Ninja Outreach Black Friday Deals 2021 | Get Upto 60% Off

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Today we have featured Ninja Outreach Black Friday Deals, The Black Friday deals and Cyber Friday deals on Ninja Outreach will ensure that your outreach efforts are automated for the next year!

NinjaOutreach being one of the best outreach and influencer marketing tools available in the market. After using this, you instantly get access to 60M Instagram influencers, 19.5M genuine business emails, 6M bloggers, and 7M twitter influencers.

Influencer and Blogger Marketing Outreach Software NinjaOutreach

What better deal than joining NinjaOutreach during this super lucrative holiday season sale. The company is offering flat 50% off on all their plans. So, if you have been thinking of getting this tool and take your online business to the next level, no better time than in NinjaOutreach Black Friday sale.

 Ninja Outreach Black Friday Deals 2021 | Get Upto 60% Off

Ninja Outreach

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Ninja Outreach

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Deals Starts on November 26, 2021 and Ends on November 28, 2021

What is NinjaOutreach?

It is a multi-purpose software for blogger prospecting as well as outreach. It saves a lot of time and effort for marketers as their outreach campaigns can be automated.

This software identifies influencers on Twitter and Instagram and also identifies guest post possibilities for bloggers. A free 14-day trial is available, however, make the best of the Black Friday deal so as to save on money!

NinjaOutreach Influencer and Blogger Outreach Software
NinjaOutreach Influencer and Blogger Outreach Software

Features of Ninja Outreach

Search Influencers by Keyword

Perhaps the best thing about Ninja Outreach programming is that you can look for forces to be reckoned with by explicit watchwords. I’ve tracked down that this is exceptionally touchy to the watchwords that you type in, so you might need to think about placing in varieties of a similar catchphrase assuming you need to get every one of the outcomes that fit what you’re searching for.

Sort out Thousands of Contacts and Export Lists

Actually, I’ve yet to discover any circumstance where I had the option to break the framework with the measure of contacts that I had within a rundown. All things considered, the product clarifies that you can have “thousands” of individuals inside in a rundown and it will in any case work viably.

Oversee Relationships

The screen capture underneath shows how you can without much of a stretch oversee powerhouse focuses inside your rundowns. This is extraordinarily useful in light of the fact that it permits you to have one interface were you can without much of a stretch track individuals that you need to connect with.

Something that is vital here is that the screen capture additionally brings up that you can channel by individuals who have giveaways, permit supported posts, or item audits. How astounding is that?

As I would like to think, this a solitary component makes the whole programming great since it permits you to just channel your inquiry inquiries or your rundown to discover individuals who will be more responsive to your contact demands.

Make Email Templates

One more cool element inside the Ninja Outreach programming is the way that you can without much of a stretch make email formats to send messages out. One of different things that you might see is thatyou can pick fields to embed into your email.

Which means, you can consequently embed an individual’s first name, last name, site, and so forth Clearly when you are attempting to do visitor posts tweaking the contact demand is key in light of the fact that if not it will appear as though a mass email message.

This layout developer permits you to modify it so it doesn’t give the idea that way.

Send Email Directly From the Software

The other truly cool element about the product is that you can send email straightforwardly from inside the interface. This is significant on the grounds that this implies that you can undoubtedly choose one of your layouts and pick a rundown, then, at that point, simply press a button and the message is conveyed to your possibilities.

All things considered, I believe note that individuals must be cautious with this component.

I say this since it’s an ill-conceived notion to of utilization this component and send a huge load of templated messages out with no close to home touch.

All things being equal, I suggest that you make an email that is fairly templated so you cover your central matters in reaching them, however you should in any case need to go into each message and type explicit data for every particular blog or individual that you contact.

Effectively see Social Influence and Contact Info

I made a point to put a major black box over the contact data of the individual who I did the quest for, yet this product really pulls in their email address and social data, SEO measurements, and traffic/commitment for the site.

This is amazingly significant on the grounds that it ensure that you center around getting forces to be reckoned with were really going to help your image and in addition to some person out there on the Internet who has no after at all.

Pricing Policy: Ninja Outreach

The price of this software might appear to be expensive for a person who is just setting up the business. But, for those who wish to scale up their business, the software is worth the money.

If you wish to improve your outreach and not just be a small-time blogger or start-up, Ninja Outreach can help you out!

NinjaOutreach Plans and Pricing

They have two plans:

1. Flex which costs $120 per month

Or which was $1,440/Annually     now is $720/ Annually

  1. You can send about 50,000 emails a month
  2. You get 1000 contacts, 1 seat, and 1 email
  3. Unlimited Searches
  4. 60,000,000 Influencers on Instagram
  5. 6,000,000 Bloggers
  6. 19,500,000 Business Emails
  7. 7,000,000 influencers on Twitter
  8. You can Export Data
  9. Lead Generation
  10. CRM

2. Pro which costs $399 per month

Or which was $4,788/Annually    now is $2,394/Annually

  1. You can send about 100,000 emails a month
  2. You get 4000 contacts, 4 emails, and 3 seats
  3. You can export data
  4. Unlimited Searches
  5. Lead Generation
  6. CRM
  7. 60,000,000 Influencers on Instagram
  8. 6,000,000 Bloggers
  9. 19,500,000 Business Emails
  10. 7,000,000 influencers on Twitter


Find Business Profiles, Influencers & Emails
Find Business Profiles, Influencers & Emails

NinjaOutreach Pros and Cons


  • Many useful features
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Plenty of integrations


  • No cons that can be listed

Do not miss out on the amazing Black Friday Deals for Ninja Outreach and make the most of the holiday season. 4 / 5 ( 1 vote )

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Influencer Marketing Outreach for Businesses NinjaOutreach Plans and Pricing



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Alternatives Of Ninja Outreach


1. InflueNex


InflueNex is a global influencer marketing software as a service (SaaS). It enables marketers to identify and engage with social media influencers. Through the platform, they can find industry experts, bloggers, journalists and others who can help them boost brand awareness and increase reach.

It provides an easy-to-use search engine that lets you find influencers in any industry. Using filters, you can narrow down your search results to include just the right influencer for your project.

The feature set of InflueNex is very similar to NinjaOutreach. That includes smart inboxes where you can see all communications in one place and use them to plan follow-ups. You can also see your influencers’ metrics, engagement levels and their historical performance over time.

Every profile on the platform comes with data from all major social media platforms to make finding influencers easier. For example, you can see how many Twitter followers someone has or what percentage of their postings are about a particular topic area like travel or sports.

You can start using InflueNex by signing up here . All plans come with a free 14-day trial period. After that, there are three subscription options: Basic ($49/month), Plus ($99/month) and Pro ($199/month). Each tier gives you more features like the ability to search for more than 10 influencers at once or filter results further to find the most relevant contacts for your project.

Those are the features offered by InflueNex, but what about their pricing? It has three plans similar to NinjaOutreach. The Basic plan costs $49 per month and gives you access to 10 influencer search results at a time. You can upgrade to the Plus plan ($99/month) or Pro plan ($199/month), which give you up to 30 and 100 search results at a time respectively. The higher tier also allows you to filter your searches using parameters like location, follower numbers or engagement levels.

Mindmajix   Alternative: OutboundEngine is another good platform that offers very similar features as well as an exhaustive list of templates that marketers can use while conducting outreach.

Key features of InflueNex

Search influencers by industry, location, follower numbers or engagement levels

Track all your communication with influencers in one place to plan effective follow-ups

View comprehensive data for each influencer profile, including social media metrics and historical performance over time

Find top industry experts, journalists, bloggers and others who can help boost brand awareness and increase reach

Try the Basic plan free for 14 days or move on to either the Plus ($99/month) or Pro ($199/month) plans which let you send up to 30 and 100 search results at a time respectively.

2. Upfluence


Upfluence is a tool for influencer marketing, and it boasts an impressive 1 million influencers in its databanks. This makes it your one-stop-shop for managing all things influencer marketing-related.

If you’re an agency or someone who manages multiple influencer marketing campaigns for your company, Upfluence is especially useful.

What does Upfluence offer?

Upfluence offers a range of features that make it easy to manage all aspects of your campaign:

Connect with influencers automatically (and manually).

Manage multiple campaigns at once.

Review your performance data.

Build reports and analysis on it.

Select the right categories for your audience. It also includes reporting tools so you can understand how well your campaign is performing, as well as offering recommendations on which influencers to work with. The report builder will tell whether an influencer fits into your target market on their demographics and interests.

Key features:

Upfluence has many helpful functions for working with curated influencers such as:

The ability to connect automatically to the influencer’s account.

The capability to manage your campaigns right from your dashboard. You can also see all relevant statistics and analytics (i.e., reach and engagement) on one page without having to go back and forth between different platforms like YouTube or Instagram.

Upfluence is also helpful for marketers and agencies who work with many different influencers. You can even manage multiple campaigns at once, and they will all appear in one place on your dashboard. This saves a lot of time as you won’t need to switch between platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Upfluence has some built-in analytics tools that make it easy for you to see whether an influencer fits into the demographics and interests of your target market:

Demographics: Upfluence gives information about each individual influencer, such as names and locations and categories and subcategories they fall under — e.g., they may be beauty bloggers or comedians — so you can then match them up against your target market.

Alternatively, you can use the influencer search function to find influencers with taglines that best suits your company.

Interests: You can also see data regarding each influencer’s interests, to see whether they would be a good match for your brand.

By looking at their interests, Upfluence makes it easy for you to work out whether the demographics and interests of the influencers match up with those of your target audience — and then filter them accordingly in order to choose which ones will work out most effectively for your campaign (e.g., if an influencer has mainly grown up male viewers, they might not be a good fit for a beauty product).

3. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is the third alternative on this list, and it’s marketed more as an influencer search engine. However, it can be pretty useful for connecting with influencers as well. At the moment, it’s database can be used for connecting to both Instagram and Twitter influencers.

Plus, you can expect the following features:

Key Featuers:

Smart influencer search tool.

In-depth information on influencers.

Performance monitoring for keeping track of campaigns.

Email outreach and tracking system.    Search by competitor to find out who’s sharing their content.  This feature also allows you to see what type of posts they typically share (whether it’s images, videos, or infographics) so you can tailor your pitches accordingly.

The ability to collaborate with team members so each member has access to the same data and contacts rather than splitting them up between different platforms and billing systems.     A WordPress plugin that integrates with BuzzSumo analyzes your own site data to tell you which posts are performing best.

Enterprise Features:

Scalability (can handle thousands of influencers) Tracking tags for social media campaigns Customizable integrations with existing platforms (e.g., Salesforce, Google Analytics, Hubspot CRM/marketing software, MailChimp — varies depending on plan)

Live chat support Media kit builder Save leads in the system to follow up later Facebook and LinkedIn groups integration Link tracking SumoRank score that measures how often an article or link appears in other articles ranked within the top 1% of their topic

Awards System where users can earn badges for certain activities like tweeting profiles Review badges when someone has written about your brand or shared one of your links A quick way to see if a domain has been shared on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn with the number of shares


The basic plan is free, but you can upgrade to a paid plan with more features that starts at $99 per month.  There’s also an enterprise option which includes advanced reports and additional staff support, starting at $999 per month.

If you want to connect with influencers for free, try using the search function in BuzzSumo to find people who have written about topics similar to yours or who share links about your competitors.  Then check out their profiles from within the platform and scout those who might be good candidates for future campaigns.   To track how many times your links are shared on social media, go to the Content Tracking tab, select “Links” from the drop down menu, and enter your URL.  You will then be able to see how many times that link has been shared via social media.

With its directory of 165 million influencers on Twitter, BuzzSumo is a good resource for connecting with reputable journalists and thought leaders who are likely to share your content.

Enterprise clients include Mailchimp, Hubspot, Kissmetrics, Adobe Analytics., AWeber, Outbrain , Uberflip , IBM Watson Marketing , Ahrefs , Moz & Zendesk .”

Also, read:

FAQs on NinjaOutreach

✅Do they offer a free trial?Do they offer a free trial?

It offers a 3-day fully-featured free trial of the software.

❓Does NinjaOutreach offer link building strategies?

The Pro-Link Building Software offers tools that help in competitor link building, or broken link building or even guest post link building. It also helps in link building of resource pages, infographics, podcasts, expert roundups, and link roundups.

🤷‍♀️When you collect the potential influences from within NinjaOutreach, which parameters are covered?

Email addresses, phone numbers, websites, social profiles, physical addresses, and blog posts can be procured.

Conclusion: Ninja Outreach Black Friday Deals 2021

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, make the best use of the deals on NinjaOutreach. Use the special link provided to avail the offers as there is no need to hunt for coupon codes.

By signing up for NinjaOutreach and choosing to pay on an annual basis, you can also obtain a discount of 60%! This is the maximum discount offered in the complete year, thus do not lose the opportunity.

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