Review 2023 (Residential Proxy IP Network ) [Discount 7 Day Free]


  • One-hop ISP connectivity
  • Premium Static IPs
  • City-State Selection
  • 24/7 IP Availability
  • Fastest in the market
  • Gather any data
  • Dedicated Private Pools
  • API for Stats
  • Rotating Proxies


  • A little bit expensive


Price: $

In this post, we’ve done a comprehensive Review. Just over a year ago, a small Israeli company was founded. The goal of NetNut is to provide the best proxy services to home users in the world.

The little squirrel has unique qualities that others do not have, so we put it to the test. Read our review thoroughly, check NetNut’s IP proxy servers for home users, and see if they give you what you need before you buy or not.

Anyone can be skeptical about getting proxies from a relatively new company. You may feel the same way about NetNut, so we’re testing your agents today. Review 2023 (Residential Proxy IP Network ) [Discount 7 Day Free]

netnut proxies Netnut Review Residential Proxy IP Network


We will discuss the features that characterize them, and we will give our opinion if a supplier takes this into account.

New businesses tend to be less popular. Therefore, people tend to avoid them, at least until they build their reputation. NetNut is the kind of company that is trying to accelerate the reputation process. From the beginning, this is a company with unique characteristics.

The number of IP addresses is 500,000, which may not seem like much. In fact, that’s not the case, but if we compare it to the 40,000 proxy group of Stormproxies, that’s a lot.

To make matters worse, unlike many competitors, they do not rely on the P2P network. IP addresses are always online.

If we evaluate the basic IP addresses of p2p, we will find that we have 5 to 7 million IP addresses and know that the average user of p2p online is less than 10%. Review With Discount Coupon: Residential Proxies Provider Review With Discount COupon- Residential Proxy IP Network for Businesses

What is a proxy service?

In English, the word “proxy” means “substitute”. Like a VPN, you can surf online with a proxy server and use the Internet from a different IP address. A proxy server behaves basically like another web-based computer that retrieves your browsing activity online and redirects it to a different IP address.

When you access a Web site, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) normally receives your request and links it (using your actual IP address) to the landing page of the Web site.

For a proxy server, everything happens as usual except that your request is sent to the ISP and sent to the proxy server. When the proxy reaches the proxy, it will be different from the IP address you chose when configuring the proxy. This will hide your actual location so that it can not be found and you can not prevent access to websites on the Internet.

How to choose The Best Proxy Service.

If you’re looking for a proxy service to protect and hide your navigation, you can choose from a variety of options, each with its strengths and enhancements. However, the best proxy services should always include the following functions:

  • A sufficient number of servers and server locations to gain full access to all content.
  • An explicit and transparent policy that specifies whether and how the user’s credentials are collected.
  • A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to connect and select specific servers
  • A connection strong enough not to significantly affect your Internet speeds
  • Reliable customer service in case of problems or emergencies

NetNut proxy Key features


As mentioned earlier, the advantage of DiviNetwork is that proxy addresses are obtained directly from ISPs. This provides better stability, reliability, and speed.

Segmentation of the site

NetNut gives you access to certain web sites for scraping. Unlike some competitors, they charge no extra charge. Review With Discount Coupon- Segmentation Of Site

7 days trial period

Unlike many competitors, NetNut offers a relatively long trial period. It also gives you direct support from your team to get things done.

Fast connection speed: The intelligent DNS proxy has fast and fast connections. However, users need to know that this is the case because of a lack of strong encryption technology.

Hide the IP Address: Netnut can hide the user’s IP address and, in addition to a VPN, provide encryption for those who want it. This is an additional level of security for users and an excellent point of sale when much of our lives are online and our personal information is stored.

Broad Network: Netnut has servers in more than 25 locations around the world, so you can override and resolve many geographic restrictions.

Real-Time Table

In addition to the proxies provided by NetNut, you will receive an account for Traffic Data Analysis and Reporting that allows you to view current statistics in real-time, including the total bandwidth and the total bandwidth of the statistics of the requests, using country account information.

Authentication: Netnut allows users to authenticate up to 10 different IP addresses or by username and password, which is high compared to the proxy market.

Anonymity: Netnut disables all headers so you can replace users’ IP addresses with your own build for a more secure connection.

Standard IP Updater: Netnut ensures that all proxies are exchanged once per billing cycle when the client requests it completely for free.

Proxy vs. VPN – What’s the difference?

Although some terms use terms interchangeably, proxy servers and VPNs are slightly different tools when linked together.

Proxy servers serve only to hide IP addresses while surfing the Internet. They do not offer many other benefits in terms of security and privacy.

VPNs, on the other hand, offer the same service (anonymous browser) as part of a larger number of tools. These include encryption and privacy tools, security features to help prevent connection loss, and more.

In summary, there is virtually no comparison between a virtual private network (VPN) and a proxy for the most appropriate use. VPNs offer much more than just a proxy, and sometimes, at fairly similar prices, they even make a proxy attempt without meaning. VPNs are state of the art in terms of security and privacy. The day the hacker is as dangerous as a common criminal is of the utmost importance. Review With Discount Coupon- FAQs

Since a VPN as our first option ExpressVPN costs so little per month, is it really worth risking your online security and your confidential data.


  • 7-day free trial
  • Support with TeamViewer sessions
  • DiViNetworks dependent
  • 24/7 support
  • Less than 1% failure
  • High speeds and low latency


  • No SOCKS support
  • No IP whitelisting
  • Geo-targeting limited to countries only

Some more Key Features of NetNut:

Unlimited bandwidth

This proxy server does not reduce bandwidth when your users reach a certain amount of data every month. You can be sure that you can transfer all video content to high-proxy servers.

Easy to use:

It is sometimes easy to get lost behind the proxy server technology. However, thanks to the custom software for Mac and Windows, Netnut is easy to use.

Automatic connections

One of the ways Netnut addresses the problem of using a proxy is to automatically connect users to the best geographic servers.

Pool size

They have about half a million IPs that are still online and ready to be used as soon as they are sourced from ISPs. They indicate that they can assign unique IP addresses, but do not give them access to all.


In total, they support around 50 countries. The list you provide is: USA, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Italy, France, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, India, Madagascar , Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, Australia, China, Qatar, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Kenya, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Luxembourg, Nepal, Argentina, Thailand , South Korea. Review With Discount COupon- Residential IPs Features


In general, you will receive one or more endpoints. When you reach this endpoint, you will receive a new IP address. Of course, you can add special settings to your username and get a fixed IP address or a specific country. They have different endpoints (pools) for Google, Instagram, and sneakers websites.

Authorization method

Only credentials (username: password) are available. The whitelist is not available. However, they indicated that this would be something for some IPs, but not regularly. Review With Discount Coupon- How It Works


Available You can create sub-users and assign resources to them.

There is no software installation required: This is a significant advantage, especially over a VPN, this proxy. Because users do not need to download any software, the speed of your computer will not change.

Connecting multiple devices: With the intelligent DNS proxy, users can connect to and use all their devices, which is a significant advantage given the growing number of devices They have.

Session control

It is possible to use the session control. Because they use direct IP addresses from Internet service providers, these addresses are always online and you can use this IP address at any time by adding a special setting to your username. However, there is a problem because you are responsible for IP rotation. If you continue to use the same IP address, you may be blocked.


The only available filter is by location. There are no filters for proxy types or ASN /provider/operator filters. Review With Discount Coupon- Backconnect Proxies


NetNut supports HTTP and HTTPS but is not compatible with SOCKS5


  • Usage statistics: Yes
  • Change of credentials / IP address of the whitelist: Not
  • Tickets for the support: Not
  • Renew the plans: Yes
  • Live chat: no Review With Discount Coupon- Free Trial Offer

Use the NetNut Control Panel to review your usage statistics and renew your plans. However, you can not open a support ticket, change your whitelist credentials or IP addresses, or contact them via live chat.

Customer Support

When we registered for a free trial, one of their managers sent us a message about Skype after about 15 minutes. He immediately activated our test account and gave me instructions. Usually, they create a Skype chat for active users and respond fairly quickly.

Why do we need a proxy service?

  • Proxy servers are useful for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Ignore restrictive firewalls or geographic restrictions that prevent access to content
  • Get the information you do not want to return to your IP address
  • View your favorite content when traveling overseas without restrictions
  • Post comments or visit social networking sites (such as offices) that have blocked these sites.
  • Avoid monitoring or tracking your IP address by government agencies
  • Many proxy services are virtual private networks (VPNs) that offer their proxy connections as well as various other security and privacy features.
  • If you use a VPN with a proxy server, surfing the Web can make it almost invisible. In essence, it can not be assigned to an ISP, a government agency, or any other invasive third party.

Different types of proxy servers

Proxies are an excellent tool for accessing geographically restricted content or avoiding prying eyes. Note, however, that different types of proxy servers have different benefits:

Normal Proxy (or Gateway): This type of proxy connection is intended to improve connection and communication speed. This is done by caching (saving copies) of the websites on your server to reduce the time of future requests. These servers do not offer much of the privacy benefits that other proxy servers offer.

Anonymous Proxy: These connection types filter traffic, but do not contain IP address requests to websites. Instead, they first connect to the ISP, which forwards the request before forwarding it to the proxy.

Distortive Proxy: You experience VPNs more often because they submit a distorted IP address that passes their true ID to the requested Web site. In this case, the website always knows that it connects via a proxy

Proxy with high anonymity: This is the most popular proxy type. In these cases, IP addresses are never shared with a website. Instead, instead of yours, a random IP address will be sent so that you can log in without logging in online.

Pricing Plans:

Do not expect to see other products here as you are a company that specifically sells server for residential customers.

They have seven tariff plans ranging from $ 300 for the smallest package to $ 3,500 for the largest package. There is another package that is priceless. If you need it, you need to contact the sales team. For other price requests like 2TB, 5TB, etc you also need to contact us.

All price plans give you access to half a million proxy servers. The only difference between them is the amount of traffic you receive every month and the price you charge per gigabyte when you need more. Review With Discount Coupon- Pricing Plans

A trial period of 7 days is also available. If you request it, you will receive 100 GB of traffic. At the same time, NetNut will create a Skype group discussion with you, the account manager, and a developer.

What makes them unique is the nature of the network. Most competitors use a P2P network, such as consumer Luminati proxy networks, Micro leaves, and Oxylabs.

This means that data sent from your computer will be routed through another user’s computer. To use this IP address, the user must be online.

The NetNut solution to this problem is the use of Divi Networks. They work with more than 100 ISPs worldwide, which means they get the IP addresses of individuals directly from the ISP. This means that a user does not have to be online to use his IP address. 

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Conclusions: Review 2023 (Residential Proxy IP Network ) [Discount 7 Day Free]

NetNut uses the ISP’s ISP directly, so traffic is not routed through end-user devices. Therefore, we wonder if they should be classified as IP providers for residential customers.

However, since this is the intellectual property of the ISP, they work quite well. We found a small number of connection or blocking errors.

At the beginning of our test, there was almost no waiting time, but as we increased the concurrent connections, the IP started with increasing latency.

This probably means that they can not overload their ISP IPs, and their performance is impacted when customers want to increase the load.

Remember, however, that you should not be fooled by a small number of blocks. It turns out that the IP addresses continue to block after some time and many requests. The reason is that they use full IP ISP subnets.

Maybe there are many unique IP addresses, but not enough subnets. Basically, after a while, the targets start to detect these IP addresses with higher load and give them temporary blocks.

The speed is pretty decent. However, one could expect more speed from IP addresses directly from the ISP. However, we liked the dashboard. Pretty simple and tasteful.

They also support sticky sessions and IP at the country level. But only in 50 countries. Probably because it’s difficult to get IP addresses from different ISPs located in different places. In addition, they do not support the SOCKS5 protocol.

In general, NetNut works perfectly with a small load. But the price – pretty high. And let’s not forget that Google is completely prohibited.

At first, it was not so, but after a few tests, almost all IP addresses were blocked. Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I set up a NetNut account?

NetNut's proxies are available immediately. To access the user dashboard, go to the official website and sign up. Please send an email to [email protected] with any particular questions or trial requests.

How is NetNut different from other providers?

While other providers rely on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, the NetNut service is dependent on DiViNetworks' existing data transport and network management solutions because of their unique position and location. DiViNetworks serves over 100 ISPs from a global network of tens of point of presence (PoPs). DiViNetworks has developed a global proxy network and technology, with hundreds of servers maintained by the company and situated in various ISPs throughout the world. The network can also handle hundreds of gigabits per second of network traffic, allowing each consumer to access information and data from any web source. As a result, a highly secure and scalable managed network with unrivalled availability has been created. DiviNetworks is a world leader in the data delivery network area, with a failure rate of less than 1% with the correct architecture on your side.

Why is NetNut faster than other proxy solutions?

A clever IP rotation management layer is included into NetNut. Each request is routed through one of our super proxies (load balancing servers), which return the IP address that is most likely to be available in the requested location. The t proxy supports an infinite number of simultaneous sessions and has a very high success rate. It is recommended to start as many concurrent NetNut sessions as needed to speed up NetNut usage. You will outperform any other solution if you use NetNut and the correct design.

What is the maximum limit (hits per minute) at which requests can be sent through the network?

There are no restrictions; some of our customers send over 30 million queries every day.

How do I install NetNut’s Chrome extension?

Netnut Chrome extension is available in the Chrome Web Store and enables you to access any web page using your NetNut proxies straight from your Chrome browser.

What kind of networks NetNut is offering?

NetNut provides a number of proxy networks, each with its own set of characteristics. Datacenter Network: Offers a cost-effective way to reduce per-GB costs by optimising consumption and targeting websites with minimum security features. In the United States, we now have over 110K Data Center IPs with rapid response times and 99.9% network uptime. Residential Network: Currently has over 10 million IP addresses and is expanding by the day. Their P2P residential IPs come directly from end-user devices, giving them the highest level of IP trustworthiness for carrying out sophisticated web-crawling tasks. Static Residential Network: Static Residential Network: NetNut's initial network, with millions of static IPs and hundreds of ISP relationships in over 50 countries, is known as the Static Residential Network. This network benefits from the legitimacy of a Residential IP address as well as the ability to keep the address for as long as you need it.

What information should I send when I report an issue?

To report a problem, please provide the following information: snippets of code The platform you're working with Logs and HTTP dumps from your programming language, if available (they request that you remove your trade secrets, including URLs and any other internal information from your code, dumps, and any other information you provide to NetNut) Send this information, along with your problem, to [email protected].

How do I keep the same IP over different requests?

If you want to exit from the same IP over multiple requests, follow these instructions: username-cc-country_code-sid-static_number *Static number can be up to 8 digits. *The numbers should be chosen randomly and not consecutively.

Where can I find code examples for using NetNut proxies?

Advanced code samples can be found in the Implementation Guidelines page of your user dashboard. Visit our GitHub website for further details, as well as our integrations page to learn how to use NetNut proxies with various programmes.

Does NetNut offer a monthly subscription?

Their price levels are month-to-month, and you can switch plans depending on your bandwidth requirements.

What is NetNut pricing model?

The monthly packaget for NetNut's packages is minimum; the larger the monthly commitment, the lower the price per GB. For example, the Basic plan for residential IPs requires a $300 monthly commitment and a $15 per GB above package pricing (20GB). Our price page lists all of our plans.

Are there any pricing differences by country?

No, they charge either by bandwidth or amount of requests regardless of the target country.

Can I get a refund?

They provide a 7-day trial prior to purchasing a plan so you may fully utilise the possibilities of their proxy network. They will examine a refund request based on the plan's consumption, even if they do not issue a return.

How is bandwidth calculated?

The bandwidth volume for which we bill is the sum of data transmitted to and from the target site: request headers + request data + response headers + response data.

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