Ontraport vs Salesforce 2022 | Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)

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I have been in a tough spot like you but after being in business and found it hard to make required sales and marketing for 5 years, After, I have come across Ontraport and Salesforce, I finally found the solution to my problem. These two are awesome software that would come as “Big Time” for your business sales and marketing.

Are you an Entrepreneur or Solopreneur? Are you looking for some reliable resources which would help you with your Business Sales and Marketing? Are your sales and marketing domains in chaos due to a lack of productivity? If yes, then you are in the right place.

These are two excellent Marketing cloud systems inbuilt with facilities such as Email marketing, lead generation, social media marketing, etc. However, you may ask which one amongst Ontraport and Salesforce is “Good” for your Business? So, without why not discuss every aspect of this two software’s by doing Ontraport Vs Salesforce comparison and then you only decide which one is good for you!

Ontraport vs Salesforce 2022 | In Detail Comparison

 Ontraport Overview

Ontraport is a marketing cloud system for Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Solopreneurs. It offers you facilities like CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Campaign builder, Landing pages, Marketing Tracking, Affiliate Marketing, Payment techniques, and refund systems.

 Ontraport vs Salesforce - Ontraport-

Recently, Ontraport also started its “Ontraport Education” like Business strategy education. It is done using Educational guides, conduction of conferences, and certifications. They hold an annual conference on ONTRApalooza for small business owners. Ontraport headquarters is located in Santa Barbara, California, USA.

Salesforce Overview

Just like Ontraport, Salesforce is another Marketing cloud system, which allows businesses, rather large businesses, to connect to their customers. Salesforce is one integrated CRM software, where you are given various facilities like Email Marketing, sales and leads generations, E-commerce. It provides a customized CRM platform that is known as the Salesforce customer 360 platforms. This platform gives your customer the personalized experience they expect.

 Ontraport vs Salesforce -Salesforce

What was the need to introduce 360 platforms? This platform is known to attract more buyers using intricate personalized marketing, helps in understanding the needs and concerns of the customer clearly, delivers outstanding shopping experience to the customer, customer support response is really fast, and most importantly it automates time-consuming tasks by generating custom and special apps.

Inbuilt features of Ontraport

  • Contact- Ontraport offers up to 1,000 contacts at an affordable rate. However, there are several paid subscriptions that offer 100,000 contacts. $99 for additional contacts per 100,000.

Ontraport- CRM

  • E-mail Density- Ontraport offers unlimited emails on basic subscriptions. Also, if you choose a Pro or Team subscription, you get 100,000 emails per month. $99 for additional email per 100,000.
  • The number of users- Ontraport offers 1 user in basic subscription, 2 for pro, and 10 for team subscription. $47 per additional user.
  • CRM- Customer Relationship Management or CRM is one of the most appreciable features of Ontraport. It guides you to communicate with the customers with the most suitable product at the most suitable time.

Ontraport- Landing Pages

  • Autoresponder System- Ontraport has one of the best autoresponder systems. This system is one of its strongest points, why you should choose Ontraport for small businesses.
  • Affiliate Marketing- Find an affiliate for your business. They would sell your service on a commission agreement. Ontraport would help you trace those sales and pay your affiliates on time & systematically.


  • Marketing Automation- Ontraport provides Marketing Automation in the form of A/B testing, customizable CTAs, dynamic content, search marketing, social media marketing, sales intelligence, a landing page/ web forms, lead scoring, segmentation, analytics/ROI tracking, drip campaigns.
  • Website development
  • Landing Pages
  • E-commerce
  •  Membership software

Inbuilt features Salesforce

1. Lead Scoring- This feature helps you to evaluate the value of each lead generated.

2. Lead Segmentation- This feature helps you to categorize the leads so that you can focus on the effective leads. Then these leads can be converted into High Engaging leads.

3. Web Activity Tracking- This feature will help you understand how a user uses your website and how much time is being spent on your website by the user.

4. SMS Marketing- Through this feature, marketers can send highly customized messages like special offers, discounts, or promotions/alerts to their clients.

Salesforce- Marketing

5. Personalized Web Content- This feature will evaluate the data of your user and provide relevant web content to them.

6. Predictive Analytics- This feature will analyze the present and past data of your user which would help you to plan your future strategies.

7. Bi-directional CRM syncing- This feature helps in the flow of data through apps based on your guidelines, updating the systems automatically.


8. Event Management- This feature will help you to organize any large-scale events, conferences, webinars effectively.


9. Creative Invoices- You can get creative templates through these features.

10. Creative Quotes- This feature will show your customers the quoted price for any of your products.

11. Split Testing- This is nothing but A/B testing. This feature will help you organize two campaigns on similar notes. Hence, it would help you understand which one of the two is the best for you and your users.

12. Create Membership sites- This feature will help you built a completely different site for your members, which will offer them different sets of content.

13. Bulk Social Media Posting- You can use this feature to post your product and services on social media in bulk.

14. Sales Report- Salesforce generates the report of each sale easily.

Sales Report

15. Sales Alert- Through Sales alerts users will get alerts for the leads with maximum potential.

16. Mobile App- You can use Salesforce anywhere through your mobile application.

 Mobile App

17. Social CRM- This feature will help you and customers to engage or communicate effectively.

What makes Ontraport stand out?

While comparing Ontraport with other similar software, we should keep in mind that every software is exceptional in its own way. However, when you are considering Ontraport for your business, you should really take a look into some of its important features which makes Ontraport stand out!

Features can be customized!

Yes, you heard me right. Ontraport has this amazing feature of customization, which can surely add huge value to your business.

Excellent Support Team

The Ontraport support team is highly educated and trained. This makes communication much easier and fruitful for all the business owners. They also have a phone and ticket-based support facilities.

Outstanding Visual Campaign generator

Ontraport has a very intuitive, clean, and easy to use Campaign generator. It has this inbuilt performance mode marketing tracking system which is priceless for any Marketer!

Value for money

When you consider Ontraport, you will be amazed to see that it offers plans starting from just $79 to $497 per month. This is a great amount of deal and savings. Rather than investing in various software that offers one service you invest here and get all the necessary services for business.

What makes Salesforce stand out?

1. Contact Management

Salesforce ensures that you and your customers have a hassle-free communication. It provides important data and interaction history of the customer to the marketers which makes them understand customer needs and behavior pretty well. It also allows you to share insights with each other making the workplace insightful and knowledgeable.

2. Opportunity management

This feature is one of the best Salesforce has to offer you. With this, you can trace the activity of your customers and also understand their present position in the deal. This will help you to decide your next move. This is surely a very good way of enhancing your business practice.

3.Ouote Management

This is something that is lagging in the Ontraport system. This feature helps you easily track your product in the dealing process, its standard price, quoted price, quantity, product code etc. These features also created a pdf file of the finalized template and then send it to the customer via email.

4. Einstein Analytics

This inbuilt feature of Salesforce helps you to tackle complex business sales as well as services. This comes as a boon for many large business owners, entrepreneurs.

5. Quote to Cash

Salesforce CRM is known to automate three important elements, Configure, Price, and quote, (CPQ). This feature is a simplified version of Quote Management. This helps the marketers to select the right quote for the customer and offer them a good amount of discounts!

6. Salesforce for small business

Salesforce offers Trailhead for small businesses to grow. It has inbuilt features which offer a really satisfying experience to the customers.

7. Lead Management

Salesforce CRM offers Lead Management. This feature comes with an affluent activity timeline. You can have access to up to date contacts on your timeline. It understands relevant documents using the sales path. It is also one of the fastest lead converter machines. This CRM informs you of your current score of the leads and the automatic emailing enhances the revenue generation system.

8. Email integration with salesforce lightning

This CRM uses your Google and Outlook to synchronize the emails effectively. This enables the user to have a complete look at the customer and understand their behavior pattern. Lightning is the future of Salesforce. It greatly enhances the user experience. It helps the customers to go faster, do more, and be more productive through boosted features available only in Lightning platforms of Salesforce. The difference between classic salesforce and lightning salesforce is that lightning Salesforce has real-time boosted features than the classic model, which would help you to have a better experience.

9. Mobility

This interesting feature of Salesforce allows the user to access the data anytime anywhere. From events to meeting to account updates, everything is available on your mobile devices. Interestingly, no internet data update allows you to work even with an internet connection!

10. Comprehensive sales forecasting

This feature of salesforce helps you to have a better understanding of your business pipeline, revenue generation, and sales developed. This is a good practice as it helps you to know your position as a business owner in the market. These features forecast sales so that you can plan your future strategies more effectively.

11. Value for money- You just have to pay $39/ per month and $111/ per month for 2.5k to 10k contacts, respectively. This is a great deal to start with.

Ontraport vs Salesforce: Pricing Battles

Ontraport Pricing


SalesForce Pricing:

Salesforce - Pricing Plan

How easy is Ontraport to use?

Ontraport has been given a good amount of rating, i.e., 3.5/5 in terms of ease of use. However, if any difficulties arise while using the software, its support team is always there for your convenience.

How easy is Salesforce to use?

Salesforce is comparatively complex for small businesses but apt for larger companies. It has got a rating of 3.7/5 on ease of use. However, any difficulties can be dealt with through their support team.

Inbuilt Integration of Ontraport

  • Leadformly integration
  • Gmail integration
  • SugarCRM integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • PayPal
  • Worldpay
  • USA ePay
  • Quick Books
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Shopify

Inbuilt integration of Salesforce

  • Leadformly integration
  • Gmail integration
  • SugarCRM integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration
  • PayPal
  • Worldpay
  • USA ePay
  • Quick Books
  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • Twitter
  • Shopify
  • SAP integration
  • Oracle integration
  • NetSuite integration
  • LinkedIn

Other information on Ontraport

Language supported- English

Alternatives for Ontraport- OnPartner, Curalate, Easywebinar, Cision.

Prominent Clients- Dr. Dan Harford, Salsa Crazy, Book more Rides.

Training- Ontraport provides Training in the form of in-person, webinars, live online, and documentation.

Other Information on Salesforce

Language- English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish.

Alternatives- ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, BoomTrain

Prominent Clients- Sony, Philips, Unilever, Vodafone.

Training- Ontraport provides Training in the form of in-person, webinars, live online, and documentation.

 Ontraport Pros & Cons

1. Pros

Ontraport has a lot of features that mark its excellence. Most of the features are already dealt with previously, like Email marketing, lead generation, sales tracking, and marketing automation, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, plugins like WordPress, autoresponder, excellent support team, appreciable UI, has a great value for money, customization features. These features add on to the pros of Ontraport and why you should opt for this software as a small/medium-sized business owner.

2. Cons.

  • Ontraport does not have a true shopping cart with monitoring or multi-currency features without shopping cart integration, and no invoicing or quotes.
  • Ontraport has a lesser number of plugins as compared to its competitors. However, the Zapier plugin is good enough for your job to be done.
  • No 24 hours live support available on Ontraport for Customers.

 Salesforce Pros & Cons

1. Pros

We have talked about several features of Salesforce, which are inbuilt as well as unique to the software. They range from lead scoring, lead segmentation, sales alert, SMS marketing, creative invoices, creative quotes to Einstein Analytics, quote to cash, email integration with salesforce lightning, etc.

Along with these, Salesforce allows you to add or delete any feature according to your preferences. It has a complete & comprehensive CRM. It is also one of the most renowned CRM platforms.

2. Cons

Setting up the entire system and configuring it can be time-consuming and difficult to catch up with. Add-ons have to be purchased in order to utilize the software at its fullest. The interface of the software is complex and difficult to navigate.


👉🏻Is there any free demo available for both this software?

Yes, you can avail of the free demo for this software before you pay for a subscription. This will actually help you understand most of the workings of the software.

👉🏻 Is lightning Salesforce expensive?

No. It is just a better way for the user to have a complete and fruitful experience using the software. It has a learning map that will provide a specially curated set of instructions that will help you to visualize the best practice for your business.

👉🏻Can I use Salesforce for a small business start-up?

It is not recommended for small businesses to use salesforce for their complexity. However, you can always opt for Ontraport for such a business. Ontraport is generally easy to understand and has a lot of features suitable for small or medium-sized businesses.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Ontraport- Testimonials

Salesforce- Testimonials

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Conclusion: Ontraport vs Salesforce Comparison 2022

Businesses either small or large size always encounter some of the problems during their work Period. From marketing to sales generation to further communications with the customers. However, I believe there are several other software, applications that can be helpful for you through all these problems and get the maximum profit. You can look into the market and you will find many of the software fulfill one single need. Along with this, you have to subscribe to different software fulfilling different needs. This results in extra expense.

Hence, I present to you, these two Marketing Cloud systems Ontraport and Salesforce. I believe that this two software can be a complete package for you and your business. This is providing you with everything from email marketing, lead generation, sales navigator, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, etc.

There are several other special features you get from this software like complete and comprehensive CRM, quotes, sales alerts, Einstein Analytics, and others dealt with before. These are ideal choices for business (Ontraport for small and medium-sized businesses and Salesforce for larger enterprises). You just pay for one single software and you will get amazing features that would help you to enhance your business!

I believe this detailed comparison as helped you to choose the best software. I believe Ontraport will be the best tool for a budding business looking out to grow in the market. If you have a larger business and looking to expand in a wider range then I suggest Salesforce is the best tool.  In the end, it all depends on your business and the investment you are willing to do. I wish you All the best in your future endeavors.

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