Moosend vs Sendpulse 🚀 2024: Which Is Best Email Marketing Tool? (Find Out Why Is Moosend Our #1 Pick?)

As someone who has explored the dynamic landscape of email marketing, I’m excited to share my experiences with two powerful platforms: Moosend and Sendpulse.

In this head-to-head battle, Moosend emerges as the clear winner, and I’ll illustrate precisely why.

Join me as we delve into a comprehensive Moosend vs Sendpulse comparison, highlighting the standout features, ease of use, and performance metrics that make Moosend the ultimate choice for email marketing success.



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Moosend is the simplest and most modern solution to deliver email marketing and automation experiences that drive real revenue growth.

Sendpulse helps accelerate your sales and grow your business on a single platform

  • A/B Testing
  • List Management
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Reports
  • Email Automation
  • Security
  • Customer Support
  • Previews
  • Easy setup
  • Solution for challenges
  • Next level analytics
  • Transparent privacy policy
  • Easy to go with User Interface
  • Hitting the target
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Video tutorials provided for help
  • Templates should look more stylish.
  • The signup forms require more personalization.
  • The number of pre-loaded templates is less.
  • Complicated API functionality.
Customer Support

If you have used it ever, you will recommend it to others for sure. The team is very supportive and cooperative.

They are very fast in resolving out issues at times while at other times they step back when it comes to refunding the money.

🥇 Overview of Moosend vs Sendpulse

Moosend vs Sendpulse

Moosend Overview

Moosend Overview

They say “size doesn’t matter to us, big or small”. I find this line so true. Moosend helps you to deliver strong and target-oriented emails irrespective of the size of your business. You have a big, small, or moderate-sized business, Moosend always welcomes you.

The drag and drop feature, list segmentation style, and data analytics tool make it sit to a throne when compared with its competitors.

This promises to thrust forward your email marketing without costing you huge time and effort.

Now simplifying your business tasks is just one click away. It is not incorrect to say that Moosend makes your business sell at its own.

It’s not me who claims that Moosend is the best solution for all your email marketing problems but thousands of agencies and brands claim the same. The best part is the email marketing campaign designer associated with the drag-and-drop feature.

With this, you can create, design plus customize high responsive newsletters which are one kind of any device friendly.

Not to forget, this campaign designer is award-winning. You guess the rest!         

It is for those who are looking for such email contents that can be catered to the targeted audience at right time. This works around the three R’s -Right email, Right people, Right time!

Do you know what is there inside that lets you monitor and check the performance of campaigns? It is none other than an analytics tool that is embedded in this software giving you real-time data.

Now you can track everything from the clicked links to the most active hours. In short, you can have a performance report on everything related to the email you sent.

The integration part is the most vital contributor when it comes to accelerating email delivery. Interesting, no?

How about checking the counterpart? 

Read on to know…

Sendpulse Overview

Sendpulse Overview

Sendpulse is well-known software used by a wide range of users. Of course, it is popular but popular software serves your all needs?  

The answer varies from person to person but it is good to research that bridges the gap between confusion and certainty. And this is what we present to you- hardcore research in and out!

Make sure to read this comparison until the end to find out the perfect fit for all your company’s needs.

Sendpulse brings you a great automation solution in the disguise of a richer set of tools. A centralized location is the planning location for you where you can plan campaigns, collect and split target audience, run A/B tests, and much more.

Let me add another piece of justified statement that tracking and analyzing the performance of each campaign is way much effortless.

Thinking all this a rough and hard-core science? Well, don’t misunderstand. Even if you are a novice, you are welcome!

It is integrated with CRM, CMS, and other well-known eCommerce systems which collectively adds some more points in functionality. Sendpulse has become the most sought-after sophisticated platform for modern professionals. 

There is no tension of switching platforms as you can perform all email related tasks from a single location.

Key Features Moosend vs Sendpulse 

1. A/B Testing

Before giving a direct jump to this feature, it is extremely important to know what A/B Testing is and the importance it holds! A/B Testing is a combo of logical and scientific ways to compare marketing variables. Picking any variable without split testing is a bad idea.

A/B Testing of Moosend 

Moosend - AB Testing

Moosend A/B Testing is perfect for everything like newsletters, customer onboarding messages, or other drip-feed series.

You can automate the test in one go and sync data without restrictions.

You can enjoy free service if your subscriber list holds below 1000. 

Sendpulse A/B Testing

The outcome of a conversion is relatively lower.


VERDICT: The winner is selected according to the number of recipients clicking it and the number of conversions. Moosend wins the battle.

2. List Management

Moosend List Management

Moosend - Newslatter

You can have a filtered-out subscriber list based on any condition. You can figure out cart leavers on the spot, reward your active customers, and pitch back on potential customers. You can surprise and sell umbrellas to London travelers. 

The list management tool helps you to stand out from the crowd and set an example of a perfect sender. Sounds interesting? It is!

Sendpulse List Management

-SendPulse - Design

If you want a personal touch in your emails, your search ends here. Sendpulse lets you add more personal touch so that your subscribers get the best and feel connected.

Let’s say you want to send a birthday greeting to one of your customers directly on their birthday, Sendpulse serves this purpose easily.

You can use the SMS function as well. Not to forget, you can add relevant fields and customize it as much as you want.

VERDICT: It would be a tough job to pick out the best considering this feature.

3. Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness by Moosend 

I slept easily while my subscription form got a professional look and got delivered to any device. I can promise you the same.

It means your recipients can link with newsletter content irrespective of the device they use.

Sendpulse Mobile Responsiveness

SendPulse - Mobile Analys

It supports only web-based devices. That indicates Windows, Linux, Mac, etc are not on the list.

VERDICT: The winner’s name is Moosend, and the reason is crystal clear.

4. Reports

Moosend Reports

Moosend - Analytics

Not just a report, a deep and detailed reporting on campaigns. It proved out to be the best weapon for me to hit the target in the kingdom of email marketing. It increases newsletter efficiency, and you will have a level-up experience overall.

Wondering what is available in the report list? Drop your stress level as you get a wide range of report options like recipient report, link performance, location activity, email client reports, and many others down the line. 

Sendpulse Reports


Sendpulse creates for you not only sending reports but delivery reports as well. And yes, you can download these reports to your computer.

VERDICT: Moosend! Moosend! Moosend!

What? I just announced the winner here.

5. Email Automation

Moosend Email Automation

Moosend - Automation

The advanced automation features in Moosend allow you to automate emails with just a push of a button. 

Workflow automation is one of the prominent features of Moosend. Through this, you can automate emails and reach your subscribers, customers, and recipients in a more regular and organized manner.    

Sendpulse Email Automation

SendPulse -Automation

Sendpulse has automation 360 through which you can set up things like email send out, bulk SMS flow, change web push notification settings, and much more. These things depend on events, variables, and your actions.

VERDICT: I found Sendpulse better here as most of the tasks are done by itself. Consequently, you get less stress and can focus on other things.

Benefits of Moosend vs Sendpulse

Moosend Benefits

1. Easy Setup

If you are an agency, business, or marketer, Moosend gladly gives you all the features and tools you need to launch an email marketing campaign. 

Easy data collection, email list building, and list segmentation ensure everything is set up well before you give it a go.

Everything is in one place; that’s how it works!

2. Solution for challenges

You cannot grow in marketing without facing challenges. In email marketing, cart abandonment is one of the main issues you are most likely to face. This occurs when a person adds items to his/her cart but leaves it midway.

Another popular issue is customer churn. All these issues can be fixed through Moosend.

3. Next level analytics

You can shift your email marketing to the next level by using some simple tools this software provides.

You can access real-time data at your fingertips and weave engaging content. For instance, you will know what the links that get more clicks, the active customers, unsubscribers, and your competitor platform these are heading to are.

Sendpulse Benefits

1. Simple and easy to go with User Interface

The design is very intuitive. Anyone who is dealing with such software can handle and start it easily. This platform is built keeping in mind novice users.

You can create campaigns track the progress analyze the connected audience without any help from an expert.

2. Hitting the target

The segmentation tools are no less than superpowers for Sendpulse. How if you get to know the best time to deliver the right messages to your audience? Imagine the connectivity! Sendpulse lets you do this. 

You get details like age, gender, location, and profession by audience segmentation. An easy categorization that will help you in the long run.

You can check how your campaigns resonate with your customers by A/B testing. It won’t be incorrect to say that experimentation is less risky.

Performance and Speed


Moosend needs little effort to get a great newsletter and deliver it according to your choice. The entire task is based on your choice, but the results are fascinating. 

If you face any issue in between, solving it takes a few seconds to minutes. Few integrations are the reason behind fast loading. 

I noticed good revenue last year with this, which is why it tops my favorite list.


If you are the one who likes things to be done on its own, You will enjoy Sendpulse like most others are enjoying.

I love the drag-and-drop functionality. Overall, it is very intuitive. Performance is fast and efficient.

VERDICT: Clearly, Moosend displaces Sendpulse in this condition.


Moosend Security

It has worked well to provide you safe and secure service. Encrypted backups are off-site. The employees are NDA signers and trained.

Third-party companies have standard certification, and no data is shared with them.     

moosend- Security               

They are transparent in terms of the privacy policy.

Sendpulse Security

They claim that they have an anti-spam policy and don’t share customers’ data with third-party apps. But that’s not the case with most users. 

VERDICT: I feel Sendpulse service is a bit lower regarding safe and secure service. Let us know if it works for you, and we will happily update it. 

Customer Support

Moosend Customer Support

If you have ever used it, you will definitely recommend it to others. The team is very supportive and cooperative.

The support is available through Email, Phone, Training, Tickets, and live consultation.

Sendpulse Customer Support 

They quickly resolve our issues at times, while at other times, they step back when it comes to refunding the money. 

You get customer support through Email, Phone, Training, Tickets, and Live Talk.

VERDICT: If asked to give ratings, I would give 4.8/5 to Moosend and 4.1/5 to Sendpulse.

The Pricing Battle Moosend vs Sendpulse 

Moosend Pricing Plans

moosend pricing

1. Free plan

As it sounds, the free plan is free forever. Here, you can deliver unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers for free. You can pay the amount on a prepaid monthly basis or choose the pay-as-you-go option.

You will get all the features available, and there will be no interruptions with Moosend branding.

2. Pro Plan

This plan starts at $9/month and is best for frequent email campaigns. You get a 15-20% discount on advanced payments. There is no restriction on the number of emails. Remember, your one subscriber in multiple lists will be counted as one.

3. Enterprise Plan

This is for occasional senders as you have to pay only when you send. No more monthly burden! 

You can personally customize the plan according to your business needs.

Sendpulse Pricing

sendpulse pricing.jpg

Sendpulse offers four pricing plans allowing users to find the right one for their email marketing needs.

1. Free Plan-

The first plan is FREE and includes all of the core features needed to get started with email marketing. This plan is ideal for beginners just starting with email marketing.

2. Standard Plan-

The second plan is STANDARD and includes an expanded suite of essential tools for growing businesses that need to send more emails. This plan is priced at $6.40 per month and allows users to choose their list size from 1-500 subscribers.

3. Advanced Plan

The third plan is ADVANCED and includes more advanced features for users who need an extensive range of tools to help them manage their email campaigns. This plan is priced at $14 per month and allows users to choose their list size from 501-2,000 subscribers.

4. Pro Plan

The fourth plan is PRO and includes maximum features for users needing the most comprehensive set of tools for their email campaigns. This plan is priced at $38 per month.

Pros & Cons Moosend vs Sendpulse

 ✅ Pros of Moosend

  ❌ Cons of Moosend

  • Low cost when compared to its competitors.
  • The interface is way too simple and needs a more modern look.
  • Proper Integration with many eCommerce platforms.
  • Templates should look more stylish.
  • Templates can be customized using drag and drop features.
  • Payment is email-based rather than subscriber-based.
  • Quick customer support team.

 ✅ Pros of SendPulse

 ❌ Cons of SendPulse

  • Add-ons like the SMS feature are a plus.
  • The number of pre-loaded templates is less.
  • Live chat support to fix technical issues.
  • Email list validation is unavailable.
  • Accurate previews.
  • Ability to save and schedule in advance.
  • Intuitive UI.
  • The email list option clears clutter like emails with a syntax error.

FAQs Moosend vs Sendpulse

👉 Which is the best software for creating a newsletter?

LucidPress, Scribus, and Microsoft Publisher are some software that can help you in creating a newsletter.

📙 How often can I send out a newsletter?

Twice a week.

👉Any idea about the best page layout software?

InDesign, Scribus, QuarkXpress are the best page layout software that is recommended by many users.

Testimonials Moosend vs Sendpulse

Moosend Customer Review

Moosend - Testimonials

Sendpulse Customer Review

SendPulse - Testimonials

Conclusion: Moosend vs Sendpulse 2024

Everything I have written here is experience-based and not only research-oriented. If you are looking for an innovative and quick email marketing tool with an all-in-one feature, Sendpulse is great.

But if you own an eCommerce website, SaaS, or blog, you will love the after-effects of Moosend. Once you Are done with the setup, the efforts will pay off.

Hope I just did a successful head-on-head comparison between the two- Moosend Vs Sendpulse.

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