Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid 2023: Which One To Choose? (Pros & Cons)

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Evolution is the need of the day. With the fast-paced society and lifestyle, the economy has also taken its profile of advancement, through the years. One such milestone is virtual marketing. This is a digital platform where the consumers are availed with basic information about the products they are interested in. For this, we have developed Moonsend vs Twilio Sendgrid.

Coping up to the trend, old companies also, have begun their expedition in advertising to a bigger community, with ease. Virtual marketing includes social media, email, and such other digital tools. Email being one of the oldest and powerful means of formal communication, contributes to this business, with great results. 

With less investment, and amazing results, digital marketing stands as an independent advertising/ communication tool, the companies use to reach out to their customers, from any part of the world. Sending bulk messages, with different content in each of them, providing information about the products, consumers’ orders, updates, etc are nothing less than a cake-walk. Two of these digital marketing tools have been discussed here, in detail

Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid: Overview

About Moosend

Moosend is a Europe based email marketing software that helps any online company to inform details about updates, products, and services, via email newsletters.

 Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid - moosend-

Moosend aims to grab the attention of profitable customers and valuable subscribers, who can contribute to the company’s growth and send them customized email messages, based on their needs and interests. 

About Twilio Sendgrid

Twilio is a path to the futuristic business and eCommerce world, which helps in reinventing the engagement of the companies, with their customers. This is done by virtualizing communication Infrastructures, such as voice chat, email, text, video, etc by building APIs that are spread worldwide and are simple to use. This has

 Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid -Twilio

taken credit in including communication as a major

 aspect in every developer’s toolkit

Begin with ease


Registering to Moosend, is just a few steps away. The welcome page that comes up, when you enter the web address, displays the overview of Moosend. A tab called ‘register’ appears in the right hand, top corner. Tapping on it will initiate your registration, which is complete after your credentials are entered. Provide your business email ID, company address, domain, and such other details. Completing this, Moosend will have you onboard.

Twilio Sendgrid

Visit the official website of Twilio Sendgrid and provide the respective credentials, confirm your email, and you are done. After logging in, you will be asked a few questions to customize your experience, followed by the dashboard, which provides information about various communication clouds and super networks. 


The sign up process is similar in both the cases, but the login to Twilio is faster than Moosend, as it asks for lesser information. Both of these provide free trials.

Features and Functioning Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid


The email service tool has a number of customized working environments, providing a great experience to the customers’ initial campaign. Moosend also offers marketers with a professional SMTP, for quick integration with their website app and also plug in your existing platforms.

Moosend - Newslatter

The customers are allowed to shape Moosend, per their needs and necessities. 

Twilio Sendgrid

Twilio flex

This tool allows the marketer to take complete control over his/her contact center. Managing agents, chatbots, IVR, etc. The Twilio programmable language, allows you to send and receive a text in your preferred language, to provide a greater campaign.


The templates can be managed in the UI and display the latest updates with an AI call. Twilio helps you expand the placement of your inbox, with the help of streamlined tools and insightful recommendations. Twilio has a feature to bring in, phone calls, monitor calls, in a single API, around the globe. 


Moosend and Twilio are both advanced platforms that provide various types of email services. However, Twilio has numerous communication clouds, super networks to choose from. 

Detailed Insight


Moosend consists of an administrative panel, which has the authority to create a subaccount to the customers, according to the total parent account that is managed by them.

Moosend - AB Testing

Moosend has a high deliverability rate as its email server reputation reaches 98%. They carry out 1:1 service, through phone calls, live chats etc, so it does not take days to receive a reply from the marketer. 

Twilio Sendgrid

A realistic video can be built by using WebRTC and cloud infrastructure, flexible emails can be sent to customers, in order to increase the number of subscribers and involvement of the customers.


The super SIM feature allows worldwide connectivity, through cellular IoT, that can be controlled anywhere, at any scale. The Twilio Autopilot doc helps build robust chatbots for a faster pace of replies. 


Both the servers provide various means of communication, globally and are fast in replying to the customers’ queries. However, Twilio has a much versatile style of customizing things, for the marketers. 

Advanced features


Certain features like A/B splitting, click maps, etc, help in tracking the customers’ activity, in email newsletters, past orders, and other custom fields. The drag and drop template customization and versatile landing page templates, give a better understanding of the product, to the customers.

Moosend - Analytics

The advanced segmentation feature helps the marketer recognize the customers, who abandoned the cart and provide them with a thank you mail, a weather-based product recommendation, and such other suggestions. Video tutorials are available to guide you through the art of email marketing. The blog posts let you breathe the air of inspiration and motivation, on your way. 

Twilio Sendgrid

VoIP infrastructure is benefited from worldwide voice connectivity. This feature is called ‘Elastic SIP trunking’. Personal access to the Twilio cloud is provided, to enable secured elastic SIP trunking.


The ‘shortcodes’ feature helps with voluminous text representation in a pictorial format. You may segregate your channels and receive categorized texts and messages on multiple channels. Above all, the conversations can happen through SMS, Whatsapp, phone call, live chat, Twilio customized communication techniques, etc. 


The features of both tools are advanced and functional. According to your opinion, you may choose either of them. The salient features of an email marketing software, are available in both the above-mentioned tools.

Less is more!


Moosend provides shopping at not only our fingertips but just a click away. The marketers have an option to send the product blocks in emails, to their customers, according to their tastes and interests.

Moosend - Automation

The customers may buy the product, without even leaving the email webpage. The marketers can integrate with any eCommerce platforms, even without any HTML knowledge. The GDPR compliance keeps you on the safer side and you may dive deeper into the need of your customer.

Twilio Sendgrid

Twilio allows you to scale a voluminous enterprise, with the help of their email APIs. The uptime is considered to be 99.9%. The email template is such that it displays the latest content with no strain.

Twilio - Email-API

Not forgetting the two-factor authentication process that takes place during the sign-in, keeps fraudsters at bay and looks after the personal details of the marketers and their customers. 


The concept of product block as an email annotation is an eye-catchy strategy, which also builds interest in the customers’ minds. Compared to the uptime of Moosend, Twilio Sendgrid has an improved rate. 

Pricing Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid


Moosend has a pricing plan/month. However, upto 5000 subscribers, you can go free with the provision of unlimited messaging. 

Moosend - Pricing

Features provided:

  • Unlimited emails
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Subscription forms
  1. Pro PLan

Features provided:

  • Landing pages
  • Emails with transactional information
  • Phone support
  • SMTP server
  1. After 200K subscribers, there is an option to custom your pricing plan (Enterprise)

Features provided:

  • Custom reporting
  • Onboarding and migration
  • Account Managing
  • SSO and SAML
  • Agreement at the service level

According to the number of subscribers you have, the pricing plan gets expensive. The annual category is 25% lesser than the monthly pricing plans. Here is a link to find out exactly how much it costs for a specific number of subscribers.

Twilio Sendgrid

Twilio offers a flexible pricing plan in which you will be charged, for the tools you use. As the subscribers increase, the discount rates also rise up. The Sales team can be contacted for more assistance.


  1. Programmable voice – $0.0085/min to receive and $0.013/min to make a call.
  • Global connectivity and low latency
  • Unlimited call capacity
  • Advanced call control tools
  1. Programmable SMS – $0.0075 to send or receive a message.
  • Shipment rate increases by 50%, with messaging service
  • Automatic encoding of text content
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  1. Twilio Sendgrid email API – $14.95/month for up to 100k emails. Up to 40k emails free for 30 days.
  • Tools to optimize delivery
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Quick integration via API or SMTP
  1. Twilio Sendgrid API for WhatsApp – $0.0042 to send a WhatsApp Template message and $0.005 for WhatsApp Session messages.
  • Developer sandbox available, to test applications
  • Text and template -messaging are API powered
  • Whatsapp container infrastructure is managed automatically
  1. Elastic SIP trunking – $0.0045/min for origination and $0.007/min for termination.
  • Instant provision
  • Capacity is unlimited
  • Annual commitments not applicable
  1. Programmable chat –  $0.03 per active user per month.
  • State sync and end to end encrypted
  • Typing indicators and UI elements
  1. Twilio conversations – $0.03 per active user per month.
  • Control participation roles
  • Archive and recall old conversations, programatically
  • Integrate backend business systems
  1. Programmable video – $0.0015/min per participant.
  • SDKs for mobile and laptops
  • Recording and screen sharing
  • Maximum 50 participants
  1. Programmable wireless – $2.00/SIM card and $0.100/MB.
  • LTE sim cards 
  • Instant deployment and activation
  • M2M commands and API

Here is the link for the pricing expenses of some extra tools.

Pros and Cons Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid 



  • Low cost, compared to other email marketing services.
  • Complete integration allowed with eCommerce platforms.
  • The custom template format, via drag and drop, is reliable
  • Payment is charged per subscriber, rather than the number of emails sent
  • The user-friendly interface interests people.
  • The support team is quick and provides solutions as per your query.
  • It is simple to import the data as the API rate limits are of the high threshold.
  • Free trial available.
  • Moosend provides all the analytical data that you require, to fine-tune your marketing page.
  • Suitable for budding startups to huge enterprises.
  • Less work is put on the marketer as the intelligent marketing technique works on its own.
  • The analytics and ROI tracking enables the relationship between the buyer and seller to grow deeper. This in turn helps in better marketing.
  • The customizable CTAs, drip campaigns, and dynamic content, contribute to the overall development of the business.
  • Initial setup can be a pain, but there is always backup by the team of Moosend.
  • The level of professionalism of the software grows with you. 
  • The authority to verify your senders’ website is provided to the marketers.
  • The flexibility level in terms of design and segmentation is impressive. 
  • It is straightforward to run campaigns.
  • There are a reasonable number of features, you can opt from.
  • The free plan offered initially, is a great way to draw new customers, as well as to run a campaign for targeted customers.
  • The dashboards have easy navigation and grasp capacity.
  • Moosend automation allows 8 workflows. 
  • An email is sent to the new user, after completing every step, into marketing. 
  • The company logo is not included in the emails you send to your customers.
  • To add on, the emails sent by Moosend are quirky and fun to read. 
  • Customer reviews are positive.


  • The domain authentication may take a while.
  • Few integrations may be missing.
  • Sometimes, the emails can be flagged as spam.
  • The IP issues may cause problems at times and you will have to contact the mail providers directly, for status updates.
  • Limited analytics.
  • Landing page feature is not available in the free plan. 
  • System breach may occur, if the device is left insecure.
  • The elements builder may slow you down, by a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • The initial setup might be of a different approach, than laymen thoughts.
  • No thankyou page in the free plan.
  • Creating business mails is quite not easy.
  • The pricing plan, after the free plan period is over, might get a little hard to understand.
  • The reporting team may have glitches.
  • The UI is good, but not the best.
  • The branding and interface are a little lacklustre, but this can easily be fixed.

Twilio Sendgrid


  • Features like groups and segments, make it easy to manage email lists.
  • The pre-defined templates can be easily altered with the drag and drop email builder.
  • The API allows you to integrate the transactional email in a custom manner.
  • Clear and easy to understand reports and analytics.
  • Large email data can be imported within no time, with one click.
  • The APIs provide an avid number of features and ease of documentation.
  • As it is an SMTP service, the chances of your emails getting bounced is low. 
  • You are allowed to send from more than one domain.
  • Email delivery is scheduled to keep spam filters calm.
  • Individual tracking and reporting available.
  • History of interaction is built.
  • Emails can be directly from the system.
  • A/B testing and dynamic content works well.
  • Reliable dashboards.
  • Dedicated IP address.
  • Impressive inbox deliverability.


  • A free trial is available, but the latter pricing plan is high comparatively.
  • Product direction may be a tough field to analyze.
  • Mostly suitable for Mid-market and enterprises. Has fewer benefits for small businesses.
  • Customizing email designs may be a difficult task, to someone who does not relate to HTML.
  • The quality of the support team is comparatively less.
  • Importing old data with the GDPR handling might get frustrating.
  • Removing the records can get clunky.
  • Assistance in marketing efforts.
  • UI needs improvement.
  • Learning the software initially can be overwhelming.
  • The user-interface can be improved.
  • Not many predefined email templates are available.
  • Mobile apps for android are not available.
  • Email signup widgets for use on your website is not available. 
  • The date and time of unsubscription is not clear.
  • Social media integrations not available.
  • The newly launched automation/sequence may get frustrating.
  • Tracking not available via Google Tag Manager.
  • The documentation of the APIs may be confusing.
  • No centralized dashboard, all services need to be accessed with different URLs. 
  • The WordPress plugin needs the bugs to be fixed.
  • Campaign branching capabilities are less evolved.
  • Navigation to the billing section is a bit slow.
  • Fewer marketing emails.
  • The scheduled email campaign defaults to the following day as well.

FAQs Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid

👉Which are the available plugins in Moosend?

Here is a list of plugins available, ZenCart Plugin Woocommerce Plugin OpenCart Plugin CS-Cart Plugin

👉How can I access the Twilio free trial?

Twilio offers a certain balance when you sign-up, for you to explore the software in depth. Here are a few steps which will guide you through the process, Sign-up for a free trial project Get a phone number Set your test up

👉Does Twilio need to verify my service address for taxes? Why?

Yes, Twilio does verify your service address, to assess and charge the right amount.


Moosend Customer Review

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Final Verdict: Mooosend vs Twilio Sendgrid 2023

Although Twilio Sendgrid offers a vast user-interface and technical features, it has many cons as compared to Moosend. Although Moosend works with lesser features, it is compact and reliable.

Comparing the pricing plans, Moosend is suitable for all kinds of retailers, whereas Twilio Sendgrid offers more to the Mid-market and the enterprises. The budding businesses may or may not consider Twilio Sendgrid as their best option. Thus, depending on the list of marketing features, you require, you may opt either of the two.




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