Muhammad Yousaf Interview:Dynamic Marketer & Flippa Expert

As a part of our BloggersIdeas interview series, today we dynamic marketer Muhammad Yousaf from Pakistan who is very talented internet marketer and making his living  out of his own business. Yousaf will tell how he decided to be entrepreneur and not to do 9to5 job I am sure you will learn lot from his internet marketing skills.

Muhammad Yousaf Interview

Please tell us about yourself and your educational background?

I am Muhammad Yousaf Saeed from Pakistan. I am MBA Finance. IM (Internet Marketing / Digital Marketing) is my Passion and way to achieve my dreams. I am a Flippa Super Seller. I do Product launches, Product Creation, Joint Venture, Social Media Marketing, Mentoring and Affiliate Marketing. Helped and Educated more then 16,000 people local about internet marketing at Internet Business Trainings. I am also the host of The MasterMind Show where we invite Entrepreneurs and Experts to discuss on specific topic related to their niche and a bit more stuff relate to IM.

Who are your mentors in IM world? Which affiliate marketers you follow in IM?

It took me years to find the right mentor. It was not something you find every day. You may not believe me, but my first mentor was the ‘Warrior Forum.’ Yes, Warrior Forum mentored me on my way to enter the magnificent world of IM (Internet Marketing). It just opened the doors of new horizons for me. I came to know about many other good mentors who helped me throughout this time to make a score in the IM world.

So far, I have invested more than $15,000 of my hard-earned cash for my personal and business growth. I have spent a significant amount to get mentorship from Industry top experts. In my opinion, this is the best investment one can do for himself, and the ROI is way more than just its monetary value. It brings long-term results. I also highly recommend any readers to adopt the same approach and join hands with the mentors and experts in your niche.

How to find the right mentor?

I have been asked this question many times. People want to know about the role of a mentor and the purpose of having the right mentoring. You can find a mentor in every niche. Let me share some steps so it will more easy for your reader to understand it.

  1. i) The first step is selecting the niche that would work for you. The niche should be on something you are passionate about and helpful to fulfill your desire to grow and make your dream come true.
  2. ii) Once you have found the niche, the next step will be searching for the top experts in your particular niche and following them. Take your time before deciding to join them. You need to make sure the mentor you have selected got the right spark and willingness to impart his/her knowledge to their followers. Observe their approach and the products and services, which are related to what you want to achieve for yourself. Ask yourself if you wish to be like your mentor or be in your mentor’s shoes.

iii)            Never underestimate the power of social networking. Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks to search and find the mentors. Facebook and Twitter are incredibly helpful in filtering the Real from Fake. Read and comment on their posts, take part in discussions and get your share of learning what they did to be where they are today. Know if they are the right persons for you.

  1. iv) Most of the top mentor’s charge very high fee for mentoring. So in that case what you need to do is follow them on social networks, because they share very informative knowledge to get the high paying students and clients, so get the benefit from the knowledge they share for Free J

As for me, I feel blessed to be mentored directly and indirectly by the cream of IM Industry such as those mentioned below.

Not in any particular order,

Omar Martin

Bill Hugall

John Thornhill

Eben Pagan

Chris Record

And few more.

Who supported you in your entrepreneurship journey?

To be honest, my Passion and Dedication were two contributory factors that kept me going all these years. I started without the help of any guide or mentor, and it took years to reach the point where I stand today. I was all on my own. Once I found the right road map, after then friends and followers, partners and mentors started joining me to be on the path of success.

If you found the right mentor on the initial stages of your journey, you will count yourself lucky. It will not only save you from many headaches, wastage of time and money but also help you set foot in the right direction and jump-start your internet-marketing career.

I would highly recommend your readers to stop whatever you are doing and wandering here and there. Instead of falling for new trends blindfolded, take your time to analyze and determine what you want from yourself (Right now, a majority of readers might be wondering only about MONEY/EARNINGS, but the ingredients necessary to be successful are none other than the right business mindset and approach).

Find the mentor, and do as they suggest. Get the guidance and implement the learning for desired results. You are not required to go far; all you do is look around you. Jitendra Vaswani, Kulwant Nagi, they can be your mentor and following them and their networks will definitely lead you to some good mentors. Let me put it this way, where there is a will, there is a way. Moreover, I am willing to mentor you but quality does not come cheap at all. 😉

Did you face any hurdles while preceding your journey?

My journey to entrepreneurship introduced me to many types of failures. I kept on learning from my mistakes. I remain consistent, full of dedication and passion helps me achieve my targets. I never gave up on my dreams. Whenever I faced a setback, it helped me to analyze what to do and not to do in future. Here at this point in my life, I can easily tell my success is the combination and result of my failures and my many efforts.

If you take action and fail, you can learn from your failure and keep doing it again and again till you are successful. That’s the simple key to success.

What was your family reaction when you said that you want to do IM?

The reaction of my family was not much different to that which most of us must have suffered. At first, they didn’t agree or tried to understand what IM is all about but when some time elapsed and they could see the outcome was not so bad, they started taking it seriously and felt comfortable.

Let me emphasize on this issue most people face in this IM space. There is no need to feel frustrated and low; all you need to know is how to convince your family.

Your family may not accept or agree with you, at first, but they have right to disagree and show less faith in your newest venture. Until they see you have achieved results or got some success, they are going to perhaps not believe what you tell them. It is only because this is an alien world to them and they want to see you taking some practical steps and do some traditional stuff rather than wasting your energies in the virtual environment. That is only their perception.

So, rather than sharing with them success stories of your friends start with baby steps. Make a few bucks and share the joy of your first earning online with them. Train and educate them about what you are doing in a gradual manner.

How Pakistan is growing regarding IM. Have you seen any growth in 2015?

Pakistan is growing at a fast pace in the IM Space. A vast majority of Indians, Pakistanis and people from other parts of Asia prefer to provide their services to people, but things are changing now. People have started realizing the potential of growing a business online. Pakistanis are running good startups, doing product launches and lot more. We can see a whole crop of entrepreneurs emerging and rising from the IT fields in Pakistan.

This is the best time to join and maximize the opportunities in the internet marketing industry. It is high time to milk the internet and enjoy longer lasting benefits. As it says, the early starters get the most advantages. Asian market is still in the initial stage so…

What niche do you mostly work in?

I cannot probably name any specific niche. 🙂 However, I can give a few hints for your readers to work around. Currently, I am more into Product development: specifically, software/tools development as it has more perceived value and high ROI for a longer period of time.

As You are a Flippa Super Seller. Would like to share what Kind of Websites you Sell?

Yes I am a Flippa Super Seller and doing the Flipping business both on the site and outside Flippa. I love the Flipping business.                                                                                                            

I sell both AdSense and Affiliate base websites, but demand for AdSense base site is high as investors are lazy in managing their sites so, they prefer to buy sites where there is no or little need to do work.

I want to give one tip to your readers: If they want to sell their site or thinking about creating a site to be sold on later, never sell an evergreen site for low. By Evergreen sites, I meant those that receive regular and consistent traffic such as health sites.

Sell the Seasonal site when it starts generating real revenue such as the tech base sites because the traffic they are getting is seasonal and if a site is getting traffic for IPhone 6, after some time the traffic is bound to decrease in volume.

Also, keep this thing in mind before starting a site or even during selection of your niche. It will help if you have devised a proper strategy to get the maximum juice out of it.

What Internet marketing areas are you weak and strong in. Provide examples of both?

My bright areas are generating ideas and creating the strategies; the weak area is I implement and execute less. I am listing down all my ideas and plans and rating them from 1-10. Then I will pick the ones that are real and efficient and implement them one by one in 2016. This is one of my New Year resolutions 😉

What is the best thing you saw about BloggersIdeas. Please share?

The best thing about BloggersIdeas is that You (Jitendra Vaswani) run it. 🙂 The information and the knowledge you share is very useful and productive for everyone, especially the newbies to get a start in the IM world. I would love to reveal this tip to your readers that they should start following your footsteps. Though, it may end in you surrounded by a heap of followers. 🙂

In the end, I hope your readers will find the value worth their time spent reading this interview.

Here is a suggestion for your readers

“Invest In Yourself, as this is the best Investment you will ever do and Implement whatever the learning you received in this manner. “

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