Outgrow Review 2023: Interactive Quiz Maker & Content Builder (Why 9 Stars)

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Outgrow Review: In A Nutshell

Before we drive into what Outgrow is, let’s just have a quick chat about interactive content. Have you ever come across one of those quizzes that ask ‘Which Harry Potter Character Are You?’ Or how about those cost calculators? That’s basically what interactive content is all about. It’s any kind of content that requires you to engage with it, for you to drive value from it. It’s dynamic and fun and draws twice the engagement than static content. Sounds good, right? 

Outgrow Overview

Hopping on to Outgrow interactive content — something even better. Outgrow is a B2B SaaS platform that lets you create your own interactive content without the need for any kind of coding. When it comes to no-code technology, Outgrow is one of the most promising choices for you. It’s a New York-based startup, founded not very long ago. Easy-to-use and user friendly, it allows you to create various types of customized interactive content experiences. You can then embed these experiences in any way you want to boost your business. 

Now, what are these experiences exactly? Let’s have a look at the various types of interactive content you can create with Outgrow. 

Types Of Outgrow Interactive Content  

  • Calculators

Let’s start with the best ones. The interactive calculator has a predefined formula that allows you to input specific details and get a particular result. For example, an automobile company may have a calculator for “How Much Do You Save By Buying An XYZ Car?” 

Outgrow - Calculator

  • Outcome Quizzes

Want to find out what kind of a pizza topping you are? Make way for outcome quizzes. Outcome quizzes are the best way to engage your customers and educate them about your company. If you’ve ever come across a BuzzFeed quiz, you’d definitely know what we’re talking about! 

Outgrow- Outcome Quizze

  • Assessments 

Well, they’re like tests, but more interactive and more fun. Assessments are a great way to test your customers’ knowledge of your product. It gives them the incentive of finding out where they stand against your other users and thus, enhances your brand awareness. 

Outgrow- Assisment

  • Chatbots 

Chatbots are not just meant to attend to your customers, but also to collect information about them and help them navigate through your products. Moreover, you can use them to answer some commonly asked questions about your product without putting the burden on your support team. 

Outgrow - ChatBoard

  • E-Commerce Recommendations

E-Commerce recommendations don’t just help you drive sales, but also help your customers make better purchase decisions. If we had a quiz tell us precisely what we should buy based on precisely what we need, we’d definitely listen to that quiz.

E-Commerce Recommendations

The best example of this is an e-commerce recommendation for “Which Smartphone suits your needs best” on an e-commerce website. 

  • Surveys And Forms 

Looking for a significantly cost-efficient and quick way to gather customer information? Well, nothing better than an interactive survey for your customers. It helps you collect feedback in the most organized form and improves your customers’ experience too! 

Outgrow- Survey

  • Contests And Giveaways 

And we’re at the last one on the list. But it won’t disappoint you for sure. Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage your customers and reach a wider audience. They have a 34% conversion rate, which is higher than any other content type! They help you gain a more extensive social media presence and create brand awareness too. Well nobody says no to a free gift, that’s for sure. 

Outgrow- Giveway

Why Should You Use Interactive Content?

Well, we’ve already talked about interactive content and Outgrow interactive content. But let’s talk about something even more pressing – why should you use interactive content in the first place? Why should you invest in interactive content instead of going for your regular static content? Only if there was just one answer!  

Interactive content is a great way to generate leads. It leads to twice the conversions as static content (which is definitely a win!). Interactive content adds value to a user. Instead of acting as a monologue that only provides information, it invites a user to participate and interact. It learns about them and gives them specific answers instead of a ‘one shoe fits all’ kind of information. That’s what gives the users incentive to provide lead information in the first place. 

Interactive content can also be used to segment, score, qualify, and nurture the leads that you get. The fact that it is so personalized allows you to target different audiences with more relevant and more engaging content. It educates the customers and makes them aware of your brand at the same time. 

And most importantly, it helps you understand your audience better and improve their experience with you. 

Starting Easy – Premades, Templates, And Layouts

Well, we’ve already seen the various types of interactive content types you can create with Outgrow. But before we even begin telling you about the Outgrow builder, they’ve already done half the work for you! 

Any time you decide to create a particular interactive content type with Outgrow, you can either build it from scratch or use a template. Outgrow offers you a bunch of attractive layouts such as ‘The Chicago’ and ‘The Tokyo’ (very Money Heist vibes, lol). These are different outlines that you can customize, add your data, and make it your own. 

Outgrow- Premades

If you decide to use a template, they have various examples for each interactive content type. You can choose the one that is closest to what you want to create and simply change what’s necessary. These templates help you create your interactive content in absolutely no time. And apart from this, Outgrow also has a massive gallery of premade examples for you to draw inspiration from and get ideas. In addition, they have a very handy tool called the Idea Generator to help you find ideas for interactive content based on your industry and your requirements.

Outgrow- Template

All in all, Outgrow makes sure you never run out of ways to create interactive content to help boost your business. 

How Can You Create Interactive Content With Outgrow? – The Builder

Once you’ve chosen what you want to create – either from scratch or through a template, you land on the builder. The Outgrow builder is the area where you can work on the interactive content you want to see. The builder is mainly divided into three parts. The left panel lets you add, delete, edit, and duplicate your questions. The right panel allows you to edit your answers, options, background, images, and possibly everything else! And the center area is where you can see all your changes happening in real-time. 

Outgrow Interactive Content

The ‘Configure’ section allows you to set up email notifications, SEO settings, trackers, and much more. You can even add a logo, create a gif, and numerous other things. 

We found the builder to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. Everything on the Outgrow builder is just a few clicks away. And if you’re ever having trouble with anything, they have a live chat on the app where you can get your answers from their support team in a matter of minutes. In addition, they also have a complete series of support docs and tutorial videos to get you through!

Integrations And Embeds  

Once you’ve created your interactive content, how do you use it best? Outgrow provides you with a lot of embedding options using which you can get your interactive content on your websites, landing pages, display ads, social media, and much more! There are various ways in which you can embed your content – full-page, pop-up, in-page, timed pop-up, and many others. You can choose these settings in the ‘Configure’ section within the builder itself. 

Once you’ve created your interactive content, you can quickly get the embed code from the builder itself, and the next steps are pretty easy to follow. You can have a look at the support documents to get a detailed view of this. WordPress, HTML, InstaPage are just some of the platforms you can use to embed. This allows you to reach out to a much larger audience using your interactive content. And you know what that means (more qualified leads for your business)!  

Outgrow- Integration

Moving on to integrations – it appears that Outgrow aims to offer its customers the best experience possible. And to exemplify it, let us tell you about the hundreds of software that Outgrow provides integrations with. Outgrow can integrate with various CRM, email marketing platforms, social media marketing tools such as Hubspot, MailChimp, Marketo, and Unbounce. It also offers Zapier integration for almost 500 marketing software. It makes it much easier to import and export your data from and to various platforms. All the leads that you collect from your Outgrow tool can easily be transferred and put to the best use. 

Dealing With Outgrow Data – Collecting, Reporting, Tracking, and Analysis 

Once the interactive content has been put out there, what do you do with it? Well, the Outgrow tool allows you to view every activity that’s happening on your content, say, a quiz. Now every visit, every lead, every answer will be reported to you. You can have a look at all the answers by a particular user to your quiz and analyze them. In fact, you can even look at their locations, time spent, bounce rate, devices used, and other data. This will help you draw insights on how you can improve your quiz and about user behavior in general. 

Outgrow- Showing Data

Furthermore, you can integrate your data with Google Analytics, see user trends, and create reports using this data. Once you have your leads in Outgrow, you can route them to your appropriate teams. You can create segments in Outgrow and then map these segments to respective lists in your CRM tool. You can also map the name of the segment with the relevant field in your CRM or marketing automation tool so that you can set rules for routing leads within your sales team. In this way, you will not only be able to keep track of your data, but also draw useful insights and convert leads into well-paying customers. 

Easy On The Pocket – Pricing Plans Outgrow

Well, we’ve told you what Outgrow is all about, more or less. There are many more amazing features that you’ll get to know once you become a user. Moving on to the next step – pricing plans. Outgrow is one of those interactive content software that doesn’t require you to put a second mortgage on the house (just kidding!). 



Their freelancer plans begin at just $14/month and $25/month. They have a variety of plans that you can choose from, depending upon your budget and requirements. If you are a small business, they’ll even create a custom plan for you. In fact, they’ll also create a customized build for you for $250. You don’t even have to spend time on it. We found this particularly attractive about the company. 

Outgrow also has a very attractive affiliate marketing plan (for all our fellow affiliate marketers reading this!). You must check it out. 

Get Upto 44% Off

24*7 Customer Support 

Outgrow has a great team of personnel available 24*7 to help you out. Whether it’s the onboarding process or the queries that follow, the team is there to help you out. You can arrange for demo calls or even ask questions on the live chat that they have on their website and app. 

Testimonials Outgrow

Outgrow- Testimonials

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Conclusion: Outgrow Review 2023

Is Outgrow for you? Well, the answer is straightforward. If you’re looking to generate quality leads in a quick and cost-efficient way, then Outgrow is definitely for you. We had a great time using and exploring Outgrow, and we’re sure that you will too. 

 We hope this post suits your purpose well. 

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