New Zenler Review 2021 (Top 5 Features & Pricing) New Zenler Discount Coupon (Zenler Reviews)

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Ease Of Use
Online Course
Scheduled Email Broadcasts


  • You get total control over the creation, of course.
  • The platform offers you an entire package of functionality via Lead Generation Infrastructure (Email Funnel, LP). 
  • You also get comprehensive community-building attributes. 
  • The pricing options are pretty accessible on the platform. 
  • The platform lets dynamic tracking of progress for the audience.
  • Unlimited Students
  • Advanced Page HTML/CSS Editing
  • Page Editor Design Blocks(Full pack)
  • Offers powerful engagement tools like Community, Quizzes, Assignments, etc
  • Automation filters
  • Pre-loaded High converted email scripts
  • Popup Settings - Exit Intent, On Browse, After delay etc
  • Optimize Page for different devices(Show/Hide elements/blocks based on device)
  • Third party Integrations- Bring Your Own SMTP


  • The platform has a little steep learning curve.
  • It takes some time to set the platform up. 
  • No mobile apps feature.

New Zenler is all-in-one online course software that allows you to build your online training business on a single platform. Apart from powerful course creation tools, it has features for site creation, blogging, course selling, marketing funnels, email marketing, webinars, and affiliate marketing. I highly recommend you to try Zenler for your online course creation.

Price:$ 647

Looking for New Zenler Review ? We got you covered today. 

You will have a headache trying to figure out how to build a course online.

You will spend hours trying to figure out how to build a course.

Creating a course is not a one-time event. It’s an ongoing process that takes up a lot of time.

There is a lack of easy to use and affordable tools for creating, delivering and marketing online courses.

New Zenler is the answer. New Zenler is the perfect tool for creating, delivering and marketing your online course.

Wish to know more about New Zenler before enrolling for this platform? You are right where you should be. Here in this comprehensive article, I will be overviewing the New Zenler in order to help you make a well-informed decision. 

When you have a reliable learning management system (LMS) set up for a brand, it can prove to be the ultimate trump card in today’s scenario. 


Bottom Line Upfront:  What is new Zenler?

New Zenler is a LMS platform just like Podia, Thinkific and Teachable. You can create as many courses as you want with New Zenler. It also helps you manage your course in a structured manner.

If you have a course idea then start building it with New Zenler. In short Zenler is all in One Course Creation, Delivery & Marketing Platform, Everything you need from Course Creation, Marketing Funnels, Email Automation to Community without needing to hire designers, developers or marketers.

You Want the best LMS Learning Management System in the market then you have found the only platform you need as an online course creator, New Zenler is packed with features and with a large community supporting each other, you will be up and running with a shiny new online course or membership site in no time.


So here in this article, we will be looking at New Zenler LMS Review that poses itself to be the one redefining the online learning landscape. Before getting into the depth of the features of this platform, let us talk about what New Zenler actually is.

New Zenler Review: The Ultimate Online Course Platform Review

If you’re a course creator, and you’ve been frustrated with the tools available to you, then your solution is here.

The New Zenler is basically a group of tools for the purpose of tool creation like the Teachable, Thinkific, and Podia. This platform is a course builder online and a learning management system that lets planning, designing, publishing, and hosting the courses for its users in a well-structured manner. The basic aim is to offer a virtual ecosystem that is similar to the setup of a classroom for educators, professionals as well as students. 

With this new and a lot more improved New Zenler jumping in the market, the platform is holding a motive of providing user-friendly and simple solutions for the creators of the course so that they can create a well-structured and organized curriculum. The platform is power-packed with various incredible features like a marketing funnel, progress tracking, and lead management.

New Zenler - Overview

The user can also choose the host-platform for hosting the course. This basically means that the users can both control as well as overlook the complete process as well as also have a total proprietorship of the product. The New Zenler is definitely a hard-to-beat software with a plethora of excellent automation features it possesses.

Zenler reviews

Now that we have a basic idea about what this platform is let us get into the details of the features that the New Zenler has to offer. 

zenler logos

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Detailed Features Of New Zenler (Zenler Reviews)

New Zenler course

New Zenler Reviews

  • Marketing Funnels

New Zenler - Marketing Funnel


Creating the Marketing Funnel is almost the same as creating the funnels on the ClickFunnels. The platform is soon going to have Share Funnels that basically means that one user can create a funnel and then share it with their friends or colleagues. In this way, they can begin with using the same funnel with no need of building it from the scratch.

Zenler beta funnels

This cool feature of shared funnels is the same as that on the ClickFunnels. Along with the already existing 6 to 7 pre-made templates, the Zenler team is consistently working on adding more and more new templates to their list. 

Zenler Review funnels

  • Email Broadcasts

Zenler emails

The features of email marketing are very well present in New Zenler. On this platform, you could send your marketing email to the leads you get with the use of marketing funnels. You can also automate using advanced tags and segmentation.

New Zenler - email Automation

  • Zoom Integration

The New Zenler can integrate with Zoom’s webinar platform. This way, users can save on Zoom’s subscription cost. You can easily host your live class for the students who enrolled, and no one else can enter your meeting room or webinar. The live webinar feature will help in conducting the marketing webinars for selling the courses. You can make your core prospects, and goals enter your webinar.

New Zenler - Zoom Live

What is more? You can also live-stream it directly from your Zoom webinar to the YouTube channel or Facebook Group. This will also save up the subscription charges of streaming platforms like

  • Course Creation

New Zenler course

This is the most crucial aspect of the New Zenler. Its interface provides a pretty seamless experience in the construction of the course. New Zenler has got you covered irrespective of what you are looking for. May it be live sessions, video lectures, or PowerPoint presentations, you get everything on the New Zenler. 

New Zenler - Course Creation

  • Seamless Integration

New zenler integrations


The New Zenler as a suite for course creation fits perfectly in the existing online sales funnel. The platform basically isn’t just an online software for building courses, but it also is the way to sell your course right to the target audience. This is what is new about the platform.

  • Progress Tracking

For any online course, this feature is a staple. The New Zenler lets you keep an easy tab on the progress of the student at any point of time you want through its interface. This way, you can ascertain the retention of the audience for the course.

  • Page Creation

The software is not only about substance. Here you can also be creating compelling pages that can be acting as a magnet that can attract the leads for you. You can also target the audience with top-notch precision with this platform. 

New Zenler - Page Creation

  • Community Features

This feature is one of the most incredible features of this platform. The New Zenler offers you abundant amounts of facilities in order to create a pretty vibrant network amongst the students. The feature can prove to be a game-changer as interactions form the core of the success of any course.

New Zenler - Community

  • User Friendly

New Zenler pricing reviews

The creation of an in-depth course can prove to be a tough task, but the New Zenler has made this entire process of both hosting and building a lot easier. Numerous click and drag options, as well as easy page builders, lets even the users without any prior experience create their course in almost no time.

You get three options that come with well-defined objectives, and being the creator, it is important that you are clear about what you want to present to your audience. This way, you can make the most of the available features.

  • Bulk Enrollments

New zenler student

Adding the students individually and manually can be a cumbersome task, but the New Zenler offers you the provision of bulk enrollments. Once you get all the important data for the leads in a CSV or Excel format, it is super easy to upload all of them in bulk. This will help a lot in saving up a lot of your effort and time. This feature isn’t restricted to the students alone. You can take up a user and then designate them a role on the platform viz site admin, instructor, etc. 

New zenler blog posts

Under the tab for courses, you can opt for ‘Create a new course.’ Before you upload a file, make sure that all the lessons, may they be in the text format, video format, or audio format, are proofread and checked for errors. If this is done, the entire process of creation gets smooth. 

You can find the tab titled ‘Add Section’ on the left-hand side that enables the users to add various chapters. If the files you wish to upload are in order already, then you can simply opt for the ‘Bulk Upload’ option for uploading the complete course. 

New zenler reporting

What makes the New Zenler so incredible is the feature to accommodate various file types. Thus you can very easily upload the course, irrespective of the format and type. You can also put in some surveys and quizzes in the middle of your lessons if you want to provide the students with much more knowledge and also monitor as well as enhance the performance. Once you finish uploading all the lessons, you can instantly preview and then publish the course.

Zenler Updated Features in 2021

New Feature – Approve Assignments before continuing ✅

New Feature – Social Media Login on Zenler


New Zenler Pros And Cons

Let us get started with the Pros:

  1. You get total control over the creation, of course.
  2. The platform offers you an entire package of functionality via Lead Generation Infrastructure (Email Funnel, LP). 
  3. You also get comprehensive community-building attributes. 
  4. The pricing options are pretty accessible on the platform. 
  5. The platform lets dynamic tracking of progress for the audience.

Keep reading to know about the Cons:

  1. The platform has a little steep learning curve.
  2. It takes some time to set the platform up. 
  3. The software gets unresponsive sometimes. 

Our Video Tutorial For New Zenler Review

New Zenler Vs Teachable vs Thinkific

Zenler vs thinkific vs teachable vs kajabi

Features New Zenler Teachable Thinkific
Free Courses 0% 0% 0%
Paid Courses 0% 5% 0%
Pricing per month( billed annually) $447/Yr 948/Yr 948/Yr
Number of Unique Schools Three One One
Processing Fees
US sales 0% 2.9% +30 cents 0%
International Credit and Debit card sales 0% 3.9% + 30 cents 0%
International PayPal sale 0% 4.4% + 30 cets 0%
Chargeback Fee 0% 15$ 0%
BackOffice Fee 0% 2% 0%
Built-in Email Marketing Yes NA NA
Advanced Email Marketing (filters) Yes NA NA
Marketing Funnels Yes NA NA
Customizable Check-out Cart Yes No No
Tiered Pricing Plans Yes NA NA
Email Service Provider Integrations 7+ 1 0
WYSIWYG – Drag and Drop page Builder Yes No No
Live Webinars Coming Soon No No
Direct Integration with Pixabay – 1M+ Free images Yes NA NA
Live Chat Rooms Coming Soon NA NA
Email White Labeling Yes NA NA
Monthly Email Credits 100000 Per School NA NA
Communities Unlimited NA 1
Payment and payouts
Additional course prices Yes No No
Instant payouts Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Payouts Yes Yes Yes
Multiple payment methods and currencies Yes Yes Yes
Coupon codes Yes Yes No
Integrated payment processing Yes Yes Yes
Offer free trials Yes NA Yes
Offer payment plans Yes NA No
Bundles and upsells Yes NA No
Limits on usage
Unlimited courses Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited students Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited video bandwidth Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited hosting Yes Yes Yes
Email support Yes Yes Yes
Live chat Yes No NA
Priority support Yes NA No
Onboarding call No NA No
Launch preparedness review No NA No
Site Design and Administration
Student Management Yes Yes Yes
Custom domain Yes, 3 Yes Yes
Site Administrators 10 2 1
Course Administrators/Authors 20 NA No
Course Support Role 10 NA NA
Course Assistants 10 NA NA
Integrated affiliate program Yes Yes No
Integrated email marketing Yes Yes NA
Third party marketing integrations Yes Yes Yes
Advanced developer customization Yes No No
Unbranded websites No No No
Custom user roles No No No
Bulk import students Yes No No
Third party content creation tools and sites Yes Yes Yes
Import existing content Yes NA Yes
Built in content creation tools Yes NA Yes
Site monitoring dashboard NA NA Yes
Manual student enrollment and updates Yes NA Yes
Share revenue with partners NA NA No
Webhooks Yes NA No
API Premium NA No
Single sign on (SSO) Premium NA No
SSL Yes NA Yes
24/7 monitoring NA NA Yes
Export your data Yes NA Yes
Private instructor community Yes NA Yes
Bulk email students Yes NA No
Compatible with existing websites Yes NA Yes
Custom brand your site Yes NA Yes
Custom site links Yes NA Yes
Secure Cloud hosting and daily backups Yes NA Yes
Bulk student emailer Yes NA No
Email White labelling Yes NA No
Direct Active Campaign integration No NA No
Direct Infusionsoft integration No NA No
Teaching and learning
Lecture comments NA Yes NA
Basic quizzes Yes Yes Yes
Graded quizzes Yes No NA
Drip courses content Yes Yes Yes
Course completion certificates Yes No No
Course compliance NA No NA
Student course reviews Yes NA Yes
Student discussions Yes NA Yes
Student surveys Yes NA Yes
Randomized quiz question bank No NA No
Prerequisite lessons No NA No
Require video completion No NA No
Host storyline, Captivate and more NA NA No
Assignments NA NA No
Search Engine optimization Yes No Yes
Basic custamization of pages and courses Yes Yes Yes
Resume on any device Yes NA Yes
Self directed, group and hybrid courses NA NA Yes
Student Progress tracking and assessments Yes NA Yes
Multiple instructor profiles Yes NA Yes
Scheduled classes Yes NA Yes
Hidden courses Yes NA No
Private courses Yes NA No
Deliver evergreen classes NA NA Yes
Groups NA NA No
Downloadable content Yes NA Yes
Student Discussions Yes NA Yes
Student reviews Yes NA Yes
Student Surveys Yes NA Yes
Voice over PPT tool Yes NA Yes
Advanced reports Yes No Yes
Brillium exams integration No NA No


In this section, I will be putting forward the alternatives of Zenler

  • Podia

Pricing for Podia with coupons

Podia is one of the market leaders in this arena. On this platform, you can create memberships in order to attract much more leads as well as embedded checkouts for the purpose of smooth sales. The platform very well supports affiliate marketing and generates the code for the supporter for making the sales for you.

The platform keeps it easy for the creators, of course, and includes all that is needed for the creation of the course. It does not overwhelm its users with complicated features and offer excellent customer support. This can prove out to be a massive factor, especially at the very start. 

  • Teachable

Teachable - Pricing

Teachable is yet another platform with incredible features such as drip course content and graded quizzes that can make the experience of the course a lot more fuller and amazing. It has the great feature of generating the certificates of the course for those students who successfully put in their time. Check out Teachable Review with pros & cons.

When compared to the New Zenler, though, the basic plan by Teachable is a pretty economical plan, but Teachable comes with about 5 percent of the transaction fee on every sale. Also, just like the New Zenler, it supports unlimited amounts of students in all its plans. Teachable does not give in instant payouts.

  • Thinkific

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific is one of the pioneers in the arena of course creation and is a platform that has a history of great and successful creators. If online reviews are to be believed, most of them suggest that the platform has a pretty steep learning curve.

This is where the New Zenler gets an extra edge over Thinkific because the team at the New Zenler prioritized making their platform approachable so that even those who are not technologically experienced can use it as well. But many other reviews also suggested that the support team of Thinkific was right at hand in order to help the users through the process of learning. 

  • LearnDash

LearnDash is a cloud-based learning management system that assists educational institutions and businesses of all kinds in creating, tracking, and selling online courses. A bespoke course builder, quizzes, drip-feed information, a lesson timer, configurable prerequisites, knowledge forums, grade books, course points, certifications, and badges are just a few of LearnDash’s highlights. Multiple user profiles, email notifications, group management, thorough reporting, assignment management, and access privileges are just a few of the administrative features. Mobile devices are supported by LearnDash.


It works with WooCommerce, EDD, Stripe, SamCart, Course Grid, Zapier, BuddyPress, bbPress, Gravity Forms, Badge OS, GamiPress, Event Espresso, 2Checkout, MailChimp, and a variety of other platforms. Support is provided by phone, email, documentation, and an online help desk, and the platform is available on a yearly subscription basis. Check out LearnDash Reviews With Pros & Cons.

LearnDash is available across 3 pricing tiers; Basic, Plus, and Pro. Pricing plans – billed annually

Starting price: $199.00 per month

Free trial: Not Available

Free version: Not Available

  • Udemy

Udemy for Business is a learning management system (LMS) that enables teams, nonprofits, and businesses to design, assign, and track courses on a single platform. Supervisors can invite employees to join by sending them personalised email invitations, and they may track user activity to learn about trends, behaviour, and other information. Administrators can construct learning paths in the form of podcasts, custom courses, or web links and distribute them with their employees using Udemy for Business. Managers can create user groups and generate or download reports based on specified time periods.

Udemy - Overview

Additionally, businesses can customise the platform with brand logos and backgrounds to meet their specific needs. Udemy for Business offers Android and iOS mobile apps that allow users to access courses, download lessons, connect with instructors, and more. Pricing is accessible upon request, and support is offered through FAQs, a knowledgebase, video lessons, live chat, and other online tools.

The New Zenler Affiliate Program

The platform provides a referral program with the help of which you can boost the level of your passive income significantly. All you have to do is just recommend the platform to people. Everyone from your clients to friends can take benefit from the New Zenler’s Partner Program.

They provide you with humongous levels of income. Zenler offers one of the best systems where they offer you generously about 40 percent of commission in Tier 1. If the person you refer refers to someone else, you will get about 5 percent of what they are paying to Zenler too. This is what you call Tier 2 commissions. These commissions are not just for a limited time period. They are forever as long as your referral is with Zenler. Thus, it is an excellent way to get started with making extra bucks on this extensive platform.

What are the New & updated features of Zenler

New Zenler features

New Zenler has been crushing it in terms of new features for at least a year now. They have been launching new features rapidly and trying to please their users to utmost level.

Live Classes, Live Interactive Webinars & Live Stream by Zenler

Zenler helps you create and Run Live Classes to your students, Interactive Live Webinars to your audience and prospects & Broadcast Live to Facebook Live or Youtube Live and engage with your audience and prospects.

With New Zenler you can go up to 500 video participants and 49 onscreen videos. Built-in Chat, Screensharing, Security, WhiteBoard, Recording, Virtual Backgrounds, Share Files, Breakout Rooms & more.

Why Online Course Creation is beneficial according to Forbes:

At this point, 90% of students in developed countries are receiving classes online, with varying levels of excellence and satisfaction.

online courses creation reviews Zenler

Source Forbes : 

If you want to create a successful product, it needs to be a pain reliever.

Zenler reviews forbes

Source: Forbes

Pricing | How Much Does New Zenler Cost? New Zenler Promo Code

There are two pricing plans offered by the New Zenler viz Pro and Premium. 


The Original Price of the Pro Version is $1170 per year, and the Beta Price of the Pro Version is $447. The Original Price of the Premium Version is $5970 per year, and the Beta Price of the Premium Version is $1167. 

The Major Differences

New zenler support

  1. The pro version offers 1,00,000 emails per month, whereas the premium version offers 5,00,000 emails per month. 
  2. Also, the marketing funnel on the pro version is restricted to 100, whereas on the premium version, you get an unlimited marketing funnel. 
  3. Another difference between both the plans is that you get 25,000 leads on the pro version and unlimited leads on the premium one. 
  4. The automation on the pro version is limited to 500, whereas you get it unlimited in the premium plan.
  5. The number of leads on the pro version is 25000 and unlimited on the premium version. 
  6. The platform offers 10 site admins on the pro version and 20 site admins on the premium version. 
  7. With the pro version, you can have 20-course managers and 100-course managers with the premium version. 
  8. The pro version does not offer an API, unlike the premium version.
  9. The pro version offers you 3 custom domains with SSL support, whereas with the premium plan, you get 10.
  10. You cannot offer custom roles with the pro version, unlike the premium version.
  11. If you opt for the pro version, you will not get priority access to the upcoming features. 

Testimonials Of Zenler Reviews




FAQs On Zenler Reviews

🔥What is New Zenler?

New Zenler is an up-and-coming all-in-one online course software that lets you run your entire online education business from a single platform. It contains features for site construction, blogging, course selling, marketing funnels, email marketing, webinars, and affiliate marketing, in addition to strong course creation capabilities.

🔥What is the maximum video size that NEW Zenler supports?

They can support videos up to 1GB in size. They also usually suggest using Handbrake to reduce video without sacrificing quality. This can lower the size by up to a tenth.

🔥Do they have a variety of site theme designs from which to choose?

They just have one theme at the moment. However, they already have a huge stock of ready-made blocks. You may also replicate practically any design using elements. Later on, more themes will be introduced.

🔥What are the benefits of using tags?

Tags are a way to categorise your students. For instance, if someone enrols in your free course, you can apply a free tag using automation. You might want to send an email broadcast to everyone who has the Free tag applied later on. Instead, you might eliminate anyone who has the tag Free.

🔥Is it possible to upgrade to Premium at the same level as when I first signed up?

Yes, as a founding member benefit, you are locked in at the level at which you join. As a result, you can upgrade from Pro to Premium at any time. This implies that if you join Beta at a discounted rate, you can upgrade to Premium at a discounted rate at any time in the future - but only for founding members.

🔥Is there a monthly plan available?

They do not have a monthly plan that is available out of the box, thus pricing is already heavily discounted for founding members. Nevertheless, if necessary, [email protected] can set you up on a monthly basis; however, keep in mind that a year will save you the most money.

🔥What are the restrictions that come with a free Beta account?

Apart from White labelling, Live, and Custom Domain, the only restriction during Beta would be a limit of 1k marketing emails and 5k leads. Zenler Beta (Free plan) has a 10% transaction cost, but after you subscribe to a premium plan (Pro/Premium Plan), there is no transaction cost. When they debut, the free plan will have restricted functionality, mainly course hosting and delivery, similar to Old Z with a 10% rebate.

🔥How long do the cookies from the Affiliate program last?

The cookie has a 90-day lifespan. To receive the referral reward, the user must visit the referral link and sign up within the next 90 days.

🔥Is it possible to setup Subscription Plans with PayPal?

Subscriptions are not currently supported by Paypal. Paypal will consider allowing subscriptions once their new API is available.

🔥Why aren't the changes I made in the Page editor reflected in the preview?

Your local cache can be problematic at times. So, if you have any issues, be sure to clear your cache by opening a new Incognito window in your browser before reporting them. If the problem persists after completing the steps above, please contact [email protected] with the page information.

👉When Does The Partner Programme Payout Take Place?

The payout of the platform is on the first of every month only if they meet the 30-Day money back. Else it gets carried forward to the payouts of next month.

👉What Makes The New Zenler An Excellent Course Platform?

The platform is currently the best in the market that can make your experience of conducting the online course a lot more simpler and better.

👉Is It Possible To Customize System Emails On The New Zenler?

Yes, You can customize all your system emails. You just need to follow the given steps; Site → Language → System Emails.

👉Is It Possible To Upload A Video Larger Than 1 GB On The New Zenler?

No. You can upload a video size of 1GB by default. The best you can do is compress the videos without losing its quality by using the free tool for compression purpose, viz. in order to compress your video to about 1/10th of its size. This way, you can also optimize the bandwidth for the students.

👉 Which way is the best for integrating the third-party resources like the WordPress On The New Zenler?

Zapier is the best way when it comes to integration.

👉 Is it possible to bring about a change in the pre-defined text on the dynamic blocks?

Yes, You can customize it. You just need to follow the given steps; Site → Language.

New Zenler Live Event – Course Creation the Quick Tour

Zenler Pro User Interviews


Quick Links


Conclusion: New Zenler Review 2021 Can You Trust Zenler ? 

So now comes the main question. Is the New Zenler really worth your time and money? The answer to this question is YES !!

Is New Zenler good?

– New Zenler’s powerful course creation tools let you quickly create, edit and publish courses in minutes.

– Create unlimited courses using the built-in Teacher module with all course templates and plugins.

– Course building is the most complicated part of creating an online course, so New Zenler makes it simple and fun with its 4 easy steps to get started.

– Add videos to your courses, view statistics on the fly and see what other people are doing on your website.

– Content management: You can add videos, images, videos of friends, previous sales letters or more than 1 million keywords from YouTube and 100+ high quality plug ins for New Zenler’s intuitive platform.

– Attract qualified leads to your business with expert coaching, personal coaching and support.

– Create a landing page that sells courses, without needing to hire an expensive developer or spend hours coding.

If you are someone aspiring to become a digital consultant or coach, this platform is highly recommended. As mentioned above, you get a plethora of facilities and features at your disposal.

The software is surely a complete package, and a must-have if you are someone in the market who is looking forward to launching your own course online. 

6 thoughts on “New Zenler Review 2021 (Top 5 Features & Pricing) New Zenler Discount Coupon (Zenler Reviews)”

  1. I have been using NewZenler for 12 months by now.
    I likes the software tool and their functionalities, and I also like their awesome video training that were created for our learning and education.
    Most importantly, I like the community of instructors in the Facebook Group because of their expertise and experiences. I learnt so much just by ‘showing up’ every day in the Facebook Group area.
    I’ll surely recommend to you all!

  2. New Zenler is fantastic! As a Trainer, Speaker and Author I’m able to use it as an all-in-one platform for our online business. We’ve saved so much money being able to get rid of all the other apps and platforms that we had to use. The best part about NZ is their Support is second to none!

  3. New Zenler is one of the up-and-coming online teaching tools that offers an all-in-one platform.
    New Zenler has it all! Even for an all-in-one, the platform has an edge over most competitors when it comes to features, including:
    》Course hosting and design
    》Course Assignments
    》Cart + Affiliate Program
    》Page/Funnel Builder
    》Webinar/Live hosting

  4. The New Zenler provides with community creation with full landing page support and creation features. There are interactive sessions which the webinar hosts which is of great use.

  5. I’ve been using New zener Since past few months and there are some features which I really like are
    Complete Control Over Course Creation
    1.All-in-One Functionality through Lead Gen Infrastructure (LP, email funnel)
    2.Holistic Community Building Features
    3.Dynamic Progress Tracking For Your Audience
    4.Accessible Pricing Options

  6. The platform is easy and clear to use. You can create a course, give it a price option, build the sites and automate the emails in a simple way.
    Everything goes smoothly.
    All together a great tool! Highly to recommend.


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