Pardot Vs HubSpot 2024: Is Pardot Better Than HubSpot?

Are you struggling to find the right software tools to help you improve your marketing and related aspects: Pardot Vs HubSpot 2024? If your answer is yes, you’ve come to the correct place.

In this article, I’ll compare and contrast two excellent marketing automation platforms: Pardot and HubSpot. Despite the fact that their goals are similar, their methods of working differ.

Continue reading if you want to find out which one you should choose.

What Is Pardot?

Pardot is a marketing automation platform that enables businesses to create meaningful connections, increase flow, and confront sales to close more deals.

Pardot: Pardot Vs HubSpot

It is accessible to new subscribers as an intuitive product with a small learning curve, not just because it is strongly connected with Salesforce’s core objects, but also because of its reasonable pricing point, which makes it available to many enterprises.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform that also includes customer relationship management (CRM). HubSpot gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to incorporating engagement actions into your sales leads.

HubSpot Overview

Email engagements, form submissions, website visits, file access, social media interaction, list membership, and other actions are among them.

Hubspot can manage paid advertising across a variety of ad networks, including social networking sites and Google.

Features Comparison: HubSpot Vs Pardot

Here is the comparison:

Features of Pardot

  • It has a simple email automation system.
  • You can modify template manuscripts in the editor’s tab instead of searching the HTML for the appropriate section. Hence, it is marketer-friendly.
  • It’s a fantastic marketing tool for interacting on social media networks.

Features of HubSpot

  • HubSpot puts people with similar qualities into one category, making it easier for managers to assign work based on their abilities.
  • A CRM record is included. It calculates and tracks client engagements and trips by automatically renewing user profiles.
  • HubSpot has automated workflows, which allow you to design a workflow and have your tasks, as well as using e-mails and advertising strategies, log and appear on their own.

Pricing of Pardot

Following is the pricing structure for Pardot –

  • Unlike HubSpot, Pardot does not offer any free package.
  • The starting price for an All-in-one sales and support app is $25/month, for complete CRM for any size team is $75/month, for deeply customizable sales CRM for your business is $150/month, and for Unlimited CRM power and support is $300.

Pricing of HubSpot

Following is the pricing structure of HubSpot:

  • A no-cost plan with some useful but restricted features.
  • The starting plan (service, marketing, and sales hub) is $ 45 per month.
  • The professional plan costs $ 360 per month for the service hub, $ 800 per month for marketing, and $ 450 per month for sales.
  • The enterprise plan costs $ 1,200 per month for the service hub, $ 3,200 for the marketing hub, and $ 1,200 for the sales hub.

Price Verdict – Pardot wins

As previously stated, HubSpot has a flexible pricing structure. It also allows you to use it for free cost. Pardot, on the other hand, is cheaper than HubSpot but HubSpot has a better user experience, user reviews, customer support, and features compared to Pardot. Hence, HubSpot is worth its price.

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Final Verdict: Pardot Vs HubSpot 2024

Both Pardot and HubSpot have a number of comparable features, but they also have some significant distinctions. While Pardot has some useful features, it lacks a number of them that HubSpot has.

Furthermore, HubSpot’s pricing structure is flexible, allowing consumers of any financial status to use it. Until now, it has been evident that HubSpot is a better choice than Pardot.

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