How To Migrate OpenCart To WooCommerce Using Cart2Cart 2024

Are you looking for OpenCart to WooCommerce Migration? Great! You have come to the right post.

OpenCart and WooCommerce, two well-known and high-performance eCommerce platforms that allow you to create a powerful eCommerce store for your business by providing a collection of powerful plugins and extensions that help you develop OpenCart and WooCommerce the functionalities of your store.

Nonetheless, because WooCommerce has a larger user base and other obvious advantages that one is entitled to when running their eCommerce store on WooCommerce, switching from OpenCart to WooCommerce is an option that several store owners also consider.

It can sound like a difficult job to shift your fully operational store through two major platforms, but Cart2Cart is a solution that makes it just as easy for you! But before getting into that, let’s first understand why are shopping carts so important.

Importance of Shopping carts!

Shopping carts bridge the gap between purchasing and shopping so it’s incredibly important to have the latest shopping cart apps on your website. Perhaps the word is unfamiliar to those just starting out on the market.

Most people have probably made online shopping at some point in life, particularly in the e-commerce field. This being said, most consumers do not completely appreciate the shopping cart’s need and usefulness, rather than just providing a customer checkout.

Migrate your store using Cart2Cart!

The migration of shopping carts is also a pain in the butt for proper resource gathering. It has to take care of other crucial items, such as transmitting data from the store through channels such as inventory, customers, and orders. If you’re looking for a reliable solution to help you to do all of this seamlessly then don’t leave this page because you’ve come to the right address.

When you are searching for a reliable solution to migrate OpenCart to WooCommerce, then Cart2Cart Shopping Cart Migration is the best method you can use. An online shopping cart migrator built to make it eCommerce stores easy to migrate to 80 licensed carts such as OpenCart and WooCommerce while also keeping the data secure.

What is Cart2Cart?

Cart2Cart is a powerful, automatic online shopping cart service that can conveniently and securely transfer all your OpenCart data to a fresh WooCommerce store. The migration framework guarantees WooCommerce’s 100 percent uptime and excellent data transfer efficiency from OpenCart or any other network.

 OpenCart and WooCommerce Using Cart2Cart - OpenCart_to_WooCommerce

Helped by an outstanding 24/7 customer service network, the company ensures that the entire process of conversion from OpenCart to WooCommerce becomes a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

  • Automated data importing requires neither technical knowledge nor developer assistance.
  • Cart2Cart Tech gurus are always happy to answer all your migration-related questions by providing 24/7 live support by phone, chat, or ticket support.
  • 100% uptime for your current store – you can continue to sell on your existing store during the conversion, i.e. your current store will be up and running during the transition, there’s no need to interrupt service.

Data that you can migrate using Cart2Cart!

Cart2Cart has everything you need to make the transition from OpenCart to WooCommerce clean and well-organized. It provides the largest collection of transferable entities that can be transferred automatically from one cart to another without any data loss.

 OpenCart_to_WooCommerce - Support Entities

The platform provides an unprecedented migration speed to enable full-scale data migration of goods, transactions, orders, categories, feedback, and other significant entities, which will be transferred automatically within a few hours between the two systems.


  • Name, SKU, Full Description, Images in Description, Status, Manufacturer
  • Price, Special Price
  • URL, Meta Title, Meta Description
  • Weight
  • Product Tags
  • Variants (SKU, Weight, Attributes, Quantity, Price, Special Price, Additional image)
  • Base Image, Additional Images
  • Quantity, Manage Stock


Name, Description.




  • Email
  • Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone)
  • Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code)


  • ID, Order Date, Order Status, Custom Order Status, Order Products (Name, SKU), Product Price, Quantity, SubTotal Price, Discount Price, Tax Price, Shipping Price, Total Price, Order Comments.
  • Customer Name, Email, Billing Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone)
  • Shipping Address (First Name, Last Name, Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code)


Name, Coupon Code, Type Discount, Discount Amount.


Created Date, Rate, Username, Comment, Product.


Title, SEO URLs.


  • Title, Full Description, Short Description, Tags, SEO URL, Blog IDs, Comments


What more can be done to OpenCart and WooCommerce Using Cart2Cart?

 Additional Services

  • Packages for the Data Migration service

Cart2Cart requires saved time and high commitment. That’s why they offer one of their “all inclusive” Data Migration Service Packages the opportunity to obtain. Use the opportunity to transfer all your data every step of the migration to get technical support and maintenance of the migration. Save time, let them guide you through the migration process.

  • Recent Data Migration Services

While you were migrating there appeared some new entities on your store? Using the Recent Data Migration service to transfer all of the latest data right after the productive previous migration from one store to another.

  •  Insurance service for safe migration. 

Get a chance to restart your migration by a single click of a button up to 3 times. Simply pick one of the migration Wizard’s insurance plans and get rid of all fears, tensions and anxieties.

  • Migration Preview

You can also see how your store looks with the help of the best e-commerce platform, without having a shopping cart enabled, for the Migration Preview! Additionally, various models are available for use. So, go ahead and sweep away the questions.

  • Migration Customization Services

Full range of customizations that will help ease migration in your particular situation. Cart2Cart will help you exit the database dump and export your data to it. CSV, or even upgrade your shopping cart to Amazon.

  • Remigration service

If you need to do the same migration over and over again, no problem, Cart2Cart gives you another chance to move! Order the migration service and migrate to the initial migration for only 50 percent.

OpenCart to WooCommerce migration using Cart2Cart!

It is as important to choose the right platform for your e-commerce company to choose the right niche, and perhaps even more important than the latter. The e-store frequently outgrows the current iteration and merchants are searching for features that are more advanced.

This is where the network migration concept comes in. And making complete migration from one platform to another is simpler than ever before Cart2Cart‘s courtesy, which has been built to help you migrate your store trouble-free across various platforms.


To allow data exchange between your stores and begin a full-scale migration of items, orders, customers, categories and other entities from OpenCart to WooCommerce it takes only a few simple steps. Cart2Cart will keep the existing OpenCart cart intact and accessible to customers while quickly transferring data with all of the retained entity associations.

  1. Register new account

You will use your current Google account to sign. Additionally, you can build your Cart2Cart account to enter your credentials-name, email Address, set a password, and then press the registration button.

  1. Choose the type of migration

With the two choices given, you will be asked to choose the form of migration you want, i.e. you want to migrate yourself or you want the Cart2Cart professionals to do the migration automatically.

  1. Sign in with your Source Cart

Type your latest WooCommerce Store URL. Download and upload the Link Bridge manually to your WordPress root directory, or have it done with Cart2Cart automatically.

  1. Type in your Target Cart credentials:

Provide credentials for your new store URL and API, required to connect to your OpenCart shop.

  1. Choose the data you wish to migrate

Pick the types of data to transfer, match them to the respective OpenCart categories and choose additional migration options.

  1. Launch your migration

Beginning Demo available to show Cart2Cart in practice. Go for the Full Migration and in no time enjoy your brand new WooCommerce Store!

 OpenCart and WooCommerce Using Cart2Cart Cost?

The Cart2Cart pricing model is very flexible, at a fixed cost of $29. Essentially, the final relocation cost depends on the shops of the source and target, and the number of organizations to move between them. Users willing to calculate the exact cost of the case may turn to the Migration Estimator and enter the number of products, customers, and orders for the estimated final cost.

OpenCart_to_WooCommerce - Pricing Plan

Check out the Cart2Cart official website to know more about the pricing scheme and features offered by the developers for migrating from OpenCart and WooCommerce.

 Cart2Cart Reviews & Testimonials

 Cart2Cart - Testimonials

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Conclusion: How To Migrate OpenCart to WooCommerce Using Cart2Cart 2024

Cart2Cart gives you an exceptional opportunity to move your e-commerce shopping cart from one platform to another with its smooth user-friendly interface and easy to follow steps which make the whole process less stressful along with it, you can also opt for automatic migration service provided by them.

  • This will help you push your cart across each of the 80 + platforms which are associated with the largest list of transferable units.
  • Cart2Cart data migration does not need the developer’s technological expertise or help.
  • That should not take longer than two hours without affecting your current company’s efficiency.
  • To access the service, you can run a free demo and safely transfer within 30 minutes a limited number of people from your current company into a new active company.
  • You can contact technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by telephone, live chat or by phone if you have specific migration queries.

All in all, Cart2Cart is an overall solid platform and the best tool you can utilize to migrate your store data from OpenCart to WooCommerce effortlessly!

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