10 Negatives Of Blogging- Things You Should Avoid While Writing A Blog 2024

There are some negative aspects to blogging. In terms of professional bloggers, there are some disadvantages to blogging.

There is some disadvantage to blogging too – although many of the perks and benefits are there. You may not always earn money when you want it. Professional blogging carries even greater risks, since it involves more risks.

How do we fix this issue? It’s possible to earn money from blogging without ever having to write a post or click a few keys everyday. Try letting your readers queue up to purchase some products if you want the day off. This was your second posting this week!

Negatives Of Blogging

There is no such thing as a free lunch! You have to work hard to blog. Blogging more fun increases your chances of facing fewer issues. In this article, we will discuss both amateurs’ and professionals’ reasons for blogging. Both hobbyists and professionals will be discussed.

Bad Things About Writing a Blog:

If blogging is enjoyable to you, this ‘bad’ aspect of it can be considered ‘good’. Nevertheless, most people do not enjoy blogging. There are several factors which make blogging attractive to many individuals.

1. Regular Blogging Takes Time

Regular Blogging Takes Time
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It may surprise you how much time blogging takes. It is very important that you carry out extensive research to ensure your posts are not just rehashed material. Writing your thoughts on a blog is one thing, but organizing them into something you can share with others is another.

Your posts must be published regularly. As soon as you are able to complete your research, it is ideal to prepare a few posts ahead of time.

Whenever they are scheduled for auto-publication, time your blog software so that you can ignore them – and move on to the next bunch. Knowing when new posts will appear will prevent readers from guessing…

This brings us to:

2. Finding Topics to Write About

If you want to succeed as a professional blogger, you need unique content. A new perspective on an old subject is the minimum requirement here, but it does not have to be a unique topic. Rather than trying to steal readers from other blogs, your blog will provide a different perspective.

What will you be writing about? If you want a following, whether you’re blogging or optimizing for SEO, cooking mud cake, or teaching cats, you must always stay on topic!

A theme cannot be changed once it has been chosen. After training your cat for a few weeks, you can train your goldfish for memory.

When you have defined your topic, writing about it won’t be a problem! Maybe your blog should be called ‘Impossible Pet Training Techniques.’

We are suggesting that you should not start out too narrowly when starting a blog. The first will allow for far more blog posts than the second. For example, you may choose ‘Exotic Pets’ instead of ‘Norwegian Blue Parrots.’

Choosing topics to write about is less about finding topics to write about, and more about finding topics that have such scope that you can expand into other primary subjects to write about. A specialization is always an option.

It’s easy to copy others’ writings and write what you have read. The most successful bloggers tend to be original despite the difficulty. Bloggers must spend time researching their potential topics, which is one of the downsides. You can find out what people are talking and writing about by using Google Trends, Pinterest, and Buzzfeed.

3. No Magic Bullet

As with any magnet, blogging does not attract cash in like a magic bullet. Start-ups can work for weeks without generating any income, but they attract readers.

There is no guarantee of income with professional blogging – so don’t quit your day job until you make enough to pay all your bills, feed yourself, and provide for your family. You may need some time to do this.

Internet isn’t a cash cow, as many people believe. The majority of people never make a living online because making money online requires time and experience.

Bloggers can often give the impression that making money is easy, which is another misconception about blogging. If you work hard, learn a lot, and put in the time, you can earn money with your blog. Be persistent!

4. No Guarantees of Readers

No Guarantees of Readers
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It is not guaranteed that you will have readers. First, they have to find your blog. The art of getting your blog noticed is a skill in itself, but there are many things you can try. Don’t lose sleep over search engine optimization (SEO) – a quality blog will eventually be noticed.

Your chances of success will increase if you try to be unique. Use social media to advertise for free. The use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube videos can all help to get your blog noticed on the web.

5. Misunderstandings and Disagreements

You are going to misinterpret your message and disagree with others no matter what you write. It is crucial to keep your cool and not be influenced by criticism – deserved or not.

Be empathetic when responding to the other person, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with them. It is at least necessary to listen to what they have to say before you respond, but make sure you respond. You want them to notice you.

Basically, you can do this by clarifying what you are saying – most bloggers make ambiguous statements. Unless you disagree on principle, do not get involved in a public debate. Conclude a conversation privately.

6. Your Writing Lives On!

It’s not always good to do this! The lifespan of your posts is often discussed between Google and various authorities.

Bloggers present their views about topics when they are in their twenties, but as they mature, those topics lose their interest. Some authorities may be able to sift through your old blog posts and find your assertions and beliefs.

Don’t forget that you can be embarrassed or even lose your job if a serious misunderstanding arises regarding any of your writing. Do not write anything that you wouldn’t want your mom, your students, or your boss to read!

7. Keep Up With Technology

Technology and search engine developments are crucial for bloggers who want their blogs to be published and read beyond their family or circle of friends.

Google, for instance, has policies regarding online promotions that you must adhere to whether you like it or not.

In order for your blog to be found by as many potential readers as possible, it’s important you stay up-to-date with Google algorithm updates such as Penguin.

In addition to social bookmarking, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, you would be wise to get acquainted with new media outlets. Use what your peers are participating in.

Bloggers note that this is one of the downsides to blogging because it adds another obligation to their daily life. For you, Pinterest and Instagram might be interesting, but they are just another social networking site you need to use in order to stay ahead of your blogging competitors.

The Really BAD Things about Blogging!

The tasks above would be described as ‘bad, but they are fundamental to blogging. Even if you wanted to ignore them, they are important aspects of blogging that you simply cannot ignore. And now we reach the bad part:

8. Blog Spam

Commenting on your blog may result in a large amount of spam. The software generates generic comments which are then distributed to as many blogs as possible. Typically, they are generic comments along the lines of, “Wow! This is an excellent blog. I would recommend it to anyone.”.

Commenting on something other than your post’s content almost always indicates spam. Google may punish you for having these comments if you don’t remove them.

Your readers will take a dim view of you if you allow all this spam, and they will likely go somewhere else. Make sure you require approval before publishing your comments.

In spite of deleting them, you will have a great deal of work to do. Even after you have activated a spam filter, make sure you are checking your comments daily. While you might be lucky, deleting all the blog spam will probably take you 10-15 minutes per day. 

9. Disagreements

Image Credits: Pexels

You should be ready for some vicious comments when you invite others to comment on your blog. The frequency of disagreements will vary depending on your topic – a blog about current affairs or alternative medicine will evoke more passion than a Disney cartoon.

Depending on the nature of the conversation, there may be a significant amount of censorship required. Some of the languages may not be your taste, but people will complain if their comments are deleted. Editing may work if you advise everyone involved that personal threats and bad language will be removed.

10. Blog Trolls

Trolls, whether blog or otherwise, are the worst of the negative aspects of blogging. 

A blog troll who deliberately abuses people and hits them with their comments is one of the most harmful things about blogging. Don’t respond to them – they’re mean and cruel.

In order to deal with their comments, delete all of them. Their comments will continue to be abusive, and they only stop after they see they aren’t being published.

AWStats and Webalizer can help you track the IP address attached to their comments. True trolls, on the other hand, change IP addresses frequently and sometimes use proxy servers.

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