Optingun Review 2023: Should You Try This Fastest Lead Capture ??

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Online marketing and business has flourished over the ages by all leaps and bounds. Software’s have been developed that have eased the process of online business by attracting visitors to web-pages and sites.

In this era of modern technology and software advancement, online surfers generally scout for user-friendly methods to signup/login and access. The automation of this process and easing the continuity of access can help to attract a multitude of users and transform them into valuable customers. 

In this post, we have featured Optingun Review 2023 that includes all the detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality and more. Let’s get started here.

Optingun Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?

About Optingun

Optingun” is a software that has created a revolutionary impact on online businesses by creating forms in a few minutes. This has improved the integration process ad automated the process of converting visitors into customers and subscribers. It is the fastest software that helps to build and integrate forms with the help of plugins in your WordPress site. It can successfully integrate over 30 autoresponders to send emails.

Optingun Review- Fastest Lead Capture Software for Websites

This technologically advanced software helps in the creation of a variety of forms that intent to grow the count of subscribers. It has opened a plethora of features that enables signing up on different forms; customize designs with the minimal clicks.

The Primary Highlight of Optingun

It has absolutely no charges applied and yet we can develop forms and integrate them to captivate the users to become our customer. Each and every dedicated feature is available to each of its user that gets activated with just a single click!

Optingun Review- Dashboard

It is not just limited to customers and subscribers but you can use these high conversion forms to have more social fans and followers and thus getting into limelight to expand your business. A single click is all you need to access from all your social platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  No more multiple signups but all on your plate in just 1-click!

I have been accessing the basic features which have over 5000 forms every month at an absolute free of cost. There are other plans to choose from but as a beginner, the free service is beyond contemplation.

Form Types

There are 6 different types of forms to choose from provided by Optingun. There different form types are as highlighted below:

  1. Popups: As the name suggests, the popup types of forms helps in the pushing up of pop-up window that enables users to proceed with just once click selection of the even from the popup. The popup window actually becomes very interactive and users find it easy to respond from.
  2. Full Screens: Full Screens will have different tabs and options but will be displayed on the complete screen. This types of form can be chosen depending on your requirement where there are multiple options to be provided to the user to choose from.

 Optingun Review- Edit Full-Screen Forms

  1. Side Bars/Fly-Ins: I have been working on an online shopping portal and sidebars or fly-ins have been proved to be extremely catchy and captivating. This type of forms does not occupy the complete screen and neither compels for a click to proceed further but it’s a popup on one of the sides. This is very useful while providing certain advertisements or logins.

 Optingun Review- Add Sidebars

  1. Top Bars: Top Bars are available at the top of the displayed page. The top bars can gain your attention by appearing right the topmost part of the page.
  2. In-Page/After-Post: This type of form is useful when we are already deep into the content of the page and are looking forward to the end of page or next page. It appears after post events as well.
  3. Widget Box: It is similar to the In-Page/After-Post form. It appears on the sidebar of the website.

With the so many different form types available, it almost fits each one’s needs.

Working Procedure

The primary focus of Optingun has been to speed up the Optin process and enable business growth by using the data share technology and easy social signup procedure.

Signup and Grab Your Account

You can create your account in just about two minutes with easy signup. Just fill up your personal or professional email address and get started to build your high customer base.

 Optingun Review- Social Optin Live Demo

Create and Manage Your Optin Form

Optingun has already provided us with a variety of options to choose from. I have just selected my preferred template, customize it. All I needed to do was provide details on what is to be performed on submit button or select when to trigger open the forms. This is absolutely user-friendly and no programming is required.

 Optingun Review- Form Customization

Enable Code

Enabling the Optin Code is equally simple and all I needed was to get the JS embed code by just button clicking on code icon. (</>) is displayed on the form page and can be added on the website.

I went on to place the body tag </body> on the form pages just like some other pixel code. This is it and you can get started with your forms.

The rest of it runs seamlessly and automatically incrementing your customers and subscribers count exponentially than previous approaches.

Integration Procedure

Integrating Optingun to your applications is simple and is done in just about a few clicks. I followed the below instruction to integrate my Optingun with the Apps.

 Optingun Review- Integrations Methods

  1. Go to the homepage and select the Connect your Apps options displayed there. Find your option example Aweber from the list displayed.
  2. The list contains numerous options like Mailrelay, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.; to choose from.
  3. Click on the option ‘Connect Weber’ which is displayed at the bottom of the page. This is done is just 2-3 clicks and now I was navigated to the authorization page to allow authorization between Optingun and Aweber. I needed to fill up the login details and select click ‘Allow’ access option.
  4. Optingun then displays a confirmation that the connection was made successfully.
  5. You can select the plus icon displayed at the top of the page and get started with your forms. Choose the settings in the right most corner of the screen and then proceed to click ‘Integrations’ button or tab.
  6. A drop-down of options is displayed and I chose Aweber. You can choose your option and also add the possible tags that need to be passed in the form.
  7. Select multiple tags and separate them with ‘,’ to allow adding them.
  8. ‘Add this Integration’, is to be clicked and you are done with the integration procedure!

Needless to say, the complete process is possible in just a few clicks.

Ultimate Features of Optingun

Optingun has gained humongous popularity owing to its features and ease of using procedures.

Social Logins and Signups

Optingun has enabled its users to create forms with which all the social platforms like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. can be used for signups. The complete procedure of signup and filling details, exhausting time and energy has been wiped off!

You don’t have to install or create any other app but just use the existing to proceed and subscribe easily.

I had enabled the options of Facebook and Google in the selected form and it was automatically displayed before my visitors for their easy signup.

Multi Frame forms

Popups are highly effective that can allow free and seamless access of visitors or block them or block your content. By using the multi-frame forms, a popup can be enabled on the screen to provide a Yes/No. The visitor can easily proceed further just by clicking on the Yes option.

 Optingun Review- Frames Customization

Redirecting Data

Visitors often get tries by filling up their details when navigated to a different page. The Redirection of data features allow visitors to automatically get navigated to the new page, transfer data in backend like the email address and name to the navigated URL by Optingun itself.

All I needed to do was enable the toggling switch to allow enabling the URL navigation of form submission. Also, there is another switch that allows the navigation of data or its transfer from the page from where the user entered its details to the redirected URL.

This allows the visitors to use the same data on the new page.

Smart Pre-Filling Forms

There are smart forms also available that pre-fills the user related information like name, phone and email address that was already entered during signup.

These highly responsive and interactive forms with all options easy to enable in just a few clicks has been made possible with Optingun.


Optingun is an easy and user-friendly software that does not require any plugins but works on all platforms and sites. It can be automatically integrated with the easy steps as described above to all your applications with the pre-codes in the backend. You need not to do any coding to convert your visitors to high-end customers.

Unlimited forms and unlimited websites with its magnificent features for all free users have helped it rule over the market.

Pricing and Plans

Optingun has made its most features free for all new users who can access over 5000 forms and websites for absolutely free of cost. There is optimum branding of forms available with the free plan. Also, it allows about 500 users on your site in this free plan.

Optingun Review- Pricing

There are also plans for about 9 USD per month, 21 USD per month and 35 USD per month that allows increases the number of views to your websites.  You can also access the pro features using these paid plans. There are custom templates also available based on the plan chosen.

Optingun Review- Features Comparisons

The plans that are paid are also in different ranges. There is a 15-day free trial option which I had tried. I was able to access all the endless features of Optingun and get unlimited views. This actually gives the complete package of about 70 USD for free for a period of 14 days. There-after I have been moved to the free plan automatically without any monetary deduction further.

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Conclusion: Optingun Review 2023

The primary features of Optingun are to create lead capture forms and make the process of signups/logins easy and available in just one click.

No wonder, this saves times and runs in a user-friendly way. I have been immensely benefitted from this software with the variety of template options to choose from and the many designs available for my customization. It has opened up endless features for form creation, templates and designs and all of this is available for every user from their ‘free’ accounts.

It is absolutely amazing to see the variety of designs and multiple forms available in just the basics access.

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