Opinion Stage Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype? (TRUTH)

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Opinion Stage is an online tool that enables marketers and publishers to create surveys, quizzes, and other interactive formats to grow their consumer base and turn them into a substantial group of loyal readers or customers. Opinion Stage also has a super useful WordPress plugin for automating the functionality on their site instead of copy-pasting embed codes.

Opinion Stage Detailed Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype?


Opinion Stage is stocked with a variety of pre-defined templates, which you can further customize as per your requirements. Alternatively, you can also build an entirely new template according to your marketing requisite. The tool also offers analytics so you can see every aspect of what happens in the tool. For example, with quizzes, you can see how many people viewed the quiz, started the quiz, etc, and different breakdowns of the results.

Opinion Stage may seem like a simple plugin, but packs a hearty number of integrations and use cases that come super handy for marketers and publishers as they proceed their hunt for more leads and engagements. Is Opinion Stage a one-stop solution for marketers and publishers to generate more leads and engagements? We have done significant testing to find out. Please keep reading to find out how Opinion Stage thrives under our testing.

Opinion Stage Tools & Features : Opinion Stage Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker Reviews & Product Details

Opinion Stage is not your token tool with limited features restricting to only survey and quiz. It goes a lot deeper than a basic online tool. There are 8 interactive tools that you can use as per your marketing prerequisites. Opinion Stage takes things up a notch by offering useful marketing, promotion, and analytics tools to help marketers nurture their leads and engagements. Let us take you through Opinion Stage’s three most popular and interactive tools.

Opinion Stage Quiz Maker

The Quiz Maker is one of the most sought after tools of Opinion Stage. This powerful tool enables marketers to create engaging and valuable lead magnets that draw users and keep them hooked on the website.


This tool has proven to be pretty useful in reducing the bounce rate on websites as it keeps users browsing for longer and engaging deeper with marketing content. An absolute delight for marketers and publishers, we must say!

Drop Off Report Votes Interactive Content Diet  Nespresso Vacation Add Plugin

Opinion Stage offers a variety of preloaded quiz templates (Personality, Trivia, Assessment, and more) that suit different types of marketing requirements. You can also browse these templates as per topics such as Business, Marketing, Technology, Pop Culture, and more. These templates can be further customized by you according to your marketing targets.

To test things deeper, we customized a preloaded template to check how easy it is to get things done on Opinion Stage, and it turned out to be an easy process. We had to choose a template and then tweak it according to our content and marketing requirements. We also tried creating a new template from scratch, and even that proved to be a pretty simple process with easy-to-edit functionalities.

Opinion Stage Poll Maker

The Poll Maker is another fantastic Opinion Stage tool. The online poll maker is designed for high-level audience engagement with advanced usage scenarios. This feature boosts engagement, brings insights, gathers leads, and more. What makes it one of the best marketing lead generation polls is the speed at which you can create and deploy it on your website, landing pages, social networks, and more.


The Poll Maker is stacked with cool features like automatic closing, configuring who can view results, enabling personal answers by users, integrating a lead form, redirecting on the vote, and more. The poll maker is designed to maximize engagement and participation with interactive, visual, and mobile-friendly design.

The tool also offers detailed reports touching every aspect of the results & performance, including a summary report with performance data and vote data with metadata like timestamps. It also gives an option to export all the information to a CSV/XLS file for superior analysis.

Just like the Quiz Maker, Poll Maker also comes loaded with premade templates while giving an option to create a new one from scratch. The templates provided in Poll Maker can also be personalized as per your marketing and publishing requirements.

Opinion Stage Survey Maker

The Survey Maker is another amazing marketing and data collection tool. This tool comes handy for research and data collection purposes. Whether you are creating an operative digital marketing strategy or running experimental research, this tool will fetch relevant data to analyze and draw conclusions. An online survey is one of the fastest and easiest ways to gather leads and data.

OpinionStage - Survey Maker

Opinion Stage eases the process of creating an online survey with its well-designed Survey Maker tool with preloaded templates and additional advanced features. You can use the existing templates and customize them as per your requirements, or you can choose to create an entirely new survey template using Opinion Stage. No matter if you want to conduct an NPS survey to gauge your consumer reviews or simply want to learn more about your target user base by conducting a demographic survey, Opinion Stage lets you do all.

What’s best about this Survey Maker is the functionality that lets users choose different question types such as open-ended and closed-ended questions, multiple-choice and single-answer questions, with an option to include images, and videos, and that it is also interactive. This tool becomes even more attractive for marketers and publishers as it allows customizations in every way possible, along with neat branding. It lets you create a customized start page with branding and logo, background images, custom fonts, borders, and more. All this converts to quality data and leads. Besides quiz, survey, and poll making tools, Opinion Stage also offers other marketing and publishing tools such as stand-alone forms, slideshows, lists & interactive stories. You can also use them to further your marketing strategy and operations.

How Marketers & Publishers use Opinion Stage

Any marketer or publisher would be thrilled to access the number of features and use cases provided on the platform.

Use Case #1 – Lead Generation

Generating quality leads is one of the best uses for Opinion Stage. With a variety of tools and integrations, this online tool makes generating leads easier and more actionable.

You can easily integrate a lead form inside an engaging quiz to generate more leads. Lead Quizzes by Opinion Stage could generate up to 500% more leads than stand-alone forms. What makes it even more significant is that the leads attracted are segmented based on the users’ answers and the outcome they get. Sounds like bliss for marketers, right?

Use Case #2 – Content Marketing

Opinion Stage allows marketers to replace static content with smart, exciting & personalized interactive content marketing experiences. With its easy-to-use templates and features, the tool helps in marketing content to boost engagement, conversions, discover insights & more.

Interactive Content Marketing formats offered by Opinion Stage are proven to be one of the most engaging ones on the internet. Using rich content templates with interactive design makes your content more appealing with higher sharing rates that set the base for virality. You would be surprised to know that one of the top-performing articles in the New York Times was a quiz.

Use Case #3 – Audience Insights

Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, and more created on Opinion Stage provide significant insights. The interactive & visual design of these tools allows them to outperform traditional formats.

Opinion Stage offers both performance and result reports for every marketing asset you create on it. The performance report allows marketers to optimize their quiz/survey/poll to maximize participation and boost engagement. It tracks every aspect of your campaign, including engagement rates, drop-off points, and more. The result report presents various visual displays and breakdowns of the results. It also allows users to export the results data (including metadata) for high-level analysis.

Opinion Stage Analytics

Opinion Stage gives you all the statistics and reports that you need to analyze performance including drop-off reports, outcome reports, response reports, and more. It is essential for marketers and publishers as this data that helps them understand what works for them and what does not.

If you know how your users react and engage with your content, you will be successful in creating the value that gives you stable returns in marketing.

Opinion Stage Integrations

Marketing Automation

Opinion Stage offers integrations with crucial marketing automation programs used by publishers and marketers, such as Mailchimp, Hubspot, and hundreds of others. Integrations with these platforms enable marketers and publishers to seamlessly run their 360-degree campaigns with interactive content.

Marketing Automation

You can seamlessly connect the quiz to your CRM, email, or marketing automation system. You can also utilize other native integrations such as custom webhook solutions, API, or Zapier integrations to adequately integrate with your system.

Embedding Opinions

You can easily embed Opinion Stage widgets into any CMS or webpage using javascript, iframe, or placements. Their blog has a dedicated how-to section to run you through how to integrate with hundreds of platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and others.

WordPress Plugin

Opinion Stage also has a WordPress plugin that can be easily installed in their WordPress backend. The plugin allows you to create & add interactive content (e.g. polls, quizzes, surveys, forms & more) to your WordPress site.

Wordpress Plugin

Once installed, marketers can efficiently integrate quizzes and other forms of interactive content with their websites and blogs.

How Much Does Opinion Stage Cost?

Opinion Stage is upright with its pricing. It has got pricing tiers so that marketers, publishers, or any other online business owners can find the best plan catered to their requirements without going overboard with the budget. The four pricing tiers on Opinion Stage are Basic, Starter, Small Business, and Performance. Rightly named according to their usage, the basic plan costs nothing but is stripped of some important features, so if you want some meaningful reports and data from Opinion Stage, then don’t go for this one.

Opinion-Stage- Pricing

The Starter pack is well-suited for the beginners, costing just $19 per month. It has the essential features that you’ll need from the tool alongside some add-ons for a wholesome experience. Then there is the Small Business pack that comes loaded with most of the features on Opinion Stage at $65 per month; it caters to small businesses and helps them generate leads and analyze reports.

Lastly, there is a Performance plan that comes stacked with every feature on Opinion Stage. It is best suited for high conversion marketing businesses. The pricing of this pack is $199 per month.

Overall, Opinion Stage is not an expensive offering for all the performance punch it packs. It is arguably the best quiz, poll, and survey-creating tool on the web with extraordinary features and integrations.

Opinion Stage Review & Testimonials

Opinion-Stage- Testimonials

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 Conclusion: Opinion Stage Review 2023 | Should You Buy It ?

Opinion Stage is an exceptional tool for various marketing requirements. It delivers what it promises i.e. a seamless platform for creating interactive content that aligns with your marketing goals. The interface and integrations offered by this tool come handy for marketers at every step of content and marketing.

We loved how subscription plans cater to different users such as beginners, small business owners, or agencies – makes it easier for new users to try the tool. Overall, Opinion Stage is a definite bang for your bucks with its superior functionality, integrations, friendly interface, and analytical backing.

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