MyThemeShop Review & Coupon Code 2018: Good or Bad?

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For a website, be it a blog or a static, the design plays a vital role in sustaining its visitors. How can anyone stick with a site having a terribly designed theme? Blogs have to be designed more carefully because you want the effort that is put into the content should be rewarded as increasing number of readers. Visitors won’t be turned into your loyal readers if the blog has a mediocre design.

You yourself can relate to a situation of closing a browser tab right away because of the atrocious first impression.

I am assuming that you are a blogger in WP platform. If so, it is a little bit tough to choose a great theme which suits your interest as well as your readers’. There are many free themes available. But none of them satisfies us. Some frameworks and theme clubs are also available of which I found one as a splendid community of WordPress users who are in search of themes.

Let’s find out what make MyThemeShop quite different from other theme providers.

Customizability They Offer Even to a Non-geek

mythemeshop review homepage

This is something I want to put on top of every other spec. People say ‘don’t go for WordPress if you are an amateur in web designing’. You can see the very same opinion on some comparison articles of WP with other platforms.

According to me, it is true to a great extent if you are using an unprofessional theme which was built by an inexperienced hand. But you don’t have to worry if you managed to get a professional theme.

mythemeshop review control panel

The developers of MyThemeShop know what the customers want. They have included many options to customize your blog design without making you tap vigorously on the keyboard.For example, the advertisement is one of the major monetizing methods for a blogger. You can include a header- ad by simply pasting the code from AdSense (or whatever) into the given field of theme settings. And you can also change the font style from there. No need to edit the php files for that.Many more customizing options are available. Sign up now to experience it.

Mythemeshop Coupon Code:

Use the Discount Code: 66DISCOUNT

MyThemeShop.Com offers Single Theme for $69, Membership Plan for $199 and Extended Membership Plan for $349.

With this coupon code, you can get 66% discount on any plan.

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Free to Sign- up and Use Some Products

mythemeshop review free features

You are reading with great enthusiasm than before, I know. What is the reason?  It’s nothing, but the word, ‘Free’. Yes, if you want to try their service before purchasing any plan, you can sign- up and explore more for free.MyThemeShop (MTS) is a paid service. They have 3 main plans to choose from. Nevertheless, you can get access to some of their products for free.

In their amazing list of plugins and themes, about 20 of them are free. I have personally used it for some of my blogs and found it worth. It has more the options than even some paid themes.

The great benefit of purchasing after being used to their service is that you may get coupons and offers.

But don’t expect the free themes are as good as the paid. Customizing options are limited and design factor is less.

Great Collection of 97 Themes and 15 Plugins

mythemeshop review

I have seen some theme clubs which has only 6-7 themes. We have no options rather than choosing one among them.But MyThemeShop has about 97 themes which differ greatly in terms of design. So, I can undoubtedly say that you can’t be disappointed for the lack of any type.There are magazine, e-commerce and portfolio types of themes. All you have to do is choose what suits your need.

Dazzling Page Load Time

MyThemeShop review page load time

You already know that Google considers loading time of websites as a ranking factor. Hence, having a blog which loads like a snail is not a good thing at all.This is the next reason why MyThemeShop is trusted by 256920 customers (as of now).

See the image below. I have checked one of the demo theme pages with Pingdom tool. As you can see, I got amazing results. Remember, demo pages have no other facilities like cache plugin, CDN and image compression. That means you can leverage the maximum speed if you use these options along with a MyThemeShop theme.

Highly Optimized for Search Engines

mythemeshop review SEO friendly

How many times have you heard the word SEO?Many a times, I am sure about that. Themes can greatly influence your SERPs. You have to be very vigilant while selecting one. It can make or break your blog.Let me ask you a question. What make you say ‘whoa, this is the theme I was searching for’?

Design? Cheapness? Or the way it is presented?

Obviously, you must consider the first two factors. But for a blog, Search Engine friendliness also matters. MyThemeShop has done a spectacular job with every aspect of themes. Being an MTS member guarantees you splendid search- engine- friendly themes.

Mobile Responsiveness

This is the latest thing which has made its way to Google’s ranking factors. In this smartphone era, people browse internet more from their small screens. To be able to satisfy mobile visitors, your blog must be responsive.

Watch this video by Mythemeshop about responsive themes

Responsive WordPress Themes by MyThemeShop

Luckily, MyThemeShop’s every theme was designed in such a way to seduce all visitors irrespective of the device they are using. The menus and sidebars are smartly organized in the mobile version (see a demo here). So no one will leave your blog because of the responsiveness issue.

Affordability Meets Quality

mythemeshop review price

As an ordinary member, you can use some free resources. But in order to get access to use their paid stuff, you need to spend some bucks. Three different plans are available.

Single Theme: – You have to pay $45 per year to use one theme.

mythemeshop review price plan3

Basic Membership: – Here you will get access to all the themes but not the plugins for $139 per year.

mythemeshop review price plan3

Extended Membership: – This is the complete package where you can get all themes, plugins, and its PSD files. The annual fee is $249 per year.

If you have a single site, choose the first plan. Be careful to pick a theme which is suitable to your niche.Premium themes and plugins are 91 in number. Suppose, one cost $10, you would have to spend $910. See, how much you save with the membership packages (the actual price of a single theme is $45, not $10).

mythemeshop review affiliate program

Bonus Tip: – Using MyThemeShop’s affiliate program, you can make a reasonable amount of money by referring customers and other affiliates also.

Are You Ready to Give Your Blog a New Life?

ShoeMoney Recommends MyThemeShop

mythemeshop review customer testimonials

I think you now know how valuable MyThemeShop is. Beyond the money you pay, they provide the best-in-class service and technical support as well.I recommend you to go for the complete pricing package if you have more blogs to manage. That will be a great asset for you in future too. Follow them on Twitter & Google+

Go now, sign- up for free and use some of the free themes and plugins.

Be jaw- dropped and purchase right away.

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