OdinSchool Vs. Scaler 2023: Which Data Science Bootcamp Is preferable?

When you look at OdinSchool Vs. Scaler, you might find many similarities between these.

Data Science for organizations is no longer a cutting-edge concept. It has developed into a vital part of business operations, especially for big businesses that place a high value on their capacity to get insights from their data. 

Multiple industries and many companies are benefiting from data science, and as a result, the demand for data science professions has increased and the field has gained a lot of prominences. 

Data Science has emerged as one of the fastest-growing business segments, having witnessed over 650% growth since 2012, and expected to grow to 230.80 billion dollars by 2026.

This has significantly increased employment opportunities in the space and the demand for skilled resources.

Data science-related job roles are one of the most in-demand tech jobs in the world right now and are estimated to be the third-highest paying.

There are many platforms that provide online Data Science courses. Among all of them, OdinSchool and Scaler are two popular platforms. This article dives deep into the Data Science courses offered by both OdinSchool and Scaler.


Although both are giants in the field of Data Science, there is always confusion between the two, as to which one to choose to gain better knowledge and finally land a job. 

Let’s start off with the major differences between the two courses. 

OdinSchool Vs. Sacler

OdinSchool Overview

OdinSchool is an interaction-based learning platform that offers Data Science and Full Stack Software Development in online mode and carves out different employment pathways for individuals.

These include training in skill sets required to excel in positions such as Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, etc.

The curriculum is updated monthly as per the industry standards and requirements, which means you can expect a fixed, consistent teaching method and quality throughout. 

There is a dedicated Student Success team to help the learners tackle challenges of all kinds that they might face along the journey.

OdinSchool Vs. Scaler

Who can enroll?

Aspirants from all educational and professional backgrounds can join this course. Coding knowledge is not a necessity as the boot camp starts from scratch. 

Scaler Overview

Just like OdinSchool, Scaler is an online education platform for Data Science and Full Stack, and several other courses.

Scaler is devoted to creating an ecosystem that nurtures learners and assists them in learning how technologies like Data Science and the skills required for it.

Learners enrolled with Scaler are taught by industry veterans and experts from leading tech organizations. 

OdinSchool Vs. Scaler

Who can enroll?

Individuals enrolling in Scaler are required to have previous experience with coding. It requires the candidate to have at least 6 months of experience in Software Development. 

Projects Offered

Both platforms provide projects so that users can monitor how much their coursework is actually assisting them and, eventually, build a portfolio that will be useful when applying for jobs. 

OdinSchool provides a more interactive-based format for project completion which does not require a personal setup.

All the project reviews always take place in the form of a discussion with the respectful trainer, so that the learner understands their stand on the subject.

Who Are the Instructors on These Learning Platforms?

The faculty and mentors in OdinSchool are from top-notch companies. They also have in-house instructors to guide them 24×7. Hence, the student reviews are fantastic. 

Similarly, Scaler hires expert industry professionals too.

Career Support

OdinSchool currently offers courses in Data Science and Full Stack Software Development.

Different approaches such as live sessions with expert trainers, self-learning content, quizzes and assessments, talks by industry professionals, and one-to-one mentorship, are built into the program.

Additionally, as part of its career services, programs such as workshops on behavioral skills, career counseling, personal branding, profile creation, and placement assistance is offered to the learners.

Similar to OdinSchool, Scaler also offers certification courses in Data Science and Full Stack.

They have ScalerChat, which helps you interact with your peers across all classes and batches and even Scaler alumni. Collaborate on projects, and share job referrals. Scaler also conducts placements as part of its placement drive.

Mentorship and Guidance

OdinSchool has a dedicated ‘Student Success Team’ that handholds the learners and guides them through and through, irrespective of their speed in course completion.

This team is ever-available for the students and helps with their personality development too.


Just like OdinSchool, Scaler also has trainers who guide their students with the course curriculum and completion of projects. 

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Final Thoughts: OdinSchool Vs. Scaler 2023

This article covers all the major differentiating points between the data science course offered by OdinSchool and Scaler.

Yet, we should not forget that each has its own perks and disadvantages. You need to analyze what works best for you and then make a decision.

To conclude, OdinSchool has a course that finishes in less time and gets you industry ready as soon as possible. If you crack the admission test, you will be eligible for scholarships up to ₹30,000.

This is followed by the fact that they have highly knowledgeable mentors and that there is a dedicated Student Success Team. They also offer unlimited interview opportunities.

Scaler is slightly costly but they also offer scholarships. Their placement program also helps their students to get placed in good companies, however, lacks overall personality development like OdinSchool.

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