OSI Affiliate Review 2023 Is It Really Best Affiliate Marketing Software?

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Ease of use


  • Various methods to pay for the payouts. 
  • Free customer service on-call.
  • Initial setup takes less than 5 minutes
  • Accurate in-built lead tracking.
  • Effortless software integration
  • Feedback management
  • Affiliate management
  • Run referral contests
  • Access to Portals
  • Social media integrations


  • The interface is not that intuitive.
  • A limited number of total affiliates
  • A bit more expensive as compared to the alternatives.

All in all, OSI Affiliate is an incredible and robust affiliate marketing solution that can help the businesses in boosting the online traffic as well as automating the referral rewards and commissions for the affiliates.

Price:$ 47

One of the most famous ways online of making additional revenue as well as informing people about a product or business is Affiliate Marketing.

In order to get success in corporate marketing, conversion plays a crucial role. This is the reason why it is important to engage actively with the visitors for buying the products from the affiliate links. Affiliate marketing has a massive earning potential. 

Though managing the regular activities and affiliate program can be a tough job, it is important to follow up on the growth and analyze the stats in order to make sure that you do not lose the income. 

Here in this article, I will be talking about one such incredible affiliate marketing platform, viz the OSI Affiliate Software. This curated post will encompass every nook and corner of this platform so that you can make a well-informed decision of investing your effort in the platform.

About OSI Affiliate Software

Affiliate Program Overview

OSI Affiliate Software is an all-inclusive and incredible Customer Referral Solution that offers affiliate marketing management services. This cloud-based service is for both marketers as well as the advertisers.

OSI can prove to be one of the best programs for affiliate marketing for the online business. Here you can create your affiliate program and then integrate it with the website.

Once the process of integration is done, your customers can begin by referring the website to the friends and family. It is thus a super-easy way for all the website owners to earn those extra bucks. 

For every one you successfully refer to the OSI affiliate, you get an ongoing 20 percent commission per month after the person you refer becomes the customer who pays.

The platform also offers all the marketing materials that are required. The users also get a full-time affiliate manager that answers all your concerns as well as questions. 

The prime features of the OSI Affiliate include rewards distribution for the affiliates, fraud detection, content management, referral marketing, lead tracking, affiliate campaign management, and lead generation.

The features for lead management are pretty helpful and extensive. Basically, you do not need a separate software for lead generation for doing the job. 

You can track the number of clicks from the referral links, impressions, a commission earned as well as all other vital data in real-time, as well as set the commission percentage that gets paid to the referral partners.

The platform also offers the fraud detection feature that can analyze each and every referral and also filter out the referrals or leads that look problematic. Later you can review the referrals manually. 

The Social Media Sharing as well as Newsletter/Email Communication options can handle the communication aspect of the marketing funnels as well as help in designing and automating the email campaigns.

Here it is super easy to set the trigger for the emails as well as track the responses on the emails that are opened, read, and also responded to.

OSI Affiliate also offers a plethora of integration options with various marketing automation software like OScommerce, MailChimp, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc.

This way, it becomes super easy to manage all your things right in one place without any need of manually adding data to the various software programs.

What is more, you can also set up the promo codes as well as discount coupons for the referrals and also generate the automated social media posts. 

The platform offers a free trial of 15 days so that you can test the majority of the features before purchasing the package that can fit your requirements well. Besides, the software can be used on both mobile devices as well as desktop computers. 

The Software Includes:

Features OSI

Directory Listing

Here you can get listed to the ranked affiliate directory as well as recruit the affiliate marketers and influencers all across the globe. 

Promotion On Their Blog

When you sign up, you get a featured article written regarding the company from the high authority affiliate blog of OSI. 

Your Site Gets Promotional Pop-Ups

You can encourage more and more visitors on the site for purchase and boost your sales by adding dynamic promotional pop-ups. 

Features Of OSI Affiliate

This incredible platform has the potential of turning the influencers and customers into leading promoters. 

  • Incredible Suite Of Promotional Tools

The platform offers an amazing suite of promotional tools that can empower the brand advocates and loyal customers. You get a pretty user-friendly dashboard and the ability to easily promote through various social media channels.

  • Promo Codes To Make Process Of Promotion Easy

Here you can assign the brand advocated the promo codes. This makes the process of promoting the brand and encouraging the referrals on any online or offline channel a whole lot easier.

  • Easy Promotion Of Brand On Social Media Channels

The social sharing option makes it easy for the brand advocates to promote a brand on Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media platforms because of the social posts that are pre-written with the graphics, which saves a lot of time and efforts. 

  • One Question Survey To Find The Most Loyal Customers

With the help of an optional bonus tool for a survey, it becomes easy to find your satisfied and loyal customer base who are more likely going to refer other people.
Once the survey is completed, the customers can rate the experience and can be enrolled in the referral program automatically. Other customers can also be prompted for leaving detailed feedback. 

  • Professionally Designed Templates For Referral Landing Page

You can opt from the library of custom templates that are pre-designed and can be used by the brand advocated in order to drive sales and traffic.

  • Auto Signup

With the feature of referral partner auto signup, it becomes easy to convert your customers into the affiliates. This way, each and every customer who purchases from the store can turn into your brand advocate. 

  • Smart Rewards

The platform makes rewarding pretty easy. You can reward the advocates with the use of coupons, commissions, discounts, gift cards, and any method that you and the affiliates agree upon. 

  • Popups And Forms

With the use of the platform’s timed popups as well as exit intent, you can engage and also convert the visitors to your website. The pop-ups will help you in building the list of emails, boost conversions as well as decrease the bounce rates. 

  • Partnership Automation

The software makes it super easy for the business to develop a partnership. Your business can be promoted by the partners that will help in boosting the sales. 

  • Coupons And Discount Codes

You can give the customers some incentive when they purchase through the partners by giving them discount codes or coupons when checking out. 

  • Banners

You can upload creative graphics as well as banners that the affiliates can use on the blog or their websites. 

  • In-Depth Reports

With the advanced reporting section, you can view the statistics regarding impressions, clicks, sales, and a lot more.

  • Email Templates

The platform offers infinite pre-written email templates that can be used by the referral partners for sending out to their family and friends. 


OSI Affiliate Pricing

The platform offers a free trial for 15 days, where you can try and test all the major features before committing to the software. You get three pricing plans, viz Basic, Professional, and Premium, that can be paid monthly or annually. 

All the plans are inclusive of free help for onboarding, training, live chat support, promotional resources, multi-tier support, and brandable domain options.

The Basic Plan includes 200 affiliate users, 20,000 tracking requests, the option to use your own domain, free setup, directory listing, recurring commissions, feedback survey tool, and advanced social sharing option. It costs $47 per month and $470 per year. 


The Professional Plan includes 1000 affiliate users, 500,000 tracking requests, option to use your own domain, free setup, directory listing, recurring commissions, feedback survey tool, advanced social sharing option, third-party integration, timed popups, pop-up opt-in forms, exit-intent popups, and thank you page pop-ups. It costs $97 per month and $970 per year.

The Premium Plan includes 5000 affiliate users, 1 Million tracking requests, option to use your own domain, free setup, directory listing, recurring commissions, feedback survey tool, advanced social sharing option, third-party integration, timed popups, opt-in forms, exit-intent popups, and thank you page pop-ups. It costs $247 per month and $2470 per year.

Pros And Cons

In this section, I will be talking about the pros and cons of the platform.


  1. Various methods to pay for the payouts. 
  2. Free customer service on-call.
  3. Effortless software integration.
  4. Accurate in-built lead tracking.
  5. It takes less than 5 minutes. 


  1. The interface is not that intuitive.
  2. A bit more expensive as compared to the alternatives.
  3. A limited number of total affiliates. 


Customer reviews


Frequently Asked Question

✔Is There Any Need To Install Extra Plugins For OSI Affiliate To Work?

No, there is no need for downloading any additional plug-in in order to make the software work; everything is in-built by default.

🔥Is The Platform Easy To Customize?

It is pretty easy to customize this software and can integrate completely with the website. You can opt from either customizing the template interface or cutting and pasting the code in your site for integrating all the elements of a software.

💥How Does OSI Affiliate Offer Customer Support?

The platform offers customer support through a ticket system and responds in about 24 hours. Once you have submitted a ticket and you still need help, then you also set up an appointment on the phone with the support staff.

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Wrapping It Up: OSI Affiliate Review

All in all, OSI Affiliate is an incredible and robust affiliate marketing solution that can help the businesses in boosting the online traffic as well as automating the referral rewards and commissions for the affiliates.


It is pretty easy to customize the platform and lets the users adjust all the things according to what they prefer. It is recommended for the businesses who wish to add a personal touch to the affiliate marketing campaigns.

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