OptinMonster Vs Leadpages 2021: Which Is Better And Best??

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OptinMonster Vs Leadpages






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      Are you focused on increasing your email list daily? Are you using right tools to fetch more subscribers?

      Hey! Don’t look act so strange. It’s very obvious that if you have a successful blog or you have an online presence than you are well aware of the fact that building an email list is need of an hour of every Digital marketer. Like every internet marketer you also must have tried numerous techniques to increase your email subscribers any how.

      You will AGREE if I say that an email list is oxygen for most online businesses. You can reap fruitful benefits in your business only if you are growing your list with a relevant audience.

      If you take my opinion than i would say, I am more happy to get an email subscriber rather than 10 fans or followers any day. TRUST ME! If you are not really giving a damn to it, than you can find your way out from this online marketplace because you can’t survive here without a email subscriber.

      HELL YEAH! It is a fact!!

      Hey lemme GUESS! Are you thinking, ‘ UHHH! I tried many times babes, but now just get me a way to some best optin so that i can increase my email list?’

      CHILL!! CALM DOWN!! Today, after a long research i have brought two incredible lead generation tools that can add a real benefit to your online business in real sense.

      So Guys, just get seated in front of your smart boxes for next ten minutes, and I GUARANTEE YOU! I will give you something really productive and WORTHY! 😀

      Do you own a website with the aim of generating leads or gathering email subscribers? 

      OptinMonster Vs Leadpages January 2021: Which Is Better And Best

      Today, we will be comparing 2 most popular email optin tools for WordPress sites:  OptinMonster and LeadPages :

      Let’s find out the features, the pros and cons of these two plugins. What make’s them different from several other plugin’s and find out which one of them you should choose for your website? 

      optinmonster vs leadpages

      1. OptinMonster

      optinmonster Blackfriday deals 2014

      OptinMonster is one of the best lead-generation plugin for WordPress. It allows you to create some attention grabbing optin forms that leads to better conversions.

      TRUST ME! When first time i used this plugin i was flabbergasted. It was something unique with great features and i wondered that, if this can wow me than it will definitely wow the users. 🙂 Hence, will lead to better conversions. 😀

      I read several case studies in market, which showed how OptinMonster converts visitors into subscribers but, really i couldn’t believes my eyes off as you need to test something on your own before giving any judgement.

      OKAY! So i tested this lead generation plugin on my website and just imagine the results were TOO GOOD.

      Optinmonster did wonder’s on my website. The result was 200% up and i was awestruck to see the power of this plugin to turn your website visitors into subscribers and customers.

      OptinMonster Best Lead Generation Software for Marketers

      Let me show you some features of this amazing tool, this will help you to find out what i am trying to say, >>

      • Smart User Targeting

      With the help of this feature you can target specific pages, categories or even specific user behavior. If you want to see some real profits than you should use A/B testing.

      This feature helps in tracking the user’s mouse behavior as they browse through your blog which helps in detecting the precise moment when the user is about to leave the page in order to show them a targeted campaign.

      • OptinMonster Builder

      This builder is very easy to understand and use. Further, it allows you to create professionally designed optin forms in less than a minute.

      • Actionable Insights

      You can track the number of impressions, total conversions, and the rate of conversion with the help of this feature. Further, you can go through the detailed reports for each optin and by this you may utilize various parameters to get better overview.

      Apart from these incredible features Optinmonster has various other features, >>

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      • Drag-and-drop form builder.
      • Slide-in forms.
      • On-click triggered forms.
      • Good-looking form animations.
      • Exit intent forms (Helps in converting the visitors who are about to leave your site.)
      • Multiple types of optin forms available.
      • Floating bars.
      • Blank canvas forms – put any HTML in them.
      • Great stats and analytics.
      • Full-screen welcome gate.
      • Sidebar forms and widgets.

      SERIOUSLY! These features of Optinmonster has made me a crazy fan of this magical lead generation plugin.

      *If you want a detailed review on Optinmonster than visit the link below. I ASSURE YOU won’t be left with any doubts after reading this article.

      (VISIT HERE : Optinmonster Review: How It helps in Increasing Blog Subscribers by 600%)

      Every thing created in this universe has some advantages and disadvantages which makes it different from others. Without taking much, let’s find out here below some pros and cons of Optinmonster.

      OptinMonster Features

      Pros Of Optinmonster

      • Optinmonster is very affordable and one of the best tools available in market with such amazing features.
      • Optinmonster is a bliss for advanced users as they can create new apps and have them integrated with OptinMonster.
      • OptinMonster also gives you access to create entirely custom pop-ups. Now, you have more options with you rather than optin forms and you can use this to link to buy buttons, your popular content, display pricing tables, and etc.
      • If you choose its pro-plan than you can work with unlimited websites.
      • OptinMonster integrates with almost every email marketing solution like MailChimp.
      • You can integrate this amazing tool with your site through a WordPress plugin.
      • It’s A/B testing feature is just too good and very easy to use. With help of this feature you can create new variations of your forms. You can also test them and another awesome thing is that you don’t need any technical skills for that.   

      Cons Of Optinmonster

      • Sometimes when WordPress plugin releases its latest plugin updates than your optin forms may not work and even stop being displayed if you’re not on the most recent version.
      • The templates present on Optinmonster are not fully editable. If you plan to edit it than you need to use the blank canvas form, and put custom HTML in it and for that you should have technical skills.

      HEY! Don’t be in a HURRY. As I promised you that I’ll be comparing two powerful plugin’s, so CALM DOWN! show must GO-ON.


      2. Leadpages

      LeadPages Software mobile responsive landing page generator

      LeadPages among the most popular email optin solutions worldwide.  It is much beyond the normal creating forms to capture email addresses.

      Leadpages helps in creating responsive landing pages. In addition to this, it further helps in creating sales pages & conversion pages. This lead generation plugin is all about landing pages.

      BIGGEST ATTRACTION of LeadPages is that, it helps in converting your idea into a fully functional landing page in few minutes. It is one of the simplest landing page builder in the industry, where you create, edit and deploy your next high-converting page without using any line of code. It also offers many optin generation tools that work on every site.

      Now, let’s find out some amazing features of LeadPages which can make you its crazy fan..>>>

      On-click triggered forms.

      • Leadpages works on every site.
      • This tools make sure to gather email list in accordance with the assurance of the resources which you promised your audience for subscribing.
      • It hosts landing pages.
      • Use A/B testing.
      • It has a Large(HUGE) library of landing page designs that you can sort out by conversion rates.
      • Easy integration with Email Service Providers.
      • Extensive Font Collection to compliment your site.
      • Easy accessible tool for building landing pages and getting them online.
      • Allows you to publish y Capture email addresses through SMS text messagingour forms to Facebook.
      • Converts any page into an Optin, Sales or Webinar Page
      • Integration of your website through a WordPress plugin.
      • All the designs are mobile-friendly and responsive.
      • Customize Copy, Colors, Images and much more.
      • Track and analytics.

      REALLY!! This is what makes Leadpages stand out among the crowd. These incredible features of this lead generation plugin can really attract anybody in this industry especially Internet Marketers.

      Let’s, find out some pros and cons of LeadPages to have wider vision, >>>

      Pros Of Leadpages

      • o Landing pages is one of the most attractive feature of leadpages. TRUST ME! Guys, if you are planning to test a number of different things this is one of the best way you can do it.
      • o You just need to have knowledge about basic computer skills to work with LeadPages.
      • o You can integrates with popular email service providers.
      • o If you are willing to learn about email marketing, than TRUST ME! Leadpages is one of the best medium to do that.
      • o You can choose the convertible forms and templates from the list of forms and landing page templates.

      Cons Of Leadpages

      • Well, I find the pricing a bit up for Leadpages. I rate it among the most expensive on my priority list.
      • Leadpages landing pages features are not as great as individual optin forms. Suppose, if you want to display a form on your blog than it is not possible with LeadPages. So, here, it lack behinds.

      But, I can understand your situation that after this. OOPS, you guys seem so confused in choosing the best among these two leaders.

      Hey, don’t worry I am not going anywhere till the time I satisfy you guys showing the clear picture that which tool can be beneficial as per one’s need.

      Now, move ahead, I have made a comparison table that will give you clear picture that which lead generation tool among the two is BEST for you.

      COMPARISON : Optinmonster Vs Leadpages

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      Price (Monthly)







      (annual billing)

      (annual billing)

      Easy to use form builder



      Landing page builder



      Pop-up forms



      In-line forms



      On-click triggered forms



      Floating bars 



      Slide-in forms






      Sidebar/widget forms



      Blank Canvas forms



      Fullscreen Pop-up forms



      Exit-intent forms



      Ready-made form designs



      Can you have multiple forms of the same type?



      Tracking and stats



      Page targeting



      A/B testing



      Unlimited campaigns



      Email platform integration

      All major tools (e.g. MailChimp, GetResponse, SendinBlue,)

             Most major tools

      Google Analytics integration






      24*7 Support

      Knowledge base, system, email contact, ticketing

      email, live chat, 1:1 support and coaching, phone




      Whom Should I Go For!!!! OptinMonster Vs Leadpages ??

      Well Guys, its really not easy to tell you t choose one over another depending on your requirement. But still I can put light on the situations where you should go for a particular lead generation plugin.

      Starting with Optinmonster! Well, If you are don’t want any trouble handling your optin forms and want them to handle easily inside one easy to use interface, if you want to manage multiple sites, if you want to create simple and effective optin forms without much customization and YES, MOST IMPORTANTLY if you are looking for a pocket friendly powerful solution than Optinmonster is the BEST option in that case. 😀

      On the other side, if you are looking to work with custom landing page designs and in addition to it if you need individual optin forms, than you can go for LeadPages as its UNBEATABLE in this feature. Moreover, you can work with their tested landing pages which are proven to give good conversions, so I think in that case where NO RISK is involved it is the best plugin to go for.

      I hope that I have cleared all your doubts. If you are still confused than look at the box below, JUST DON’T THINK and tell me what’s worrying you. I’ll try my best to clear your doubts.

      Have a great day ahead.

      2 thoughts on “OptinMonster Vs Leadpages 2021: Which Is Better And Best??”

      1. Hi Preet sandhu,
        Your post is incredible. I was looking for this type of detailed comparison between Optin Monster and Lead Pages. Your post cleared all my doubts and I decided to go with Optin Monster.:-)
        Thank you!

      2. Hi Preet,

        Now this is what I call a great review. You’ve definitely answered all the questions that someone would have about Optin Monster and LeadPages. I’ve looked at both in the past but was confused on what the differences were.

        I never knew that you couldn’t create inline forms with LeadPages. I’ve personally worked with Optinmonster on a client’s account. Their optins are easy to create. I’ve personally never experienced any issues with the WordPress plugin updates. However, it’s good to know what someone can experience after an update.

        Thanks Preet for writing this amazing review. I know that it probably took you several hours. It will definitely help anyone make the right decision on which service to purchase.

        Hope you have a great day

        – Susan


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