PartnerStack Review 2022 Features & Pricing : Is PartnerStack Real?

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Affiliate tracking


  • Beautiful and modern UI
  • Great customer service
  • Trusted by top-notch affiliates
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Email campaign editor


  • Not yet mobile friendly
  • Lacking further notifications settngs

PartnerStack is an powerful affiliate marketing platform that helps organizations improve revenue, leads, and conversions through partnerships and collaborations. PartnerStack promotes brands and gives affiliates with better support by allowing businesses to work with prominent SaaS firms including Bambee, Brand24, Hello Bar & Subscribers, Spocket, GenM, Buzztime, Freshdesk, SalesHandy, Insense Ads, Inc., GoDaddy DBA Sellbrite and more.

Price:$ 500

Looking for PartnerStack Review you are at the right place.

If you are an affiliate marketer or have just started from your full-time job to the affiliate marketing industry, then you must be in search of some affiliate programs for better income.

A better affiliate marketing program is the one that offers better returns and better commission payouts including other factors such as minimum payout, cookie length, and coverage systems for following your referrals.

I have been in lieu of various affiliate and referral programs as an Affiliate marketer and recently, I have found PartnerStack to be a great platform for growing the revenue.

PartneStack or previously known as the GrowSumo is one of the best Affiliate Marketplaces which connects the brands with the publishers. I have given a detailed review of PartnerStack below.

Bottom Line Upfront :

An affiliate marketing platform called PartneStack assists companies by harnessing the benefits of collaborations and partnerships with other affiliate marketers in order to enhance revenue, leads and conversion. With the help of top SaaS firms such as Bambee, Brand24, Hello Bar & Subscribers, Spocket, GenM, Buzztime, Freshdesk, SalesHandy and GoDaddy DBA Sellbrite as well as PartnerStack, businesses may better support their brands while also promoting their affiliates.

Thousands of affiliate marketers throughout the world rely on PartnerStack for their marketing efforts. As a result, it is simple to find and work with the best affiliates in the online community.

PartnerStack makes it simple for companies to start and develop affiliate marketing programs. If you don’t have to deal with any technological issues, you can start promoting right away. As an affiliate manager, you need a collection of tools tailored to your needs that are simple and uncomplicated to use. PartnerStack provides just that.

Partnerstack company reviews

PartnerStack Review 2022 (formerly GrowSumo)

PartnerStack (formerly GrowSumo) is one of the most reputed Affiliate marketplaces for the SAAS Products and the growing companies in recent years. It connects the brands with the publishers/affiliates enabling them to grow their brands.

PartnerStack Review- Build Distribution Channels That Work

The software enables the founders and the marketers to train, engage and recruit and also reward their customer helping them to promote their brand. It works well with all the affiliate programs and creates a fully customized no management influencer program

If you are a company, you just need to promote your brand with the customers and PaartnerStack takes the onboarding creating the present campaigns and creating more awareness.

PartnerStacks is a trustworthy marketplace and has been used by brands such as Evernote, Crowdfire, and Freshbooks as well.

PartnerStack Review Features

With PartnerStack, you can develop a marketing influencer program that is tailored to your specific needs and the needs of your influencers, all without the need for managerial oversight. Your customers can begin advertising your brand as soon as you encourage them to join your PartnerStack program.

It’s possible to set up programs that compensate influencers based on their activity. Evernote and e-commerce retailers like Shopify may be instantly integrated using Partnerstack’s shopify app.

Unlike other marketplaces like ShareASale, Impact and Clickbank, it focuses solely on digital software.

Partnerstack company review

Smart Segments

Create the segmentation for the customers and the partners. It lets you drill down and look which partner is bringing down more conversion to you.

Identify and create filters for the partners based on their performance as well as how they are performing with a specific program.

PartnerStack Review- Marketplace

You can also experiment with the segment-specific rewards and messaging as well as other factors that can really help you to get better.

Tracking & Analytics

If you are running an Affiliate program, then it’s vital that you track and analyze your affiliate programs. PartnerStack keeps track of your dashboard and tracks the analytics that is important for the success.

PartnerStack gives you live activity updates of your program and track each individual partner’s link as well.  You can get it exported to CSV to show it to your clients if any.

The dashboard can be customized and you can set the parameters or the metrics for you that matter the most.

Auto-generated Partner profile

Before you proceed, you should know well about your partners’ social media performance or how it performs as a partner.

PartnerStack auto generates the profile of your partner for you so that you can track his history. With PartnerStack, you can provide the content for your partner to share and brand them for your program. You can also look out that where your partners are sharing their program.

Offer your customers the specific pages to push their referrals and also control messaging for them using single dashboard.

Email Campaign Editor

Create email campaigns for your customer and start driving your sales with the automated email campaigns. The automated email campaign editor is fully customizable and tracks and automate your individual email to each of the customers.

Whether you are sending a check in or the welcome messages to the customers, you can do all that using the message tab. In the message tab, you can easily edit the campaigns for automation.

With PartnerStack, you can track the specific actions that your customers take and manage your replies using the single message tab. After creating the messages, launch it in minutes.

Customer Tracking

This is one of the best features that I have seen in any of the affiliate marketplaces. You can have a look at what is bringing the sales and where it is come from.

You can track your partners as well as the customer’s activity in the meantime. You can easily track the links and look up where it is being shared. Easily track your partner’s global reach and reach them with a live map.

You can look up and locate that which links are driving most sales and where.


Do you want to reward your partners for participating in an offline event? You would definitely want to keep good partners stick to you.

You partners can get rewarded about speaking your company using the blog posts or the social media. Track the partner performance using the customer’s dashboard and live track their activities as to where It is being shared. Reward your partners accordingly.

Promotional Offers and Campaigns

Set up the timed campaigns for your partners and promote the product s using the timed campaigns. Track each activity using the dashboard and reward them accordingly.

Design your custom program sign up page and upload your logo, choose your color or even set up your own programs and start inviting your partners.


PartnerStack integrates seamlessly with many platforms such as the payment gateways or the CRM.

PartnerStack Review- Connect with the Apps you love

  • Stripe (payment gateway)
  • HubSpot (CRM)
  • Salesforce (CRM)
  • Zapier
  • Recurly
  • Chargify
  • Branch
  • PayPal (Payment gateway)
  • ChargeBee
  • Braintree
  • Shopify
  • Unbounce
  • SquareSpace
  • WooCommerce

How to Start with PartneStack?

Start by creating your account with the PartnerStack referral program.  You can try a demo or sign up and start your campaign.

  1. Create your PartneStack Account
  2. After the account creation, go to the PartnerStack marketplace and look for the products that you want to promote as a partner.
  3. You will be displayed with a number of brands after logging in. The marketplace has got the number of products to promote. Select the product that you want to promote and join their affiliate program.
  4. After joining the program, go to the dashboard and on the left-hand side, go the link to access your unique referral links.
  5. You can also grab marketing material by clicking on the Assets section. The assets section has got the marketing ideas which are not present in other dashboards.
  6. In the payouts section of the dashboard, you can get your commission payouts by using the PayPal and keep an eye on the status of each payout.

The dashboard is a navigable one and really easy to manage with all the features onboard. The payout is, however, is not automatic and you have to ask for it. The minimum payout is $25.

PartneStack Pricing : PartnerStack Review

PartnerStack offers the Free Demo for the affiliate marketers. It doesn’t offer a free trial but you can start by using the Free Demo.

PartnerStack costs from $500/month and additional 15% fee on partner payouts.

All plans include

Access to B2B-focused partners

Promote your program to over 800,000 affiliate, referral and reseller partners in the PartnerStack Marketplace.

Automated partner payments

Partners get paid every month with automatic billing to your method of choice and self-serve partner withdrawals.

Partner journey automation

Scale your program to an unlimited number of partners, with automated onboarding and content for each.

Partner analytics

Track the success of your partners at individual and group levels to optimize your program’s performance.

Pros and Cons of PartnerStack Review


  • Out-of-the-box programs: Start your affiliate marketing campaigns with the most amazing referral programs. It gives everything that you need to do create the partnerships.
  • Centralized Dashboard: The dashboard is a really intuitive one. It consists of the most centralized features with links, assets, payouts and other features. Support all of your channels: advocates, affiliates, ambassadors, resellers, referral partnerships, and more.
  • Integration: PartnerStack integrates seamlessly with the tools that are set up quickly and easily with quick setup.
  • Payouts: The payout program is quite reliable. The company gives the PartnerStack for the promotions and PartnerStack pays the partner for the compliance.
  • Marketing tools: The reason why I love PartnerStack is that it offers various marketing tools to you. As a partner, you can promote the brands using the sales and marketing tools as well.
  • Easy Tracking: Track the sales and drive your customers promoting the brand. The companies can also look up if the partner is driving more sales or using better content.


  • They can do a lot better in terms of getting the brands on board.
  • A lot of brands become inactive which could be because of the lack of publishers.

PartnerStack Customer Review

“PartnerStack has been essential in building a scalable process for onboarding, engaging and rewarding partners, with a team that’s supported us immensely as we’ve grown partnerships into a major acquisition channel.”

Anca Bujor
Channel Partnerships Manager, Unbounce

Partnerstack affiliate software reviews

Quick Links:

What are the top alternatives for PartnerStack?

1) Tapfiliate

In minutes, consumers may set up their own affiliate programs with Tapfiliate, a tracking platform for affiliate programs. It makes use of incentives and tracking to encourage users to work with the affiliates they want. The advanced social media sharing capabilities make it ideal for both e-commerce and software as a service businesses. Ecommerce tools such as Woocommerce, Shopify, WordPress, and more than 30 other platforms can be quickly linked with the application.


Affiliate links can be added manually or automatically by recruiters using an invite URL or an SSO or API. Marketers have the option of sending emails directly using Tapfiliate or using their current marketing platforms to develop drip campaigns. If you’d like to add information or content to your affiliates before they’re shared, you can. Users have complete control over their brand’s image thanks to this. Other useful tools include Affiliate Autopilot, beautiful tracking links, customizable affiliate codes, and more.

2) Tremendous


In terms of client engagement campaigns, Tremendous is the best platform. Utilize the Tremendous platform to create and improve client interaction campaigns. Recipients can be rewarded instantly with gift cards, prepaid Visa® cards, cash, and other options. For businesses of all sizes, it’s never been easier to buy and track digital rewards at a large scale. Using the Tremendous platform, you may send awards to multiple people at once, or you can use our API to automate the process.

3) Affise


As a referral marketing platform, Affise allows companies to scale and automate their referral relationships through a variety of different performance marketing channels such as traditional referrals, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and partnerships with third-party networks and agencies. When technology and expertise work together, Affise’s clients are able to control and forecast the profitability of their marketing collaborations.

4) Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro- Referral Program Software

Post Affiliate Pro is software that manages all aspects of your affiliate program, from referrals to payments and all in between. It is easy to use, quick, and efficient, and it can be expanded and scaled to an indefinite extent. Your affiliates will also have access to the affiliate panel, where they can view their statistics and control the promotional materials they use. This access will be provided to you via the system. Post Affiliate Pro will fully automate your referral and affiliate program from start to finish.

The Verdict: PartnerStack Review

PartneStack will help you grow your website in affiliate marketing with monetization and even for those who want to grow their businesses. It is a beneficial deal for both of the publishers as well as the companies.

It integrates well with various useful platforms such as Stripe, Paypal, Zapier, and Hubspot. You can send the automated email and edit it at once.

If you have used PartnerStack earlier, share your feedback with us in the comments box.

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