OptimizePress Pricing: Is it the Best Marketing Suite for WordPress ?

Landing pages are the key to conversion. They allow you an opportunity for building your customer base and encouraging people to take action on what they’re looking at, which will ultimately lead them towards one product or service in particular!

Landing pages are a fantastic way to market your product because they’re customized for conversion. They have one specific call-to-action, which helps you drive people towards signing up or buying something quickly and easily without having other distractions on their website that may stop them from completing this task!

The perfect landing page has all the credentials you need to convince your potential customer. They should include industry awards and recognition, experience lists with results data, or other proof that this company knows what they’re doing- because after all, no one wants an amateur handling their business’s success!

What is OptimizePress

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that can be used to create landing pages, sales funnels, and more. It’s perfect for creating professional-looking websites with all of the features you need in one place!

You can create a landing page, add an opt-in, and then build your membership site. It will be easy for you to get started with the OptimizePress plugin because it has everything set up in one place!

OptimizePress is the easiest way to create beautiful, engaging content for your blog. You’ll be able to build new pages without any coding knowledge thanks in part to our easy-to-use interface that installs on top of WordPress already!

OptimizePress Pricing


The pricing of this product is a real strength. It’s cheaper than many competitors and more expensive when compared to others, but you do get an extensive range of features with it – something that cannot be said for all WordPress plugins on the market today!

The three pricing options for OptimizePress are Core, Publisher, and Pro. Each tier builds on top of the previous one with an increasing price tag that includes unlimited pages in addition to year-long updates & support – making it a one-time fee if you need current versions or access beyond this period!


The Core Optimize Press plugin is $99/year and includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Up to three unique websites
  • Unlimited leads
  • The OptimizeMember plugin as part of the price
  • 1 year of support and updates

The Core package is a great option for those starting out with one website. If you want to start dripping content or have more than three sites, then it’s important that your site has plugins available so OptimizePress can be included in the core version – this way all of these features are still accessible without having to pay extra fees!


The Publisher version of Optimize Press is $149/year and includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Up to ten unique websites
  • Unlimited leads
  • The OptimizeMember plugin as part of the price
  • 1 year of priority support and updates
  • A/B split testing tool
  • Advanced elements library
  • Video background element
  • Page engagement actions

Marketing professionals and company managers will find the Publisher version of this tool invaluable for managing multiple websites. It provides advanced page designs with testing tools, so it’s nice to see these features included in both versions!


Pro is the top tier and costs $199/year. It includes:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Up to 30 unique websites
  • Unlimited leads
  • The OptimizeMember plugin
  • 1 year of first inline support and updates
  • A/B split testing tool
  • Advanced elements library
  • Video background element
  • Page engagement actions
  • Exclusive plugin library

The website is clear about the cost of a one-time payment, which makes me feel more comfortable with it.

However, I do have an issue that they call this a “one-time fee” and then later mention annual fees if you want customer support other than through their knowledge base–which can be expensive at times!

Other than these gripes (which are really minor)I think overall prices here make perfect sense given all factors involved.


Is OptimizePress free?

OptimizePress is a code-free platform. You don't need to know HTML or CSS in order create beautiful pages with our software! Once you have your WordPress site setup, installing and using Optimizepress can be as simple as clicking on some buttons - no coding required at all.

How do I install OptimizePress 3?

To install the OptimizePress plugin, go to WordPress and locate your file from within Plugins. Locate this specific package then click on Install Now for immediate installation! Once installed activate it by clicking Activate.

How do I add OptimizePress to my WordPress?

When you have downloaded and installed the OptimizePress Suite Dashboard plugin on your computer, go to WordPress site in order add it as a new plug-in. On Plugins panel click Add New then Upload Plugin button which will lead users straight where they need too with only one selection required!

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Wrapping up

If you are interested in learning more about OptimizePress or want to try out the software, we have done a detailed OptimizePress Review visit here to read. You can also watch some helpful tutorial videos on their Youtube channel.

The three pricing options for OptimizePress are Core, Publisher, and Pro. Each of these options has different features, so be sure to choose the one that fits your needs. Thanks for reading!

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