Omnistar Review | Is It A Must Have Affiliate Marketing Software? (Omnistar Affiliate Reviews)

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Ease of use
Value for money


  • Built-In Promotional Resources
  • Influencer Directory
  • One-on-One Support
  • Multi-Tier Support
  • Promo Code Tracking
  • Partnership Automation
  • Detailed Reports


  • Better pricing options needed

Price:$ 99

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing or simply a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. This is a marketing model where one or more affiliates are rewarded for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

Affiliate marketing software

Affiliate marketing itself is a booming business today. It plays a crucial role in the scaling of a brand by bringing out the best of their marketing through more sales and profits. More and more brands and companies around the world are realizing the importance of affiliate marketing and employing tools and experts to enhance their marketing strategies.

There are a number of popular and well reputed Affiliate marketing tools and software online that have helped numerous brands and companies reach greater heights through powerful and effective marketing management. One such popular tool we will talk about today is Omnistar!

About Omnistar : Omnistar Affiliate Reviews

Omnistar Affiliate Software is one of the most popular and successful affiliate marketing software in the market today. Developed by OSI Affiliates, it was recently voted as the No. 1 affiliate marketing software in the world.

Omnistar Revew - Affiliate Program Software

The software has been particularly praised for helping increase your website traffic and sales through easy easy-to-use referral marketing software for fast-growing businesses. Furthermore, it lets you integrate your referral marketing with other popular apps like Shopify,, BigCommerce, MailChimp, PayPal, OScommerce and many more to make running your business even easier.

Omnistar Highlight features

Here is the list of features that have made Omnistar the best affiliate marketing software in the world today.

  • Social Share Widget:

Get more website visitors to promote you.

The social share widget allows your customers to promote you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and by sending emails, making it easy to refer your business. This is much more beneficial for promoting your brand.

  • Discount Codes and Coupons:

Reduce bounce rate and increase sales conversions.

Give customers an incentive for purchasing with coupon or discount codes. They can use the discounts at checkout. You will increase referrals and sales by providing discounts and coupons.

  • Smart Rewards:

Reward your brand advocates easily.

Rewarding advocates has been made easier and faster using any method you and your affiliates agree on including commissions, coupons, discounts, gift cards.

Omnistar Revew - Affiliate Tracking Tool

  • Auto Signup:

Turn more customers into loyal brand advocates.

Use our referral partner auto signup feature to turn customers into affiliates. Every new customer that purchases from your store can now be turned into a brand advocate.

  • Customizable Thank You Pages:

Recruit more brand advocates from thank you pages.

Make your business go viral by using their customizable thank you pages. Any user who lands on the thank you page can promote you. This makes it easy to run referral campaigns, contests & more.

  • Contest Manager:

Increase sales using contests.

Create a contest and track performance of advocates for your referral program to keep them engaged and motivated. This will inspire advocates to promote you more.

  • Email Templates:

Increase sales using email.

Provide your referral partners with unlimited prewritten email templates which they can use to send out to their friends and family.

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  • Feedback Survey:

Get feedback for your business.

Instantly convert customers to advocates who would recommend your business and have them start promoting you by sending a feedback survey email to find out. Use the feedback of customers who choose not to recommend your business, to improve your business.

  • Popups & Forms:

Generate leads from every page of your website.

Use their exit intent and timed popups to engage and convert your website visitors. Their popups will effectively help build your email list, increase conversions and further decrease bounce rates.

Omnistar Revew - Affiliate Tracking Software Marketing

  • Partnership Automation:

Develop partnerships to get more traffic and sales.

Developing partnerships with other businesses becomes much easier with this software. Your sales will increase when your partners promote your business.

Why should you use Omnistar?

The best thing about Omnistar is that no matter what plan you choose for your business, there is not even a single feature that will go useless. Each and every feature/service offered by Omnistar is worth the penny priced!

Omnistar Revew - Features

  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Easy setup
  • You choose the reward
  • Powerful profile management
  • Get real time access to click totals, commissions earned, impressions and other useful data.
  • Select to pay a percentage commission to your referral partners of an order total from each sale that they refer.
  • Neatly organized in a commission invoice for all commissions earned by your referral partners.
  • Easy and powerful promotion on Social Media
  • Totally hosted and secure
  • Over 60+ integrated solutions

Customer support

Daily Phone Support

Contact their award winning support department by phone for any kind of basic or in depth assistance.

Helpdesk Support

Omnistar support department responds to help desk tickets outside of normal business hours, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Expansive Knowledgebase

If you have a specific question or concern, feel free to search our customer support knowledgebase for your answer.

Live Chat

Built-in application live chat support just one click away regardless of what page you are in within the admin control panel.

Plans & Pricing

Omnistar offers customers to choose from 3 different plans according to their requirements. Each of these plans is priced differently on the basis of the features and services they offer.

Omnistar Revew - Pricing



Monthly: $47.00 per month

Annual: $470.00 per year

  • 20,000 tracking requests
  • 200 affiliates
  • Free setup
  • Use your domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees


Monthly: $97.00 per month

Annual: $970.00 per year

  • 500,000 tracking requests
  • 1,000 affiliates
  • Free setup
  • Use your domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees
  • Exit intent pop ups
  • Timed pop ups
  • Opt-in forms
  • Customizable Thank You pages




Monthly: $247.00 per month

Annual: $2470.00 per year

  • 1M tracking requests
  • 5,000 affiliates
  • Free setup
  • Use your domain
  • Directory listing
  • No transaction fees
  • Exit intent pop ups
  • Timed pop ups
  • Opt-in forms
  • Customizable Thank You pages

OSI Affiliate offers a 15 day free trial for all of the products and services they have in store for you. Visit the Omnistar official website for more information regarding their software, features, plans, pricing and more.

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Conclusion: Omnistar Affiliate Software Review

There nothing negative to be really said about Omnistar Affiliate. It has been great for many businesses across the world, by creating helpful affiliates willing to promote them. The software looks a lot better than most other affiliate solutions out there and is easy to set up and customize.

Omnistar provides easy integration into systems and the documentation is very in depth and helpful. Tracking and paying affiliates has become easier than ever with the help of this software. The excellent and prompt customer support team makes things much sweeter than you would expect!

So if you are looking for the BEST AFFILIATE MARKETING PLATFORM FOR BUILDING AND PROMOTING YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS, then Omnistar Affiliate is the tool for you!


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