Ontraport Pricing : Ontraport Pros & Cons 2023 What is Ontraport ?

Looking for Ontraport pros & cons and Ontraport Pricing ? This article will help you to decide whether to invest in Ontraport software or not. 

What Is Ontraport?

Ontraport Overview - Landing Page

Ontraport is a marketing automation and CRM platform that is designed for small to midsize companies. It aims to help users build, automate and visualize core business practices, like how to attract and keep customers and communicate with them throughout the customer lifecycle.

Ontraport also offers networking and business opportunities as well as payment gateway integrations with third-party companies. Some of their tools are designed to help you with your online presence. For example, they have a WordPress plugin that can help you create membership sites or pages to keep customers happy. Their software is easy to use, with drag-and-drop functionality and a short training process for small business owners or sales teams.

The software can tell which contacts in your database are the most active. You can also see which web pages they have visited. This is done by combining rules and sequences. This way, you can sit down with your clients and map out their marketing, sales, and customer service processes. The business will then guide the software and not the other way around. Ontraport also encourages a mix of communications such as email, post card, postal mail, and text messages. This helps keep the relationship with your contacts real.

Ontraport lets users do the following:

-Create landing pages and forms
-Create dynamic campaigns with personalized paths
-Automate prospect, customer, and partner communications
-Keep detailed up-to-date records of contact interactions
-Group like contacts together
-Deliver responsive email campaigns and track engagement
-Send messages via multiple communication channels (SMS & PostCard)
-Manage a sales team and manual to-do tasks

Ontraport Pros & Cons :


  • Dashboards for our daily stats.
  • The email marketing follows up and broadcasts are simple and easy.
  • Sales and marketing can now see the impact they have working together. Nobody can point fingers anymore.
  • They have the best customer support. I can’t tell you how many times they have walked me through the problems that I created.
  • Amazing email inboxing.
  • Excellent CRM for small to medium businesses.
  • Email tracking (date/time sent, received, opened, links clicked, etc).
  • Automation of repetitive processes.

Cons :

  • CRM could be better. It works but is not as robust as I would like. It works fine but I want more reporting.
  • Making things a little more intuitive. It’s a huge tool, and sometimes if you don’t know exactly where to click & what to click on, you’re SOL.
  • A lot of times their forms load slowly on the website. Would like to see them speed up their services.

Ontraport Pricing: How Much Does Ontraport Cost?

Ontraport offers 4 pricing editions, from $79 to $497. A free trial is also available. Compare the features of each pricing edition below and read more about the product here to see which one is right for you.

There are 4 different plans to choose from, depending on the size of your business. The Basic and Plus plans are good for newer businesses, with 1,000-2,000 contacts. The Pro and Enterprise plans are for businesses that expect rapid growth, with 10,000-20,000 contacts.

The Basic plan is good for small businesses that need features like API access, lead capture, landing page templates, and video hosting. The plan doesn’t have an eCommerce setup or automated task management. It’s good for a small business with a growing budget.
The Plus plan is better for small teams. The plan offers 1,000 more contacts and full access to the eCommerce function.

The Pro and Enterprise plans have all the features so that teams can take advantage of the many benefits CRM offers. Business process automation and sales force automation features help you reach more clients with lead follow-up and lead nurturing for campaigns. You can also style your website with templates, plugins, and custom HTML, and process payments through Ontraport. It’s perfect for startups and larger teams that make most of their revenue from marketing automation.

Ontraport Pricing Plans Basic Plus Pro Enterprise
Price $79/mo $147/mo $297/mo $497/mo
Main Features 1,000 contacts, 1 user, unlimited emails 2,000 contacts, 2 users, unlimited emails 10,000 contacts, 3 users, unlimited emails 20,000 contacts, 5 users, 200K/month emails.

Ontraport vs HubSpot Pricing Comparison

HubSpot has a great CRM platform that is just as good as Ontraport. Their CRM suite plans come with access to all their free tools, which are very powerful. These tools include their Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and CMS Hub. On top of these great free tools, they offer free education and certifications. Plus, their free CRM account allows for up to 1 million contacts and unlimited users. This makes it the perfect CRM for small businesses of any stage.

Hubspot CRM vs Ontraport pricing

Ontraport is a good CRM to use if you need more features than what HubSpot Free CRM offers. HubSpot CRM Suite offers more features, but it is more restricted in terms of the number of contacts and users you can have. The only reason you would want to upgrade to this plan is if you need premium features that are not available in the free plan. These features include more advanced list segmentation, removal of HubSpot branding, and support for additional currencies.

Ontraport new Pricing

Ontraport is built up the same way, for an enormous amount of features you can choose between their plans with restricted contacts and users. If you compare the HubSpot CRM Suite Starter plan ($45) and Ontraport’s Basic plan ($79), you’ll notice Ontraport costs more. Both are 1,000, but HubSpot starts with 2 users, not 1, with $25 for each additional user. HubSpot is the better deal.


HubSpot‘s CRM Suite becomes more expensive as the number of contacts increases. The Professional plan for 1,000 contacts costs $45, but the plan for 2,000 contacts costs $1,600. Ontraport’s next plan for 2,000 contacts is only $147 a month. In fact, the most expensive Ontraport plan is only $497, much cheaper than HubSpot’s plans.

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Conclusion: Ontraport Pricing

When it comes to choosing between HubSpot and Ontraport, it comes down to how much money you have. HubSpot CRM Suite has a lot of features, but Ontraport has more affordable plan options. If you don’t need all the features of a premium account, then HubSpot’s free CRM is a good option.

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