Niche Scraper Review 2023: Best Dropshipping Research Tool?

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  • Start Finding Winning Products
  • Product Scraper
  • Store Analysis
  • Video Maker
  • Full access to the most powerful dropshipping bot
  • Advance Product research Tool
  • New Winning Products Added Every Day
  • Get products with Facebook Ads, Suppliers, and More!


  • A Little Bit Expensive
  • Limited data on topics like winning products like sales trends, etc

The Niche Scraper is an easy way to find the right products that you can sell. It is very powerful and helps you by spying on other Shopify stores.

Price:$ 99.99

Looking for an Unbiased Niche Scraper Review 2023, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

We all know that in the e-commerce business world, a product can make or break your business. As a product can decide how much ROI we are going to get from any particular product.

We have seen exponential growth in an e-commerce business that indicates the increase of cut-throat competition. Apart from that, there are tons of people who are making millions from their Dropshipping Business.

Once you get started with your e-commerce store the next most important step is to find reliable and winning products.

But most of the beginners somehow fail and they end up with a total garbage product that doesn’t bring any sales. Starting and running a successful Dropshipping Business is not that easy. You need to grind and dwell more and more to find winning products that can do the work.

Dropshipping- Niche Scraper Review

You may have also seen that there are tons of people who are making huge money with Shopify stores. But, have you ever thought, about what type of product they are choosing in order to stand out from the competition and get sales conversions and high ROI?

No idea, they are using legit tools to find winning Shopify products.

Manually finding a potential product seems to be quite difficult and impossible because, in order to do so, you have plenty of time and money to waste. Let’s assume that you somehow find a product manually and it’s not performing well and it’s not bringing any sales. Then at that point, what will you do?

There are a number of tools and software that can help you in finding winning products. But, every product is having its own limitations and drawbacks too.

What if I tell you, there is a more accurate and reliable Product Hunt Tool that helps you to find winning Shopify products that will bring sales conversions and high ROI (Return On Investment).

Here, comes Niche Scraper– A reliable tool that helps in finding winning products it’s a powerful and advanced research bot. The best part about Niche Scraper is that new products are being added by them every day.

In this post, we have featured Niche Scraper Review 2023 which includes all the detailed insights about Niche Scraper in detail. Let’s get started here. Before that check out our special discount link to get 40% Off On Annual Plan Now.

Bottom Line: The Niche Scraper is a powerful dropshipping and product research tool. It allows you to check out other Shopify stores and help you find winning products. It basically saves your time and does all the research for you to sell the right product. Find the perfect product to sell with Niche Scraper today.


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Niche Scraper Review: In A Nutshell

Basically, Niche Scraper is a dropshipping tool that helps in finding winning products from Shopify stores all over the world.  You can also outsource the products you want to sell on your Shopify Store. You can find top-selling products or trending products from a Shopify store of your choice or top Shopify stores in the world.

Niche Scraper Review- Hunt Winning Products

How To Use Niche Scraper To Find Winning Shopify Products?

Method 1: Shopify Store Search

Using this method you can easily hunt down all of the winning products of any specific store of your choice and also the estimated revenue simply by using different filters. This method can really, help in extracting top-selling products from your competitor’s store.

Depending on your needs, you can browse Shopify stores.

Here is an example for a better understanding.

Let’s say you are looking for computer accessories.

Let’s search for  Mechanical Mouse. Then just click on the search key…

Niche Scraper - find Shopify products

You will find many profitable products related to your search, check the store and other nitty-gritty details before choosing any product.

This option is very powerful and allows you to find trendy products and export them to your store in a minute.

Instead of inventing virus products, it’s always easy to sell products that are already in fashion.

Method 2: Shopify Product Search

In this method, all you need to do is simply enter a keyword and just check out all of the recently added winning products right from best performing Shopify stores in the world simple, and here you can also apply different filters in order to to get the most specific search result.

Niche Scraper generally allows you to find the products that are the best selling, frequently asked, and are actually capable of giving more sales conversions and high ROI.

So, these are the ways that Niche Scraper offers in order to find reliable and winning products that can help you in getting more sales and ROI.

Niche Scrapper Review- Store Search

If you look at the product section of this software, you’ll soon find out that the developers of this tool have named the section “Hand-picked products.” I agree, without arguments.

Regarding the “Selected Products by Hand” section, I found that all the products available in this category are unique and truly useful to customers. In addition; Each product consists of an informative description of the product. These product descriptions are of great value to the product pages. I appreciate these positive qualities very much.

Benefits of Using Niche Scraper:

Unlimited access to hand-picked products with:

  • Find profitable products
  • Facebook Ad Reports
  • Targeting Ideas
  • AliExpress Reports
  • Suppliers
  • Unlimited access to the Facebook video ad tool.
  • Scrape a store’s top-selling products.
  • Reveal the expected revenue of other stores.
  • Monthly subscription.
  • Access to our selected dropshipping community.
  • Easy cancellation at any time.

Features of Niche Scraper

  • Handpicked Winning Products (Everyday)

Yeah, that’s the best feature I like about Niche Scraper as here you can easily find trending products from a top-selling stores on Shopify all around the world. We all know that finding a store that is actually selling well can take a long time.

Niche Scraper Review- Hand Picked Products

In this feature, when you will just click on any of the products you will get the description of the product, features, selling price, product cost, and profit margin along with more valuable data like FB Ads, Audience Targeting, Links, and Profits.

Niche Scraper Review- Products Details

You will be getting all the details regarding the products, which can help you get more insights about any particular product. Along with that you will be also getting a Real Buyers Review From AliExpress and that’s quite impressive.

Niche Scraper is manually adding winning products every day. So, stop wasting time, money, and effort on bad products that don’t bring any sales.

  • Facebook Ads Generator (Ads Copy & Targeting):

This tool generally gives you insights about all of the top-selling products right on Shopify. Here you can also scratch their ads insights like you can uncover targeting, age, group, interests, ads types along with demographics too.

Niche Scraper Review- Facebook Video Ad Generator

The Traffic Estimator is another important feature of Niche Scraper and also you will have the revenue right for each store along with the FB target suggestions and suppliers too.

Niche Scraper is also an automation tool as the tool was specially designed in order to help you out with surfing and searching that will really save your precious time. But there are also some products searches that can be done manually right when you have the information about the seller.

How to Use Niche Scraper Effectively?

I have listed two methods that you can use to find products. But here I’m going to tell you how you can use to find the best selling products of any category.

You can simply search a category of product that you wanted to sell and the crawler of Niche Scraper will provide you a list of the relevant result to your search. And from that search, you will be able to find products that are having a good track record of a massive sellout, high conversions, and more ROI.

Here Niche Scraper tool will immediately display many bestsellers from tins of the best performing Shopify store. Basically, the Niche Scraper is embedded right with a tool that allows you to filter all the stores in your result and just display store only those stores that generally allow dropshipping.

And the best part about Niche Scraper is that it will easily extract data from the Shopify store of your choice and it also allows you to easily import a product you actually want to list on your store. Niche Scraper really makes it easy to import products from any of the stores you were spying. All you need to do is simply connect your Shopify store right with your Niche Scraper account. That’s it you are all ready to go.

We have curated a list of the best product research tools that you might find interesting. Check out our list of best Jungle Scout alternatives.

Niche Scraper Pricing | Niche Scraper Discount 2023

There are 3 packages of pricing offered by Niche Scraper: the free one, the basic, and the pro version. As you can see here the pricing plans are very simple and if you also don’t have any budget then Free Version is for you.

Niche Scraper Review- Pricing

The free plan: It is the smallest and very limited. Membership in the Niche Scraper Free Plan has access to the winning products only 3 days later. In addition, limited access to other features of the tool.

Pro membership ($ 29): This is the current plan and costs a total of $ 29 per month. Member users have unrestricted access to all elements of the tool. You can create an unlimited number of videos for different products.

Annual Membership: This plan is virtually identical to the previous one, but you can use the massive 60% discount if you want to pay each year

We would like to recommend here, if you really want to get some instant results then you should go with the pro version as it offers more flexibility and tons of advanced features. You will get more advantages compared to the free packages as you will be also getting more data insight about that product and also many more valuable data.

The best I like most about Niche Scraper is that here you can pay your registration fees right after your 2-4 sales. And then you have to pay a membership fee of $59.95 a month and that’s it. And if you want to cancel your membership then you can cancel it at any point.

Will You Need To Pay Any Recurring Payment After the MEMBERSHIP FEE?

Yes, right at the end of every month there will be automatic payment features that will collect or deduct the amount from your account.  

And somehow if you don’t need the membership you can just cancel it anywhere, anytime easily. In order to cancel your membership, you need to just click on the “Cancel Membership” button that will be in your account settings. It’s really easy to join and cancel the membership.

Why You Should Use Niche Scraper?

We all know how difficult it is to find reliable and profitable products that we can sell in our stores. First, we can not find the right products and active niches which can lead to huge losses. So, If you are willing to find the most successful product you need an ace tool like Niche Scraper.

Niche Scrapper Review- Why should You Use It

Niche Scraper is a widely used tool that runs on an automated machine in order to offer the best-selling products from the top-notch Shopify stores in the world. As a result, you can easily have profitable products that can help you achieve greater sales and ROI.

Niche Scraper Review- Verified Testimonial

With Niche Scraper you will be able to search for the products that are actually beneficial and proven. And here you can also have the revenue of any store, ads, and many more things in a row.

You do not have to brag about ordinary products, you just have to start with Niche Scraper and refer to the best-selling products on the market. You do not have to brag about ordinary products, you just have to start with Niche Scraper and refer to the best-selling products on the market.

Niche Scraper Customer Support

I think the Niche Scraper team is trying to educate their customers and help them create a win-win situation. You can see that very interesting YouTube videos have been uploaded here. Most videos were made by Eric Smith. In these videos, he explains how to correctly recognize trends and market products.

In addition; There is also a blog section and niche scraper video under the tutorial. You can view and expand your e-commerce knowledge.

When you sign up for Niche Scraper, you will also receive an invitation to join your Facebook group. I encourage you to join the community because you have the opportunity to receive the latest marketing recommendations.

Is Niche Scraper A Scam Or A Legitimate Product?

No! It is not so.

I want to emphasize that this product is a real product that can help all e-commerce business owners. This tool provides a solid solution for finding products for the hot sale.

A significant portion of the e-commerce budget needs to be used for product testing. With this tool, you can save a lot of money by testing rare products on the wrong target audience. If you’re interested in a product that can be sold, you can try it out by simply listing it on your website and launching the ads.

Who Is The Developer Of Niche Scraper?

Eric Smith is the creator of this incredible Niche Scraper product search tool. You will find it in your personal Facebook account and on YouTube. I’ve noticed that Eric Smith is a true Internet guy who helps newcomers build their businesses.

According to his personal Facebook account, he comes from Florida, USA. Although he has two Facebook accounts, it seems to be the real Facebook account.

I’ve tried to cover almost all the main features of the tool, Niche Scraper, in this review. I am firmly convinced that everyone now has a clear idea of what he can do with this tool.

Niche Scrapper Review- testimonials

You could be at different levels in your online business. so; It seems that buying the Pro version of this tool is a good investment for those in the key stages of their e-commerce based online business. My suggestion is that it is wiser to sign up for the free trial before purchasing the pre-payment version.

During the trial period, you can decide if this tool is really useful or not. If the features of this software add value to your business, you can of course upgrade to the Pro version without hesitation.

Compared to any other product search tool on the market, Niche Scraper can be considered one of the most useful tools on the market. With this tool, you can detect new trends before they become viral.

You can earn a lot of money at the beginning of the trend. Do not expect big profits at the top of the trend. At the height of the trend, demand and competition are much higher. In such a situation, there are not enough rooms to increase your return on investment.

Still, researching? Check out Nich Scraper other competitor comparisons: 

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt

Niche Scraper Vs EcomHunt

Niche Scraper and EcomHunt are two good tools that you should use if you are looking to find hot products to sell online. We have an account with both tools. You can get the most for what you pay by using the right tool for your business.

Niche scraper is a tool for new and experienced merchants. They use three ways to help people find products to sell online. These services are Store Analysis, Hand-picked Winning Products, and Video Maker.

Niche scraper does great work. It gives you access to winning products every day. You can also easily find AliExpress sellers with high scores and in the right categories by using Niche Scraper’s search tools.

Niche Scraper Pricing Plans

The Free Plan offers access to winning products after 3 days delay, Plus they only have limited access to other features on the tool.

Pro Membership ($39) is the best plan and costs $39 per month, but it’s worth it because you get access to everything on the tool, and you can create videos for products without limits.

Annual Pro Membership is like Pro Membership, but there’s a discount of 60% if you pay one time instead of monthly.

EcomHunt is a tool that finds winning products. It does the hard work for you. You can find these products and then give them to your customers. It works in a similar way to NicheScraper, but they are different in some ways.

Every member on the platform gets to see the daily curators. But free members can only see some of them. If you are a pro member, you get to see all of the new products when they are added.

EcomHunt Pricing Plans

Ecomhunt offers two types of memberships. The free membership plan delays access to products by 3 days and comes with limited data. The pro membership costs $29/month and lets you have full access to the products on the platform, as well as tutorials without delay.

Niche scraper is a great investment. It can take your business to another level. EcomHunt is a really affordable service and the tutorials are helpful too because you can watch them over and over again.

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FAQs Related to Niche Scraper Review

👉 Is niche scraper good?

With Niche Scraper, you can do market research and identify promising niches. Although it is not a free resource, anyone serious about making money online should consider purchasing it. The UI of Niche Scraper is very intuitive, making it easy for anyone to use.

👉How much does nichescraper cost?

The Niche Scraper normally costs $69 per month, but you can purchase it here right now for $49.95. alternatively, you can choose to pay $199 yearly. On the other hand, they frequently alter their prices. Among all the product research tools, I must state that their cost is the most unpredictable.

🤔 Which is better Niche Scraper vs Ecomhunt?

You may identify winning products to sell on Shopify with the assistance of these tools, which are without a doubt among the top dropshipping solutions currently available. If I had to choose between Niche Scraper and Ecomhunt, I would go with Niche Scraper since it provides significantly more value than Ecomhunt does, and Niche Scraper also provides a free plan so that users can begin using the software without delay.

👉What is a niche scraper?

A SaaS (Software as a Service) tool called Niche Scraper assists drop-shippers in finding the best products to offer on their own eCommerce stores, whether those stores are built on Shopify, WooCommerce, or any other platform.

Conclusion: Niche Scraper Review 2023– Should You Go For It?

Here in this growing e-commerce world, you can find many tools like Pexda, E-comhunt that can help you in finding the best winning products for Shopify. But when we talk about Niche Scraper then its amazing features, tools, and data insights come to my mind.

Also, Niche Scraper allows you to directly import products right on your store with a single click of a button and also allows you to extract data from your choice of Shopify store.

After using it we would like to say nothing can really beast the functionalities of these tools when it comes to finding winning products.

We would like to hear from your side, just tell us what you think about Niche Scraper. And also which tool do you use to hunt profitable winning products. 

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