How to Login and Integrate Ontraport in 2023

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Looking for a step-by-step guide on How to log in and Integrate Ontraport in 2023, Don’t worry, we are here to help you get started.

First thing first, Ontrport Login Guide.

Step1: Sign in to your Ontraport account as the initial step.

Ontraport Login


Utilizing Ontraport’s two-week-long free trial, you can learn and construct our program before purchasing it.

We want you to be fully aware of the contents of your toolbox from the start so that you can make the most of your two weeks of free access. In this post, you will learn how to sign up for a free account, how to resolve any concerns, and how to use your resources.

You will also be given advise on how to optimize the benefits of your account and use its features.

How to get started with your Ontraport free trial

Ontraport-login and free trial

Before getting started!

When registering, be sure to use a valid, active email address that you have access to. This email address will serve as your username for accessing Ontraport. Additionally, we will utilize this email address to notify you of important Ontraport changes.

Add Ontraport’s email address to your permitted senders list. Please follow these procedures to add Ontraport to your allowlist so that Ontraport mails can reach your inbox.

Get your account back up to speed.

You should look for an activation email in your mailbox.

Inside the email message, click the link.

Just enter your company’s details, upload your logo, and click the button. You will be sent to your welcome page after your free trial account has been successfully established. This post includes five ideas for making the most of your account.


If you haven’t received an activation email, try your “spam” folder.
If you’re still having trouble finding your email, add Ontraport to your list of permitted senders.

Log in to your Ontraport account using your email address and password.

Press the button to send the email again.

If you haven’t received your activation email within a reasonable period, contact Help and a member of the team will activate your account for you.

If clicking the activation link in your email leads to an error page, the link has expired and is no longer active. Contact Support in order for your account to be enabled.

Ontraport Integration

Step 2: Choose the option in the upper right corner. Go to the Administration tab after clicking the profile icon.

Step 3: On the left side of the Administration page, navigate to the Integrations menu, and then select the Ontraport API instruction & Key Management button.

Step 4: On the API Key Management screen, click the “New API Key” button.
On the following page, you will find a form that must be filled out.

Step 5: After creating the API, you will be led to a new screen where you must pick the Contact Owner for any contacts that Brave has added. When you’ve assigned it to one of your Ontraport accounts, hit the Save button.

After returning to the API Keys page in

Step 6:  You will be able to copy both the APP ID and API Key.

Step 7: Integrations page, scroll to the Ontraport integration section and click Connect. This part requires you to paste in the APP ID and API Key.

You now have access to the Ontraport Integration settings when you add a Form, navigate to the Form’s Action Settings, and then select the “Add user to a Newsletter Tab” button. After clicking the “Add user to a Newsletter Tab” in the Form’s Action Settings, you will have access to these settings, which allow you to select the Ontraport List to which you wish to add the visitor.

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