Noah Kagan CEO of AppSumo: How APPSumo Become $85M Company

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Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur, investor, and marketing leader. He is the Co-Founder, Chief Sumo, and CEO at AppSumo, the daily deal website for software. Prior to that, he served as a co-founder of Gambit. Before that, he worked in various roles at Intel and Facebook.

Most notably, Noah attended the University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business. In this blog post we’ll explore his career highlights and delve into what makes him successful.

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Noah’s Career Highlights

Noah has achieved success in many different roles throughout his career. At Intel he was part of a team that launched two separate initiatives during his time there and was instrumental in developing their consumer loyalty program.

At Facebook he headed up their user acquisition team and gained insight into how to increase user engagement on social media platforms which he later applied to his own projects.

After leaving Facebook he went on to found both Gambit and AppSumo which have become incredibly successful businesses under his leadership. As CEO of AppSumo he has created a platform that offers exclusive deals on software applications to its members while also creating content about business trends in the digital world for its users to engage with.

Noah’s Approach To Success

One thing that sets Noah apart from other entrepreneurs is his approach to success which is rooted in data-driven decision making. He understands the importance of utilizing quantitative data when making decisions about product development or marketing campaigns as well as qualitative data such as customer feedback surveys or interviews with customers or industry experts.

By combining both types of data he can make more informed decisions about how best to move forward with any project or endeavor without wasting time and resources chasing after ideas that won’t yield positive results.

Additionally, Noah places a high value on experimentation and iteration; something that has helped AppSumo grow exponentially over the years since its launch in 2011.


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