Paid Memberships Pro Black Friday Deals 2022 Save $100 on Plus Membership

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Paid Memberships Pro is a powerful plugin. It is easy to use and it makes creating a membership website easy. I could create a membership site without writing any code. You can also add more features later with additional plugins if you want them! Paid Memberships Pro is really great!

Best Paid Memberships Pro Black Friday Deals/ Cyber Monday Sale 2022 Save $100 On Plus Membership

$100 off ($197) Plus Membership
$200 off ($397) Unlimited Membership
For new members only

What is Paid Memberships Pro ?

Paid Memberships Pro is a WordPress plugin that enables you to set up an online course or membership site and charge customers for access. It works as paywall, allowing entry only those who subscribe/membership website’s subscribers manage the content they receive through emailing them when new articles are published on your blog; it also tracks their activity level in order report back how much revenue was generated from each subscriber over time . With this tool there could be any type of courses offered such as video tutorials , news updates etc., all depending upon what kind if subscription service would work best !


Paid Membership Pro

Why use Paid Memberships Pro?

Unlike other services that are geared towards video memberships, Paid Memberships Pro offers more diverse membership business models such as fitness membership, client maintenance membership, and members deal websites. There is a lot of flexibility in how you implement the plugin and that’s why it’s so popular. It’s built as a core plugin with basic features and add-ons to add more functionality. Those add-ons add extra features such as payment gateways, content dripping, custom pages for your website, advertising space on your site or in email messages to potential customers and customers who have already joined your site or service.


Some of the key features of Paid Memberships Pro:

  1. Themes and customisation
  2. Membership levels and directory
  3. Content dripping
  4. Custom content page for each member
  5. Custom menus per membership
  6. Group members
  7. Payment integrations
  8. Other integrations
  9. Hosting
  10. Support

Paid Memberships Pro Pricing :  Discount / Coupon

Paid Memberships Pro is a membership that you pay every year.

Get Paid Memberships Pro for $597 per year. This gives you everything in Plus with the addition of being able to use the plugin on an unlimited number of websites. If you are not happy, PM Pro offers a full money-back guarantee. You can get your money back within 30 days if it does not work for you. Now is also time to buy! The Spring Sale is ending soon and this will save you $100 on the yearly amount!

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Paid Memberships Pro is a flexible membership platform that offers diverse business models and integrates with other popular plugins. The plugin has been built as the core product, offering basic features for those who want to start their own site or add additional functionality on top of what’s available through Paid Member ship s Pro alone – these extra components include payment gateways, content dripping from sites like YouTube videos onto your website pages automatically (think: SEO optimization), custom pages where you can create different areas dedicated solely around one topic area such as “Blog Posts” which will show up at all times but give visitors another option besides viewing articles via search engines; advertising options including Facebook ad campaigns plus text/image ads positioned strategically throughout every page–a whole lot more!

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