Some Must Know Facts About Pinterest Users

Pinterest has reached the level to prove itself to be extremely valuable social network, capturing a massive social share. It has acquired nearly $ 4 billion valuation in its four years of existence. It has shown a marked growth in offline retail influence and e- commerce potential. Since the launch of Guided search function, Pinterest is fast evolving into a discovery platform. It has reached that platform to challenge Google on product search.

But who are the users of Pinterest because of which it has soared to this height of popularity and what are the other statistics which determine Pinterest?

Check out Must Know Facts About Pinterest Users

Must Know Facts About Pinterest Users

1)Propelled by Women – Research has proved that 80% of pinners are from the women population. The popularity of Pinterest has to be attributed to the surging female pinners. 92% of pins on this site are from women. In less than three years from 87% of activity it has reached 94% , another effect of its large domination by women.

2) Brands reaping benefits from Pinterest – Each pin has a characteristic to get linked with a URL, so brands can directly benefit by using Pinterest.  After Tumblr and Blogspot the high ranked domains voted by the pinners are:

  • William –

Etsy is the clear winner by the number of repins in the site.  But only 8% of the total repins are directly cashing in from Etsy. The rest 92% is via Pinterest, so Pinterest’s whopping influence among pinners is evident.

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3) What do women find so overwhelming in Pinterest – On an average female pinners are posting about 158 pins. The ruling categories are eateries, home decors, refreshments, events, promotions, holiday destinations , art and craft. Pinterest also has spread its wings in categories like women fashion, beauty and health. It has special categories in  kids, education , film , music  books, animals and photography.

4) Prime Time – No single pin is popular or unpopular throughout the year. Pins have their seasonal demands and off season showdown. Health and fitness pins are super popular as part of new year resolutions. Holiday pins takes charge from August onward. Refreshments pins are summer favorites whereas food, academy are mostly all rounder pins. Wedding and bride pins have their particular rounds too. Pins start from daytime while taking a jump in the evening.

New data insights  on Pinterest’s potential and its future.

Few months ago Pinterest took a leap in utility in the business field by providing free access to its suite of analytical tools. Pinterest is the first of its kind social media channel made for marketing. Pinterest has taken away the bronze from email. In 2013 it outpaced email to become the third  most popular social sharing channel. Of course most of the growth has its credit to women followers. Thanks to them as Pinterest ranks among the top three in social sharing with Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest is considered among the very likely buyer of Yahoo because of its increasing valuation and own IPO potential.

A recent report by Buzzfeed has dug the secret that Pinterest is slowly pacing towards a type of search engine which will necessarily not be a text based search engine.

Are you pinterest lover, share your pinterest accounts in the comments section below. Lets see how many users are active on Pinterest. 

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  1. Sanjay

    Pinterest is one of the greatest social media platform.
    Thanks to share this

  2. Well, Pinterest has made a name for itself in the last couple of years. Yes, I agree that a large of number of pinners are women, and brands that use Pinterest are mostly those that need to display their products visually.

    The statistics revealed in this post are heart warming because they encourage brands to start thinking about making Pinterest a profitable part of their social marketing campaign!

    Personally, I have never been a Pinterest guy but something is telling me that it could be the future of social marketing!

    • Yes pinterest is very effective in terms of marketing, I have seen many big brands taking good advantage of pinterest. It is the future of social media. I am great pinterest lover.

  3. Ann07

    Interesting facts about Pinterest.

    Another well running platform, surprisingly 4 billion in just a few years!

    Pinterest gained society’s interest! Haha

    Starting from teens to mom’s women of all ages are now being fond of posting hobbies, tips and other stuff about home and life.

    I also read in one article that the majority of entrepreneurs are women! Maybe because girls just want to have fun, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for the update.

    Hope to hear more of yah!


    I found this post shared at try checking it out!

  4. Hello Jitendra,
    Interesting Facts about Pinterest!

    Pinterest is a valuable brand trusted by many others. Pinterest also helps bloggers like us to promote our posts and get traffic.
    Its just four years of Pinterest and it has $4 billions of Valuation! That shows the trust on the Pinterest by its users.

    Great to know some nice facts about Pinterest. Keep Posting !

    Have a Nice Day!
    Well, i found this post shared on

    • Hey swaraj, nice to see you here dude. Pinterest is really awesome platform to share your content images and get some referral traffic. Pinterest have $4 billion valuation which is awesome also pinterest is growing at a steady pace.


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