone who was able to get a lot of esoteric practices from India, Deborah King decided to spread those teachings to the world with easier access (for you know, not everyone can afford to go to India, not me).

Let’s get started… Being a Master of the Modern World Program was born.

Who Is This Course For?

A person who is very open to new perspectives and points of view about the nature of reality and who is willing to take into consideration how the spiritual realm may operate would benefit most from this course.

If you are considering taking this course, I would wager you have already practiced meditation in some form. However, you do not need experience in meditation. 

A course like this is for anyone who wants to experience profound relaxation and mental well-being while resolving long-held traumas or emotional traumas in their lives.

Modern Master Review This Course For modern master

You can also use it for:

  • Those seeking happiness
  • Individuals who are seeking love, relationships, and better opportunities
  • If you are unable to let go of your traumas and bad memories, there is hope
  • Anyone who wants to live a more fulfilling and creative life
  • Those who wish to have a better understanding of life and a deeper connection with it
  • Those who seek self-healing

Who Should Not Take This Course?

This class goes beyond the benefits of relaxation and stress relief that have been scientifically proven time and time again. You might be better off taking a different course if you simply want to learn meditation for its relaxation and stress relief benefits.

This course does include all that, but it also goes much further than that. Mediation is primarily used for expanding consciousness and understanding of the world and nature of the universe, which the ancients claimed was one of the primary purposes of meditation.

Why Did Deborah King Choose To Teach This Course?

You need to know Deborah’s background in order to understand the importance of this course. Deborah experienced sexual abuse throughout her childhood. Although she grew up in a turbulent environment, she managed to become a successful lawyer. 

However, unresolved childhood issues led her to seek relief through a series of meditation retreats, where she regularly visited India to learn from the gurus as well as get the real deal experience. 

She has completed teacher training and returns to India four times a year for refresher courses and to keep in touch with her practice.

Deborah King Choose To Teach This Course

In this way, I feel we are fortunate to have Deborah, because I know I wouldn’t make the trip to India for the sake of learning such esoteric practices, and quite frankly, I feel I need a western understanding and Deborah delivers just that.

The diagnosis of cervical cancer in her 20s was the turning point at which she began exploring alternative healing methods. 

She embraced both western medicine and eastern practices in order to recover from cancer. It was through eastern practices that she was able to heal deeply held trauma in her body and mind following her recovery from cancer, and she emphasizes that the most effective way to heal deeply held trauma is through the use of sutras, which is what she teaches in this course.

What Are Sutras?

A sutra is a mantra used in meditation, but it is used differently than a typical mantra.

The mantra is repeated inwardly over and over again, and the sutras are presented at the end of your meditation, where you repeat each sutra four times, the first sounding louder than the next. You are like an echo when you say the sutra again. Before you move on to the next sutra, you repeat the same sutra.

The Sutras Are Secret

It is not recommended to speak out loud the sutras. Once one has received a sutra from a formerly trained meditation teacher, one is not supposed to explain what it is.

This for some reason destroys the sutra’s potency. As a consequence, I cannot tell you what the sutras are which Deborah gives to her students in the course since I would like to respect Deborah’s teachings. Google will provide you with a wealth of information about sutras, their origins, and their uses.

What Do You Get In The Course?

It is a 6-week online course and once you enroll, you have access to all six weeks immediately. We suggest you explore the course at your own pace.

Don’t forget to complete each week entirely since it’s important that you develop a solid daily meditation habit of 15-20 minutes in the morning. In my own experience, whenever I want to establish a new habit, I set myself a challenge.

Modern Master What Do You Get In The Course

Since this course is 6 weeks long, I decided to break it down into a 42-day challenge (because 6 weeks times 7 days = 42) and make a chart that I can check off each day I meditate. So I get the sense that I am not necessarily committing to doing this practice forever, but I am allowing myself to engage deeply in the practice for this limited period of time, track my results, and hold myself accountable, so I can judge whether or not I gained something from it.

The results will manifest quickly with Deborah’s commitment within a matter of weeks.

The Breakdown:

Our weekly practice consists of listening to the sutras for around two to three hours to gain a deeper understanding of what meditation can do for you, and how to utilize the sutras to their full potential. You can watch or listen to Deborah teach in either audio or video format depending on whether you are sitting at your computer or out and about such as driving, exercising, or any other activity.

In part two of each week, Deborah answers previous course attendees’ questions recorded from previous sessions. Though these sessions were from a previous meeting, I have found them helpful as they addressed some questions I had and simplified the ways people asked questions to me.

Additionally, you get PDF printouts to reference in order to take notes, and I really like that they time stamp certain points in each recording, so that when you want to listen to a particular segment again, you do not have to scroll through countless videos to find where you need it you can just refer to the written time stamp.

What’s In It?

The Be A Modern Master coaching schedule takes place on a weekly basis. Deborah King will walk you through these topics each week:

Week 1

We will begin by learning about the internal and external spaces of your home. The Hindu Vedas and the sutras are where you’ll learn them.

With each passing week, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the five sutras, which will help you cleanse and release old traumas.

Modern Master Review WEEK 1 WHAT ARE THE SUTRAS

We will provide you with a guided reflection that will help you find and establish an internal place of silence.

Week 2

In this course, you will learn the basics of creating a fertile environment for planting the sutras. Your intuition will expand as you become adept at this, and your consciousness will expand as well.

The proper way to release stress will also be revealed by the second week. Three more sutras will teach you how to handle distractions in your life.


Week 3

You will experience more spiritual powers in the third week. As you practice sutra consistently, you will develop psychic abilities.

Furthermore, you will learn ways in which your gifts might be misused. It is extremely important to do this to ensure that you can use your spiritual abilities to their full potential. In the third week, you’ll learn about the 5 ways to behave ethically.


Deborah will share her experiences and how she achieved oneness at this point. In addition, she will present the next 3 sutras.

Week 4

The purpose of spiritual initiation will become more evident as you undergo the initiatory process in week 4. At this point, we’re going to talk about how to let go of our ego issues.

Deborah will initiate you and teach you the next 7 important sutras in the 4th week.


Week 5

In the fifth week, you’ll learn about the Hindu deities Shiva and Parvati. The Soul Star will be your first experience of your own spiritual power. In this phase, you will be taught the last two sutras.

Modern Master Review WEEK 5 THE PATH OF THE SUTRAS

Week 6

The Journey of the Sutras is the topic of Week 6. The mudras and pranayamas are discussed in this part. The 7 spiritual rays of light will also be discussed along with the levels of initiation.


You will be able to unleash their magic within you as you are reinforced with the 20 sutras. The Great Invocation will culminate the course.

What You’ll Get From It

The 6 weeks of learning and understanding the course will enable you to:

  • Feel calm and at peace
  • Become wiser
  • Become more intuitive
  • Get better at reading people’s minds
  • Get a sense of protection and guidance from a higher power
  • Ask a question and get an answer fast
  • Identify your life’s purpose with clarity
  • Take charge of your destiny
  • Boost your finances and career
  • Feel a dramatic change in your emotions
  • Become more intuitive
  • Get better at reading people’s minds
  • Make people happy
  • Enhance creativity and fulfillment

In six weeks, these changes will take place and you will only need a few steps to transform your life. This might sound ambitious, but it is absolutely possible.

It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. It isn’t as hard as you think to ease into the course and incorporate the teachings into your life since you will have the support of other like-minded seekers.

This online community allows you to reach out to them at any time, from anywhere. The convenience and support provided by the course make it particularly effective.


It is a course you should not miss if you want to achieve personal fulfillment. By reading this book, you will discover the secret of flying high in the spiritual realms.

You can also expect to gain the following benefits from the course:

  • You will learn how to transform your life and achieve a higher level of self-knowledge.
  • Through it, you will learn how to turn chaos into reality and bad experiences into strengths.
  • Your words will reflect your life’s goals.
  • By learning how to clear bad memories, you won’t relive them.
  • You will realize what is right for you in a career or relationship.
  • You’ll learn how to strengthen your connection with divine presence.
  • You’ll know what to do to attract more peace and joy.
  • Your mental, physical, and emotional health will be improved.

Does It Really Work?

It consists of 5,000-year-old secrets which can be studied and mastered at your convenience right at your home, so it’s way different from other courses.

Your immediate reality will change when you practice those secrets and sutras. You will even be able to tell a difference between the two.

You can take the course regardless of how much experience or level you have. Within just 6 weeks, you can experience a massive shift in your life, regardless of your level of spiritual experience.

Deborah’s struggle with being emotionally traumatized, sexually abused, and misusing drugs was the inspiration for the course. You will discover a world of energy healing in her wake-up call and story, and learn how you can use it to create your ideal life.

The Benefits of the Be a Modern Master Program: What I Hope to Achieve?

  • Heal my trauma wounds. I am here to see whether the Be a Modern Master program is working or not. Furthermore, I came here to get rid of a past trauma.
  • I need help controlling my anger. Recently, my anger seems to be peaking like a coronavirus. I’m becoming increasingly jerky to people (maybe I’m hypervigilant). There are times when it’s completely uncontrollable, and I can’t help but spit it out.
  • Eliminate my tendency to catastrophize. Whenever I am faced with an event, I tend to think about the worst-case scenario. This theory of mine used to help prepare me for any future calamities (sounds dark, but that’s the way it is). 
  • Catastrophizing is no longer as effective as it once was, because instead of making me more ready, it makes me more anxious, which leads to mistakes out of hopelessness. I should stop doing it.
  • Concentrate on improving my concentration. I have trouble paying attention. Sometimes I feel scattered in my thinking.


  • The course is comprehensive.
  • Initiation videos and guidance videos make it a really useful resource.
  • The course includes in-depth lectures.
  • Group coaching calls are pre-recorded.
  • It connects users with a community of like-minded individuals.


  • It won’t produce results overnight.
  • Offline access is not available.

Bonus course

Upon enrolling in ‘Be A Modern Master’, you will get a free bonus course which is just over an hour long and includes the knowledge of how to meditate using a mantra.

The part of the course that teaches you how to meditate is really valuable if you’ve never meditated before. In order to fully harness the potential of sutras, you must first develop a solid mantra meditation practice. During your practice, you would meditate for 15-20 minutes on mantras, followed by 5 minutes of sutras.

Cost of The Course:

Courses are available at three different prices. Currently, the price of the course as of the 1st of November 2018 is $399US or 3 payments of $149 (which totals $447 if taken on a payment plan). In that case, if you choose to enroll after the free tutorial (click here to attend) and pay in full upfront, you will receive a $50 discount.

30-day Money-Back Guarantee:

The 30-day money-back guarantee is one of the factors that I always take into account when deciding whether to purchase a Mindvalley course. The courses are a little pricey, but I have not once asked for a refund since I have gained so much from each course I have taken.

It is possible to get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the course within 30 days. If you’re taking the course one week at a time, you can go through most of it before deciding if you want to keep it or not. However, as I said earlier, once you enroll, you immediately gain access to the entire course, so you can check it out before 30 days.

Deborah King Be a Modern Master Review:

Each Mindvalley Academy course uses a high-quality digital platform. After you enroll, you will receive a username and password for your own Mindvalley course portal. The course is either video or audio-based. The Mindvalley academy app can also be downloaded on your smartphone so that you can access the course right from your phone.

If you do not want to be online while accessing the course, you may download each file to your computer or phone. By doing this, you can also fully own the course content instead of only having access to it through the Mind Valley platform.

Quick Links:

My Final Verdict: Modern Master Review 2023

Thanks to this program, I made significant progress. In addition, if you were to ask me whether I would recommend a modern master’s program, my answer would be yes.

After doing my mantra and sutra meditation with other supportive practices for two weeks, I have improved my self-awareness, am in better control of my negative thoughts and raging emotions, sleep better, feel more grateful, and my concentration is much improved.

Here are the other reasons I recommend this program to you besides the progress I have made for the past two weeks:

  1. Videos, audios, and workbooks are of high quality.
  2. This program is so esoteric that you cannot teach all 50 lessons at once. In order to make sure you understand this subject well, they break it down into one module per week.
  3. By watching their free webinar, you can get a discount on this program, despite its high price. That means the webinar is free as well as the 68% discount on this program.
  4. In addition to the course content being great and clear enough, pre-recorded Q&A are also included. I will need to look up a few technical terms, however.
  5. You can get a bonus here, and it’s not a rubbish bonus. It’s a really helpful bonus, especially if you’re just starting out.
  6. My favorite part of this program is the homework. Rather than being painstaking schoolwork, these are more like bonuses for me. You will be able to deepen your reflection and find answers within yourself by doing this homework. Furthermore, it contains useful techniques and practices that complement the main courses perfectly.
  7. Despite the fact that I have to wait for about 24 hours for post moderation, I find the Facebook group to be useful. My experience can be shared, questions can be asked, and see what people respond to that. Same thing if you read someone else’s story, give an opinion or just leave a thumbs up.
  8. You will have 10 days to choose, during which you can get a full refund. Simply tell them that you want your money back if you don’t think this program works for you.
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