Namecheap Review 2023 : 99.99% Uptime At Affordable Prices

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The online presence of your company is very important; from a small grocery shop to a big corporation, everyone is getting a website dedicated to their business. You can find everything you need or want to know about the company and their business. Having a website is a huge advantage as it can get you lots of new customers and educate people aware about your products and services.

Asking for a brochure or a business card has gone out of fashion now; the first thing people ask when you meet at a business event is your company’s website. But running a website is not as easy as it sounds; there are a lot of things you need to consider while setting up a website, special emphasis should be given to web hosting.

This is why I am writing this review of domain registrar and web hosting giant


  • Reliable Servers
  • cPanel Hosting
  • 1-Click Softaculous Installer
  • Over 99.9% Uptime
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Support When You Need It
  • Namecheap offers these plus FreeDNS, unique top-level domains, personal domains.


  • No Phone Support
  • WHOIS Privacy Free For a Limited Time
  • Short Money Back Guarantee

Namecheap review homepage

Web hosting is the backbone of your website, a lot of things depends on your web host, your website’s speed, uptime and safety, etc. If you have a crappy web host service provider then you will have a hard time running your website, your website will be slow and irritating.

This will not make your visitors want to come back. But, you don’t have to worry about these things if you are using; we all know that Namecheap is one of the biggest domain registrars of the 20th century. They carry the same reputation when it comes to web hosting; they are a reliable web host equipped with cutting edge technology and top-notch hardware.

With Namecheap, you don’t have to worry about your data getting stolen as they have top-notch security and their data centres are capable of withstanding any sort of disaster.

>Start with NameCheap 14 days money-back guarantee

Namecheap  Dashboard

namecheap dashboard namecheap-cpanel

Let’s Take a Look At The Plans Namecheap offers

Shared Plans

Namecheap review shared hosting

Shared hosting is a plan in which a web host gives its users the option to create multiple websites on one server. They offer unlimited bandwidth, though the number of websites that you can host on one server is limited.

Namecheap offers 5 different subscription options to its customers, shared hosting, Value, Professional, Ultimate and Business.

Their Value plan costs $9.88 per year you can host a maximum of 3 websites and storage is up to 20GB.

Their professional website costs $19.88 per year, you can host up to 10 websites and you get 50 GB of storage.

The ultimate plan will cost you $29.88 per year, limit it up to 50 websites and you get 50GB of storage space. And last but not least their Business SSD will cost you $19.88 per MONTH, you will get 5000GB of Bandwidth, 20GB RAID 10 and you can host unlimited websites.

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Reseller Hosting

Namecheap review reseller hosting

Reseller hosting plan is for the users who sell their server storage to customers whose websites they are handling, forex a web developer or a website designer. Namecheap offers 4 Reseller plans to its customers. Each plan has free control panel/ WHM and Reseller 4 comes with an SSL.

Reseller 1- it costs $16.95 per month, you get 25GB of disk space, 500GB of Bandwidth and 25 resold accounts.

Reseller 2- This plan costs $26.95 per month offers unlimited resold accounts, 1000GB of bandwidth and 75GB of space.

Reseller 3- It will cost you $36.95 per month, with 150GB of disk space, 1500 GB of bandwidth and unlimited reseller accounts.

Reseller 4- Last but not least Reseller 4 account, it will cost you $46.95 per month with 300GB of disk space, 2000 GB of bandwidth and on top of that Unlimited resold accounts

They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee with each plan, which means you can ask them to return your money within 14 days of purchase if you are not happy with the quality of their service.

VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Namecheap review VPS hosting

A Virtual Private Server gives you an option to run any operating system, from Windows to Linux. Namecheap offer 4 different plans to its customers.

Their VPS plan starts with $19.95 per month (100GB), VPS 1 $29.95 per month (250GB), VPS 2 $49.95 per month (500GB) and VPS 3 $69.96 per month (750GB). First two plans have 1 CPU and the other two comes with 2 CPU cores. If you are not able to manage the server, then don’t worry Namecheap can handle it for you, it will cost you from $30 per month to $75 per month for fully managed plan.

Dedicated Hosting Plans

Namecheap review dedicated servers

Namecheap also has a dedicated hosting plan, their pricing starts from $58.88 per month and goes up to $449 per month, changes in price is based on RAM, bandwidth, core processors and hard drive space. Their dedicated hosting servers have 100% of uptime, located in Tier IV data centre, Namecheap also offers server management.

Did you Know? Namecheap is among the few hosting that accepts bitcoin for payment. Click Here to read the full article.

Namecheap Domain Register

namecheap domain search namecheap domain searhing

>Start with NameCheap 14 days money back guarantee

Customer Support

Namecheap review customer support

Good quality support is very important for a web host customer, when you have a website running you need a fast communication channel and a quick response from the provider in case of any issue, there should be a provision through which you can contact your web host service provider 24/7, especially when your entire business is dependent online (e-commerce website).

I always do extensive research on the quality of customer support; I am pretty impressed with the quality of Namecheap’s customer support. They offer 24/7 assistance via live chat, you can contact their agent anytime; the option is available on their website. You can also raise a ticket to which they reply within a few hours.

Doesn’t matter if it is Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve, you can always reach their agents and get your issue resolved. Their customer support team is very experienced, patient and professional.

Namecheap review customer support

One of the best things about Namecheap is that they have made available tons of tutorial videos and articles; they have literally explained everything step-by-step, in easiest way possible so you will not have a problem.

Performance and Uptime

CyberGhost VPN review uptime

The company has strategically placed various data centres all across North America and Europe to provide their customers 100% uptime and top speed. They have set up their primary data centre in Dallas, Phoenix and Atlanta and the secondary hosting data centre is located in Clifton. All of their data centres are equipped with climate control, top-notch security, redundant power and network. They have top-notch servers, RAID protection and Xeon CPU.

With the support of their cutting edge technology and state of the art data centres Namecheap is able to give 99.99% uptime to its customers, uptime is the most important thing for a website owner, as whenever the website is down he loses money, customers and the reputation is tarnished. If you are using Namecheap’s services then you don’t have to worry about facing downtime. They also back up your data fortnightly so you don’t have to worry about losing your data in case of any natural disaster or mishappening.

Namecheap Testimonials

Namecheap review customer testimonial


Namecheap review features

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How to set up Email Forwarding


If you are looking for a reliable web host service provider which works with you side by side to help your business grow then Namecheap is the one you should go for. With the help of their state of the art data centres, and top-notch servers and hardware they are currently serving hundreds of thousands of customers. You will not face the issues of downtime; they have an impressive record of giving their customers 99.99% of uptime. Their customer support is impeccable; their agents are always available to resolve your problem. Their prices are very affordable; they have one of the lowest prices in the market.

On top of that, they offer 14 days money-back guarantee. So you don’t have to worry about anything if you are not happy just ask them to return your money. So quit reading and go get yourself Namecheap’s hosting plan.

 >Start with NameCheap 14 days money back guarantee

Namecheap Faqs


No, Namecheap only offers Linux hosting at this time.

CAN YOU HOST MULTIPLE WEBSITES ON A SINGLE WEB HOSTING PLAN?Yes, all their plans allow for the hosting of multiple websites.  Their Value package allows 3 domains to be hosted, their Professional plan up to 10 domains and their Ultimate plan up to 50 domains.  Both their Business and Reseller plans allow for unlimited domains.

WHAT CONTROL PANEL IS USED ON THEIR SERVERS?They use the cPanel control panel, which is one of the most popular control panels in use and allows you to control all aspects of your hosting account, including taking offline backups.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF THEIR SSD BUSINESS HOSTING PLAN?Namecheap’s business plan offers greater speed and reliability.  It uses SSD storage for greater speed as well as cache.  They back up twice a day instead of once per day on other plans.  The business plan is also PCI compliant which is essential if you intend to store credit card details on your server.

The base SSD Business plan comes with 20GB SSD storage, but there are upgrades available to increase this to 40GB or 60GB at additional cost.

>Start with NameCheap 14 days money-back guarantee

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