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NameHero Hosting

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NameHero is a leader in high-speed cloud Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting. With proprietary technology that's built around solid-state drives, high availability bandwidth,

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  • Fast Page Loading Speeds
  • Great Uptime
  • Feature-Packed Plans
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Blazing FAST ( Websites Load in 1 second)


  • The user interface could be improved


Price: $ 2.69

Are you seeking a NameHero Hosting Review 2024? Now is the time to read our professional evaluation.

Do you want to host your blog on a reliable, fast server with 99.9% uptime? If so, then NameHero Hosting is perfect for you.

You’ll have complete control of your account and will never have to worry about being kicked off the internet again because our servers are optimized specifically for bloggers who need their site up all day long.

NameHero Hosting Review

Whether you’ve been blogging since 2008 or just started last week, we gotcha covered! Ready to get started? 

NameHero Review 2024: Top Pros & Cons  What is NameHero Hosting? 

Startup Hero (the company’s founders) created NameHero in 2015. We’re a domain name, web hosting, and VPS provider.

Over the years, it has hosted more than 30,000 websites.

The company has servers in Arizona and Michigan. NameHero is an American company. 

NameHero Hosting Review


NameHero’s shared hosting is available in four different options that are suitable for e-commerce businesses of all sizes and come with the following features:

  • Uptime of 99.9%
  • SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt
  • Backups are automatically performed every day
  • Registration of one domain for free
  • SSD unlimited (limited by inode)

LiteSpeed is a web server provided by NameHero that has a nine-fold performance increase over Apache.

It reduces the time to the first byte (which is a factor in Google PageSpeed) and thus improves page load times.

My favorite feature of CloudFlare is the Railgun connection.

As a standalone service, Cloudflare is a very useful tool since it can provide load balancing, image and code compression, among other things.

Railroads accelerate these tasks.

Railgun speeds up the connection between your origin server and Cloudflare by compressing dynamic content up to 99.6% and improving its speed by an average of 200%.

In addition to RAID 10 mirroring and stripping, NameHero also uses RAID 10 to ensure a level of stability and redundancy on its servers.

Performance and reliability are enhanced with the SSD.

A dedicated resource is provided to each customer through CloudLinux OS.

As NameHero offers Softaculous applications installer, you don’t need to worry about installing WordPress manually.

Among the apps it supports are WordPress, Magento, Joomla!, and more. It does not provide an online builder.

So, let me now discuss the features of NameHero Hosting in detail. 

14 Features NameHero Hosting Review:

NameHero is a host that is greatly overlooked.

It has several unique features. These are some of them:

1. Free Dynamic Server Caching

Only a few hosting companies offer shared hosting with server caching.

Normally, you should use third-party plugins, but those are slower.

Some hosting companies offer it on some plans, but not all, such as SiteGround and A2 Hosting.

Due to the LiteSpeed webserver that NameHero uses in place of Apache, they offer it on all of their shared hosting plans.

By integrating LiteSpeed Cache with WordPress’ backend, it provides server-based caching.

That’s a really cool benefit, and it’s only available on NameHero. SiteGround’s StartUp hosting plan does not include server caching!

2. Integration with NameHero

CDNs are now a popular option for hosting static HTML web pages as well as the usual JS, CSS, and images.

LiteSpeed is at the forefront of this revolution, which will change the face of web hosting for good.

The LiteSpeed Enterprise plan is now available to NameHero customers through a partnership with LiteSpeed. At no cost!

As a proxy server, is a bit like Cloudflare; however, its features are slowly becoming competitive with Cloudflare. is currently best known for its increased speed.

In addition to standard images and JavaScript/CSS, it is possible to cache as much static content as possible.

3. NVMe Drives

NameHero uses NVMe SSDs, which significantly upgrades Turbo and Business plans.

SSDs offer more than double the throughput of current models. Thus, websites that use a lot of databases, such as WordPress, now load much faster.

4. NameHero Jetbackup Tool

Early in 2020, NameHero’s backup system was improved by the addition of Jetbackup.

It is an easy-to-use tool for recovering databases, files, DNS entries, and more without contacting customer service.

Hostgator only offers a few backups, so if you need to restore your account, you must contact customer support.

Databases or files cannot be restored granularly with them. They sell you so many extra plans, such as CodeGuard, in a very difficult and difficult way.

NameHero does not require you to purchase an external backup solution.

5. Free Snapshots for 7 Days

Your Website will be backed up for seven days using NameHero’s JetBackup feature.

In case of a problem, you can revert the upgrade before launching your site upgrade.

It is a huge deal that you get all of this for free.

You can only take snapshots of your website with some web hosts, like SiteGround, if you have a more expensive plan.

This is a very important feature that NameHero offers free of charge on all its plans!

6. NameHero JetBackup is Also Available for Resellers!

Further icing on the cake, resellers can also easily offer free backups to their customers.

Having backups on your server makes NameHero unique since most web hosts don’t want that burden.

It is further proof that NameHero is fantastic for resellers in general that such a powerful tool is available to them.

7. DropMySite partnership for backups

In addition, NameHero offers offsite backups beginning at $1.99/month for 5GB through DropMySite.

With this method, you can back up your files and database in a different location from the server you typically use.

If something should happen to your primary installation, you have a backup.

The DropMySite backup solution is far superior to Jetpack or CodeGuard.

The partnership they have with NameHero is incredible value addition, and in my opinion, it sets them apart from other hosting providers.

8. Automatic WordPress Malware Detection

This is normally an extra charge. For example, Hostgator’s paid SiteLock service scans and fixes issues with your website.

With NameHero’s partnership with Imunify360, all shared hosting plans – even the most basic ones – come with free malware detection and removal.

This screenshot shows you that it can be accessed directly from cPanel.

The service offered by this hosting provider is impressive for a company that is so under the radar.

Not having to pay for additional services can save you a lot of money.

9. Free Domain with NameHero Hosting

You get a free domain name and a new hosting plan when you sign up for NameHero.

Adding them to the same group of hosting providers like Bluehost, DreamHost, Hostgator, and GoDaddy.

A domain renewal usually costs $14/year, which translates into an additional $1/month in savings for a year’s hosting.

NameHero’s hosting becomes incredibly cost-effective when you take that into consideration.

10. Start Hosting for Free with Website Builder

With the Hero Builder online page builder, NameHero is offering free hosting starting in June 2020.

Despite being my preferred platform even for newbies, I am aware that it may be too much for some.

These individuals can sign up for free and get started on designing their page right away with NameHero.

They don’t even need a credit card!

11. SSD Raid 10 Storage

It’s criminal that many large hosting companies still don’t offer SSD storage.

From the beginning, NameHero offered SSD storage.

Due to database read/write operations, dynamic content such as WordPress content will be much faster.

RAID 10 combines two techniques – mirroring and pairing – to create a combination of hard drives.

You’re spreading out your data over at least four drives, and you’re adding a great deal of redundancy to it.

Such a setup is ideal for application workloads that require a lot of I/O.

For example, WordPress and other content management systems.

12. LiteSpeed Webserver

There’s no substitute for Apache when it comes to replacing LiteSpeed.

With its extremely high transaction limits and multiple concurrent connections, Apache replaces LiteSpeed perfectly.

LiteSpeed’s caching feature is one of its best features.

Among their offerings is a WordPress caching plugin, which provides server-level caching and additional features such as a private cache for logged-in users, automatic purging, and even caching of REST API calls.

The event-driven architecture of LiteSpeed reduces the RAM requirements and reduces the number of processes, as well as the use of traditional reverse proxy configurations such as NGINX.

In addition, specialized functions are included for WooCommerce and bbPress.

It is a paid product, unlike Apache, but LiteSpeed has many advantages.

Nonetheless, NameHero opted for extra speed and features by including it in all plans, which is an impressive addition.

Simply because of this, I would recommend purchasing NameHero hosting.

13. MariaDB Instead of MySQL

NameHero replaces MySQL with MariaDB, just as LiteSpeed replaces Apache.

During the acquisition of MySQL by Oracle in 2008, the lead developer forked the project and created MariaDB.

With a lot of community feedback, forum threads, and suggestions, MariaDB has a more open development process.

This is similar to how WordPress is built. Also, its release cycle is more frequent, so security fixes and bugs are released earlier than in MySQL.

Despite the variety of ways test results can be interpreted, real-world experiments demonstrate that MariaDB is ultimately faster than MySQL.

In some cases, it is much faster!

Since most Linux hosting customers expect Apache and MySQL to be included in their setup, NameHero’s choice of MariaDB is rather bold.

By using LiteSpeed and MariaDB as the foundation, NameHero has demonstrated its willingness to make architectural decisions that are in the interests of the community.

14. InterWorx as an Option Instead of cPanel

As a result of the cPanel licensing changes, all VPS owners and resellers were at risk.

Using a blanket cPanel license to run a bunch of domains is now much more expensive.

NameHero offers the InterWorx dashboard, which has much cheaper licensing requirements, to make this transition easier for their customers.

This is not a requirement, but it’s good to know that the option exists.

However, InterWorx is improving its features rapidly, and the development team is very active on the forums, despite the fact that it’s not that friendly to beginners right now.

NameHero Security

Other than fast loading times, I also look for high-quality security in a hosting company.

Since I’m being honest, I’m slightly paranoid.

Imunify360 is included for free with all hosting plans from NameHero.

Imunify360 offers the following features:

1. Advanced Firewall

Using artificial intelligence, the company’s Advanced Firewall feature detects and stops threats in real-time.

By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent some common attacks, including brute force, denial-of-service, and port scanning.

NameHero -firewall

2. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS and IPS)

Monitoring your traffic and looking for suspicious activity and known threats, the intrusion detection system (IDS) reports any anomalies.

The software also scans log files and blocks IP addresses that show malicious signs, including failed passwords and potential exploits.

With an intrusion prevention system (IPS), your network can be monitored for any malicious activities that might take advantage of a known vulnerability and be blocked.

3. Malware Detection

File systems are automatically scanned for malware injections and quarantined if infected.

The real-time scanning prevents attacks from starting because it stops them before they’ve even begun. In addition, they notify you about them inside cPanel.

malware detection

4. Proactive Defense

Zero-day attacks are protected by this feature.

Cyberattacks that take place on the same day that hackers discover a vulnerability in software are known as zero-day attacks.

With their Proactive Defense, they identify threats on your account in real-time and block them automatically.    

5. Reputation Management

Online reputation tracking allows you to track the reputation of your brand.

Your site is checked regularly to see if it is blocked by any blacklists and you are notified if it is.

For example, Google may blacklist your site if it suspects it is delivering malware, and remove it from its search results (SERPs).

Also, your emails might not get delivered if you are listed on a Real-time Blackhole List (RBL).

6. Do Your Part

In addition to the care NameHero takes to secure its network and customer accounts, there are several things you should do to keep your site even safer:

  • Adding a second factor to the authentication
  • Themes and plugins should be updated
  • Passwords should be strong
  • Login page relocation
  • WordFence is a free security plugin you can install

Blog and Knowledge Base

Hosting companies offer blogs and knowledge bases today, but only a few of them are useful. Instead, NameHero offers a comprehensive knowledge base and a blog that is very useful.

I have often turned to the blog for answers instead of searching for them via Google. It is incredibly helpful.

Also, Ryan offers tutorials about various aspects of hosting as well as do’s and don’t on his Youtube channel.

The video above is an introduction to NameHero by Ryan. 

Pricing and Support

Despite offering affordable hosting, NameHero keeps quality high.

Cloud Linux, SSDs with RAID 10, and Railgun connections are proof of that.

It also offers free SSL and domain registration. However, be aware that the quoted prices are only valid when paid in advance for 36 months.

Offsite backups cost based on how much space you want, and there is no month-to-month payment plan.

When you pay for hosting, you don’t have to pay any setup fees, but if you need a refund, a “setup fee” is taken out of your refund that comes to about a month’s hosting cost.

The customer service team is available 24 hours a day via email, phone, and live chat.

It took less than 15 minutes for them to respond to my ticket, which is impressive.

In addition, it has both text and video tutorials in its comprehensive knowledge base.

Web Hosting

There are four web hosting plans offered by NameHero. LiteSpeed cache, unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited SSD storage are all included in the plans.

The company also offers  SSL certificates for free, nightly backups, security shields, no-cost Cloudflare, free LiteSpeed web servers, and Railgun.

NameHero - web hosting

  • Starter Cloud — With this plan, you get 1GB RAM for $3.58/month when you sign up for a 3-year contract.
  • Plus Cloud — A 3-year plan starting at $5.18/month includes RAM 2GB
  • Turbo Cloud — With this plan, you’ll get 3GB of RAM for $7.98 per month for three years.
  • Business Cloud — You get 4GB of RAM with the last plan. It costs $11.98/month for 3 years.

Reseller Hosting

NameHero makes it easy to start your own web hosting business.

All of their reseller plans come with LiteSpeed cache, WHMCS panel, and auto SSL certificates, as well as a list of extra features such as the reseller toolkit with one-click WordPress installation, private nameservers, and domain reseller account, as well as nightly backups, free of cost Cloudflare with Railgun, free LiteSpeed webserver, and many others.

NameHero reseller hosting

  • Silver — This plan is ideal for beginners and includes 40GB SSD storage, 500GB bandwidth, and the capability to host up to 40 client accounts.
  • Gold —It’s great for reseller businesses that are just starting out and need more space. Up to 60 client accounts can be hosted on the server, which has 75GB of SSD storage and 800GB of bandwidth. A 3-year subscription to this plan is priced at $14.83/month.
  • Platinum —You can host up to 80 client accounts with the Platinum package, which comes with 150GB of SSD storage, 1,000GB of bandwidth, and 150GB of SSD storage. Purchasing this plan for three years will cost you $18.88/month.
  • Diamond — The last plan includes 200GB of SSD storage, 2,000GB of bandwidth, and hosting for 100 clients. Three-year plans begin at $30.13.

VPS Hosting

With a VPS, you can host your website in a more secure environment if you have a large website. ‘

There are four different plans available to meet the needs of growing businesses, and they include fully managed servers, dedicated IP addresses, free automatic SSL certificates, one-click WordPress installs, and unlimited incoming bandwidth.

NameHero vps hosting

  • Hero 2GB — There is also a plan here that comes with 30GB of SSD storage, 2GB of RAM, and 10TB of outgoing bandwidth for the cheapest price. Starting at $21.97/month for the annual plan, this plan is affordable.
  • Hero 4GB — A 60GB SSD storage space, 4GB of RAM, and 10TB of outgoing bandwidth are included in this plan. For the yearly plan, pricing starts at $27.47/month.
  • Hero 6GB — As part of this plan, you’ll receive 90GB of SSD storage, 6GB of RAM, and 10TB of incoming traffic. The monthly price for this plan is $40.12 for the yearly plan.
  • Hero 8GB — In addition to 120GB of SSD storage, 8GB of RAM, and 10TB of outgoing bandwidth, the last plan offers 4GB of RAM. The cost of this plan for the yearly plan is $48.37/month.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

With NameHero, you can host large enterprise sites and popular applications with a lot of incoming traffic on a dedicated cloud hosting plan.

We offer a wide range of hosting plans that come with free incoming bandwidth, fully managed servers, offsite backups, one-click WordPress installs, and automatic WordPress updates.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting namehero

  • Standard Cloud — During the first month, your Standard Cloud plan will come with 8GB of RAM, 210GB of SSD storage, and 5TB of outgoing bandwidth. Pricing starts at $153.97 per month.
  • Enhanced Cloud — 4.5TB of outgoing bandwidth, 15GB of RAM, and 3.6GHz processor round out this plan. A monthly fee of $192.47 is charged.
  • Enterprise Cloud — A 3.8GHz Processor, 31 GB of RAM, 460 GB of SSD storage, and 5TB of outgoing bandwidth are included in this plan. Monthly prices begin at $269.47.
  • Hypersonic Cloud — There are two 2.1GHz processors and 62GB of RAM in the last plan. SSD storage is 900GB and moving bandwidth is 5TB. The monthly rate is $368.47.

NameHero Hosting Pros & Cons:


  • My 60-day test ranked #1 best web hosting!
  • SPEED Hosting At The CHEAPEST Price
  • In 3 months, there were less than 5 minutes of downtime!
  • The website loads in one second (blazing fast)
  • Your wallet can be topped up for even cheaper hosting


  • The user interface could be improved

Customer Review:

 customer review

reviews namehero

FAQ About NameHero Hosting

Is There Free NameHero SSL?

Absolutely! At the end of 2016, NameHero Hosting began providing free SSL certificates. This is an impressive accomplishment considering that BlueHost and HostGator only began offering free SSL in mid-2018. Unlike other companies such as SiteGround, where you must enable SSL certificates manually, Let's Encrypt's certificates are automatically applied to new shared hosting accounts.

Where can I find the NameHero Blog?

Website owners will find Startup NameHero's blog to be an invaluable resource. Almost every issue a regular user may face is covered in tutorials. We offer detailed WordPress guides, cPanel how-tos, VPN assistance, etc. You're likely to find help on the NameHero blog if you need it. I also contribute on a regular basis!

NameHero accepts the following payment methods?

There are three ways to pay at NameHero: Using a credit card The Paypal Coinbase In my opinion, this is the first hosting company to accept cryptocurrency that I have reviewed.

What are the locations of NameHero's data centers?

Besides two US datacenters, NameHero has a Dutch datacenter as well Phoenix, Arizona Lansing, Michigan Amsterdam, EU The two zones represent the central and west coasts of the United States, respectively. NameHero Datacenters In Michigan, the one with 35,000 servers is much larger. In Phoenix, there are only 2,000 servers. NameHero’s European Datacenter The opening of NameHero's newest data center in the Netherlands was announced on November 4, 2019. For the first time, NameHero will expand outside the US. With an estimated capacity of 25,000 servers, the European data center is relatively new, having just been established in 2014. Connectivity is provided by two Internet exchanges: AMS-IS NL-IX When you sign up for a new package, you can choose the datacenter where you want to host your site: Hosting companies typically serve only one continent at a time. Therefore, NameHero's business and horizons are expanding, which is a positive sign. Until recently, European customers may have been hesitant to purchase hosting from a provider with only data centers in the United States. With a Netherlands location, however, your customers will benefit from faster connection times, as well as better overall service.

What are the NameHero Nameservers?

NameHero's nameservers are listed below: If you have a registrar other than NameHero, you can use these in your DNS control panel.

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Conclusion: NameHero Hosting

While NameHero is primarily known for its reseller hosting plans, their shared hosting plans scored highly during my web hosting testing.

Additionally, they had less than 5 minutes of downtime during the 3-month testing period and their plans are among the cheapest for the speed you get.

In comparison to some other hosting companies, NameHero’s user interface is less friendly.

When you host your site with NameHero, you get fast loading times at an affordable price.

For this reason, I strongly recommend NameHero.

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