Oribi Analytics Platform Review 2021: Can Oribi.io Replace Google Analytics?

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Digital Marketing
Ease Of Use
Value of money


  • Unlimited Customers
  • 2 Years Data History
  • Funnel Optimization
  • Automated Event Capturing
  • Visitor Journey and Email Capturing
  • White Labeling & Custom Design for Your Reports
  • Export Unlimited Smart Audiences
  • The value for money with this software is amazing.
  • It is mostly user friendly and very easy to see actionable insights.
  • UI and the simplicity is very good


  • Will take some time to set up.
  • Expensive for beginners

Price:$ 300

In this post, we have featured Oribi Review that will help you get all the details of Oribi. So let’s dive in.

The most powerful and widely used analytics tools on the web are Google Analytics. Google has advanced to the smartphone industry, enabling customers to obtain user information from both Android and iOS devices, in addition to tracking millions of data points on the desktop. 

You might choose Google Analytics for your own use for a number of reasons, such as the numerous analytics. While Google Analytics is obviously a fantastic system that will satisfy the requirements of the vast majority of customers, we believe that some platforms deserve recognition as well, which is why we have brought together this comparison here. Can Oribi stay true to Google’s high expectations?

Oribi CEO Iris Shoor. Photo: Oribi
Oribi CEO Iris Shoor. Photo: Oribi

Bottom Line Upfront: When I first heard the name Oribi from a marketer, when I asked him for the best analytics tool to use for my new niche website, oribi really provided me what I was looking for. ORIBI has extremely simple FUNNELS that you can set up.

The big differences between ORIBI and Google Analytics are pretty clear to us: The user interface is just gorgeous, and better (in my opinion) & The insights from the data are displayed much clearer. Try Oribi Now

ORIBI Analytics Platform Review: In A Nutshell

Oribi is a company that you might have heard about. You almost certainly have if you work in digital marketing. It isn’t a brand-new concept. Oribi is a one-stop-shop for marketing analytics. Our intelligent computing, great features, and best optimization advice enable companies of all sizes to make sensible, informed choices.

Oribi - Overview

The organization is composed of a small, high-quality project team that is responsible for organizing and developing a massive network that manages millions of activities per day and thousands of active client interactions per second.

What can you do with Oribi?

Oribi Review – Event correlation tool that Google analytics doesn’t have
Oribi Review – Event correlation tool that Google analytics doesn’t have

One of the first things you will note while using Oribi is the spectacular overview. Of course, performance and other considerations take precedence over attractiveness, but this doesn’t matter, correct? Everything you need is neatly presented in one position kudos to this attractive and exciting layout.

Following that, the insights you acquire are simple to understand, and changes should be made easier as a consequence of these observations. If you have been to the Oribi website, you’ll notice that one of their objectives is to make statistics fully available for everyone, and their service represents this ideology.

Although the monitoring code can be installed on your website, you could also choose to remove individual pages from information gathering. Furthermore, the tracking code operates independently, allowing you to use Oribi with other tracking services including Google Analytics.

All communications with your website are summarised with Oribi, and you can monitor performance across multiple domains. Oribi for those of us with little experience who want to develop funnels, identify transitions, and generate information despite wanting to change any scripting or other technological expertise.

Oribi in news

Oribi venturebeat

Oribi, a no-code marketing analytics tool, has raised $15.5 million in a series B round of funding led by Ibex. The raise comes amid something of a boom for low-code/no-code platforms, spanning everything from web development and enterprise app building to web testing, game development, and process automation.

Oribi raises $15.5 million to challenge Google Analytics with no-code marketing insights : Source 

Key features & tools

Oribi is a new powerful tool in the analytics software market that has been dominated by Google Analytics for quite some time. Oribi has been loaded with powerful yet cost-effective features and tools that power it to compete head-on with Google Analytics in the battle to be tagged as the best analytics software in the industry right now.

Here are some of the key features of Oribi that you would get to use: 

Insights & Trends – Get Clear Answers, WithOut The Heavy Lifting

Oribi - Trends

  • Get actionable tips to help you in achieving your goals.
  • Recognize patterns and predict the trends.
  • There’s no-nonsense here; just the truth.
  • Oribi gives you complete autonomy from programmers.
  • Your entire website is automatically monitored.
  • Define your conversion objectives without having to use any software.
  • There is no need for maintenance because incidents are continuously modified.
  • Optimize further conversions with a funnel, Comparisons, and more.
  • Oribi’s optimization tools help you to figure out what functions, what doesn’t, and how to generate leads.
  • Find out where you are losing opportunities, even though it’s across realms.
  • Find out what triggers conversions.
  • With Oribi’s insights, you will never be caught off guard.

Visitor Journeys – Pinpoint Specific Behaviour.

Oribi - Visitor Journey

  • You can now! Oribi allows you to go through every move taken by different travelers, allowing you to better recognize their actions and investigate top pathways.
  • Follow a specific visitor through several sessions and domains.
  • Use Oribi’s smart filters to look at individual section journeys.
  • Align journeys to your best prospects by connecting email addresses.

Reports – Share Your Best Results.

Oribi - Report

  • Oribi provides you with jaw-dropping, personalized analyses that you can use to connect your amazing work with each other.
  • Get ready to use attractive reports to share your observations.
  • Change the appearance, logos, and information you want to use.
  • Set up automated sharing of your reports.

Marketing Attribution – Connect All TouchPoints.

Oribi - Marketing Attribution

  • This makes it difficult to schedule advertising campaigns. This problem is solved by Oribi’s Marketing Attribution.
  • Discover all of the touchpoints that lead to a conversion.
  • To assess your practices, you can use a variety of templates.
  • Define the best acquisition approach for each of your objectives.

Dependable Customer  Support

Oribi has a brilliant team of experts with years of experience working in sales, customer experience, and website development to assist their customers in developing the perfect digital experience possible and getting the most out of Oribi for each specific case.

Pricing| How Much Does Oribi Cost?

Oribi currently offers users to choose from three distinct packages as per their needs and requirements. The prices of the plans have been kept quite affordable starting at $300 per month (Annual) for the Business Plan to $750 per month (Annual) for the Agency Plan, ensuring that you get the most cost-efficient features to suffice your data analytics needs.  


Oribi - Pricing

  • $350 per month when billed monthly
  • $300 per month when billed Yearly
  • Ideal for 0 to 10,000 monthly visitors

Key Features 

  • Emails with Personal Insights
  • Data from the previous year
  • Support for Customized Events
  • Optimization on a monthly basis Make a phone call
  • The pricing package varies depending on the no. of visitors.


Oribi - Pricing Ecommerce

  • $400 per month when billed monthly
  • $350  per month when billed yearly
  • Ideal for 0 to 10,000 monthly visitors

Key Features 

  • Integration of Revenue
  • Personal Opinions e-mail
  • 1 Year Data History for Monthly Optimization Calls
  • Support for Customized Events
  • The pricing package varies depending on the no. of visitors.


Oribi - Agency Plan

  • $750  per month when billed monthly
  • Ideal for 1-5 Clients

Key Features 

  • Tracking through several domains
  • White Labelling
  • Support for Custom Events on a Monthly Basis
  • 1 year data history
  • The pricing package varies depending on the no. of clients.

If you wish to learn more about the subscription plans, features, and prices in detail, then we recommend you to visit their official pricing page right away!

5 Reasons why we love Oribi

Oribi trends
Oribi trends


We have covered the basics of both systems and whether you should use them, so this is a comparative study. As a result, it would only be fair that we discuss these two in a row. If you like Google Analytics, there’s no need to uninstall it right down and lose all of your results. However, there are certain drawbacks to Google Analytics, which you should be aware of.

  • Individual Tracking

It’s useful to be aware of what individuals and groups are heading to, but there are moments when you need to dig a bit deeper, which is where Oribi comes in.

You will also have access to the data on specific customers through this portal. That is indeed right, you will find out who they are, how they interact with the content, what acts they take, and a lot more.

As you might be aware, Google Analytics is severely limited in this respect, and they are not permitted to submit private information. Unfortunately, this indicates there’s a treasure trove of information buried deep; Oribi opens you up to it.

When did they first become aware of the brand? What city are they in? When did they register? Which sites did they look at? Did they make it to the payment page? Almost all of these questions would now be answered, so you’ll be able to understand more about the usual paths your leads take when they arrive at your platform from multiple sources.

  • Multiple Dimensions

oribi reviews 2

You’re dependent on two dimensions in Google Analytics, which could be limiting whenever you’re trying to examine the data and see where you can improve.

You would see how many users come via phones, Facebook, and those from the United States, for instance. Afterward, you might also want to change things up somewhat and start with the venue. This is simply not achievable with Google.

We have interacted with a number of Google Analytics users across the world who are frustrated that they can’t see how many visitors came from a specific advertising channel, landed on a specific website, and used a single system.

You will only be able to see two dimensions at a moment. We believe that three dimensions are essential in an information-driven world, which is yet another factor why Oribi has grown in terms of popularity.

  • Guidance and Support

Attempting to call Google’s customer service representatives, as being one of the world’s largest corporations, can be difficult. Given the complexities of Google Analytics, a helping hand will be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, a support center with reports and a help forum will be your only choice.

The lack of options offered by Google, while understandable, can be annoying. Rather than just digging deeper into the results, you end up reading countless stories in search of a response to your query. Most people can get help from Google, but the paid edition costs more than $100,000 annually. Oribi, as you may have assumed, has a great customer service team that can be reached via text and email.

  • Events-Based Analytics

If we had to sum it up Oribi and Google Analytics in a short comment, we’d conclude: Oribi refers to activities, clients, and transactions, while Google emphasizes on traffic.

This is a serious weakness for Google, especially now that events and conversions data are so significant. Without it, how are you expected to refine your advertising campaigns? This easy upgrade to Oribi will give you limitless opportunities to enhance your content strategy and landing pages.

  • Explaining the Why

There’s a massive disparity between knowing what’s going on and realizing why it’s going on, according to the fifth Google Analytics constraint.

You won’t be able to progress for the ‘what’ with Google; it is everywhere, and you will have access to millions of statistics to figure out exactly what’s happening on with your site and company. Sure, conversions may have diminished from one month to the next, but how has this happened?

Oribi is best suited to describe as an event-based analytics method. You will continue to enhance the service if you realize what contributed to the decline or surge in conversions. You’ll understand to do something over and over if it went well the first time.

Why should you try Oribi?

Oribi reports

You’ll need to have a compelling excuse to deviate from one of the internet’s most recognizable brands. Because of their multiple impressive features, we believe Oribi is an excellent thing. Not only will the application cover all of the essentials, but it also manages to outperform Google in certain ways.

  • You can simply check guests from various communication channels to see if their behavior differs.
  • The algorithm defines a “score” to users, indicating if they were “incredibly active,” “pretty active,” or “not really that active.”
  • When you click through a specific journey, the device displays information such as how long the person spent on each screen, whatever activities they performed, and a lot more.
  • This unique visualization makes it much easier to gain perspectives.
  • You could set up FUNNELS in ORIBI in just a matter of minutes.
  • The operating system is just impressive, and it only keeps getting better.
  • The data findings are presented in a much simpler manner.
  • Conversion funnels are a lot simpler to set up than traditional funnels.
  • It’s about the customer experience, not Google Analytics.

Oribi Vs Google Analytics

Oribi vs Analytics

Oribi Analytics vs Google Analytics

Oribi vs Google Analytics in detail

Testimonials Of Oribi Customers

Oribi Analytics Review Pricing

Oribi has been an amazing product to us. Even for someone with the ability to code and analyze data the time savings and ease of access to important metrics are more than I could have ever asked for.

AmWest Entertainment
-Jason Martin


Oribi is like having an analytics and data employee in my business, 24 hours a day. It immediately tells me what I need to know, rather than just presenting me with raw data. Oribi gives me insight and helps me focus my marketing efforts in areas that work. And now they have reporting, it makes me look like a rockstar to my customers.

Sell Your Service
-Mike Killen


Setting up Oribi is SO much easier than Tag Manager for tracking conversions on my clients’ sites! You’re set up in less than 15 minutes, with accurate measurement of how each traffic channel is converting! Recently I stopped a client’s ad campaign because his cost per conversion was so much higher on Google and Facebook ads, and his organic traffic was converting 400% better. I wouldn’t have had such clear insight on our campaign results without Oribi. Now this client is getting double the conversions at 30% lower cost than before on his digital marketing budget!

Mammoth Agency
-David Sanchez

Oribi - Testimonials

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 FAQs On Oribi Analytics :   Is ORIBI better than Google Analytics?

👉Is there a limit on how many events I can record?

No, this is not true. Everything is captured by us. Oribi records every button click and page visits on the websites you have linked.

👉 Is Oribi going to slow down my site?

Certainly not! Oribi was created with the aim of having a minimal effect on the output of every page on which it is used. Our document is 29 kilobytes in size, which is way smaller than any picture on your site.

👉Is it possible to use Oribi for a group of people?

Yes, without a doubt! Oribi can be used by the whole team. Simply go to Account Settings and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Choose whether you want to give your team member full login information or access to a specific environment, then enter their email address and press Invite.

👉What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the latest system of regulations designed to protect personal data held by customers and potential customers in the European Union. On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect, with the goal of strengthening and combining data protection for all EU citizens. This means that when it comes to gathering, monitoring, or managing the personal information of EU-based prospects and customers, new guidelines must be followed.

👉Which kind of data does Oribi track?

By default, they only monitor data that is totally anonymous. For visitors to the site, Oribi handles non-identifiable details. Any data is completely confidential and cannot be linked to a specific person. By default, they wouldn’t save any confidential info about your guests, including email accounts or actual location.

👉Where is the data stored?

All your data is processed and stored in world-class data centers in the United States that run on Amazon Web Services technology and employ cutting-edge multi-layer access, trying to alert, and auditing policies. Their database resources are stored in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud which is only available from the webserver, with no access to this information from any outside sources.

Conclusion: Oribi Reviews 2021

Oribiis a very versatile tool to obtain information and data from web pages, obtaining a versatile and flexible analysis to handle. It has ease of use since it allows you to visualize the data, which allows access to them in a more accessible and easy to manage way. The platform altogether is very easy to navigate and understand the information that it provides to allow you to make adjustments to advertising strategies

This method simplifies the most critical aspects of website analytics for both webmasters and customers by making them conveniently viewable, discoverable, and digestible.

It provides you with all of the information you need to make website optimization decisions, monitor conversions, and see cross-channel attribution, among other things. I really like how reasonably priced it is. It is not limited to a certain number of pages, but rather is a one-time charge.

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