Oxford Royale Academy Review 2022: Is It Worth The Hype?? (TRUTH)

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Courses content
Teachers Quality
Students feedback
Value for money


  • Email, Live Chat, Telephone
  • The teaching is incredible, the community is welcoming
  • Teachers quality is good
  • Courses content are updated
  • Helps you in improving communication


  • Bit expensive for beginners
  • Poor support for studens

Price:$ 189

We dont recommend Oxford Royal Academy as we received lot of negative feedback from the students and they reported us that Oxford Royal Academy dont care for their students at all. Look at the comments we received from our readers.

Oxford royal academy reviews

Instead we recommend better better option for online learning i.e. FutureLearn.com

Why FutureLearn?

FutureLearn Reviews

FutureLearn offers online courses and degrees. You can find out more about them on FutureLearn’s website from leading universities or organisations. These courses are accredited and recognised for their authenticity. If you earn a certificate on FutureLearn, it is issued by the university or organisation you took the course with. FutureLearn is 100% legit because they offer classes that will be accepted by other colleges and universities as credit. Unlike other online course providers, FutureLear does not offer unaccredited courses that cannot be transferred to other schools as credit.”

You can still read the review of Oxford Royal Academy that we had done in the past. But we dont recommend them at all.

Oxford Royale Academy Review 2022: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Honest Reviews)

Founded in 2004, the Oxford Royale Academy is an award-winning provider of summer residences in the former university town of Oxford. We strive to offer students around the world academic excellence and classroom standards of superlatives so that they can develop their academic skills and achieve individual success.

Over the years, we have received an impressive array of awards and recognitions that guarantee our exemplary standards of training, service, and safety. Her Majesty Oxford Royale Academy has won the Queen’s Business Award twice: once in 2012 and most recently in 2016. The Queen’s Business Awards are the most prestigious awards given to companies and individuals in the UK. ,

The Oxford Royale Academy summer program offers English language courses for non-English speakers and a historic-cultural course for English speakers over 16 years old. This program is very flexible and can be divided into two or three weeks. Meeting with personalized travel. The course aims to provide an overview of English culture and tradition by offering lectures by university professors and seminars with world-renowned scientists.

 Oxford Royale Academy Review- Oxford Summer School

Unlike some applications, the Oxford Royale application is extremely convenient. The program offers progressive approval with an immediate response. Once you have been admitted, you can adjust your courses. In 2005, participants used the opportunity to hire tutors. Some have integrated mathematical components while others have refined their musical talents. Upon acceptance, Oxford Royale will send an information pack containing a welcome letter, a list of essential items, flight information, and maps.

When I arrived at Exeter College, I felt like I would return in time. The buildings had an atmosphere of historical significance and even when it was dark, I could see that the campus was beautiful. I was greeted by a crowd from Germany, France, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, Portugal and the two coasts of the United States. Despite all reservations about the program, I immediately felt comfortable.

I participated in a two-week session and in my first week lectured on Norman England, the Middle Ages, the Tudors, and the Stuart. Discussions focused on the development of nationalism and the importance of religion. The second week included lectures on Georgians, Victorians, 20th-century Britain, and World War II. The discussions, based on economics, politics, and society, aimed to understand modern Britain.

One of the most interesting conferences was dedicated to Shakespeare. Directed by Jane Humphreys, it was based on a psychological analysis of a Midsummer Night’s Dream. His interpretation began a discussion about marriage, love and human relationships. The conference was led by Richard Dawkins and based on his book The Selfish Gene. In a group of many cultural backgrounds, Dawkins’ questions about evolution have upset many of our belief systems. He questioned our beliefs and provoked a discussion about race, religion, and morality.

In addition to academics, Oxford also offers paid tours. The blue badge guides led our excursions and weekends. Day trips included Stonehenge, Broughton Castle, Warwick Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon, Waddeston Manor, and museums. The nights included trips to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. Many of us also enjoy the weather in August and play cricket, croquet, football and even Ultimate Frisbee in the park.

Oxford Royale Academy Review- Oxford Summer School Features

The most impressive feature of the program was the administration’s love for detail. During my preparations, the director sent me an e-mail on a regular basis and offered to help me with problems. He even picked me up at the airport! They were not worried. For example, a Portuguese-speaking student was interested in “The Phantom of the Opera” in London but did not know how to organize it. Although the musical is not on our list of activities, the staff decided to invite us all and find tickets. These are just a few examples of employee engagement.

In addition to the outstanding staff, challenging academics and a variety of activities, the students are phenomenal. Since the program is very inclusive, I had the opportunity to meet great people from different backgrounds. With this diversity, I have not only learned about the UK, but also about France, Korea, Portugal, Canada, and many other countries. Through joint lessons, traveling and even watching a movie, we have developed a strong sense of community. I hope not to be trivial when Isay believes that the friendships I’ve made in Oxford will last a lifetime.

The Oxford Royale Academy (ORA) Program Overview:

Program description: The Oxford Royale Academy is a British company that is passionate about international education. Each year, our team strives to develop challenging and rewarding programs for all ages, bringing together exceptional teachers (many of whom teach at Oxford University), energetic consultants, brilliant speakers, and professional support staff.

In July and August 2012, ORA welcomed more than 1,500 students in our summer school programs, and we expect 2013 to be even bigger.

We hope that students from more than 93 countries come to us in the historic city of Oxford and we hope that you are a part of it! Many of our students return year after year, either for a new program or for a different subject combination.

Oxford Royale Academy Review- Oxford Summer School from

The Oxford Royale Academy courses are designed to combine theoretical instruction with a comprehensive cultural and recreational program. Students have the opportunity to visit the sights of Oxford and take trips to museums, universities and botanical gardens in the city. Classes also include day trips to the attractions of southern England such as Bath, Stonehenge, Portsmouth, and London.

Caption: All courses take place at Oxford University Accommodation, offering students a complete immersion in the Oxford tradition. The five locations this year are: • Balliol College • Corpus Christi College • Jowett Drive, owned by Balliol College • St. Catherine’s College • St. Peter’s College The rooms are within walking distance of the classrooms. and refectory. All our accommodations have comfortable social spaces and are located near picturesque playgrounds. Students are separated by corridors and/or stairs.

Additional information about the program.
Scholarships: yes

Description of Scholarships: Scholarships for the Summer Courses 2018 are now closed and the recipients are confirmed. The application for our Summer School 2019 will resume on October 2018.

Five reasons to choose Oxford Royale Academy | Why You Should Choose It??

Immerse yourself in the

  • Oxford Magic

The city and the University of Oxford are at the center of all our summer courses, whether for our summer school or for our summer programs in other extraordinary locations. Immerse yourself in the rich academic history of our summer centers and experience life as a student in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions by living, dining and studying in these magical settings. Of course, all our courses take into account the academic nature of your environment.

  • Be inspired by inspiring academics

The participants are trained by qualified, knowledgeable and well-educated members of the Faculty of the Oxford Royal Summer School, who are committed to sharing their passion for discipline with their summer students. We promote an open and intellectually inclusive teaching environment in which each student feels confident enough to express their opinion. So anyone can learn from the experiences of his classmates, make new friends, and absorb the knowledge his teacher can provide.

  • Discover everything the UK has to offer.

While the main goal of all Oxford Royal programs is to promote academic value and progress, we never forget that our students are on vacation! The students of our summer schools benefit from the comprehensive extra-curricular program for which Oxford Royale is known worldwide: dance workshops, visits to museums and important places, theme nights and more. Let yourself be carried away by dazzling attractions such as the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and the Warner Bros. tour.

  • Summer courses adapted to all academic interests and goals.

Our summer courses cover a variety of academic disciplines and attractive material options. The young leaders of tomorrow might consider improving their understanding of the international political climate through our Global Leadership Program, while those who wish to become doctors would certainly benefit from our medical summer school. Click on the link to see the complete list of our summer courses in Oxford.

  • The original Oxford Royale experience!

The Oxford Royale Academy has been offering summer courses in Oxford for over ten years, and Oxford is at the heart of all our activities. However, we also enjoy working in Cambridge, London and St Andrews in the United Kingdom, as well as Yale in the United States.

Students can extend their summer reservations at many of our campuses and immerse themselves in British university culture for six weeks by enrolling for a multi-campus session. Whether you live in one, two or three of our locations, you will certainly experience the same experience as at the world-class Oxford Royale Academy.

Seven Reasons to Choose Oxford Royale Summer Schools
 Oxford Royale Academy Review- Verified Courses

  • Prestigious academic places like no other
    Oxford Royale Summer School students sleep, eat and study at one of the best British or American universities in Oxford, London, Cambridge, St Andrews or Yale. This gives our students a rare opportunity to experience the life of a student.
  • He lives in a mansion from the 17th century or in an excellent British boarding school
    Students between the ages of 16 and 18 also have the exclusive opportunity to live and work in the beautiful and historic 1611 Yarnton Manor. Our 8-12-year-old students stay at the safe and well-equipped St. Marys School, Ascot. On-site facilities and great nice facilities.
  • Recipient of the highest award for British companies.
    In 2012 and 2016, we won the Queen’s Enterprise Award, “the highest honor that can be awarded to a company in the UK,” demonstrating our uncompromising excellence.
  • Develop an advantage over your colleagues
    ORA students are trained by high caliber teachers, many of whom have studied or are currently working at the best universities in the world. Our teachers strive to help students develop new perspectives and exploit their academic potential.
  • Join students from all over the world

Last summer our students came from more than 150 different countries and this year we want to overcome this incredible number. Our summer school is an incredible opportunity to build friendships around the world.

 Oxford Royale Summer Schools - More Reviews

  • A fascinating cultural and leisure program to complete your studies.
    Our summer courses are complemented by a carefully designed activity program that allows students to enjoy and enjoy their stay in the UK or US. These activities include Oxford classics such as word games and croquet.
  • Visit attractions like Warwick Castle, Blenheim Palace, and Stonehenge.
    UK ORA programs include bus tours to beautiful sites such as Warwick Castle and Blenheim Palace, two of the largest buildings in the world. Students at our Yale programs have the opportunity to visit, among others, the Big Apple in New York City.

General information Of The Oxford Royale Academy courses

Students seeking financial help can apply for a scholarship from the Oxford Royal Summer School, which can reduce course fees by 100%. Scholarships are only available for two-week courses.

Every year we receive a significant number of applications for financial support, and only a small percentage of the students succeed.

Scholarships are available for students aged 13 to 18 who wish to register for one of our courses. Please note that the travel expenses are not included in any scholarship. The students are responsible for all travel expenses.
Summer programs for students aged 13 to 18 will receive financial support.

How do I sign up For The Oxford Royale Academy (ORA)?

The application process is described below:

Step 1: Applicants fill out an online form.

Step 2: Once the applications have been completed, all applications will be evaluated by the Oxford Royal Scholarship Panel and a list of candidates will be announced. Candidates who are shortlisted may need to provide additional information for their application. This information may include some or all of the following:

  • Answers to other questions online
  • Financial assistance audit (proof of financial difficulties)
  • Current notes or test results
  • teacher Notes

Step 3: Select applicants will be contacted to confirm their place and publicize the results.

All applicants must indicate which course they wish to attend during the application process and when they will be available. Students should not deposit any course fees before applying for the scholarship. In addition, Exchange Applicants who do not wish to comply with a regular offer need not process the payment of the price security deposit. Unsuccessful applicants who wish to enroll yet must make a down payment to secure a place in the chosen course.

Practical Information

  • Personal security

All our programs take place in safe and supervised locations. Entrance fees to the center are monitored 24 hours a day by “bearers” and usually by CCTV cameras.

All campus offices have a safe deposit box where students can store their passports, personal documents and other items.
All students enrolling in courses for adolescents aged 18-18 must register regularly during the day, for example at 8:00 am. Handing over the list and then with their teachers in the morning hours, then in the afternoons on activities, then dinner, and finally the evening before the curfew (which depends on the age group).

We recommend the pupils to observe the following points:

  • Use a secure bag for your money and credit cards.
  • Keep your valuables in a safe place (preferably in a campus safe).
  • Stay in a group off campus


Each campus has its own 24-hour emergency number, which can be used by a student who needs to contact an employee. Family members who wish to contact a student can call the campus office. In an emergency, it is very important that we have the right contact information for the students and their families. Therefore, make sure that all the contact information you provided when registering is correct and up-to-date.

Diseases and medicines.

The nurses on our campus are available to students in the morning and can provide them with basic medications such as acetaminophen or pharyngeal tablets.
If a student needs to see a doctor, there are additional fees. Students who do not live in the UK for more than 6 months are not eligible for the National Health Service (NHS) treatment. Students must complete comprehensive travel insurance covering all medical expenses incurred while studying at the Oxford Royale Summer Schools. This also applies to students in our programs in the USA.
At the time of the request, students should indicate whether they are taking regular medications or if they have a medical problem.


When traveling, students must bring a small amount in pounds sterling / US dollars to cover basic travel expenses such as food and water. Large amounts of money should be kept in the campus office safe.
Please note that the £ 50 ticket is not widely accepted in UK stores.

The weather

For updated weather reports, visit Oxford Weather. Keep in mind that Britain is also known for its changeable weather conditions in July and August and a number of garments need to be packaged. New Haven, where the Yale campus is located, is likely to be warm and humid during the summer months.

Clothes and equipment list

Your welcome basket will send you a list of kits that explain exactly what you need to bring with you. Think carefully about whether you need to wear elegant clothing at events such as graduation at the last student night.


Washing machines and dryers are available. The counselors will be on hand to show the students how to deal with them.

Sheets and towels.

Bed linen is provided in each room, but towels are not provided. The students can bring their own towels.

additional information

Further practical information is provided to students in the Summer School Information document, which is included in the welcome pack and sent to them prior to the beginning of the lesson.

E-mail and Internet: Wifi and Internet are available on all websites.
Making Calls: Students can call home on campus using their cell phones or public phones. Prepaid international calling cards are the cheapest and easiest way to make international calls. You can easily buy them in most major cities. You can use these cards with public phones on campus. Please note that mobile phones are allowed in the program, but not in the classroom.

What Are The Courses Available?

Oxford Royale Academy Review- Courses Available

Why Study in the UK?

1) World-class education

Education in the UK is recognized worldwide by employers and universities. The UK is known for having one of the 6 best universities in the UK, with one of the highest quality learning environments (QS World University Rankings). The UK is well-known for its small classes and its highly qualified teaching staff, which is an integral part of the teaching style of the Oxford Royale Summer Schools.

2) An interesting place to live.

The UK is a multicultural and multi-religious country with many interesting sights. Bringing together diverse nationalities, the Center for International Studies offers students access to some of the UK’s most interesting cosmopolitan cities, such as London, Bristol, and Manchester, and explores the picturesque country towns that are famous for Oxfordshire.

Why Study in the UK - Oxford Royale Summer Schools

Oxford is a vibrant university town with events such as Christmas markets, the St. Giles Fair and regular boat races on the river. If you live in the UK, you have the opportunity to get to know a new culture and meet people from different backgrounds. The UK is also known for its varied cuisine, world-famous music festivals, West End scenes and international sports championships such as Wimbledon.

3) Improve your job prospects

British degrees are internationally recognized and valued by employers around the world, while the British education system is recognized for its academic strength. In addition to our core courses, all Yarnton Manor students have the opportunity to complete additional study preparation and career counseling studies to ensure that they follow the appropriate work path. better

4) Transferable skills

Living in a new country together with other students from different cultures will develop their personal skills such as adaptability, teamwork, and independence, both of which are highly appreciated by potential employers.

5) Improve your English

English is the global working language, whether academic, technology, law or economics. If you live and study here in the UK, you will learn English, speak the language everyday and immerse yourself in English culture. Our social activities provide the opportunity to visit British cultural sites and improve their language skills.

Oxford Royale Academy Prep Online Courses and MOOCs – Student Reviews

Our courses have been developed by our faculty to engage and inform our students while conveying a passion for their subject, an integral part of any academic application.

However, the purpose of our courses is not limited to information or education or even the incentive to encourage students to study a subject at the college. Our courses are designed to prepare students for the learning style that all college students (conferences) know and aim to develop their learning skills.

 Oxford Royale Summer Schools Summer Schools- Student Testimonials

New university students are often criticized for having received information from schools with spoons and not yet developed the critical faculties required for university-level study. Our courses, based on audio conferencing, model notes, information digestion, and contextualization of new ideas, provide students with valuable experience of the type of learning they are learning. It will meet at the university.

 Oxford Royale Summer Schools- More Student Testimonials

They encourage students themselves to continue their research on the resources provided and to help develop the skills necessary to succeed in college, where learning beyond the classroom is completely autonomous.

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Conclusion: Oxford Royale Academy Review 2022 | Should You Go For It??

Oxford Royale Academy provider of the award-winning Oxford Summer School and other world-renowned university programs. He received the Queen’s Award for Business and is accredited by the British Accreditation Council and the British Council for Teaching English.

Each year, ORA receives students from more than 100 countries as part of its summer enrichment programs. World Class A Summer PRA offers unprecedented opportunities for learning, finding friends, and advancing life.

ORA offers specialized courses in STEM and artistic disciplines; The exciting bus tours, outstanding faculty and access to exclusive study centers, including Oxford University campuses, have made it one of the most sought after summer camps for teenagers. World Places are quickly taken: Discover our summer courses in 2020 and secure your place today!

If you are someone who does not believes in just a sustaining career rather if you want a growing one, then Oxford Royale Academy is the most optimal choice for you because the useful digital skills that you might learn from it can give you a competitive edge over your peers.

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2 thoughts on “Oxford Royale Academy Review 2022: Is It Worth The Hype?? (TRUTH)”

  1. I was just at this program. It was horrible. I have been to similar programs at Princeton University. I have never been to a summer program that is more poorly run. They literally made us BEG for water. There were no water fountains in the dorms. We had to go to town to buy our own water and share it amongst ourselves! The chairs broke. We could not close our doors. One girl came down with COVID and the program randomly isolated her friends but did not isolate anyone on her floor or sharing bathrooms with her. So many of my friends from the program went home and came down with COVID. They tried to tell me I could do classes online, but the connection was horrible and the afternoon and evening classes were not even available online. When there started to be COVID cases some of the counselor started to become very mean. One yelled at me not to “draw attention to myself while I was being held in isolation” or he would have me expelled! I guess they wanted to hide the fact that there was a COVID outbreak. However, a lot of the other students new and they would always point and whisper about us being stuck in our rooms. It was horrific! I hated it there.

  2. My daughter was just at this program. It was an utter disaster. They ran short on water and rationed it. The students became desperate and went into town to attempt to get water for themselves. Unsurprisingly, they share the water amongst themselves. Has you can imagine there was a massive COVID outbreak. Multiple students fled the program and have since come down with COVID. The head of the program, Craig, refused to speak with parents on the phone during these events. No parents were even notified when their were children where put into isolation because the school was concerned that they may have COVID.

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