Nancy Cartwright Masterclass Review 2024: Learn About Voice-Acting!

Nancy Cartwright Masterclass Review

Overall Verdict

The Nancy Cartwright Masterclass is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to break into the world of voice acting. With its accessibility and detailed instruction by one of today's most celebrated voice actors, the course provides an invaluable introduction to the craft.

Out of 10


  • Learn from an acclaimed voice actress
  • On-set footage and examples
  • Strong visuals and demonstrations
  • Succinct and well-structured lessons


  • No individual feedback from instructor
  • Visual FX can be distracting
  • Field-specific terms not always explained


Price: $ 15

The Nancy Cartwright Masterclass is a comprehensive online video course series designed to help aspiring voice actors learn the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in the industry.

From basics such as vocal warm-ups, microphone technique, and cold reading to advanced concepts like improvising dialogue and character development, this course offers an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to the world of voice acting.

Nancy Cartwright Masterclass Review

In this Nancy Cartwright Masterclass Review, we’ll take a look at what makes the Nancy Cartwright Masterclass stand out from other courses on offer.

Who is Nancy Cartwright?

You undoubtedly have some concept of Nancy Cartwright’s identity and accomplishments if you’re here. Cartwright is one of the most well-known voice actors of our time and has 40 years of voice-acting expertise.

Nancy catwright

She gained notoriety on The Tracey Ullman Show and even had Daws Butler as a mentor. Cartwright, known for her work on The Simpsons, won a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 2017.

What Will You Learn in this Masterclass?

Nancy Cartwright’s Masterclass is 2 hours 43-minute long course made up of 14 video lessons. The class also includes additional resources, such as a 20-page instructor guide and three demo scripts.

In the opening lessons, Cartwright gives an overview of her career and the influence of her teacher, Daws Butler, who will be mentioned later in the class.

The course also features an animation of Cartwright to showcase her vocal techniques and the creation of 7 unique characters specifically for the class.

In the first two lessons, Cartwright covers the basics of vocal techniques, including different types of voiceover, the key differences between acting and voice-acting, improvisation, and her personal toolkit for success in voice-acting.

In the third lesson, Cartwright teaches about developing your “personal voice print” and finding your niche as a voice actor. She offers advice on how to stand out, identify which characters you’re good at, and find inspiration for characters.

In the fourth lesson, Cartwright covers jump-starting your career as a voice actor by providing tips on finding and learning from a mentor, understanding the relationship between your voice and the microphone, delivering what clients expect, and making the words on the page your own.

nancy catwright masterclass review

She also offers tips on creating a demo tape, including suggestions on what to include, the ideal length, and structure.

In lessons 5-6, Cartwright covers creating and developing characters, including how to use vocal techniques to make a character distinct, understanding the script and the character’s backstory, and how to give a character a “voice.”

In lessons 7-8, Cartwright covers the business side of voice acting, including how to market yourself, how to build relationships with clients, how to negotiate contracts, and how to handle rejection.

In lessons 9-10, Cartwright covers the technical aspects of voice acting, including how to use microphone techniques, how to record from home, and how to edit and process your recordings.

In lessons 11-12, Cartwright covers voice acting for animation, including the differences between voice acting for animation and live-action, understanding the animation process, and how to perform for different animation styles.

In lessons 13-14, Cartwright concludes the class by sharing advice on how to continue learning and improving as a voice actor and tips on how to stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Why Do I Recommend This Masterclass?

The 3 reasons why I recommend this masterclass are:

1. On-set footage and examples:

Similarly to this, Cartwright supports her lessons with compelling visual and audio examples. Cartwright regularly uses voice demonstrations to highlight the mechanics of vocal training, and she even explains how activating different muscles may have various consequences.

The opening video of Nancy practicing and acting out her lines is, in my view, one of the course’s highlights. You can see how Cartwright works with the director and audio engineer to do her tasks effectively.

Nancy Cartwright masterclass review

2. Strong visuals and demonstrations:

The use of animation in Cartwright’s MasterClass is one of its distinctive selling factors. You hear from Cartwright both directly and via her animated character throughout the course.

This is a very intriguing approach to hearing how Cartwright expresses emotion when there isn’t a real-life model to go by. This is a brilliant technique to educate by example, in my opinion.

Along with Cartwright’s instruction, you also have the advantage of visual pointers, which is a feature you don’t receive on this level in other courses. This is a terrific technique to keep classes engaging and stimulating if you’re a visual learner.

3. Learn from an acclaimed voice actress:

Even if you can’t see Nancy Cartwright, you’ll probably be able to identify her voice. She’s really arguably one of the voice performers on TV with the most instantly identifiable roles.

She has undoubtedly studied from the greatest since Daws Butler served as her personal mentor. With Cartwright walking you through her trade secrets in this MasterClass, you get the opportunity to learn from her personally.

Even her failings as a voice actress are openly discussed, along with the lessons she’s picked up along the road.

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Conclusion: Nancy Cartwright Masterclass Review 2024

The Nancy Cartwright Masterclass is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to break into the world of voice acting.

With its accessibility and detailed instruction by one of today’s most celebrated voice actors, the course provides an invaluable introduction to the craft.

Whether you’re just starting out or have years of experience, the Nancy Cartwright Masterclass will undoubtedly help you on your journey as a voice actor.

With this comprehensive guide and support from industry professionals, you’ll be ready to take on any scene with confidence.

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