Online Marketing Strategies: Interview with Nancy Badillo

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As part of our Bloggers Ideas interview series, today we have Nancy Badillo of  discussing techniques about social media engagement, WordPress plugins and other SEO strategies. She is proficient online marketer and struggle a lot to get success. I appreciate her time she took out for this interview.


Please introduce yourself to our readers. Can you tell us something about your blogging journey? How and when did you enter into blogging? And who are your blogging role models? 

First of all, thank you for taking time out to do this interview. My name is Nancy Badillo. I have been blogging for the past 3 years. You can find my blog at I started blogging when the economy went downhill and my hours at work were cut. I started researching ways to make money online. I came across this YouTube channel that was own by, Lisa Irby. She explained the various ways you can make money online by having a blog. I subscribe to her YouTube Channel and joined a company she recommended called, “Site Sell.”  The company Site Sell charged $30 bucks a month and gave me all the tutorials and tools to learn all about building a successful blog.  This event marks the change of my career into blogging.

My blogging role model is Zac Johnson. He has taken me underneath his wing and has helped me reach the top 100,000 online marketing blogs.

Why Content Marketing is playing keen role in SEO 2014. Do you think that only content marketing is king other SEO techniques are dead?

Content marketing is playing keen role in SEO on 2014 because of the tremendous growth social media plays. Content marketing has the power to produce more than just links it can enhance your brand image and build potential relationships with others.

Top 10 WordPress plugins you are using for your blog? Please mention it in brief.

The top 10 WordPress plugins I am currently using are:

1. Akismet: The best plugin to protect your blog from comment and track back spam.

2. All In One SEO: All In One SEO automatically optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines.

3. Comment LUV: It rewards your readers by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of the their comment. Encourage a community and discover new posts.

4. Google Analytics: is a great plugin for monitoring and tracking the efficiency of your online campaigns and get the best results in your marketing efforts.

5. SEO Friendly Images: Automatically ads alt and title attributes to all your images. It improves traffic from your search results.

6. Ultimate Tiny MCE: This plugin adds additional text functionality for your blog.

7. WP125: Lets me easily manage 125×125 ads within my WordPress dashboard.

8. Smart Layers by Add This: Lets you add buttons to your content. By adding buttons it help you increase visitor engagement. The plugin lets you add follow buttons and social share buttons.

9. OSE Firewall Security: The security of your WordPress is important so this is the plugin I use to secure my blog. This plugin will help protect your blog from attacks and hacks.

10. Google XML Sitemaps: The plugin helps generate and update the sitemap files.

What are the best press release website you are using?

I personally use 24-7 Press Release. It’s a great way to gain exposure for your website, company, or services. The press release has help me gain visibility in front of a many people as possible and reach a broader audience.

Top social bookmarking websites that you would suggest?

As a Webmaster, I use social bookmarking as a way to increase website traffic. You should write SEO content that can improve your standing on search results so that more people are able to find you. By getting your name in as many places as possible, you will be able to start building an audience.

These are my favorite social bookmarking websites that I currently use:

1. Reddit

2. Digg

3. StumbleUpon

4. Delicious

5. Technorati

Do you use any podcast? Any websites you would suggest?

Yes, I do use podcast to learn more about online marketing. Podcast can be an effective marketing analysis tool. The podcast that I currently listen to and recommend are:

1. Smart Passive Income

2. Foolish Adventure

3. Marketing Over Coffee

Does Google Adsense is only source to earn money? Can you suggest other alternatives?

No, Google Adsense is not the only alternative for monetizing your blog. There are many alternatives ways to monetize your blog.

Here are my top 3 monetization:

1. Affiliate Marketing: Involves recommending a product to your audience and receive a commission when the product is sold.

2. Popular Adsense Alternatives:






3. Make Money Selling Ad Spaces

Ways to increase conversions by guest blogging?

Understanding ways to increase conversions from your guest blogging is important to make the best out of your post.

Targeting The Right Blogs: Find targeted blogs that are relevant to your niche. Writing for targeted niche blogs will help you become the expert of your field. This will give you the opportunity to establish your brand.

Quality Content: Guest blogging will help you produce great results though high quality content as opposed to mere link building. Make sure every post you write is quality content.

Call To Action: Adding a call to action at the end of the post will help increase sales.

On how many blogs have you been interviewed can you mention it here?

This is actually my second interview. The first interview was conducted by top blogger Zac Johnson. You find the interview at

Things we online marketers could all improve upon 2014?

There are many things we can improve as online marketers on 2014. I have enlisted my top choices:

Be Mobile Friendly: Mobile searches are more likely to use a site and complete a purchase when the site is mobile friendly.

Build Partnerships: Building online partnerships are vital for the success of a website. Working with an influencer to develop a brand partnership can launch and help your online brand identity.

Social Media: Use social media to engage and attract new visitors. In 2014, try to venture out to different social medias that you have not used yet. Pick a new social media and give it all you have.

Use Google autocomplete feature to enhance your brand?

Google autocomplete is critical to online branding. Information gather from Google has a profound impact on personal branding. The first thing searches see’s when they type your name into Google search box is the autocomplete suggestion.

Google Hummingbird friendly content marketing tips?

Google recently released their newest algorithm known as the Hummingbird. The main goal of their newest addition to the Google family is to make Google search more interactive for their users and to give users better and more direct answer to their searches. A Google Hummingbird friendly marketing tip is to create evergreen content. Creating evergreen content your blog is a great strategy to generate more leads, backlinks, and drive traffic to your site. The main benefit of creating evergreen content is that it keeps growing stronger in authority, ranking, and traffic over time.

How to explode your traffic and branding with blog commenting?

Blog commenting is a great way to gain links and increase traffic to your website. Blog commenting also helps get your name out there in the blogging community within your niche.

Additional Benefits Of Blog Commenting:

1. Helps Build Relationships

2. Gain Tons Of Traffic

3. Gain Quality Backlinks

4. High Search Engine Rankings

5. Gain More Subscribers

What are the best things that Webmasters need to know about Pinterest?

Pinterest gives you the opportunity to educate and inform others about your business by allowing you to post pictures that you love. To create a successful SEO Pinterest offers a business account with the option to describe your business in detail to attract customers. You want to choose an optimized business name. Social media signals factor into how high search engines rank a website content from Pinterest can show up in search engines results, leading customers to your page and creating potential clients. Pinterest is perfect in providing content that people are looking for.

What is broken link building? How effectively use it?

Broken link building is one of the most effective white hat link building strategies. Many Webmasters use the broken link building strategy to find broken links that can in return turn into a link building opportunity. Once you have found the broken link contact the website owner. You will need to encourage the Webmaster owner to replace the broken links with yours in return. Broken link building is very effective since no Webmaster wants to be penalized or want broken links on their websites.

Do people need to spend money (PPC, paid advertising) to make money with Affiliate Marketing?

It’s not necessary for anyone to spend money with PPC to make money with Affiliate Marketing. Learning how to optimize your website will helps you to become more appealing to a larger audience with out spending money.

Do you think 3rd party blog post links and e-book?

The 3rd party blogs does really well. On the other hand, I do not think e-book submission help.

I  hope you enjoy this long interview of Nancy Badillo . She had shared her valuable strategies here.  If you have doubts put your questions in comment section.  We will answer your queries for sure.

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  7. Great interview! I started in a similar position to Nancy. The fact of the matter is, you can only make so much regular income from banner ads & ad sense. To be able to make a sustainable income from online blogging, affiliate marketing is one of the best methods.


    Affiliate Marketing requires very little effort on your part in terms of product creation & customer/technical support. All that is done by the vendor. All the affiliate deals with is the promotional side of things.

    Always look for an affiliates program which has an “All Done for You” Affiliates Tools page. I’m talking about an affiliate page that has promotional graphics/banners, copies of email swipes and a feature which allows you to copy & paste your affiliate page from the Tools page to your promotional method (i.e. Email, social network, blog post).


    • Hi asif, I am glad that you like this awesome interview. Affiliate marketing do helps you to grow better but it need too much of efforts , one had to know core understanding of affiliate marketing. There are many tools out there to help affiliate marketers.

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        It’s important to have an understanding of different promotional methods that can be utilized when taking affiliate marketing. However, in comparison to other ways of making REAL money online, affiliate marketing can be profitable & hassle-free. The onus is on the Vendor to provide the tools, material & support to the promoter to make it as easy as it can be.

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    • Hi Susan , Thnxxx for stumbling here. AllinoneSEO plugin is awesome. You need to learn how to otpimize this plugin. I hope you learned a lot from this interview. Keep sharing it

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