Nexcess vs Kinsta 2024: Which Is The Better WordPress Hosting? (Pros & Cons)

Nexcess vs Kinsta

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Kinsta's newest version should aid businesses in improving privacy, reliability, and optimization. Nexcess will be my first preference in the eCommerce world. Hence, Nexcess is the winner here but Kinsta can be good choice for medium sized business.

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In this post, we have shared the Nexcess vs Kinsta 2024 comparison. Which One is Better WordPress Hosting. Read further.



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Anyone looking for a reliable web host with services from free site migrations to CDN services, and 100% uptime to around the clock support

Anyone looking for WordPress managed hosting with fast free servers and round the clock support.

  • Auto-scaling Nexcess Cloud platform
  • Web hosting services by SSDs and RAID
  • Enhanced Verification (EV) SSL Certificate
  • SSL Certificate
  • Forced HTTPS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Out of the box e-Commerce solution
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling
  • Free Site Migration
  • Creates Backup of Websites
  • Excellent outcome and Uptime
  • Some complaints of downtime.
  • Expensive Pricing
Ease of Use

Nexcess promises superior loading speeds and server performance, particularly for Magento or WordPress websites.

Kinsta is one of the best and easy to set up hosting for Wordpress.

Value For Money

Nexcess gives good value for money though it is a little overpriced.

Gives good value of money but less cheap than most shared hosting. If you have just started, you must try another hosting.

Customer Support

Nexcess support staff is available 24/7/365 to resolve issues you have quickly. You can reach support through client portal, via email, or by phone.

Kinsta gives stellar support but lacks live chat. It gives 24/7 round the clock support.

Were you aware of the fact that the list of WordPress Hosting is endless?

You might be confused about which hosting in the market is by far the best or the one you can invest in without hesitation.

Businesses are responsible for ensuring that their websites are fully operational before purchasing supervised WordPress hosting. This entails a slew of seemingly irrelevant specific skills that quickly add up. WordPress might cease to work once configurations, caches, backup, and upgrades aren’t treated on a routine basis.

When a website drops down, profit is lost, and time is wasted seeking to find out what is happening.

That’s why we, along with a large number of other companies, use customized WordPress hosting. The supplier handles all technical details, the websites are improving rapidly, and WordPress rarely drops away.

Wordpress hosting- nexcess vs kinsta

If a problem occurs, the managed WordPress hosting assistance team is working swiftly to settle matters. Even though we currently pay a more significant monthly fee for dedicated hosting, this does save us a great deal of money.

Selecting a quick hosting solution is key to the achievement of your company website. However, if your WordPress website heaps frequently, you may experience the following problems:

  1. Marginal ratings in search engines.
  2. Higher bounce statistics.
  3. Lowering the proportion of page hits.
  4. Conversion rates are much lower.
  5. Revenue is down.

So is website pace relevant for your guests, but this is still a prominent Google ranking feature, so it’s not always that Google unequivocally asserts an SEO ranking aspect.

We’ve compiled a list of our preferred managed WordPress hosting alternatives, mainly Nexcess vs Kinsta, as well as a quick roadmap to letting you choose the ideal one just for your requirements.

Nexcess vs Kinsta Comparison 2024: Battle Between WordPress Hosting

Nexcess: The Most Effective for Ecommerce Websites

Nexcess Overview - Nexcess vs Kinsta

Nexcess is an incredibly feature-rich web hosting company specifically designed for a small number of CMSs, such as Magento and WordPress. They have multiple network infrastructure in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States and have been in existence since 2000.

Nexcess is a well-established hosting company that offers services for a wide range of portals and specifications. Since it can satisfy today’s interactive platforms’ demands, its maintained WordPress hosting seems to be a very formidable choice for eCommerce businesses.

To begin with, Nexcess provides much more bandwidth with every USD than just about every other competitor. Also, their cheapest program outlines two TB of broadband, leaving other providers throughout the dust.

This is massive news for eCommerce, affiliate websites, and individuals selling classes online. They merely cannot work correctly in a bandwidth-constrained environment.

Nexcess plans include substantial storage space in comparison to liberal bandwidth limits.

Due to the highly automated image optimizations, businesses can make the most of their additional capacity, prevent inefficiencies, and maintain top-notch website performance.

Nexcess website Hosting plans include all features as well as 24/7/365 telephone, chat rooms, and message board. The smaller firms have exposure to just about everything corporate clients have, which would be a considerable advantage for firms seeking to keep up with the competition quickly.

Nexcess, like most managed service providers, has invested a lot of time into enhancing the backend IT surroundings for WordPress. Nexcess, on the other hand, uses different technologies such as Magneto and BigCommerce.

This gives businesses that have more than WordPress to communicate with their clients a bit more freedom.

Kinsta: Excellent WP Engine Option

Kinsta Overview - Nexcess Vs Kinsta

Kinsta is a luxury managed WordPress hosting service used by the world’s most prestigious companies with one of the most challenging website requirements.

Would there be a lot of traffic?

Would there be a lot of accessibility?

That’s no issue.

Tripadvisor includes management sections for almost all cities on the planet. To accommodate legions of specific customers Truly understand, the owners of TurboTax and QuickBooks require excessively secure websites.

Each of these businesses has faith in Kinsta to have the work completed. Kinsta has become a cloud-based hosting that offers managed WordPress policies unrivaled in computer capacity and efficiency. In the personal testing process, it outperformed the industry while remaining relatively simple when using.

Kinsta specializes in WordPress-controlled domains. The critical phrase here has been “managed,” which is everything from hosting to the server configuration is handled for you.

That’s a cloud-based system primarily available on Google Cloud Platform, which means the databases are quick, and there’s a built-in backup. Whenever you need assistance, there seems to be the primary service proficient in WordPress, at best as per the sales pitches.

Does it seem too tempting? That isn’t the case. It’s just that it’s costly.

Kinsta, such as WP Engine, is created on Google Cloud Page. However, it is slightly different. Every website is housed with its crate by Kinsta, which employs LXD controlled hosting.

Since each docker is separated and includes all that wants to drive by itself, the parameters influence peace and protection.

Also, it provides the flexibility to upgrade plans. Rather than changing between shared hosting to something like a VPS, all Kinsta customers have the same network topology.

Containers are possible to implement in WP Engine, so they are the default mode in Kinsta. There are no additional responsibilities so that you can enjoy all of the perks.

Kinsta’s self-healing design is an excellent example of a hands-off aspect. Each second confirms the progress for your PHP facility. Whether it’s downed, Kinsta would try to restart it instantaneously.

Kinsta could also fine-tune your WordPress systems depending upon your project’s requirements. Kinsta optimizes your databases to enhance quality every week without you lifting a finger.

EASE OF USE AND FEATURE: Nexcess vs Kinsta


Nexcess guarantees faster page load times and better processing power, especially for Magento and WordPress websites.

Nexcess features- kinsta vs nexcess

They assert to be upwards to 13x better than current web hosting, which would be a pretty precise statement based on our testing. 

They do so by storing their data on SSDs and using RAID and Apache 2.4, MySQL 5.7, and PHP 7.0/7.1. This powerful triangle provides substantially lower storage overhead, enhanced load steering, additional security, and increased quality.

Nexcess Cloud’s auto-scaling framework is among the company’s standout features. This implies that whenever your home page suffers a spike in traffic or e-commerce activities, the user’s capabilities would dynamically adjust up to manage close and double the enhanced load, guaranteeing optimum performance for your guests, mostly during peak times.

The following are some of the most significant characteristics of any Nexcess-managed WordPress hosting strategy:

  1. Every website gets an SSL certificate.
  2. It includes email.
  3. Backups are made every day.
  4. Updates to plugins.
  5. Environment for training sessions.
  6. It includes platforms with stencils (site cloning).
  7. Sensory regression analysis.

I’ll concentrate on this variety of options because Nexcess Cloud remains their most vital asset.

The XS Sharing Nexcess Cloud packages provides customers with the following benefits:

  • Fifty Gigabyte data storage 1 TB bandwidth 25 simultaneous users – and upwards to Fifty via auto-scaling.
  • When you upgrade to an M Shared Nexcess Cloud policy, you get 75 daily visitors (100 from auto-scaling), 125 GB of system memory, and three TB of access.
  • You could also choose their Specialized Nexcess Cloud plans when your homepage requires the highest standards of quality. These begin with the L strategy, which includes:
  1. There are many simultaneous users (125 with auto-scaling)
  2. Data storage: 400 Gigabytes
  3. Five TB of data transfer
  4. Twenty virtual CPUs
  5. RAM: Twenty Gigabytes

The top-level allows 150 users simultaneously (175 with auto-scaling), provides 800 Gigabytes of system memory, ten TB of bandwidth, 32 virtual CPUs, and 32 GB of RAM.

Naturally, many of these options include free SSL certification, and you can always upgrade to such an Enhanced Verification (EV) SSL Certificate only for the highest possible level of security authentication.

You could choose from only several accessible CMSes while creating your profile, and they’ll be compiled for you immediately. Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, ExpressionEngine, CraftCMS, and OroCRM are among them.

The Nexcess Customer Panel is available to all Nexcess customers and enables you to manage your entire domain name with only one login. Nexcess often offers free domain extinctions, and now you can confidently state that your homepage would be up and running again in no moment.

Nexcess has a solution to meet your style, even if you’re a freelance WordPress programmer constructing e-commerce websites for customers or a company wanting to promote hundreds of interactive online retail arenas. 


Kinsta features- kinsta vs nexcess

Kinsta fills the role of “management” very sincerely- Every two minutes, many options include website uptime inspections, a promise that they would repair your homepage if it has been compromised, and automated website leveling.

The Starter plan involves:

  • One website.
  • Ten gigabytes of disc space.
  • It has enough capacity for 20,000 regular visits.

This seems to be a fantastic idea, and Kinsta is outstanding at assisting you in making the most use of your assets.

So there is no “hidden benefit” accessible even to the more comprehensive packages, but no strange price rating system where you’ll have to compensate for features you may not need merely to receive the one you should.

It operates on one’s enhanced programming tools and is entirely cloud-based.

SSL certificates are primarily performed, as one would anticipate from such a premium membership. SSL ensures that almost all your customers are doing on your website is secured, which would be beneficial for safety, preventing litigation, or even receiving a Google ranking boost. 

By choice, hourly backups are entirely automated so that you can add your particular jams on request. Dynamic platforms will go from severe to light without any time, thanks to performance-enhancing cache possibilities.

Google Cloud Data Centers Around the World (Are a Good Thing)- Almost every sharing hosting company uses PCs who are from the mid-2010s at the finest to the mid-2000s at the very worst. 

Kinsta cloud platform featiues

Kinsta doesn’t somehow run one’s cloud services, frequently relying on Google’s cutting-edge, high-performance cloud data centers to host its WordPress website. That ensures you get all of the most substantial, most up-to-date equipment for your proposal, but you now have a variety of server sites to choose from.

Kinsta has seven data centers in the United States and twenty-four worldwide. Kinsta is the strongest quality host for viewers in Zurich, So Paulo, Sydney, Seoul, Tokyo, Taiwan, and other cities. 

Kinsta does have its content delivery network (CDN)- Although many providers would let you use a third-party CDN, it is indeed typically Cloudflare, but it’s generally the free option. Since you pay for Cloudflare’s best plans, this puts you at a significant disadvantage. Kinsta’s original CDN is quick, and it’s already used at the cost you’re offering. Just what is not to like about that?

High-traffic sites benefit from auto-scaling CPU and RAM- Many hosts merely crash or submit you an invitation stating, “Pay considerably a little more, and your website builder will accommodate the traffic.” It rarely happens with them. 

To illustrate, the excess value of RAM available from Kinsta is also calculated to be approximately ten times that of rivals. That, my friends, is the distinction between a WooCommerce store that can accommodate thousands of concurrent guests and gives you a great deal of money. 

Kinsta has several time-saving technologies built-in, including:

  1. Backups are undertaken on something like a regular and on-demand basis.
  2. They were setting up the area.
  3. It has malicious software and hacker extraction.
  4. Support for multiple sites and users.
  5. SSL certificates are available for free.
  6. SSH information is needed.
  7. Cloning a website is also available.
  8. They Track the success of project management.

When you’re about to implement a widget or change it up, having the ability to make it manually, backup sections are applicable. So rather than trying to restore your website to just the earlier days, you could safeguard yourself from when you decided to leave.

Through one or two exceptions, the entire result is seamless, comfortable, and a refreshing change. Let’s have a glance at the positives and negatives.

Kinsta created one’s WordPress framework but has built and configured each preset always to meet your WordPress requirements.

There’s hardly anything exactly unlike using only a screen designed by UX/UI experts who know both whatever you need and, therefore, what you might not.

The website and DNS configurations were the only problems.

They weren’t set up on time for my realm, which had been located somewhere, even though there was no reason why this hasn’t been done immediately because it is with some of the more acceptable shared hosts. Even so, everything had been excellent again afterward.

That was a refreshing change of use.

Nexcess vs Kinsta Hosting Pricing Comparison:


Nexcess Pricing- Nexcess Vs Kinsta

 In exchange, several other less expensive cloud web hosts lack Nexcess 24/7 technical assistance, auto-scaling, data backup, homepage speed, and caches.

Their auto-scaling capability lets you include twice as many website visitors for multiple hours, even without incurring any extra fees. Afterward, you have the option of paying even by hours or upgrading towards the next level of services.

This is just a massive benefit over the pay-as-you-go approach used by several other cloud host suppliers. You would not be held liable when your webpage performs possibly the best.

Besides, when the increase in productivity is only intermittent, you would not be charged.

Mostly with Nexcess Customer Panel improvements and write-downs are indeed a piece of cake: you could even immediately switch from distributed to managed server mechanisms.

There seems to be no trial period or free option whatsoever, which is reasonable considering the service quality they provide.

Nexcess proactively approaches customer care. Instead of waiting for you all to notify them whenever complications start, they engage in continually tracking your portals and databases and prohibiting problems from happening.

Furthermore, throughout the improbable chance that problems arise, their support members are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week via telephone, mail, push notifications, and chat rooms.

Please keep in mind that you can only contact technical support once signing onto your contact page, as the online stream on their official site is specifically for pre-sales queries.

With 15 dollars per month, you receive fifteen Gigabytes of memory and two TB of connectivity with the Spark entry-level scheme. The space is ample, and nobody else provides quite enough connectivity for such a low price.

The Maker plan costs 65 dollars every month. The cost is equivalent to Kinsta’s Pro plan, so Nexcess Maker allows users to make ten domains instead of a Kinsta Pro policy’s maximum of two.

Nexcess, like most suppliers, can auto-scale your assets to support requirements. What sets them apart is that they do not charge you for the first 24 hours of such a traffic spike.

In a nutshell, eCommerce suppliers on Nexcess are well-positioned to succeed. They handle most Core WordPress updates and seamlessly upgrade most of your plugins. Instant widget upgrades have become an additional cost on most of the other systems.

Within fourteen days, you can try Nexcess managed WordPress hosting free. Once you end up signing up only for service, each paying package offers a 30-day money-back assurance.


Kinsta Pricing- Nexcess Vs Kinsta

Kinsta has a massive selection of options to choose from. Since it’s constructed on Google Cloud’s packaging, businesses can quickly adapt to changes as their resource needs arise. There have been no agreements that are restricted in length because there are no fines for altering your minds.

Kinsta also provides five additional options for more prominent corporations and businesses than the regular mentioned above. You’ll get the complete host of possibilities and functionality regardless of what scheme you choose.

Starter plans include one luxury relocation that entails filling out a document and leaving the majority to Kinsta technicians. Price uprisings are included in higher packages.

Is Kinsta Expensive?

Kinsta is on the much more expensive side with price because every coverage comes with 24/7 chat sessions and ticket-based assistance.

The business does not offer phone service, which may appear to be a turnoff at first. They remain, nonetheless, very straightforward regarding their motives. And, given the positive feedback concerning Kinsta’s service quality, their model is implemented.

You won’t even be able to use cache features with Kinsta, but this isn’t a disadvantage. The system enables both built-in cache but their internal cache widget, which fits brilliantly than front-end extensions.

To put it another way, Kinsta customers wouldn’t have to complain about the cache. It’s one of several features of WordPress that function admirably without any extra hassle.

The 30-day money-back promise offered by Kinsta is lower than the two-month test provided by WP Engine. But that is enough time for you all to figure out which framework feels right.

Advantages and Disadvantages: Kinsta vs Nexcess



  • For some CMSes, efficiency can be up to Thirteen times quicker.
  • Specialist Magento and WordPress assistance are available.
  • Nexcess Cloud infrastructure with auto-scaling.
  • It is an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution that is simple and quick.


  • Expenses are higher than the average host.
  • With small-scale blogs, this isn’t the best option.



  • Excellent outcome and Uptime is a term used to describe the amount of time.
  • Help support with server characteristics and places: There are 24 city options of choosing from around the country.
  • The ease with which you can use it.
  • Backups of the website.
  • They created this layout specifically for WordPress.

Negative aspects:

  • WordPress is the only platform available.
  • There are several restrictions.
  • Prices have gone up.

Nexcess vs Kinsta Testimonials:

Here are the customer reviews of Nexcess and Kinsta.


Nexcess vs kinsta testimonials


Kinsta testimonials- Kinsta vs Nexcess

FAQs On Nexcess vs Kinsta

🔥Is Kinsta's price justified?

If you've got the financial resources, Kinsta's managed WordPress hosting services are well worth the entry investment. Immensely few hosts can boost the quality of the systems being used to operate Kinsta sites, but our test results were, indeed, impressive. They weren't off the graphs, although they did provide visually appealing charts we've seen.

💥 What is the price of Nexcess?

Nexcess has plans ranging from seven dollars to $22. The cost is determined by the nature of the hosting solution selected. The most recent prices table (revised daily) is above.

👓Where can I find Kinsta's data centres?

To be more specific, Kinsta doesn't even have any network infrastructure. Apart from Africa, all networking is managed by a Google Cloud Service with storage systems in every nation. Remember, this is Google, and it's just a waiting game before they open a data centre or two in Africa. There have already been eight data centres in North America, extending between Los Angeles to Montreal. You are spoiled for the option.

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CONCLUSION- Nexcess vs Kinsta 2024 | The Winner Is…

The implication at the end is that as a company grows, the boss’s focus shifts from saving each dollar to getting used to every penny invested. Proper management would be more costly. There isn’t any other option. 

The minor upkeep that comes with WordPress amounts, and if this is not taken care of, will lead to costly issues. You might probably pay for extra services, hosting facilities, and even recruiting a Website designer if you choose the less expensive alternative.

Kinsta’s newest version should aid businesses in improving privacy, reliability, and optimization. Nexcess will be my first preference in the eCommerce world.

There are no bandwidth exemptions that measure up to those offered by any managed WordPress problem. You won’t have to be concerned about traffic when hosting static websites. It demands many customers to complete carts, configure product variants and browse through high-resolution photographs.

Kinsta's newest version should aid businesses in improving privacy, reliability, and optimization. Nexcess will be my first preference in the eCommerce world. Hence, Nexcess is the winner here but Kinsta can be good choice for medium sized business.

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