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Ease of use
Value for money


  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Over 40,000 websites trust OptiMonk
  • Promote Special Offers
  • Convert Early Stage Visitors Into Leads
  • Connect with prospects on Messenger for 85% open rates and 28% click-through rate
  • Turn low-engagement visitors into newsletters subscribers for later sales conversion
  • Increase Social Engagement
  • Personalize your visitors shopping experience
  • Build your SMS phone number marketing list
  • "Settings and rules for targeting, appearance, lead generation, etc are very easy to implement


  • More pricing options needed
  • Bad support for fonts and right-to-left languages, hard to design.
  • There is no option to set the probability of the spinwheel.

Over 40,000 websites trust OptiMonk to convert visitors into customers. OptiMonk is an Award Winning Exit Intent Popup Builder Software and you can easily turn new visitors into your customers.

Price:$ 29

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Optimonk Discount Coupon 2021 20% Off

Optimonk coupon code

Are you struggling to create a consistent lead generation strategy? Is your eCommerce losing leads due to customers exiting the site?

What if you could capture 100% of lost leads with a single click of a button?

You know you need an exit popup, but the options are overwhelming.

Do you want to start taking advantage of the leads that OptiMonk can bring in on your site?

OptiMonk is a powerful, easy-to-use software that will generate and capture leads on site for your eCommerce. With our award-winning software, you can create powerful popups that get conversions.

With active support of OptiMonk technology, people are able to get back their customers quite successfully. Read our OptiMonk Review With OptiMonkDiscount Coupon 20% off on Yearly plans .

Bottom Line Upfront : 

OptiMonk is a free conversion optimization and lead generation tool that turns your traffic into sales. It allows you to create, personalize, and launch popups, sidebars, notification bars, and fullscreens without coding. It is a powerful tool that you can use to analyze your website or blog, put together a monetization plan, and discover ways to optimize your content for conversion.

OptiMonk has some really cool features, and it can be a very useful tool. If you don’t have the time or resources to create a dedicated conversion funnel, then this is a great option.


Optimonk reviews by customer

Lets start with OptiMonk review with pricing & features.

Helping you to recover upto 15% customers and abandoned visitors, such advanced technology has become quite popular in recent years.  Use of OptiMonk has found relevance in varied sectors like e-commerce platforms where they bring back old customers, cater to newer ones and also increases the overall revenue.

They are also able to capture more number of sales and lead generation with lucrative results.  For private agencies, the service providers offer more clients results with the use of advanced technology and tools.

Onsite retargeting tools has become a popular choice for most interested clients who have faced considerable loss of existing customers. By strengthening customer loyalty and increasing satisfaction, clients are able to make the most of their web needs and requirements with the least effort and expenses.

Optimonk features

OptiMonk Review 2021  Top Pros & Cons Of OptiMonk Reviews

OptiMonk helps you create delightful browsing for your website and it is the leading A/B testing platform with a personalized experience for eCommerce websites to increase conversion rates and revenue. With an advanced understanding of their customers, OptiMonk has access to the richest data in the industry. They provide advanced features that help to create tailored and personalized customer experiences. They believe that when it comes to competition, there has to be more than just a competitive price.

Optimonk Reviews online

By revolutionising the overall operations of e-commerce platforms, clients have obtained considerable satisfaction with the use of advanced technology. Dedicated to serving customers, they have become industry leaders in the sphere of online marketing and active web promotional tools.

As they are the fastest growing web technologies, much value and significance has been attached to them among other website owners. When it comes to optimising conversion and maintaining growth of e-commerce solutions, OptiMonk has become a convenient and smart choice for most. With better lead generating facilities, they have become a well known and reliable service provider.

Presence of active system for customer data collection, careful analysis, consumer segmentation as per their personal preferences and need also enables better application of such onsite retargeting process within a short span of time.

You might have question like this for OptiMonk, we will answer everything here :

– What is OptiMonk?

– How do you use OptiMonk?

– What is OptiMonk all about?

– What are the Pros and Cons of OptiMonk?

– How does OptiMonk Work?

– Why we used OptiMonk for my business?

– Is OptiMonk Optimized for SEO ?

–  Is OptiMonk Optimized for Conversions ?

–  Is OptiMonk Optimized for Referrals?

What is OptiMonk? How Does it Work ?

Optimonk Features and benefits

OptiMonk Review: Key Features

Benefits of Using OptiMonk


Optimonk Eye cathcing features

For most need the platform provides useful templates. There is no need for modification because the software provides a one-size-fits-all solution with a pre-defined layout and typeface.

Frontend Features

Popups optimonk

The popups can traverse easily and smoothly. Visitors will not be confused, because the backdrop colour may be varied to make sure that the visitor only focuses on the pop-up. The floating bar opt-in which scrolls together with visitors is another great feature. Furthermore, there is a good feature for exiting.

Backend Features

The dashboard provides a clear picture of all of your opt-ins, as well as useful data. Moreover, the backend is user-friendly, allowing you to quickly access important information such as metrics and account settings with just a single click.

Reports and Statistics

Optimonk Reporting

OptiMonk understands the importance of a solid statistics page. Its reports area offers a lot of informational graphs and data to assist you improve the effectiveness of your popup approach. Moreover, the A/B testing tool is excellent, allowing you to choose the best popup variation to display full-time on your website. The data is informative, with a plethora of appealing graphs to help you visualise the key steps you need to do. Additionally, the platform is adaptable and assists with email capture and couponing.

Customer Service

The customer service channels and resources provided by OptiMonk have impressed us. Expert support is available via a variety of channels, including phone, email, and live chat. There is also a comprehensive self-help area where you can quickly discover solutions to frequent questions. If you want to obtain special attention for your problem, you may book a session with an account manager.

Optimonk Features

Optimonk Spin Wheel

Learning about Optimonk’s many features will help you have a better understanding of how it works and how beneficial it can be to your business.


Optimonk performance

To use the free exit-intent popup maker, you don’t need to be a tech whiz. You may simply access all required tools thanks to a clearly designed Dashboard. The Dashboard is clear and easy to use. The backend is user-friendly, and all necessary tools are strategically arranged.

Campaigns and Templates

Optimonk Upsell and cross sell

You have complete control over your designs since you may select from a large library of ready-made templates, which saves you a lot of time. You may also use the drag-and-drop editor to add personalization with your own hand-carved inscriptions.


Popup Optimonk


Popups are one of the most commonly used marketing tactics. Optimonk has graciously provided a number of choices for you to experiment with and create your popups. Customizable popups, for example, can be used to attract cart abandoners. These popups can quickly identify such visitors and attract them with a special offer.

Many times, we find products that are relevant to our current search as if the algorithm has read our mind. It may be Optimonk or another comparable product that has done its study and only recommended goods that are relevant.

Throughout the year, there are numerous important occasions. Take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your specials and incentives on Black Friday, Mother’s Day, and other special occasions.

Optimonk popups provide you the ability to efficiently leverage your campaign to convert visitors into sales.


Optimonk Upsell and cross sell

Horizontal bars appear at the top and bottom of your webpage. Choose your preferred template from over 30 options and collect your visitors’ email addresses or flash promotional coupons.

You may even personalise the design, allowing your imagination to run wild.

Scratch Cards and Lucky Wheels

Optimonk Spin Wheel

With lucky wheels and scratch cards, you can get more people to sign up. With these appealing popups, you can take your business to the next level.

Triggering Options

Optimonk AB Testing tool

The many triggering choices made my head spin and made me realise how many different sorts of web visitors there are in real life. The creative team performed an excellent job at collecting all types of visitors and devising distinct trigger mechanisms for each action they do.

Email marketing is a fantastic method to spread the word about your company. OptiMonk’s triggering options let you quickly increase your email list. The Exit-intent popup option is the finest since it captures the attention of any user who is about to leave your website in the blink of an eye.

After a certain number of seconds of visiting a site/page, Timed-Display Control shows your message. On sometimes, you may be inactive on a website for an extended period of time. The inactivity monitoring feature keeps track of your activities and displays a message to pique your interest.

Email marketing reporting

Scroll-Based When a user scrolls down a certain section of your website, triggering sends out a message. This sort of message is appropriate for people who are sincere in their want to learn more about what you have to offer.
When we click on anything or attempt to do something, a message box may emerge. The OnClick Triggering option accomplishes this by triggering a popup whenever a visitor clicks on a specified section of the page, such as a banner, link, or button.

Targeting Options

Optimonk Email

All five fingers are not equal, and neither are all visitors. OptiMonk’s main purpose is to display various personalised messages to various sorts of visitors.

  • The number of times a popup should appear is determined by its frequency.
  • Background and History provide a variety of targeting choices depending on a person’s geographic location and browsing history.
  • The geo-targeting tool allows you to divide visitors into groups based on their nation or area of origin.
  • The Viewed Pages feature captures users’ preferences, tracks their on-site surfing activity, and displays messages based on their browsing history, number of pages visited, and current page.
  • Haven’t we all seen a popup notification on a website after we’ve added products to our cart but never gone through the checkout process? That’s what technologies like OptiMonk do, which closely monitor our actions and habits.
  • Returning visitor recognition is a useful feature offered by Optimonk since it allows you to send personalised messages to both new and current clients. You may personalise it even further by using the Custom Variable option to address your clients by their first name, making them feel appreciated. Customers would believe that the website pays special attention to their requirements and interests in this manner.

Conversion Tools

Optimonk Testing tool

You may test several versions of your campaign using the conversion toolkit’s limitless A/B testing to see which one performs best for you.

The dynamic text replacement feature allows you to show the same message to various visitors while making many changes to suit their needs.

Deliver Personalized Product Recommendations based on your visitor’s purchasing and search history to assist them.


optimonk security

As visitors, we always use popup blockers so that we may navigate through pages without interruption. However, as a seller, we want to see popups and take advantage of every chance to convert visitors into customers.

As a result, in addition to providing a variety of lead generating choices, OptiMonk has done an excellent job of ensuring the security of your campaigns.

All messages delivered through OptiMonk are never impacted by AdBlockers, are GDPR compliant, and Google-friendly, which is a significant benefit considering that the majority of visitors arrive via Google.

The CDN and preloading options eliminate any delays in the display of popups, and your messages show immediately. Additionally, adopting AWS assures 99.9% uptime for your campaigns

Optimonk Integrations

Optimonk allows users to connect your newsletters, Messenger, CRM, CMS, and eCommerce systems. WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Volusion, Weebly, OpenCart, 3dcart, OsCommerce, CoreCommerce, and many other eCommerce systems integrate seamlessly with Optimonk.

Presence of advanced features

OptiMonk Onsite Retargeting Exit Intent Review features

There are several advanced features which have set them apart from other conventional onsite targeting management companies.

  • Firstly, it is their active sales and lead generation facility
  • The onsite retargeting technology also provides increased conversion rates of upto 15%. They are said to have a powerful conversion technology
  • Presence of a user friendly interface also enables both clients and service providers to edit their web campaigns in a successful manner
  • Providing active customer support and dedicated services, they are also very interactive
  • They provide innovate and advanced designs and technical support for the use of effective web applications
  • In a way, there are also said to increase web revenue and enhance business growth within a short span of time
  • They also ensure product and price recommendation along with smart purchasing advisors.

Besides such major features, the service provider has a demand- conform visitor approach that ensures a positive and smarter experience for clients. Hence in order to achieve an optimised landing pages and assistance, OptiMonk is perhaps the best responsive measure that can be taken for sustaining such online commercial ventures in the long run.

By targeting new customers and regaining older clients, most commercial platforms have realised the importance of relying on active and expert onsite targeting technology and promotional tools. Whether it is with the integration of active search engine marketing or well researched affiliate market campaigns, OptiMonk is regarded as the go to solution for most website owners in recent times.

Similarweb Industry Report

Optimonk industry trends

According to the latest industry report by Similarweb, there has been a significant increase in the number of eCommerce websites that had installed a cart abandonment software in the last 6 months.  OptiMonk saw the biggest jump in the number of websites it was installed on, growing by 78% in the last 6 months!

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FAQ’s Related to OptiMonk Reviews

Is there a free trial using OptiMonk coupon code?

The answer is yes. A 14-day free trial is available with one of the OptiMonk promo codes. When your trial period ends, OptiMonk will send you an email with the opportunity to upgrade to a premium plan and keep using the services. If you choose not to, regardless of your usage activity, all campaigns will be blocked.

How will I be able to pay for the software?

OptiMonk accepts credit cards and PayPal as well as other common payment methods. Make sure your credit card is linked to your PayPal account if you pick this option. Although OptiMonk does not have direct access to your credit card information when you use PayPal, it is still required to assure recurring payments every month or year.

To make my transaction, I will use PayPal. Will I get a rebate for the discount?

No. Before billing, the discounted amount will be applied. You will be charged a lower price than the actual purchase price.

Is my payment on OptiMonk secure?

To guarantee that your payments are safe, we employ Braintree, a security solution. All of your personal information is kept private, and you may make secure online payments.

What kind of deployment is it?

OptiMonk's deployment is cloud-based.

How can I change the account's e-mail address?

Please send an email to [email protected] if you want to change your account's e-mail address. Please provide the account's current and new e-mail addresses, and their account administrators will make the required adjustments.

What should I do if my monthly visitor limit is reached?

When you access your account and reach the monthly visitor limit, you'll receive a warning message at the top of the page, and your OptiMonk campaigns will be temporarily paused. You will also receive an email warning when the monthly visits approach 80% of the limit, as well as when they exceed it.

Why do I need to include my EU VAT number?

If you live outside of Hungary in Europe and your country is a part of the *EU, your OptiMonk pricing plan subscriptions will not be charged VAT if you submit your EU VAT number during the subscription process. The value of VAT is determined by Hungarian legislation in all other instances, which is 27 percent.

What type of CDN does OptiMonk use?

Amazon CloudFront is what they use. Visit this page for more information: http://aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/details/.

Does OptiMonk work under https protocol?

Yes, it does.

Is it feasible to transfer a campaign from one account to another?

No, this isn't possible. The reason for this is that each campaign has its own unique ID that identifies whose account it belongs to. As a result, a new campaign must be created in this situation.

Is it possible to use Adobe Analytics instead of Google Analytics with Optimonk?

You can mix, match, and analyse data from any point in the consumer experience with Adobe Analytics. Adobe Analytics is also compatible with OptiMonk campaigns.

How Can I Use Custom Fonts on My Popup Campaigns?

If you wish to use a custom font in your popup campaign, simply send an email containing the font files to [email protected], and they'll upload the font to our servers for you to use.

What steps do I need to take to become an Affiliate Partner?

Please register for a free account at the following link to become an Affiliate Partner: https://www.optimonk.com/affiliate-program/ You'll be able to see your Affiliate Link once you've registered and signed in to your account. Send the link to [email protected], and they'll link your Affiliate account to your OptiMonk account.

What Co-marketing options do OptiMonk offer?

Blog post exchange, co-webinar opportunity, link exchange to improve SEO rankings, and Facebook custom audience exchange are all common co-marketing options.

What is a Privacy Policy link and why is it needed?

The Privacy Policy you have in place notifies people what kind of user data you'll be using and how you'll use, display, share, or transfer it. As a result, in most countries, displaying the privacy policy link next to the subscription form is required. You may put it directly on the popup itself using OptiMonk. Visitors agree to accept the information provided in your website's Privacy Policy by signing up for popups.

Can I set up email notification for the subscribers?

You may follow OptiMonk's Instant Lead Notification tutorial to set it up if you want to get notifications about new subscribers. If you want to communicate with your subscribers, you'll need to set up a 3rd-party marketing automation system, such as MailChimp or Klaviyo, and integrate it with your OptiMonk account.

What is a sidemessage?

The sidemessage (formerly known as the sidebar in OptiMonk) is one of the four campaign options available in the software. It's a good option if you have some spare space on your website's sides, or if you occasionally find popups to be too irritating but still want to use some eye-catching marketing tools. Why? Because the sidemessage is constantly accessible on the side of the webpage as your visitors browse.

What is nanobar suitable for?

A nanobar is a sticky notification bar that stays on top of your website, or even at the bottom, and serves as a continual reminder to your visitors to take action. In today's competitive industry, a nanobar may significantly increase conversions and put your site ahead of the competition. Nanobars can be used to attract new subscribers and to remind returning visitors of a special offer they previously got.

Optimonk Alternatives

1) AWeber

AWeber-Powerfully-Simple-Email-Marketing- Overview

AWeber is an easy-to-use email marketing and marketing automation tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s meant to help them deliver focused and successful emails. Users may build newsletters and automated campaigns using its drag-and-drop editor, which includes hundreds of HTML templates. AWeber also allows company marketers to link their email marketing accounts with a variety of corporate tools, allowing information to be shared across departments.

Its Campaigns function is one of its most popular features. Users can send auto-responders depending on the date and time, contact behaviour, and tags applied to database contacts. Users may use the tracking tool to keep track of where contacts are in the campaign’s lifecycle, as well as which emails and campaigns received the most engagement or resulted in the most unsubscribes.

For with less than 500 subscribers, AWeber provides an unlimited free trial that includes basic features like 3,000 monthly email sends, email and landing page builders, and eCommerce functionality.

AWeber is guided by six fundamental values: producing amazing experiences, performing work with passion, encouraging respect and cooperation, welcoming user input, learning, teaching, and innovating continually, and having fun while doing so.

2) ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign has almost everything you’ll ever need in a mail marketing platform, and its advanced automations are unmatched. The entry-level subscription costs $15 per month (for up to 500 subscribers, paid monthly), while the Plus plan costs $70 per month and includes premium features like an in-built CRM, lead scoring, landing pages, and SMS messaging.

Automations are one of its most significant aspects. If you use their CRM software, you can automate list and contact management, as well as deals, in addition to autoresponders that may be triggered by a variety of situations. You can also add notes to contacts, schedule appointments, send direct messages to them, and much more using the ‘Deals’ system.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ‘Conversations’ function. You may use it to send customised messages directly to visitors to your website in order to improve the overall customer experience and develop a sales funnel to help you convert more visitors.

You can rapidly obtain a holistic perspective of how your sales and marketing activities are doing if you have all of your information and activity in one place. It may also save you money if you don’t have to use several suppliers for different tools.

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3) Leadpages

Leadpages allows you to design landing pages that they would host and publish on a custom domain for you. However, you may incorporate such landing pages, as well as other conversion-oriented material like pop-ups and alert bars, into your WordPress site.

Leadpages Overview

Leadpages may also be used to build complete websites, allowing you to quickly establish an online presence for your current project.

You don’t need anything else to get started because your Leadpages account provides hosting for any landing pages and sites you develop, as well as a subdomain for that material. If you have your own domain, though, you may use it to give your landing pages and websites a more professional appearance.

Here’s a quick overview of what you get:

An impressive library of customizable templates— Leadpages offers a large library of editable templates for building landing pages and other types of content.

Conversion tools – in addition to pages, you can construct pop-ups and alert boxes, which you can subsequently embed into your website even WordPress sites to generate additional leads.

Modern page editor— The drag-and-drop builder makes the process as simple as possible, whether you want to start from scratch and design your own unique landing page or customise one of the templates.

Split testing – While all of Leadpages’ designs are optimised for high conversions, you can perform your own tests to determine which of your designs receives the highest reaction from your audience. This eliminates the guesswork from building effective landing pages.

Integration options- Payment processors, email marketing tools, and social media advertising platforms, to mention a few, are just a handful of the third-party services that Leadpages integrates with.

Leadpages with its templates, content editor, and conversion tools — not to mention its lengthy list of integration possibilities — should be able to help you expand your email list, create event registrations, sell items, or push your audience to take some other action, no matter what your aim is.

Leadpages Vs Wishpond

Leadpages Vs Converti

4) Wishpond


Wishpond is a comprehensive adaptation to your demands in internet marketing. It assists you in attracting visitors by creating and distributing visually appealing landing pages, as well as converting them into leads. Wishpond does this through a number of tools available to its customers, as well as a number of useful third-party integrations with applications like Salesforce, Highrise, Insightly, MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Salesforce IQ, Base CRM, and many others.

Because of its remarkable and beneficial characteristics, Wishpond became extremely popular in a short time. More than a dozen apps are in reality integrated to meet the demands of internet marketing.

Wishpond makes your website effortlessly SEO-friendly, with little work and money spent. You do not need any technical expertise to utilise WishPond because it is simple and understandable to use its user interface. After using it for their websites Wishpond clients have experienced an increase in successful leads.

It offers many solutions to improve your marketing efforts online. It allows you to add many elements on your website, which make it outstanding and visitors attractive. You can create, publish and integrate multiple forms into mobile responsive pages in minutes. This form pops up on the landing page of a visitor.

Contests and promotions may simply be held using WishPond on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. It also allows you send custom emails to the addresses. It provides an effective method of lead management that tracks the activities of a website lead. This action is subsequently used to create a list of online marketers that track their leads behaviour.

Online marketers use Wishpond to boost their conversion rate and track their website activity. This analysis allows you to understand your guidance and may also be used to highlight areas where more marketing efforts are necessary. Interested users can use the training resources of the firm or contact support to learn how to maximise the potential of the product.

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OptiMonk Review Conclusion :  Is It The Best Ecommerce Retargeting Tool?

You may be a startup or a well-established company that sells a range of goods to customers. OptiMonk is best suited for businesses of all sizes.  OptiMonk is a flexible choice for eCommerce enterprises and websites if you are enthusiastic about lead generation and improving sales with personalised content.

Who Should Consider Using OptiMonk? Why OptiMonk Is Worth It?

The tool’s capacity to build creative popups, segmentation options that greatly customise visitors’ needs and treat each of them as a highly valued client depending on their location and browsing habit, and ease of use make it highly recommended.

Above all, I’ve observed a huge increase in affiliate sales and conversion rates after implementing OptiMonk on this website. I truly like sharing a successful business opportunity that might benefit you as well.

OptiMonk’s integration with your site will never irritate or spoil your visitors’ experience. Instead, it provides consumers with personalised offers, product recommendations, and other services based on their tastes and interests.

Several customers have tried their 14 day trial service packages for free and have been facilitated with profitable results. Hence in order to increase your websites’ conversion rates now, most people have been recommended to avail such lucrative offers and gain a deeper understanding of the overall operations of OptiKMonk onsite targeting tool. If satisfied, they are also able to select from a planned package as per their web preferences.

They have also established proper interaction with their clients quite successfully with support of active social media platforms. Hence if they require, people can schedule an appointment with a free Skype consultation. By influencing the world of digital marketing in times of increased technology, OptiMonk have gained much importance and value among commercial website owners.

11 thoughts on “OptiMonk Review 2021 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Coupon Code 20% Off) (OptiMonk Reviews)”

  1. Hey Abhishek,

    OptiMonk is really most powerful Onsite Retargeting platform, that helps you increase the conversion rate of your site and get more leads by recovering lost visitors.

    Exit offers provide you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email list. Eventually,thanks for sharing your best experience regarding this topic in brief.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

  2. One of my favorite online tools. The real value for money at my side starts when I put 1$ in and get at least 10$ out. With OptiMonks kickass premade popup templates I’ve made so powerful campaigns (no design skills at all, I’ve grown up on Canva ),​ that it’s crushed my ROI. With the FREE trial, it’s a real no brainer.
    Things I love are tons of free templates, outstanding design, powerful triggering settings. I’ve tried a couple of alternatives, but this one is delightful!

  3. OptiMonk is the best pop up app so far! We’ll I’ll say that it’s not the cheapest but is the best for the targeting side. It’s very easy to use and it performs very strong.
    For me it has become very easy to set up a variety of campaigns targeting people on different interfaces.
    Overall it’s a great lead generation an sales tool. I’ll surely recommend you trying it!

  4. OptiMonk is a free change improvement and lead age device that transforms your traffic into deals. It permits you to make, customize, and dispatch popups, sidebars, warning bars, and fullscreens without coding.
    It’s anything but an integral asset that you can use to break down your site or blog, set up an adaptation plan, and find approaches to improve your substance for change.

  5. OptiMonk has discovered pertinence in shifted areas like web based business stages where they bring back old clients, take into account fresher ones and furthermore builds the general income.

    They are additionally ready to catch more number of deals and lead age with worthwhile outcomes.

    OptiMonk has some truly cool highlights, and it tends to be a valuable device.
    On the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity or assets to make a devoted transformation channel, then, at that point this is an incredible choice.

  6. I got to use OptiMonk and I had a good time using it, some of its things I liked were that its great to setup with wordpress. The settings and rules for targeting, appearance, lead generation, etc are very easy to implement. Support team is also great and helpful. They work closely to us to improve SEO performance within the plugin.
    All together works great!

  7. There are a few progressed highlights which have separate them from other traditional on location focusing on administration organizations.

    Initially, it is their dynamic deals and lead age facility.

    The on location retargeting innovation likewise gives expanded transformation paces of upto 15%. They are said to have an amazing change innovation

  8. OptiMonk is a super helpful tool to which it aids you to sell on the website by converting visitors to buyers. They use popups, side messages, notification bars and fullscreens for a better functioning

  9. If you want to make money with pop up, OptiMonk is the one.
    I love the great built in designs, and drag and drop builder is cool as well. But what I like the most is that you can make money with Optimonk. There are lots of special features, that allow popups to be personalized and triggered at the best moment and place.

  10. OptiMonk works amazing for me!
    OptiMonk is a SaaS application that you can use to improve conversions with action-based messages (bars and popups) based on what you know about your website visitors and their behavior on your website
    For instance, you can display popups based on data on Geo location, engagement level, cart value, cart abandonment, returning visitors, and more.
    You can do a lot of things with optimonk at a 20% off on the yearly plan, so check it out now!!

  11. OptiMonk helps you in a lot of ways, I’ll surely recommend to everyone!
    OptiMonk enables you to attract your visitors’ attention with engaging content displayed at the right moment. You can also use it for lead capture, webinar registration through opt-in forms, and to promote or highlight coupon codes, discounts, special deals etc.
    And also check out the coupon code, you’ll get a discount on the plans!!


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