Net Monitor For Employees Professional Review: Network Lookout

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Every firm wants its business to be productive and profit rendering. This all comes in when you have efficient and dedicated manpower at your service.

It is always being noticed that many times the staff wastes its time on unofficial stuff which indirectly costs the business progress. To have a control over these activities, a need for tracking or monitoring software has risen in the past few years.

This software monitors each and every activity of the employees while at work. So, in this post, we are going to talk about a powerful employee monitoring software Net Monitor for Employees to do the same in a very effective way.

Net Monitor for Employees- Monitoring Tool

What is Net Monitor for Employees?

Every company has a group of network administrators to keep a watch on employee’s online activity to make sure that they are adhering to the organization’s rules and regulations.

These rules might be related to limiting a use of social networking websites or other controversial websites which might harm the performance of the firm or its staff.

Employee monitoring software is helpful in providing the full assistance over the phone to see whether anyone in the organization is not adhering to the company regulations. Net Monitor for Employees offers you the live monitoring of remote computer screens present in your organization.

Features of Net Monitor for Employees:

Net Monitor for Employees is a comprehensive and powerful tool which is best for complete employee monitoring, activity recording and reporting. Few of its features which make it more commendable for firms are:

Network Lookout Review - Features

  • It is easy to install
  • Trustworthy tool
  • Fast and dependable tool
  • Software with the smooth functioning procedure
  • Free trial for a limited period
  • Allows Live or particular time desktop recording
  • Offers full internal control on the web
  • Complete tracking of employee’s computer usage
  • Implement restrictions on particular computer’s USB, Mouse, Task Manager, etc. Even PC can be locked down, muted or shown up with the blank screen.
  • Block any application and process management
  • There are various tools to turn on/off PCs, access folders, websites or applications. Can also execute shell commands or open websites on employee computers.
  • File manager allows sending and receiving files
  • Desktop sharing feature allows sharing of the screen to anyone
  • Allows messaging without the use of any social media apps. Actions like locking screen can be performed while chatting.
  • Mobile/tablet responsive functioning. Tracking can be done from any device and even the computers can be controlled via built-in mouse or keyboards.

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Who can use the Net Monitor for Employees?

The main purpose of this tool is to increase the productivity of employees in the offices by curbing those stuff which reduces their performance. So, the tool is useful for anyone who is in charge of keeping the smooth functioning intact. Those who can benefit from using this tool are:

  • Business leader
  • Teachers
  • Chairman of the company
  • Project supervisor
  • Or any higher authority who has right to know the working scenario.

Network Lookout Review - Features

The tool helps these authorities to keep an eye on the team members or whosoever concerned. Whoever spare their time in watching redundant content or using resources for personal use by browsing, they can be warned against such activities. This way the organization’s resources can be put to productive uses.

The software is absolutely legal if you download it on your personal computer or Mac. Anyone can use the tool to protect the company policies and working procedures in order to increase productivity and keeping a check on fraudulent activities. If you have any doubts, you can confirm with the state or local laws and ask for the desired permissions.

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The advantage of using the Net Monitor for Employees

  • Free trial:

You will be getting the fully functional version without any registration process for 30 days. It’s completely free for 30 days and you can access all the features.

Network Monitor Review - Employee Monitoring Software

  • Free Customer Support:

During the free trial, you will get full free support from the Net Monitor for Employees team. Many queries are answered in FAQ section also and you can also drop a message and you will be answered as soon as possible.

  • Worth your money:

You get a permanent license which never expires. They offer Site licenses and Educational prices too

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Final Verdict: Net Monitor for Employees

Net Monitor for Employees is an all-inclusive tool for employee monitoring and classroom management. It helps in increasing productivity as the software is fully functional with any of your devices. You can also help your team members and students when required.

It also helps in protecting your firm or your group by constant monitoring and taking actions at the right time. It is certainly your duty to protect your students or recruits against cybercrime.

Moreover, this kind of software saves your time and money too. You can switch on/off all computer thru the admin PC. You can also control the bulk printing by employees for their personal use. So, overall a software like Net Monitor for Employees is very useful for any organization or person running a private business like teaching.

Hope you got all the desired information about the Net Monitor for Employees software. Download and install this software and protect your firms against unproductive activities conducted by staff members.

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