ONE by TemplateMonster Review 2023 Discount Save Upto 33% Now

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Web developers are always searching for quality designs, extensions, and graphics that can enrich their toolboxes. The modern-day web offers a wide choice of handy web design stuff that can be used on a range of topic-specific web resources.

However, a web designer needs more than 1 theme or premium extension for a single project. In order to streamline the workflow with the maximum efficiency for yourself and your clients, you need to have unlimited access to galleries of quality web design items. That’s exactly what ONE subscription service by TemplateMonster provides. 

ONE by TemplateMonster

ONE is the ultimate subscription service for everyone working in the web design and development field. Paying $19 per month, you are provided with free unlimited access to collections of premium web design items, including best-selling web themes from TemplateMonster, premium-quality plugins, and high-quality graphics.

The subscription contains 8500+ web design items suited to be used for a range of popular web platforms and topic-specific projects. 

What’s Exactly Included in the Subscription?

ONE by TemplateMonster is an exclusive set of all best-selling premium web design items that have hit the marketplace and gained the biggest demand among webmasters. The subscription service contains literally everything that you may need to build a high-quality website for any topic-specific project.

When you open the dashboard of the ONE, you will notice that it provides a long list of premium themes for the most popular blogging and eCommerce platforms. For example, the inventory features 1000+ WordPress themes, 2000+ eCommerce templates, and over 20 high-quality plugins. 

One of the best things about the ONE subscription is the availability of free regular updates. Every week the collection of premium items expands with dozens of new solutions. You do not have to pay a single penny for this. Also, everyone who subscribes to the ONE can rely on the free professional technical support in any kind of issues.

ONE by TemplateMonster Review 2023 Discount Save Upto 33% Now

There is one more thing that should be mentioned here – subscribing to the ONE you can download as many web design items as you wish for an unlimited number of times, without any restrictions or hidden fees. 

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ONE Review - by TemplateMonster benefits

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Who Can Benefit from the Service? ONE by TemplateMonster Review

ONE by TemplateMonster will appeal to everyone working in the web design and development field. It’s especially handy to web designers and developers that create a series of online projects every year. However, the services will be also useful to:

  • Bloggers searching for the ways to impress the web community with outstanding WordPress-based project; 
  • Entrepreneurs looking forward to building competitive sited for their companies;
  • Web designers who’d like to streamline their workflow and build remarkable web projects on the basis of ready-to-go website templates;
  • Anyone who runs a website and wants to update it with a brand-new look. 

What’s Included?

As it’s been mentioned already, the subscription includes everything that you may need to create a competitive web resource without the need to make any further investments in the design and extended functionality for your site. 

The collection of items expands with new cool solutions all the time. Currently, you can access:

  • 800+ WordPress themes;
  • 130+ WooCommerce themes;
  • 100+ Elementor templates;
  • 13 WordPress plugins;
  • 28 PrestaShop modules;
  • 480 Magento themes;
  • 450+ OpenCart templates;
  • 600+ PrestaShop themes;
  • 270+ Shopify themes;
  • 220+ VirtueMart templates;
  • 3020 PSD templates;
  • 14 PowerPoint templates;
  • 209 Landing Page templates;
  • 1476 CMS templates;
  • and many more.

How Does It Work?

ONE was created to deliver an intuitive and user-friendly online experience to its subscribers. In fact, you should have no issues with the search of the necessary items even if this is the first time you reach TemplateMonster website

In order to start using the subscription service, you need to sign up. As soon as you log in, you can access a gallery of all items that are included in the subscription. The library itself is placed at the top of the page. A drop-down multi-layer menu provides you with quick access to all items that you can preview and download with a click. 

ONE by TemplateMonster Review - WordPress

In order to download a digital product from the library, simply navigate to the product page that you enjoy, click “download”, and choose your installation options. As soon as the file is installed, you can start working with it. 

Download ONE by TemplateMonster

In your personal account at the ONE subscription, you will also see a list of all items that you downloaded earlier. You can download them once again or simply keep track of the stats of your downloads. 

Besides, there is one more pleasant bonus to everyone who subscribes for the ONE. TemplateMonster provides you with special discounts on the items that are not included in the subscription. 

What’s the Price?

ONE by TemplateMonster has only one pricing plan. The yearly cost of the membership makes up $229, which is $19 per month. Before you start using the service, you will be billed the yearly cost of the subscription. This can seem to pretty much for a service that you have never tried before.

ONE-by-TemplateMonster Price

However, if you compare this price with the subtotal amount of cash that you would pay for every premium item that you download to your toolbox, then you will realize this is a clever investment. 

TemplateMonster accepts all popular payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. So, you should have no worries about completing your purchase.

Additionally, you can request a refund in 14 days after subscribing to the service. Just in case you didn’t enjoy the service you will get your money back. Please mind that you won’t be refunded if you’ve downloaded at least one item from the ONE. 

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Terms & Conditions

ONE is delivered with the unlimited license, which includes unlimited use of all items that it features. Paying for the subscription once a year you do not need to worry about extra fees for support or updates. All this is delivered at no cost at all.

Some other terms and conditions of the ONE by TemplateMonster include:

  • As soon as you subscribe to the ONE, you can use an unlimited number of premium web design items for 1 year.
  • When your license expires, you cannot use items from the subscription service in your new projects.
  • You can use any item from the subscription to build your own site or a site for your client. However, you cannot resale or distribute anything that’s included in the ONE. 
  • Your clients can use items from the ONE subscription only as part of an end-product that you create for them.
  • When your license expires you won’t be able to download more items from the ONE until you pay for another year of the service. However, all the projects that you created with the items from the subscription with be working properly regardless of the current status of your subscription license. 

In Conclusion: ONE by TemplateMonster Review 2023 Discount Save Upto 33% Now

Wrapping it up, ONE by TemplateMonster offers most of the things that web developers may need to organize their workflow and create websites without a headache. The Membership includes a wide choice of best-selling premium web themes that are compatible with all popular CMS and eCommerce platforms.

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Besides, there is no need to worry about the search of extensions that would be compatible with a theme that you downloaded from the ONE. You can access a library of premium add-ons that you can download and install with a click.

Paying $229 for the subscription yearly, you can save reasonable amounts of cash on premium web design stuff (if you downloaded every item independently). Additionally, you get unlimited access to an impressive gallery of web design items, alongside with free updates and 24/7 support.

The service is worth being tried on your own. Just in case you don’t enjoy it, you can request a refund. 

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