MyLead Affiliate Network Review 2023: Legit or Scam?? (TRUTH)

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Nowadays, you do not have to work in an office or have a 9-5 job in order to earn money. You might just need a single account, get access to some simple online tools and you can start earning money online itself.

A job that does not ask for knowledge, investment or experience. Who would not want such a job?

Affiliation – what exactly is it?

When you have to use the online platform to earn money, there are innumerable methods, of which, one is affiliation. So what exactly is affiliation? It is nothing but where you have to recommend the products as well as services, and it is quite similar to advertising. Over here, you will be promoting a particular product.

In return, you get paid by way of commission-based on every single person clicking the link of the product you have promoted. So this becomes a win for both parties – you will be dealing with activities related to promoting the product and you need not worry if the product is available or not. And the advertiser need not worry about promotion and advertising, as he has paid you to achieve certain goals.

What are the earnings from affiliation?

When you promote products in return for a commission, there is no limit on the earnings. There are people who solely survive and live their life on the earnings from affiliation. Moreover, these people have also left their 9 to 5 jobs and committed their time to these jobs.

MyLead Affiliate Network Review 2023: Should You Go For It??

Detailed MyLead Review

MyLead is one such affiliate network that takes care of the requirements of the emerging affiliates on just a platform and it pays the affiliates based on their performance.

The headquarters of the MyLead network is situated in Poland. The firm is o. Though this has been quite a small duration, the company has grown into a very innovative affiliate company and has approximately 50,000 or more affiliates along with advertisers and is working with about 1600 affiliate programs.

In this firm, you get the opportunity to work along with the best publishers in the world and you could earn high rates of commission.

MyLead- The Best Affiliate Network

A feature that makes them unique is that it is genuine and trustworthy. It is very tough to find such a firm as there are a lot of fraudulent firms and networks where the affiliates are made to do the work, but at the time of payment, they do not receive their commission. This can be quite discouraging as well as frustrating for new affiliates.

However, the affiliate network of MyLead believes in being genuine and transparent with its affiliates. They pay the affiliates the commission they deserve and in the method that is convenient to the affiliate. The strategies of this firm and their work records indicate that this firm is being managed by dedicated and passionate publishers. They help the new affiliates in finding the programs that suit them the best and also teach them the required skills pertaining to how to earn through affiliate programs, etc.

You can also check the ratings of or you can check the proof of their payments as well. This group also offers a lot of training programs that have trained many affiliates successfully. These programs offer the affiliates the required knowledge as well as strategies that they might require in their new job of affiliate marketing. Because of the above reasons, the affiliate network of MyLead is being appreciated by all their clients in numerous blogs as well as review websites.

MyLead Company Bio

MyLead is a firm based in Poland and was established in the year 2014. This firm is a global network that is known for its innovative technology. As of now, they have already paid about $4 billion to the users. This firm has about 35 categories and 1600 different offers across these categories.

There are five methods of monetization like content locking, CPA, CPL, CPS, PPI and SMS. The firm has an internal training program for affiliates where their affiliates are taught about earning online and how to maintain their growth. This training program does not have a price attached and indicates that they support publishers and knowledge is shared freely. The company has a talented team that offers its support to publishers all the time. 

Features of MyLead

When talking about MyLead, it has some amazing features which have been mentioned below:

  1. Offers: MyLead offers as many as 1600 different affiliate programs across 35 categories. In addition to this, there are different methods of monetization as well, which have been mentioned earlier. They also offer to incent as well as non-incent offers. So it helps a publisher to get some good choices and can choose offers that suit their niches or skills.
  1. Support: The firm has the best support team which is quite fast as well. They provide support 24/7!
  2. Payment: The company has a payment cycle of 14 days. The payment is made in about 48 hours (most-often) via Wire, Skrill, ePayments, PayPal, Payza, WebMoney or Payoneer.
  3. SMS Notifications: Affiliates have the option of getting notified on their mobiles. You can get an update on either your daily or monthly earnings via SMS. This is optional and you can also opt-out of this service.
  1. Publisher Training System: The company loves its affiliates and publisher helps them grow and earn well. They support them and never leave them hanging for support. The company has a training system that can be accessed by the affiliates who have an account with the company. Other than the advanced as well as a basic training system, they have a blog that offers learning opportunities to the publishers. They also have some mentors who can help the publisher in every single step.
  1. Referral System: Their referral system enables the affiliates to earn extra money. You also get a referral income of 5% for your lifetime.
  2. Tracking System: The company has a great tracking system. The statistics can be checked either by the leads or offers.

You also receive an in-depth and accurate report with the various sub id parameters fixed. This is useful when you wish to optimize the campaigns that you have.

 How to make money through the affiliate network at MyLead?

MyLead is an affiliate network that connects advertisers with publishers who work on commission so that they can work on projects. So an affiliate’s job is to advertise and promote a product or service of the merchant as well as refer the same to their own network.  In case any individual visits the website and makes a purchase or any desired action such as subscribing, the affiliate gets a commission.

Businesses work with publishers having a lot of traffic directed to their blogs or websites, as this helps the business get product promotion. However, it is not possible for them to keep track of these publishers and not focus on improving their services.

Login to affiliate network - MyLead

In the same way,  publishers wish to advertise those products that are the best, as this ensures they get a larger commission. However, it is tough for publishers to look out for offers, negotiate with businesses, and track payments.

This is exactly where an affiliate network intervenes and enables the parties to not waste time on irrelevant activities, but focus on their area of work.

What are the different types of affiliate networks at MyLead?

MyLead has about 600 different affiliate programs and these might have offers of various categories inclusive of loans, game downloads, business resources, video streaming, dating, courses, etc, The payment conditions might differ between the campaigns.

Affiliate Program Available at MyLead

This makes it vital for an affiliate to understand the program and the payment conditions, post which they can choose the one that suits them the best.

The different partner programs of MyLead are as follows:

  1. Cost Per Lead or CPL – In this method, the affiliate will be paid when an individual subscribes or signs-up to the website or service of the business.service.
  2. Cost Per Action or CPA – Here, the condition that is a prerequisite for payments is that a certain action has to be attained by the customer. For instance, purchasing using a credit card or the creation of an account.
  3. Pay Per Install or PPI – This method is usually seen in mobile apps or software. Here, the customer has to install the software successfully in their device.
  4. Cost Per Sale or CPS – It is a very standard program, usually in services related to e-commerce. Here, the customer has to visit the website of the merchant as well as purchase a product or 
  5. SMS – MyLead has many SMS programs. In this, the user has to send across a message to their service provider to be eligible for its services such as games, downloading videos, content or take part in contests.

Promotion of MyLead Offers

An affiliate can promote the offers effectively if their offer is relevant and if they focus on the right audience. The affiliate has to promote only genuine offers that will be useful to their audience and offers which they can relate to. It should not have a negative effect on them or on the traffic to your website.

Also, you have to take care of some factors like age, region, gender, etc. when you select the target audience for your offer promotion. Another way of promoting the offers is by sharing the referral links on various social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc. or by way of YouTube videos. It helps if you have your own blog which is related to the service or product being promoted

What are the benefits of the affiliate network at MyLead?

  1. The affiliate network of MyLead believes in genuineness and trust. They are also very professional and get all your negotiations, payments, etc., done in a very professional way.
  2. Once you have an account with MyLead, the mentors at MyLead will offer you their knowledge, strategies and will teach you the skills required to earn well online. Also, this is done free of cost.
  3. The network makes use of payment methods like ePayments, PayPal, Payoneer, Payza, transfer your payments. 
  4. Publishers can get an in-depth and accurate report on their statistics which helps in examining their level of effectiveness. It also helps publishers increase their productivity levels. It can be downloaded in PDF as well.

Affiliates  Reviews

MyLead Customer Reviews

What are the disadvantages of the affiliate network at MyLead?

The affiliate network is performance-based, which is undoubtedly a positive thing, but you get paid only when you have conversions. The amount that you receive is unpredictable.

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Final Verdict: MyLead Affiliate Network Review 2023 | Should You Go For It??

The affiliate network of MyLead is amongst the well-known innovative networks and has a lot of positive reviews from publishers. Though it has been set up in just 2014, the growth of this company has been quite high.

It offers professional assistance and guidance to its publishers and helps them grow and increase their online earnings. So, you do not need investment, experience or knowledge to start earning. As an affiliate, you can track your productivity level and progress with the statistic reports given by the company. 

The payments are quick and done in various methods that are convenient for you. You also get the support and guidance of mentors at any time while you are working. There might be a few disadvantages, but they are negligible when you consider the genuineness of the firm. MyLead is one such affiliate network that will help beginners, as well as professionals, find the best affiliate program that matches their requirements.


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