Ontraport vs Kartra 2022: Which One Should You Choose? (Our Pick)

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Running a business these days is no less than juggling with lots of things simultaneously.

Looking for the best Marketing Platform for your business? Don’t worry You are in the right place.

Here, I provided a complete comparison of Ontraport vs Kartra which will help you in selecting the one easily, let’s start.

Ontraport and Kartra both are the famous marketing platform for online business.

But more specific Kartra is a tool by which is you can easily host online courses as well as so much like the membership plan of your courses or product. Check our Kartra Discount coupon to get an exclusive discount offer on Kartra now.

Whereas, In Ontraport there is the most popular feature that is you can create a customized, an overview of your business statistics under one space and can also categorize name and refine each of the parts separately.

So now I’m going to start an unbiased comparison of Ontraport vs Kartra.

Overview Ontraport vs Kartra 2022

Overview of Ontraport

Ontraport Overview - Landing Page


Overview of Kartra

Kartra Overview

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Ontraport vs Kartra: Email Marketing Tool

Ontraport and Kartra both provide you email marketing feature that allows you to do many cool things in automation in your business.

Ontraport Email-Marketing:

Ontraport email marketing platform is all about the visual campaigns that give you the main importance of email marketing. They also give you forms and for that, there is an easy block building interface. And its marketing capabilities also over social media.

Ontraport gives you the best of both worlds if you are the lover of a visually engaging newsletter template, then it provides that also. Rather than you can use a more basic direct response approach in their basic HTML editor. It gives you a stunning system for customer relationship management.

When compared in the context of marketing tools both offer many features same like drag and drop visual builders, SMS text message marketing which can boost your business automation as well. But Ontraport is more flexible in the type of emails you can send.

Kartra Email-Marketing:

Kartra also provides behavior-based automation it means kartra turn on host automation on your recipient’s behaviors. Let’s take an example, automatically send a follow-up email on condition if they haven’t opened the previous message, and it also assigns a tag for the link is opened or not. It has the feature of unsubscribing them if they haven’t opened any of the emails in the last 30 days.

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It also gives you Intelligent Split Testing by that you can track conversions, and finally switch to whichever version converts the best automatically.

If your business is heavily inclined to email marketing or affiliate marketing Kartra is the best option.

Membership Site Management Ontraport vs Kartra

Kartra Membership Site:

Kartra gives you a complete Membership Site Management system that easily allows you to deliver your content to paid or free members, with the more efficient and clean, built-in interface for a premium member experience.

It has a drag and drops membership builder. You can design your custom, beautiful membership site with just a few clicks.

Easily create multiple membership tiers that every tier contains different price points and different content. Embed videos from many places like Vimeo, Youtube right from Kartra.

Kartra is good if you want a functioning membership site or easy to set up your online course.

But kartra not gives you more flexibility when it comes to the design of your site, due to a limited template.

Ontraport Membership Site:

Ontraport also gives you create membership sites, launch and manage an entire membership site in single software i.e. Ontraport, In Ontraport there is no need for plugins or toggling between multiple tools to manage your membership sites.

In Ontraport there are built-in membership sites come complete with templates that you can simply download and customize your site easily.

It also gives the option to use your domain and if you don’t have your own domain then use Ontraport’s domains and easily host your site for free but I wouldn’t recommend using the Ontraport domain.

Save time with Ontraport’s automated member management service, with the help of this service you can take all the administrative tasks related to managing a membership site automatically.

For your membership site, Ontraport has another option to integrate your membership site with an existing WordPress site. You can also create web forms in Ontraport and add them to any page on your WordPress site to automatically capture information and sync it to your contact records.

So here my opinion about Ontraport vs Kartra, If you want the ultimate design flexibility to choose Ontraport and if you want speed of implementation and user-friendly to choose Kartra.

Comparison of pricing Ontraport vs Kartra

Ontraport Pricing

Ontraport provides four different pricing plan:Ontraport Pricing

1) Basic :$79/mo

2) Plus:$147/mo

3) Pro:$297/mo

4) Enterprise:$497/mo

Ontraport  pricing start from the $79 per month which gives you 1000 contacts. This basic plan of Ontraport is good if you’re just starting your business and need a very basic CRM system, landing page, email marketing. But Ontraport’s basic plan has not enough for All-in-One features to operate your perfect business.

If you just want use to power of Ontraport skip the basic plan, and choose anyone higher plan which provides you a better functionality.

Kartra Pricing

Kartra also provides four different plans:

Kartra Pricing

1) Starter :$99/mo

2) Silver :$199/mo

3) Gold :$299/mo

4) Platinum :$499/mo

Kartra provides more contacts than Ontraport when compare its price. For more brief let’s take the Ontraport Plus option at $147/month vs Kartra Starter Account at $99. Kartra provides 12,500 contacts at the same time Ontraport gives you 2500 contacts. That’s a great difference. When to move another higher plan of Ontraport for 10,000 contacts you have to pay $297 while Kartra charges you less. So here, Kartra is less expensive.

Comparison Affiliate System Ontraport vs Kartra

Ontraport Affiliate Marketing

Ontraport  provides you an affiliate or referral program which also known as a partner program that allows you to set up affiliate relationships so that others can sell your product and earn some commissions. you can also create a partner center that provides your partner with the advertising tools which include trackable links and banner ads to promote your business.

It gives you to automate referral tracking program and also commission payments to manage the entire program smoothly.

The Ontraport affiliate program is a little bit complicated to set up because the WordPress membership area needed for your affiliates to access their tools.

Kartra Affiliate Marketing

Kartra affiliate marketing system is very powerful because it was made by a team of best affiliate marketers in the world.

They include lots of features like a W-9 form for those who run their businesses in the US and Paypal Instant payments. They built their affiliate marketing system very refine manner and taken care of lots of details.

You can also manage your affiliate incentive for the leads they refer and paying them automatically.

Kartra partner program gives you 2nd tier JV Broker or Joint Venture affiliate partner and earns a 10% for life on every sale and recurring payment generated by your JV affiliate.

So, in the affiliate marketing program definitely, Katra wins.

Customer Support Ontraport vs Kartra

Ontraport Customer Support:

The online marketing platform like Ontraport is very few when we are talking about customer support because Ontraport customer support is one of the best things that attract businesses and entrepreneurs to use them the Ontraport.

In o=Ontraport, the customer gets two hours of included onboarding assistance from their dedicated onboarding team which resolves your problem in very little time.

Customer support service is available for a long period of time through the week Monday to Thursday from 6am to midnight and Friday to Sunday from 6am to 8 pm.

Most of the problems by Ontraport customer support can be solved via chat, but the issue is still there, then you book a 15-minutes screenshare anytime.

Kartra Customer Support:

It doesn’t mean that Kartra isn’t good but the customer service time is not mentioned but you can contact within regular business time, via chat, or submit a ticket.

So, here ontraport wins in customer support, no doubt.


What is Ontraport?

It is a software of online business marketing and managing all online business need like online courses, email marketing, website membership, affiliate partner program, landing pages, etc.

What is Kartra?

It is also a business marketing tool with is likely same as ontraport, but is a little different from its feature and pricing. It also provides you CRM, email marketing, landing pages, themes, affiliates partner program an all.

Which one is the best for your online business?

Choosing the right online marketing platform for your business depends on lots of factors. Before shifting your entire business to a new platform you must have to think deeply and analyze. Likewise, if your business heavily based on email marketing then no doubt to choose Karta. And if your business has lots of complexity you can with Ontraport.

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Conclusion:  Ontraport vs Kartra Comparison 2022

Choosing the right online marketing platform for your business depends on lots of factors. Before shifting your entire business to a new platform you must have to think deeply and analyze.

Here I’m going to mention some point which helps you to decide, but the decision is yours.

  • If your business is more dependent upon email marketing then go with – Kartra.
  • If you start a new online business then you must consider Kartra because of its lots of functionality at a low cost.
  • If your business is already on Ontraport, use Ontraport.
  • If lots of complexity in your business like multiple users, customer support, sales team, and in-depth tracking then go with –Ontraport
  • If your business has simple sales funnel to go with – Kartra


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