Top 7 Places To Find Money Orders Near Me 2023: Where Do You Get Money Orders?

Let’s discuss money orders in this article: what they are, why they might be useful, and how to get money orders near you or online.

Money orders can be very useful, but what if you don’t understand what they are?

We’ll talk about all the places you can get a money order, so you’re all set and ready to go.

Top Places To Find Money Orders Near Me

What Is A Money Order?

Money Order

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First of all, you might be asking, “What is a money order?” and “Why would I want one?”

Like a check, a money order is a piece of paper that can be used to pay for something.

The amount of money written on the money order will be given to the person named on it. Money orders can help you plan your budget and make money when you sell things.

Why Do I Want To Use A Money Order?

You might want to use a money order for a few reasons:

  • Using it does not require a bank account. It can be hard to pay bills if you don’t have a bank account. You don’t need a bank account to send money to other people with a money order.
  • The safest way to move money around. If you pay with cash, there is always a chance that someone will steal it. With a money order, it’s much safer than cash because if something goes wrong, you can just cancel the money order.
  • It also makes it safer when you are buying things. The person you are buying something from might ask you to pay with a money order. You will need to know how to use a money order if you need to pay with one.
  • When sending money abroad. If you want to send money overseas, you and the person receiving the money may feel better if you use a money order. The person who gets the money should be able to change it into their own currency.

How To Get A Money Order?

You may be wondering how to get a money order now that you know why you should use one.

To get a money order, you can go to a business that sells them.

You can get a money order for free, but most places charge for them, so you should look around to find the best place.

Where Can I Get A Money Order?

As was already said, there are many places that sell money orders. Still, not everywhere has them, so make sure to check before you go.

Where can I buy a money order? Let’s look at where you can get a money order the best:

1. MoneyGram

MoneyGram: Money Orders

MoneyGram has to be one of the most popular ways to send money orders, and for good reason.

MoneyGram is one of the best ways to send money. As we go through this list, MoneyGram will show up here and there.

Don’t forget that most of the time there are fees. For money orders up to $1,000, MoneyGram charges a fee of 70 cents.

2. Western Union

Do money orders come from Western Union? Western Union is a well-known way to send money overseas and is also a popular way to send money.

They also have the option of sending a money order, which costs around $1 for orders up to $1,000.


USPS: Money Orders

Because it is well-known and trusted, the US Postal Service is one of the most popular places to get a money order.

That doesn’t mean that the other companies on this list are bad, though. It just means that the USPS is very popular and easy to use.

There are many places where you can get a money order from the USPS.  The fees that USPS charges for money orders depend on how much the order is for.

About $1.25 will get you a money order for up to $500, and $1.70 will get you one for between $500 and $1,000.

It’s important to know that you can’t pay for a money order with a credit card.

4. Pharmacies

Pharmacies: Money Orders

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Did you know that some pharmacies let you get money orders? Check with your local pharmacy because it may be different where you live.

Western Union offers Western Union money transfers through Walgreens, but they don’t offer money orders. However, the starting fee for this is higher – $11.

Money orders are available at CVS stores, but only up to $500. It is, however, possible to send multiple money orders if you need to. Money orders cost 99 cents each

Money orders are accepted at Rite Aid? Absolutely! Money orders at Rite Aid work similarly to those at CVS, with orders as high as $500 available. They also charge the same 99 cent fee.

5. Grocery Stores & Convenience Stores

Grocery Stores

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Even though it sounds strange, you can get money orders at many grocery stores and convenience stores.

This is very helpful if you were already planning to go to the store. 

We all spend so much time at Walmart that having money orders there is very helpful. At Walmart, you can buy a money order with cash or a debit card.

The exact fees depend on where you are, but the most you will have to pay is 88 cents. If you buy something for more than $1,000, you will need to show your  ID.

You can buy money orders at Publix, which is a local grocery store.

The Western Union backs the money orders you can get at Publix. You can only buy money orders for up to $500 at a time. If you want more than that, you will have to buy more than one. Fees are between 85 cents and 89 cents.

To use a Kroger money order, all you have to do is go to the Money Services location that is closest to you. When you get there, you’ll have to fill out a form and pay the fees.

The fees vary, but in general, it costs 84 cents with a card and 88 cents without one.

The most you can spend on a money order at Meijer is $500, which is the same as most other stores. The cost is 65 cents for each $500.

In Southern California and Southern Nevada, Vons is a grocery store where you can buy a money order.

Money orders can be gotten from either MoneyGram or Western Union. Depending on how much you buy, the fees range from $0.99 to $1.50.

Did you know you can get a money order at Safeway? If you are already going to the store, this is a very convenient choice.

Some places only take debit cards, so you should find out before you go. The prices depend on where you are, but they start at about 59 cents.

You can get a Western Union money order at Giant Food Stores. The amount you can buy and the fees you have to pay depending on where you are.

Even if you bought the money order from Tops, you should know that they do not cash money orders.

Up to $1,000, a money order costs 65 cents.

You can get a money order for cheap at 7-Eleven. The fees are based on a percentage. It will be between 1% and 3% of the price of the item.

6. Banks & Credit Unions


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If neither of these options makes you feel comfortable, you can always go to a bank or credit union that sells money orders.

If you do business with Chase, you can buy money orders from them. Depending on what kind of checking account you have, the fees will be different. Money orders up to $1,000 cost anywhere from $0 to $5.

Money transfers are free if you have a Citi Priority account or a Citigold account (but there are transaction limits). You have to pay a $5 fee if you have any other account with them.

Money orders for up to $1,000 can be bought at Wells Fargo. Each money order costs $5 in fees. Money orders can be bought with cash, which is different from a lot of other places.

The Navy Federal Credit Union offers money orders through Western Union.

Even though this is the biggest credit union in the US, they charge a lot for money orders. At the moment, the fees go up to $14.50

Money orders from PenFed work the same way as those from the Navy Federal Credit Union. It offers money orders through Western Union, and the fees go up to $12.

7. Independent Check Cashing Companies

In the US, there are a lot of independent checks cashing places, and many of them sell money orders.

These can be found on good ol’ Google. If you are looking for money orders near me, you can search for phrases like “money orders near me now” or “gas stations near me that do money orders.”

FAQ On Money Orders Near Me

Where near me can I cash a money order?

It's important to remember that just because you can buy money orders somewhere doesn't mean you can also cash them there. Find out from the store before you go there if they also cash them in.

What is the price of a money order?

How much you pay for a money order will depend on how much you want to buy. You will have to pay a fee, the amount of which depends on where you get it.

How do I make a payment on a money order? Do you accept credit cards?

Most of the time, you can pay for a money order with cash or a debit card. Most places don't let you use a credit card to pay for things.

Is there a cap on the amount of a money order?

A money order usually has a maximum amount. Depending on where you go, you could get anywhere from $500 to $1,000.

What should I do if I lose my money order or receipt?

If you go through a big company like Western Union or MoneyGram, which most places use, they will help you get a copy of it. If you need to, you can always cancel a money order that you are sending.

How can I tell if my money order is real?

Money orders are often used by scammers, so it's important to make sure that the one you get is real. If you think it's a fake, you should trust your instincts. You can always call your bank and ask them to call the money order's routing number. You don't want to end up in debt because something terrible has happened.

Are Money Orders Safe?

Money orders can be used to trick people, as was already said, so be careful. When a transaction is legal, they are safe most of the time. You might not want to use a money order if you think you will need to reverse the payment.

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Final Thoughts: Money Orders Near Me 2023

If you need to, money orders are a great way to move money from one place to another. You might not have a bank account or not want to pay with cash.

Scams are almost always a risk when it comes to money. Send money only to people you know and trust, and use a service like MoneyGram or Western Union.

Make sure you use a real company when you search for “free money orders near me” and don’t just pick the first one you see.

This article should help you find the best ways to send money by money order.

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