Monetag Review 2023: Most Effective Platform for Publishers?

Monetag Review

Overall Verdict

Monetag Audience Monetization Platform is a valuable tool for bloggers who want to make money from their blogs. The platform is easy to use and has many features to help you monetize your blog traffic. If you're looking for a way to make money from your blog, check out the Monetag Audience Monetization Platform.

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  • Advanced intellectual algorithm
  • The CPM rates are always high
  • Fast and on-time payouts
  • Great customer support
  • A lot of integration options
  • Scale ad inventory with 6 AI-enhanced ad formats


  • Only Publishers with validated websites and 10,000+ unique daily users can get weekly payments


Price: $

It takes a lot of work to make money from your website traffic. You put a lot of effort into getting people to visit your website, but it takes a lot of work to make money from that traffic. You’re not alone; most websites face the same challenge.

Monetag is a powerful audience monetization platform that can help you turn your website traffic into money. With Monetag, you can easily place ads on your site and start making money immediately.

In this article, I will talk about Monetag in detail. So let us begin with our Monetag Review. 

Who Is Monetag For?

1. Mobile apps and APKs:

Make a profit with your mobile apps! It is customary for mobile application makers to include advertisements in their apps. Utilizing Monetag might be an excellent starting point for integrating adverts into their apps.

2. Plugins / Extensions:

Create your plugins, get them authorized by Monetag, and show related advertisements to make money! Doesn’t it sound amazing? Using Monetag, developers can generate advertising revenue.

3. Ad networks, Brokers:

They monetize their viewers utilizing the SmartLink system from Monetag.

Monetag Review

4. Social media marketers:

Monetag effectively utilizes a website’s following and assists social media marketers in reaching a wider audience.

Increased sales are the outcome of improved and more effective advertising. Monetag is thus an obvious choice for social media marketers.

5. SEO Masters:

Monetag might be an exceptional tool for all SEOs. They may use advertising services to increase the exposure of their websites on search engines and other websites.

6. Domainers:

With Monetag, marketing your owned or published domains is simplified, allowing you to access a bigger audience of prospective buyers/traders.

7. Website Owners:

For aspiring bloggers, Monetag is a perfect option. There are no problems with Google Adsense; simply register with Monetag, put advertisements on your page, and start earning money.

A Peep Into Monetag

This is what the Monetag dashboard looks like – 

A peep into monetag

You can check out all your sites here.

Monetag check sites

You can add direct links from here.

add links monetag

Here comes your payment section.

payment method

From here, you can check out your earnings.

Check earning monetag review

Look how easy it is. 

Using Monetag With Adsense

Using Monetag with AdSense may significantly enhance your monetization efforts and increase your earnings. This is because Monetag enables monetization in more areas than AdSense, which might be limiting for some kinds of content.

Additionally, Monetag provides access to a larger range of ad formats, providing better access to advertisers and increased profits.

In addition, Monetag employs anti-AdBlock technology to ensure that advertisements are still accessible to users with AdBlock activated.

When working with both networks, it is vital to consider the number of advertisements on your website and verify that they comply with AdSense’s regulations.

Overall, combining Monetag with AdSense boosts your monetization efforts and increases your income.

Utilizing AdSense and Monetag to monetize your website might be an excellent method to increase your earnings. Using Monetag has numerous significant advantages, including:

1. More Niches:

AdSense has stringent regulations for some kinds of content and may prohibit commercialization in particular categories. Monetag, on the other hand, allows monetization in more verticals and does not limit content in the same manner as AdSense.

Unlike AdSense, Monetag enables the marketing of iGaming. This implies that if you’re an iGaming publisher, your content will produce more revenue with Monetag, and you won’t have to reject AdSense advertising.

2. Similar Policies:

The rules of AdSense and Monetag are similar, and therefore, if your site gets approved by AdSense, it will likely be accepted by Monetag. This implies that you can utilize both networks concurrently without worrying about policy conflicts.

3. More Ad Formats: 

Monetag provides a bigger choice of ad types than AdSense, hence increasing your access to advertisers and profits.

Push notifications, on-click, in-page push, interstitials, direct links, and vignette banners are examples of ad types provided by Monetag that AdSense does not provide.

4. Anti-AdBlock:

AdBlock is a significant issue for publishers since it impedes growth and profitability. Innovative anti-AdBlock technology developed by Monetag guarantees that advertisements are still displayed to consumers with AdBlock activated.

This technique enables the right audience to see tailored, targeted advertisements at the right moment without AdBlock interfering.

When working with two networks concurrently, it is essential to consider the number of advertisements shown on your website and verify that they comply with AdSense’s regulations.

It’s also vital to remember that while Monetag enables monetization in more niches, it has its limits and restrictions for specific sorts of content. It is essential to review Monetag’s terms and conditions to verify that your website adheres to the guidelines.

Reasons To Use Monetag For Adsense

Monetag is one of the most effective alternatives to AdSense presently available. The platform has a lengthy list of qualifications to be eligible to join Google’s affiliate program.

In addition, the profits that marketers might obtain in a few months (or depending on the company’s website’s subject) can be rather small.

Therefore, Monetag is an excellent alternative to Google Adsense for monetizing your website.

Among the several aspects of Monetag that you should consider is that it is a very user-friendly platform. Its platform is straightforward to use, and you can begin using it immediately, so you will not encounter any obstacles or issues while using this platform.

Here are the primary benefits of Monetag over Google Adsense:

  • It enables you to make money from any country’s visitors. In contrast to the Google platform, it is optional for a visitor to click on their advertisement for them to generate revenue.
  • Profits with Monetag pop-up advertisements are pretty high.
  • In AdSense, you can only display three advertisements per page, but in Monetag, there are no such restrictions so you may adapt many adverts to your site.
  • AdSense has numerous limits when registering a site or registering a site, in contrast to Monetag, which allows any user to register regardless of the number of visits to a website.
  • Monetag is accessible in almost every country.
  • Monetag is a platform that will automatically authorize your registration if your account matches all conditions.

Why Do I Recommend Using Monetag?

Below I have mentioned 11 reasons why I recommend Monetag:

1. Clean-Ads Only: 

Ads are carefully reviewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so there is no risk that objectionable material will reach viewers.

2. Global Coverage: 

Your whole audience is monetizable! There is a vast array of marketers in each nation and market, ensuring that no impressions are wasted.

3. AD Block Bypass: 

Due to the advertising’s relevance to the consumers, the ad-blocking software used by Monetag boosts income by 20 percent.

4. Referral Scheme:

When publishers suggest Monetag to their peers, they get additional compensation.

5. Real-time Monitoring: 

Monetag’s self-service platform enables swift onboarding and real-time reporting for publishers to track their progress.

6. A wide range of integrations:

Utilize various integration strategies (including API, XML, and Smartlink) for key suppliers, agencies, ad networks, and exchanges.

7. Solutions for mobile web:

Profit from the top mobile web SDK and APK formats for monetization. Profitable and simple to incorporate!

8. The Most Beneficial Ad solutions:

SmartLinks, Popunder, Push Notifications, In-Page Push, Vignette Banners, Multitag, and Interstitials.

9. Low Payment terms and threshold: 

The modified payment procedures of the firm decrease the minimum payment barrier to $5 with a flexible weekly or bimonthly payout on Thursdays, enhancing small publishers’ trust in the business and the company.

10. Variety of Payment Options: 

Monetag gives its authors a range of payment alternatives, including PayPal, ePayment, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, and Skrill, for receiving money.

11. No Minimum audience Requirements:

There are no minimum audience requirements. Consequently, tiny publishers may begin monetizing their websites with minimal visits. This motivates publishers to increase their audience size while earning revenue.

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Conclusion: Monetag Review 2023

Overall, the Monetag Audience Monetization Platform is a valuable tool for bloggers who want to make money from their blogs. The platform is easy to use and has many features to help you monetize your blog traffic.

If you’re looking for a way to make money from your blog, check out the Monetag Audience Monetization Platform.

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